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15 Disney Characters Reimagined As Superheroes

15 Disney Characters Reimagined As Superheroes

In 2010, entertainment empire Disney purchased Marvel comics and found themselves entering the superhero game. It made sense, with one of their biggest competitors, Warner Bros, being the longtime home of the DC universe and its characters. There have been a lot of results from that decision, but the internet’s embracing of one idea in particular spoke to the level of excitement that these characters being brought into the Disney fold elicited from fans.

Soon, we started to see amazing fan art that transformed the various leads from countless Disney films with a new twist. It’s certainly an exciting idea. It gives the Disney characters a sense of power that they sometimes lack in their original appearances, while also introducing Disney fans to the sheer amount of interesting comic characters that could be explored. And if some little girl finds a picture of her favorite princess being super powerful and confident, then why not enjoy the moment for all it’s worth? It’s a great way to help evolve the icons that inspire little kids all around the world, and give them just a little extra skill and power and color. Sometimes, the internet can come through with some something amazing and nostalgic, which is nice to see after so many weeks of the internet being a vile and mean place. We could all use a little good in our lives. Here are fifteen pieces of fan art that mashes Disney princesses with all kinds of superheroes.

15. Sleeping Beauty As Dazzler


Sleeping Beauty is one of the last Disney movies to have Walt Disney himself involved in the production of the film. He helped craft the movie into a beautifully designed film. The titular Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, ends up having the singing skills to entrance the animals of the woods and even draw a handsome prince in her direction. This makes her a perfect match for Dazzler, a member of the X-Men with the powers to turn her sonics and singing into lasers. Just imagine Aurora exploring the woods and just blasting out song lasers all over the place. It would have made her dance with Philip all the more entertaining if their romantic meeting ended up destroying the forest around them with the sheer power of their singing.

14. Cinderella As Emma Frost


Emma Frost is one of the most compelling characters in the X-Men franchise, even if her appearance in the movies was more than lacking. She’s the cold and aloof telepath that never wanted to be a hero but found her passion in teaching the various students that come to the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. She usually runs around in just a corset and high top boots into battle. Making cold blonde Cinderella into Emma Frost makes perfect sense, especially after the years she spent stuck working as a servant. It makes way more sense that she’d become snarky and tough; it is hard to believe that after taking so much abuse, Cinderella would remain an incredibly sweet young woman that can befriend the little mice in the building.

13. Belle As She-Hulk


Belle and She-Hulk, from the onset, might not appear as if they have too much in common. But in reality, the two women are actually really similar. Belle is the star of Beauty and the Beast, a well-read young woman who just wants to find more of the world than she ever thought she’d see. Meanwhile, She-Hulk is the cousin of Bruce Banner who ends up needing a blood transfusion from him. It ends up giving her a bit of the Hulk abilities, but she’s able to control her new gifts and use them to her advantage. She even gets to continue being a well-respected lawyer. Both characters are determined and strong-willed.

12. Mulan As Psylocke


Psylocke is one of the, well, weirder X-Men characters. And considering how insane X-Men usually end up being, that’s saying something. Psylocke is particularly strange, thanks to a backstory that includes a British telepath who is thrown through a mystical portal in the Australian Outback and has her mind placed in that of a Japanese woman who also happens to be a ninja, which results in her ability to make psychic knives. But she’s managed to become a hugely popular character, for a lot of the same reasons that Mulan has. She’s a stoic and strong woman who’s more than willing (and able) to just ruin someone with a sword if the occasion calls for it. At least Mulan doesn’t have to deal with the sheer amount of nonsense that Psylocke does.

11. Snow White As Wonder Woman


Snow White and Wonder Woman actually have a considerable amount in common, when it comes down to it. Both of them serve as foundational parts of female representation in mass media, with both being the first female lead of their respective media (animated films and superhero comics, respectively). They both became incredibly famous in their initial forms, inspiring new incarnations of female leads in various genres of fiction. They also both happen to be black-haired princesses, even if one of them is prone to running into the woods whereas the other will punch bullets back at you. Seeing the two of them combined is a nice reminder of the sheer progress these characters have made over the years, and the kind of impact they’ve had on pop culture.

10. Sally As Raven


Raven is one of the Teen Titans, as any child of the 2000s can tell you. She’s the magically gifted daughter of a demon king, desperately trying to use her powers for good before her father attempts to make her into a weapon aimed at Earth. She’s an instantly iconic character, a goth girl who actually has the worst parent in the universe. She’s an easy pairing with Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, the unfortunate scarecrow daughter of a mad scientist in Halloween Town. Both manage to be optimistic even in the face of darker places and worlds around them, and try to stay positive while still being super goth about everything. At least Sally gets Jack in the end, while Raven usually ends up becoming a god by the end of everything.

9. Meg As Catwoman


Meg was a breath of fresh air when it came to female leads in Disney films. She was crafty and snarky when most female leads, even the rebellious ones, were extremely polite and sweet-tempered. Meg was cool, in a way that not many characters of either gender could really match. It makes her a perfect fill in for Catwoman, the brash and cool jewel thief that has bewildered Batman for almost a century. She’s specifically modelled after the Catwoman who appeared in Dark Knight Rises, which is great because that costume was actually a really good design for a real world Catwoman. And the purple eyes actually really sell the costume, along with the long flowing hair behind her.

8. Jasmine As Iron Man


Jasmine has a pretty great life, when compared to most of the other Disney Princesses. She doesn’t have to be a servant or trapped in some grand tower, and no one is going around trying to cut out her heart and put it in a box. She’s so well off, she doesn’t even understand what the concept of money is during her first trek out of the palace. She would definitely be the one princess who could afford her own Iron Man suit, and she would rock it all the time. Just imagine Aladdin showing up on his flying carpet, offering to show Jasmine the world, and then Jasmine decides to show Aladdin how to rock. Plus, the fight against Jafar would be a lot easier if you had tank buster missiles ready to throw around.

7. Elsa As Green Arrow


Frozen blew everyone away when it first was released, and it quickly became one of the biggest hits Disney had achieved in recent years. And while a lot of people immediately started trying to frame her as some ice-powered heroine, it’s more entertaining to mix her with other kinds of characters and seeing what new combinations can come out of it. One of the best is the mix between Elsa and Green Arrow, using the blonde hair as a starting point to cross the two characters together. And it’s really fun to see her mixed with the Justice League Unlimited goofy Green Arrow instead of dour-wannabe-Batman Arrow from the CW shows. It’s just not Green Arrow unless they’re pulling out punching glove arrows to knock guys out all over the place.

6. Anna As Shadowcat


And while we’re talking about Frozen, it’s worth it to bring up Elsa’s sister, Anna. Anna is much more personable and excited than her older sister, and that’s reflected with her combination with resident X-Man Shadowcat. This piece gives her the purple outfit that was utilized first on X-Men Evolution, though that’s not where all the inspiration for this piece comes from. The shot of Shadowcat standing defiantly and phasing through a barrage of arrows that just failed to bring her down is one of the most iconic shots of the character from the comics. And it’s really cool to see Anna recreating the scene, even if she is missing the samurai sword Kitty was wielding by this point in the original Uncanny X-Men series.

5. Rapunzel As An X-Man


Let’s face it – most of the Disney princess characters would do well as members of the X-Men. Each of their unique abilities could easily be described as a mutant power, and it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see Professor Xavier roll up to meet them during the climax of any of their respective movies. Rapunzel from Tangled is especially unique in the sense, even being able to utilize two unique abilities. She has healing powers thanks to her singing and hair, as well as the ability to use the supernaturally strong hair as anything from a rope to a weapon. The traditional X-Men black and gold outfit looks good on her too, which helps the transformation seem more natural. Now let’s see her fight some Sentinels!

4. Hercules As Superman


Seriously, the best Superman movie that general audiences have ever gotten is Hercules. When you realize all the similarities between the stories (the kindly farmers who take the super strong child from the stars and raise him as a good man, the battle against a smooth talking madman, and the eventual romance with a stern but ultimately kind woman), it becomes impossible to think of it in any other way. So getting to see him wearing a Superman symbol under his shirt is perfect, especially when coupled with Meg pulling out a Wonder Woman costume. It’s the perfect Disney/superhero parallel that helps make these combinations so interesting in the first place.

3. The Disney Avengers


The Avengers have become one of the biggest and best superhero franchises to come out of the ever-expanding cinematic comic universes. And since Disney bought Marvel, it’s been fun to imagine the two kind of franchises running into one another. The internet responded pretty well by turning Wolverine into a Disney princess (seriously, it is hilarious), but they’ve also embraced the idea of turning other Disney characters into big name superheroes. Stitch as the Hulk makes perfect sense, but Naveen being Iron Man is almost as perfect as seeing Jasmine flying around in the suit. Jessica Rabbit makes for an obvious choice of Black Widow, and Li Shang as Hawkeye is surprisingly great. Now there just needs to be a Disneyland parade with these takes on the characters.

2. The Disney Justice League


Seriously, all of these are great and you can make a case for any of them being the best. Little Mermaid/Aquaman is still cute, despite a newly fierce outlook. Cinderella essentially using the Green Lantern ring as her personal Fairy Godmother is adorable. Mulan would be the one who uses weapons and stealth for victory, making a good case for why she should be the next Batman in general. Snow White is the first, just like Superman, and her dress variant of the Superman tights is very cute. But the best might just be Rapunzel, who becomes the Flash and sees her long flowing blonde hair turn into a lighting streak that follows her wherever she goes. They’re all visually interesting, and they really mix the best aspects of both characters well.

1. The Disney MU


In recent years, Marvel has been doing really well in introducing new, exciting female characters to their line of comics. This has meant smaller characters being elevated in importance and getting impressive redesigns. Other new characters have been introduced for the first time too, and quickly risen in prominence. In Disney, there has also been a reexamination of what it means to even be a Disney Princess, and the kind of characters that they should become going forward. So it’s exciting to see a number of characters imagined with super-heroic traits, giving them the poise and power of superheroes while still being unmistakable the Disney characters that have thrilled generations of children. Besides, Merida as Hawkeye is just awesome and I want that comic right now, Marvel. Come on, you can do it.

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