16 Disney Characters Redrawn As If They Were In Star Wars

For any self-described geeky millennial, the combination of Disney characters and Star Wars characters is like manna from heaven. Even if you're not a self-described geek nor a millennial, this article should be able to satisfy some small nerdy side hidden deep within your psyche. If you've ever ventured a trip to The Happiest Place On Earth, then you would know already that there has been a merger of these two mega-popular franchises brewing for years with Star Tours being a beloved attraction at Disney theme parks for decades. But it wasn't until October of 2012 that things became official when Disney bought Lucasfilm for four billion dollars after pursuing George Lucas's signature for one and half years. To sweeten the pot, Disney also threw in forty million shares of the company for Lucas.

"For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next," Lucas said. "It's now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers."

It's time now to take a look at what a new generation of online digital artists imagined would happen if these two worshipped worlds collided.

16 Aurora As Carbonite Frozen Beauty/Han Solo

Aurora sure is sleeping... by being frozen in carbonite just like how Han Solo was in The Empire Strikes Back after the character Lando betrays him to the Empire. Can you imagine Maleficent casting a frozen carbonite spell over Aurora to turn her into Frozen Carbonite Beauty rather than Sleeping Beauty? That would definitely amp up the tension in this innocent children's movie.

Ralph Sevelius, the artist of this image (also known as pushfighter on DeviantArt) said, "So here's the 6th instalment of my series! Hope you guys like! I felt the carbonite treatment was appropriate for our favorite Disney narcoleptic. This one was a tough one to work out because the costume worked more like a background than an outfit but I think I'm happy with it."

Sevelius is right. This was the perfect way to Star Wars-ize the sleepiest Disney princess.

15 Disney Princess Storm Troopers

Artist Isaiah Stephens imagined Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana and Aurora as Storm Troopers. Since Storm Troopers are human and non-robotic, it makes sense that these four feisty gals would be soldiers for the Galactic Empire. We can absolutely see Pocahontas or Mulan as captains of their squad. Of course, Pocahontas is an exceptionally brave character and would be a savage Storm Trooper but we also think that she would be a good fit for a Jedi since she is all about peace just like when she saves her true love, John Smith and convinces the two battling groups they are respectively from to stop fighting. Mulan is another natural choice for a Storm Trooper character and this time, she wouldn't have to pretend to be a boy since this branch of Star Wars soldiers can be male or female. As for Tiana and Aurora, they both found the confidence to face their own battles and eventually conquered them so we think that this foursome is fierce enough to make Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin proud.

14 Ursula As Jabba The Hutt And Ariel As Slave Leia

How perfect is Ursula as Jabba the Hutt? "The Bloated One" was widely (get it?) known as one of the galaxy's baddest gangsters with power and influence in both space politics and the criminal side of the Galactic Empire. Ursula, as well, had power and influence under the sea and a wicked temper so she is the perfect Disney character to match up with the large and in charge crime lord from Star Wars. Another "big" thing that these two have in common is their huskiness as they're both known for their larger than life size. Ariel is also perfectly cast as Leia, Jabba the Hutt's slave in this scene. It's very fitting considering how much power Ursula held over Ariel. In return for a set of human legs, Ursula took Ariel's pretty voice and if the trade wasn't enough, she stole her man! Or tried to, anyway.

13 Rapunzel As Princess Leia And A Jedi

May the hair be with you. If any Star Wars character's life was in danger and the amount of power was determined by the length of hair bestowed to a Jedi Knight, they would be glad to have Jedi Rapunzel on their side. While her massive Princess Leia twin-buns hairstyle probably wouldn't be a practical choice as it seems to be weighing her head down, using her tresses as some kind of long-haired lightsaber would come naturally to this princess since she's been used to using her hair as a tool since childhood. We also think that Mother Gothel would make an amazing Darth Vader with her cold and evil personality (that also makes for a great opportunity for Darth Gothel to say, "Rapunzel, I am not your mother")... but at least one of these artists included Pascal imagined as a tiny nexu so that makes up for Gothel's absence.

12 Belle As Han Solo And The Beast As Chewbacca

We love this one. It would have been so easy to throw a white dress or gold bikini on Belle and cinnamon buns over her ears but no... artist Isaiah Stephens had a different plan in mind. Making Belle over as Han Solo was genius, and Belle Solo makes the absolute perfect partner to be paired with Beastbacca. Of course, Chewbacca was the obvious Star Wars selection for The Beast but it looks like this artist took his time to blend the two characters together flawlessly. You almost can't even tell where one character begins and the other ends but at the same time, they are both there, evident by The Beast's sharp black nails and pointy teeth and Chewbacca's body and stance. Talk about a dream team! Oui, oui!

11 Elsa As Sith Lord And Anna As A Jedi

These are perfect Star Wars characters for these sisters to embody. Since Elsa was technically the villain for part of Frozen and Sith Lords are antagonists as well, this ice queen would fit quite nicely as this dark powerful being. As for Anna, she's a natural choice for a Jedi. She wants peace and will take drastic and brave steps in order to ensure that innocent people are safe just as she did when Elsa froze Arendelle and Anna set out on her icy journey to make sure Elsa stopped the cold for the sake of the villagers. Anna would be a stalwart Jedi and maybe she would even be able to convince Elsa the Sith Lord to step away from the dark side. The only question left to ask is what would Olaf be? An Ewok? We would love to see a cute little Ewok with a carrot nose.

10 Ariel As A Jedi

It's really no wonder as to why these two artists with very different styles imagined everyone's favorite fiery-haired mermaid as a Jedi. Sea Princess Ariel is perfect reimagined as The Little Jedi. Thinking back to Ariel's character in The Little Mermaid, it's easy to see Ariel having transitioned from a sweet sea girlfish to a resilient tough-as-nails Jedi force to be reckoned with, either guarding sea life deep in the ocean waters or standing strong above water on two solid legs. It's fun to imagine Ariel as a member of the mystical knightly order protecting and guarding peace and ensuring justice. We bet that she would make an excellent Jedi if these two franchises merged together. Ariel wanted to trade her tail fin in for legs and even though there were many obstacles in her way, she made it happen through hell or high sea water.

9 Princess Jasmine As A Jedi

Jedi Jasmine looks completely natural as a fierce defender of peace in the galaxy in this artist's rendering. It looks like this artist has also imagined Rajah, Disney's sweetest tiger (maybe besides Shere Khan) as a nexu. This is an interesting choice because while tigers and nexus might have some similarities such as hunting prey down and chomping on them with their sets of big, sharp teeth... Rajah is more of a silly goose than a nexu. But maybe if there was a crossover between these two franchises, Rajah would have crossed over to the dark side in order to make sure that Princess Jedi Jasmine was always protected. Besides, there's not much room in the Galactic Empire for a silly goose, is there? And this Star Wars creature character also looks incredibly tough with the addition of tiger stripes.

8 Lilo As A Jedi/Princess Leia And Stitch As Yoda/Han Solo

There's hardly any pair cuter than this little girl and her alien best buddy. But dressed up as a Jedi with Stitch as Yoda, the pair are still completely themselves and completely adorable. You can tell from this artist's rendering that this duo hasn't lost a stitch of their true personalities. While Stitch might make a somewhat convincing Yoda, we can't really see Lilo as a Jedi. It's not that she isn't brave enough or lacks determination or intelligence in any way but she's just way too cute to be a member of the mystical knightly order, don't you think? But then again, if a crossover ever came to be, maybe Lilo would surprise us all and save the day, cuteness be damned. As Princess Leia and Han Solo, Lilo and Stitch are super sweet looking, but dressed up as these characters, they seem more like Halloween costumes for the pair of pals.

7 Snow White As A Sith

This is an interesting one because our natural inclination wouldn't be to cast Snow White, a good, innocent and kind princess as a Sith but maybe she got pushed too far by the Evil Queen's nefarious bidding and snapped, sending her on a diabolical journey into the Galactic Empire with nothing but wicked deeds on her mind. Crazier things have happened with crossovers. Since Siths are all about carrying the vendettas that they inherit, we can definitely see Snow Sith Lord hunting down the Evil Queen with a major score to settle. If Snow White was a Sith in a crossover, would the seven dwarves be small Storm Troopers? While it's strange to see a character as virtuous and pure as Snow White with glowing evil eyes, we have to believe that as a Sith, she would at least be a somewhat fair one.

6 Snow White As Princess Leia And The Seven Dwarves As Ewoks

As if the seven dwarves couldn't get any more adorable, here they are as Ewoks thanks to artist Isaiah Stephens. At least in this recreation, Snow Leia and the seven Ewoks get to be together just as they were in the original 1937 film adaptation. We love how she is tickling Bashful who looks almost more teddy bear than Ewok and Doc seems to have already gotten the hang of Ewok life as he effortlessly climbs some nearby vines. Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and even Dopey would all make sure that the good princess is taken care of just as they did as when they found her near their forest home when they were dwarves. Of course, the Evil Queen would make a perfect Darth Vader and Snow White's Prince Charming would be a natural Han Solo.

5 Donald Duck As Darth Vader

Donald Fauntleroy Duck may be a bit of a grouch at times just like his Looney Tunes counterpart, Daffy Duck but can you really see D.D. as Darth Vader? We just don't think that Donald, who has been on the scene since 1934, stealing hearts left and right with his lovable charm, has it in him to be an evil leader. Especially not if his good ol' pal, Mickey is playing the part of Luke Skywalker. Besides, if it's confusing for a fallen heroic Jedi Knight and Sith Lord to have fathered the greatest Jedi the galaxy has ever known, wouldn't it be even more confusing for a duck to have fathered a mouse? Donald doesn't belong on the dark side but it is pretty funny to see this take on things.

4 Rapunzel As Princess Leia And Finn As Han Solo

Finn is a natural for being cast as Han Solo. He has that young Harrison Ford smooth charm, is oozing confidence yet he somehow maintains that "guy next door" lovable quality just like Ford. Rapunzel's dry wit and quick humor would serve her well as Leia Organa. According to the official Star Wars Characters Myers-Briggs Personality Chart, Leia has the "ENTJ/The Executive" personality being assertive, decisive, strategic with a natural desire to lead. Rapunzel's personality would transition well to Leia's as she has a lot of those same traits. She was assertive with Finn when he broke into her tower and decisive in making the plan to see the floating lights and she demonstrated signs of being strategic when she developed all of her talents living up in the tower for so many years. And this way, Rapunzel ends up with short (in appearance, anyway) brown hair as well.

3 Alice In Wonderland Cast As Star Wars Cast

We tip our hats to the artist of this reimagined beauty for not casting Alice as Leia who is the obvious choice seeing as how she is the only girl of this bunch. As Darth Vader, Alice gets a chance to show her dark side, the one that we never knew about. We can't imagine that Alice Vader would be evil like D.V. but maybe she just wouldn't put up with any funny business over there in Wonderland. No getting jerked around by the Jedi Mad Hatter or by the mysterious Cheshire Cat Storm Trooper who would give regular Alice murky answers or reply to her in riddles. Though they're not present, we can't help but wonder who the Queen and King of Hearts would be cast as. But if Alice is already Darth Vader, where would that leave the Queen of Hearts?

2 Winnie The Pooh Cast As Star Wars Cast

As amazing as this recast artwork is, it's not very comforting to see everyone's favorite honey-loving yellow bear reimagined as a bloated crime lord from Star Wars especially as he is holding kindly kangaroo mother, Kanga (as Princess Leia) as his slave. For shame, Winnie the Hutt! We happen to think that Owl is great as C-3P0 since both characters have a stiff way of talking and are kind of stuffy in their own lovable ways. We're not quite sure if sweet little Eeyore is fitting as R2-D2 since he still looks pretty miserable but maybe life as an astro-mech droid might suit him and make him happier somehow though life in the Galactic Empire is going to be a lot more stressful than life in the peaceful Hundred Acre Woods.

1 Maleficent As Darth Vader And Snow White's Evil Queen As The Emperor

For any Disney princess, just the sight of this scary queen duo would be enough to send them into a panic but it's safe to say that Storm Trooper Aurora and Princess Leia Snow White would be shaking in their space boots considering all of the history between them. While it's great to see the Evil Queen dressed up in the disguise that she used to fool Snow White with, it also would have been nice to see the Evil Queen as herself as The Emperor. Maleficent Vader or Darth Maleficent, whichever you prefer, is just brilliant. She actually looks like she belongs in a Star Wars movie... maybe as Darth Vader's wife. We have a feeling that if Darth and Maleficent ever met up during a crossover special, the fireworks would be flying.

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