15 Disney Characters Perfectly Drawn As People

I'm going to venture to guess that most of you have seen or at least heard of most of the Disney characters below. There were a couple I realized that I didn't know from some of the newer films, but it's easy enough to learn about them anyway. Everyone knows that Disney loves taking animals and turning them into human-like characters. They do the same with completely made-up monsters as well.

But what would it be like if those animal characters were actually turned into humans? Below are some interesting renditions of Disney characters if they were played by people. Or rather, if they at least just looked like people. It's very interesting how very close some of these pictures are. Who knew that dogs and humans looked so much alike?

And people have drawn up versions of characters from all over Disney history. The characters below range from Lion King roles like Scar, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa, to older characters like Bagheera and Baloo from The Jungle Book. And don't worry, there are newer characters as well like Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc. So, scroll down and check out what some Disney characters would look like if they were human!

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15 Simba, Pumbaa, And Timon From Lion King

Come on. It's kind of cool. I mean, I don't agree that Pumbaa would be the only dark-skinned character. After all, they are on the plains of Africa and it stands to reason that they wouldn't be pasty white, but I think the artist still tries to keep to the coloring of the original characters. Simba as a lion is a lightly tanned color and so to it Tomon. So, ultimately, I'd say that the artist stayed fairly true to the characters. Even down to the movement of the characters and the clothing they wear. Pumbaa's hair and tunic both match the original warthog version of the character. Timon's open jacket and the pattern on his pants match the stomach coloring of the original meerkat that he was. The only clothing that doesn't really make as much sense is Simba's.

14 Lady And The Tramp

This character work is absolutely flawless! I mean, it is even down to the exact pose taken from the original film Lady And The Tramp. That's some amazing work. And the artist even still keeps the human versions embedded in the "reality" of the Disney universe. They look like human Disney characters. It's just fantastic. The hair works out to make the coloring of the fur coats of the two dogs, and even beyond that, the wardrobe of the two characters perfectly matches as well. Well, maybe not perfectly. The tramp's pants don't match the coat of his dog version, but there it is. But the coloring of Lady's dress definitely stays in line with the original coat coloring of her dog version. Is it insulting for me to compare these two people to dogs?

13 Sebastian From Little Mermaid

Now, here is one character drawing that definitely matches up with the actual ethnic background that the original character seems to suggest. After all, Sebastian from The Little Mermaid does seem to have a fairly thick Jamaican accent. That seems to suggest that he might actually be Jamaican as a human. Otherwise, I think he would have a case of mistaken identity. Maybe that's just me? And I have to say that the artist here has managed to grasp the physical features of the crab version of Sebastian very well. Even to the pose. And you would think that it would be somewhat difficult to match a pose between a crab and a human. I mean humans are built slightly differently. But the hand positioning, the eyebrows, the jaw and the slightly defeated eyes all match both versions.

12 Judy Hopps And Nick Wilde From Zootopia

Has anyone reading or looking through this article actually seen Zootopia yet? I should probably be honest here and admit that I haven't yet. Not at all. Most of the new Disney films have sort of gone over my head. Either way though, this human version of Judy and Nick is pretty damn good, I have to say. I don't know much about either of their characters but the human rendition of the characters matches the pose and expressions almost perfectly. That's all that matters for this article, I'd say. Even the slight showing of teeth on Nick's face as Judy presses right up against him is present. Even though the human version isn't a very detailed drawing, it contains all of the details needed to compare it to the original animals versions of the two characters. Right down to the very frame.

11 Donkey From Shrek

This is a pretty damn good rendition of Donkey from the Disney Fairy Tale film of Shrek. It even looks like the tattoo on the human version resembles something of a tail. I have to say though, that there would be an easier way to make a human version of Donkey, and it's just showing a picture of Eddie Murphy. I mean he did voice the character and his kind of an ass. So it makes perfect sense. Though I have to say that the artist has done a very good job of capturing the physical features of the Donkey version of...Donkey. The hair, eyebrows, and jaw of the human version match up pretty closely to the donkey version. And while the colors of his clothing don't match exactly there is still the same light/dark different in the same way. Pretty cool.

10 Mike And Sulley From Monster's Inc.

I have to say that this is a pretty good likeness. It doesn't seem to take much to turn these Disney characters into people. I guess it helps that they are already created at least partially in our image. They talk and carry on just like people. Even if they are monsters, there is quite a bit of humanity in them. What I love about this rendition of the Mike and Sulley from Monster's Inc. is the fact that Sulley still only has one eye. I mean, I'm sure that underneath that sweep of hair he has another one in the human version, but the fact that the artist chose to only show one eye keeps the drawing in the spirit of the original characters. Not only is that pretty cool, but it shows a certain level of respect. Although, it doesn't look like Mike is really much of a big guy in his human form.

9 Scar From The Lion King

Surely everyone knows Scar from The Lion King. He was famously voiced by the amazing Jeremy Irons and remains probably one of the most badass Disney villains of all time. Well, I have to say that the human version of him is pretty damn terrifying. Maybe it's just me, but a hyper-sexualized version of Scar getting ready to eat a tiny little mouse is pretty scary. And I'm pretty sure the artist made Scar a bit younger as he's meant to be the uncle of Simba, but looks like a ripped, young man who is ready to take on the world. I think the fight between Simba and Scar as humans would turn out a little differently than the film version. Of course, I'm the sort of guy who cheers on villains like Scar. Sure, he's an awful person (or lion) but he's just so cool!

8 Bagheera And Baloo From The Jungle Book

Now, this artist definitely hit the right ethnicity when it came to drawing up these versions of Bagheera and Baloo from The Jungle Book. The story does originally take place in India and while the wardrobe on the human versions of these characters don't necessarily match the coloring of the original animal versions, it still makes total sense. There's something about expanding the original characters to take into account the ethnic background of the area and how the characters would likely be in real life that makes this drawing probably one of the most accurate of this whole article. And the size difference between the two of them still makes total and realistic sense in the human versions of them. The artist makes it a bit more realistic than it probably would be if you directly translated the two animals into humans, but I think that works better overall.

7 Banzai, Shenzi, And Ed From Lion King

It seems like Lion King is sort of ruling the roost here in this article. I guess it is one of the more popular animal Disney movies, so it does make sense that people would draw up these characters more than say the characters from Robin Hood. After all, Robin Hood did come out in the 60's and Lion King did come out in the 90's. That being said, I have to say that I'm pretty happy this particular artist actually paid attention at least to the proper ethnicity of the hyenas Banzai, Shenzi, And Ed. It's pretty clear that they are roaming the plains of Africa. Though the artist also does make Scar a pretty white character...and that might have been inconsistent. Ultimately, this artist just made sure to match skin color to hide color rather than match skin color to actual ethnicity.

6 Mickey And Minnie

These two characters are perhaps the most classic of all Disney characters. Or at least they are among the most iconic. Mickey is everywhere. He even has his own club. He's the reason why Kingdom Hearts exists. It's all one big search for King Mickey. Seeing him as a human is actually kind of strange. I happen to think that this artist captured Minnie far better than she captured Mickey. I mean, that could just be because I'm male and of course I would prefer to see a female over a male because of my preference. But in all honesty, I think that Minnie has been done far better here than Mickey has. Sure, the pants make sense and are hilarious, but the polka-dot dress really does tie in Minnie's original dress and I do love that she's got the black leggings and the gloves to go with.

5 Thomas O’Malley And Duchess From The Aristocats

I have to say that this human rendition of these two characters makes for a very interesting thought of how The Aristocats would actually have turned out if they were human. You'd have to put a naughty scene in there, and there would be a whole lot more tension for sure. Especially if Duchess stood in such a way right next to O'Malley. I don't think he's quite that much of a gentleman to not try anything. All that aside, I have to say that the two human versions of the characters do very properly match up with the cat versions of them. Only a tinge of matched coloring is used for Thomas, but it works with that chock of carrot-top hair. And Duchess dressed all in white works wonderfully. It's more the characterization of each that seems to play well in the human versions. The artist has captured their essence, I guess.

4 Goofy... From All Sorts Of Things

Goofy is all over the place. He's not just from Goof Troop. In fact, I'm pretty sure he originated from just being a character without a film or a TV show first. He was just a free agent in the Disney universe who got into everyone else's movies. Anyway, when looking at the human version of Goofy... well... he looks kind of goofy, which works perfectly. And it's amazing how close Goofy already looked like a human...or how close humans already look like dogs. Either way, it doesn't take a lot to make a human version of Goofy it seems. Just make the jaw a little smaller, add a big mustache, a big nose, and take away the big ears. Everything else seems to fit perfectly. It's actually kind of strange. So, the next time you look at a dog, think about just how human it seems to be...

3 Simba And Nala From Lion King

Again, the chances are that these two characters would be African ultimately, given that the whole film takes place over the plains of Africa. But that being said, I understand the choice of the artist here. The human versions of Simba and Nala here from Lion King are made to match the same coloring of the original film characters. And I have to say that it works really well. I'm not sure I know anyone who has that orange a hair color, but it does match perfectly the lion version of Simba. Of course, Nala would be a blonde given her coloring in the film. Even the detail of Simba's eyes in the human version matches that of the lion version. Overall, skipping over the ethnic error here, I think this artist really captured a pretty cool version of Simba and Nala.

2 Alan-A-Dale From Robin Hood

Alan-A-Dale is probably one of the coolest characters in Disney history. He's the smooth-strumming rooster from Disney's animated Robin Hood. I grew up singing all of his songs when I was a kid. I still play some of his songs when I play my bar gigs. And usually, at least a few people sing along. But to the matter at hand, I have to say that the human version of Alan-A-Dale is a bit more unrealistic than some of the other entries in this piece. I mean, it is possible to get that sort of hairdo, but I can imagine it would take hours to achieve. However, I totally get the reason for it. It makes the human version look that much more like the original rooster. And while it is a little less realistic, I have to say that I appreciate that artistic license a little more.

1 Thumper From Bambi

Ok, so here's the thing... most of these pictures are all drawn by various artists to show what Disney characters would look like if they were human. But this is just one human version of Thumper from Bambi that I could not pass up on at all. And so what if it's a cosplay? The article is about what Disney characters would look like if they were people. Well, I have to say I wish that Thumper was only ever this human version. And I have to say that this cosplayer did an amazing job on her costume. And she doesn't make it a bullsh*t version of the character by adding ears or whatever. She actually just matches the coloring and seeming wardrobe and gives us a pretty accurate look of what Thumper would look like if she were a human.

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