15 Dirty Secrets The Women Of Mob Wives Don't Want You To Know

The cast of the show Mob Wives has a lot of scandals. This kind of makes sense, of course. It's a show about the wives of a bunch of criminals. When you think about the whole scene, it would be way odder if they didn't have a lot of skeletons in their closet. While a lot of shows put a bunch of people on and try to make them act like freaks, these women are straight up freaks; there's no acting at all required. These truly are some bad girls we're talking about, and they have some things in their past that they don't want you to know.

These aren't things like nasty tweets, affairs, or throwing people shade; these are things that they could actually do hard time for. Then, there are other things they don't want you to know, too, like how they react to being famous and on television. These ladies are pretty hardcore as you might imagine. Why else would they marry into the mob? Sure, they may get some money out of the deal, but when it comes to criminal enterprises, nothing is truly for free. But hey, it isn't like I really want to insult these women. Why would I want to end up wearing some cement shoes and sleeping with the fishes?

Here are 15 dirty secrets the mob wives don't want you to know.


15 Big Ang Got Busted For Cocaine

Big Ang was truly something else. The former star of the show tragically died after a battle with cancer, but back in the day, she was busted for dealing cocaine when she was caught with 14 plastic bags filled with coke. She was sentenced to home confinement and probation and also had to go to rehab. She said that she hadn't done it since and had only done it because she was a single mom. Here's the thing, though -- there are all sorts of single moms out there, but not all of them sell cocaine. It's kind of a risk-reward sort of thing. Big Ang also said, "I did it for the money." Really? No kidding? That's kind of shocking. After all, most drug dealers do it because of job satisfaction.

14 Renee Went to Rehab


Speaking of rehab, you know who else went there? Renee spent some time there as well. She went to a rehab in Miami because of problems with depression as well as with prescription pills. She said, "My life was just really out of control. It was really out of control. I was feeling very sick, and I was worried, and I don't worry like that type of worry, and I was afraid." This happened after her ex-husband became an informant against her father. When you think about it, wouldn't that make you depressed, too? These are the types of situations that you and I don't think about when we get up in the morning, but when you're a mob wife, these are things that you need to handle.

13 Karen Was Part of a Drug Ring

Speaking of things that most of us don't have to deal with, in the year 2000, Karen was busted for being part of a drug ring that was responsible for around 20,00o Ecstasy pills a week in Phoenix. She ended up pleading guilty to "the use of wire or electronic communications and drug-related transactions." If you didn't know, her father is Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, who, at one point, confessed to killing 19 people, but who got a light sentence for ratting against John Gotti. I have to tell you -- my dad was kind of intimidating, but I simply can't imagine having a dad who confessed to killing 19 people. I would be doing my homework and cleaning my room pretty much every time he asked.

12 Production Staff Have Quit Because of All the Fighting


How many shows out there have production staff who actually quit because the stress is so bad because of all the fighting on the show? I only know of one, and that one is Mob Wives. One cameraman told Drita, "I have anxiety. I’ve never been on a show this real. This is nuts. I can’t handle it.'” I get that, too. Who wants to be around people this crazy all day, even if it's just to film them? We're talking about mob types here, too, after all. If it was me, I'd stay as far away from all of these people as possible. These are just people you don't want to make mad. I mean, what is Snooki going to do if you're a cameraman and film her fighting when she's drunk? These women are an entirely different story.

11 Ramona Was Accused of Kidnapping

Another thing you don't ever want to do under any circumstance is do business with someone who's married to someone in the mob. If you need another reason to believe me, just ask a guy who got into a moneymaking scheme with Ramona. She was accused of robbing and kidnapping a man who she claimed owed 10 grand because a money-making scheme they were both involved with didn't work out. She supposedly said to him that she would kill him and also kill his family. You know, the more I get into this stuff, the more I realize that getting a job, any job, is a way better idea than getting involved with all of these nuts. All of a sudden, working at McDonald's doesn't sound all that bad.

10 Alicia Was Involved in Embezzlement


Don't forget Alicia -- she's done some really awful things, too! She was sentenced to four years probation in 2014 because of being involved in embezzling, and her husband was sent to prison for 7 years because of many other charges, such as extortion, witness tampering, and murder conspiracy. Man, these people all seem so super fun to hang out with. I really wish that I was involved in the mob, too! This thing is like some awful reality show. Oh wait... it actually is an awful reality show. There are many times that old saying "Truth is stranger than fiction" actually is true, and all of these stories fit right into that. These people have a reality show made about them while they're committing crimes? Amazing.

9 Drita's Husband Has Been Arrested Tons of Times

I've said it before, but it needs to be said again: these people are not messing around. Take Drita's husband, Lee, for example. He was indicted in 2001 for a whole bunch of crimes such as drug dealing and bank robbery. He also has served a five-year prison sentence for drug smuggling. He also was arrested in 2008 and was accused of robbing banks. I think you're starting to get the point now -- this dude is a major criminal. He's either really bad at it, though, or he's just really prolific because he sure gets caught a lot. Or maybe he just commits a lot of crimes and doesn't get caught hardly at all. Either way, he might want to consider a new line of work, at least for a little while.


8 Drita Attacked Someone For Real


Although the case was dropped because a neighbor refused to testify, Drita got into a brawl on a porch over a parking spot. Two things about this: who the heck would get in a fist fight with a mob wife over a parking spot? And also, of course, the person refused to testify; we're talking about the mob here. No over ever testifies against people in the mob. That's the thing about stereotypes: a lot of them are just totally ridiculous, but a lot of them are stereotypes for a reason. The supposed victim also said that Drita had been harassing her ever since the fight took place. Well, come on... of course, she was. That's what happens when you mess with the mob. Doesn't this woman know anything?

7 They Hate When Their Scenes Get Cut

These women are doing this show in part for the money, but they're doing it more so because they want to be famous. That's what's really odd about the world. There are two kinds of people: those who would never be on a reality show for any reason at all and those who are really excited to be on one. All of the women on mob wives are definitely part of the latter group. Alicia has said, " They’ll edit and cut—but we’re hysterical! We are so funny. And they’ll make that one little clip.” I don't know about that. If I were the producer of this show, I might check with everyone on it and make sure they were happy with what I was showing. If one of the producers of Mob Wives turns up missing, there will be a lot of suspects.

6 Natalie Got into a Bar Brawl


During a party at a nightclub, Natalie got into a little tiff with another woman. Although that's the thing -- there really is no such thing as a "little tiff" when you're dealing with the mob wives. Natalie ended up smashing a bottle over the head of the other woman, who had to go to the hospital and get 7 stitches. Haven't people learned their lesson yet? Don't mess with the mob wives! There is, without a doubt, a different code that these chicks live by, one that doesn't involve reasoning with others. Pro tip: if you're at a nightclub and someone comes up to you and she even looks like she could be on Mob Wives, just turn and walk the other way. Sure, you might lose the battle, but at least you live to fight another day.

5 Drita Doesn't Like Haters

One time, Drita was at a gas station when some women decided to give her a bit of a hard time. As Drita tells it, “She goes, ‘You ain’t that tough.’ I sprinted at the car, pulled her head out the window. The gas station guy saved her life. I was like, ‘B*tch, I am not an actress.’ I had her extensions in my hand, and I threw them on the  hood.” Once again, why would anyone do that? It isn't just that these women are tough -- because they are -- it's more that they're totally insane. What woman is going to freak out just because some random person says she isn't tough? If I were a woman, being told I wasn't tough wouldn't make me very angry. But then again, even as a man, I'm not very tough, so maybe it doesn't register with me in quite the same way.

4 Sometimes, They Hate the Edits


Everyone knows that an edit has a lot to do with how you're perceived if you are on reality television. If you're going to be filmed for 12 hours a day, you're going to do and say a lot of different things. The producers could just show all of the cool things that you do or say, and you'd come off totally cool, or they could just show some of the bad things that you do or say, and you would come off looking like an idiot. On Mob Wives, it's a little bit different because quite often, they really do things that most people wouldn't do, and then, when they get put on screen, some of them get a little mad. Alicia doesn't buy it, though. She has said, "You are either an animal, or you're not." Well said, and there are a lot of animals on Mob Wives.

3 They Have a Lot of Fans in Prison

They love Drita in prison. She said, “When I went to visit Lee, I can’t even tell you what happened. The guard said, ‘When people got wind you were coming, our Thursday sitting room was impossible. We had to shut things down. People were waiting outside.'” I don't know about that. I would like to think that if I were in prison, I would have more to think about than going to see some reality show star in a waiting room. On the other hand, I imagine that whole "being in prison" thing gets rather boring after a while. So, who knows? I probably would even get excited if someone like Andy Dick showed up. No, now that I think of it, that's taking things way too far. There's no way I would get excited for that.

2 Some of Their Friends Hate the Show


A lot of Drita's friends were surprised how she was being portrayed on the show. Of this, she said, "My friends, in the beginning, were angry that they only showed me angry. Yes, they will tell you I am not to be reckoned with, but they know me to be funny. So, when they saw it, they were like, ‘Drita, all you do is light up my life with laughter. I’m not seeing that.’ And it would bother them. Where’s Drita?" That's the thing, though -- do you think all of these people would watch the show to see how the wives were so funny and cool? I don't know about that. I think I would want to see angry lunatics acting like train wrecks. Not to say that you're a lunatic, Drita. Please don't find me and put me in a hole. Thanks. Much appreciated.

1 Some Fans are Really Into Them

Well, you know that there are going to be fans who are super into them, but Drita takes it to a new level when she says that she's met some fans who have tattoos of her likeness on their bodies. That sure is something when you think about it. These women have gone from being mob wives, many of them actively involved in crimes, to television stars. Some people would say that's what's cool about our country, while others would say that's what's totally ridiculous about it. The show may now be off the air, but these women are now genuine stars, and that's definitely either really cool or a sign of the end of civilization, depending on how you look at the whole thing. I know what the mob wives would say.


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