15 Dirty Secrets Surrounding MTV's Teen Mom

No one ever thought that the life of a teen mom would be so interesting until MTV changed reality TV forever by bringing in Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2. Even the UK has jumped on the bandwagon with Teen Mom UK. We got to see the ups and downs in the life of a teen mom, and there's been more than one shocking event that's rocked our boats. We've seen so many crazy situations on the show that it’s hard to keep track. It’s also hard to believe that there are children involved in these situations.

The shows started off in 2009 as 16 and Pregnant, and that spawned the monsters that we have today. What was once thought of as a joke turned into a series that many people have passionately become involved in. The show became one of the more real-eye views into the life of a teen mom, especially moms who were way too young for that kind of responsibility. We watch how these mothers, good and bad, try to make their lives better in tough situations.

The show follows the lives of teen moms, and we've seen everything from neglect and drug use to, shockingly enough, a mom that did a sex tape. You might think that you know everything there is to know about Teen Mom, but you would be dead wrong. Stay tuned for the shocking secrets that have been discovered from the set of Teen Mom.


15 Teen Mom Goes to Jail

A lot of these girls have a lot of problems. In the case of Amber Portwood, she went to jail for breaching her parole in 2013. She’s one of the Teen Mom stars who are always under the watchful eye of authorities. She breached her parole by doing drugs and now has to be under random drug testing. Hopefully, she doesn’t end up back in jail. These girls need to remember that they have kids at home. “Amber will have to report to a parole officer,” Garrison told In Touch. “The parole officer will make sure she finds employment, that she is living in an appropriate situation and that she is staying clean. Amber will have to check in a couple of times a month with her parole officer. If she violates anything, she could go back to jail.” Not really surprising.

14 Farrah Abraham Scandals


She's been in one scandal after the other, and she's one hell of a drama queen. In 2015, Farrah Abraham claimed that an Uber driver “almost raped” her and then recanted later. “I wasn’t raped,” she later clarified on Nik Richie’s podcast. “I felt like I was getting raped… I felt like I almost got raped. You’re violating me by looking at me. Don’t act like a rapist … I have a severe problem with that.” She was ripped apart online when she posted pictures of her seven-year-old doing a bikini shoot and looking suggestive. Her daughter is also allowed to send and receive Snapchats from strangers. She's most known for her sex tape titled Backdoor Girl that was released in 2013. Abraham had no problem saying to the world that she had backdoor sex at 15. It’s not usually what you want to be known for as a celebrity, but she probably thought she would become famous like the Kardashians. She's done one thing after the other to prove that she's unfit to be a parent.

13 Jenelle’s Expensive Boob Job

Despite being a teen mom, Jenelle managed to afford a $5,000 boob job in 2012. Her body has changed significantly over time. She went from being a skinny girl to a super fit girl, and then, there was the boob job. Most recently, she got lip fillers in 2016. Jenelle has always been a foxy lady, so we’re not sure why she feels the need to change her body at all. In Teen Mom 2 she was considered to have a “controversial figure.” In the past, she's said that she was always fine with the way she looked, but her surgeries suggest otherwise. “I think I’m fine with the way I look,” she told Us Weekly in 2016. “I work out at the gym. If I want a bigger butt, I’m going to work for it. I’m going to build it up with muscle, not implants or injections. [Farrah] looks weird compared to what I’m used to seeing her look like in the past,” she said. “But like I said, in 10 to 20 years, it’s all going to change, and then she’s going to have to get more to fix that, and then that’s going to spend more money — and is she going to have the money?”

12 One Night Stand Before Marriage


Yes, that one was quite the shocker. The last thing that a guy wants to hear is that his wife had a one night stand the night before they got married. Leah confessed to having slept with her old boyfriend, Robbie Kidd, a few weeks before their marriage. Ouch! Now that's one that has to hurt. She denied it for a while and even went on social media, claiming that Kidd was only trying to break up their marriage. Kidd decided to take matters into his own hands and had an interview with In Touch, explaining in detail how the one night stand happened. “That day, around noon, I asked her if she wanted to come over and talk,” Robbie says, explaining that in September, Leah began secretly calling him daily, seeking comfort and advice about her crumbling marriage. “Leah didn’t hesitate. She came right over, and one thing led to another, and we had sex. We wore protection. That was the one and only time. Afterward, she said, ‘Oh, what did we do?’” The two, at the time, vowed to keep the secret, which obviously didn’t last long for Kidd. Leah and her then-husband, Jeremy, are now divorced.

11 An Arrest That Required Two Sets of Handcuffs

Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley, is a pretty big guy and apparently, during an arrest, it took two pairs of handcuffs to keep him down. Shirley was arrested because he was caught driving without a license in Indiana. Shirley is a 300-pound guy, so it was no easy arrest, and when cops took him down, it took two sets of handcuffs to keep him restrained. Amber and Gary have reconciled many times, and the cops pulled them over because they saw the two arguing in the car. They found out quickly that Shirley had no license, and he was taken under arrest. "Both sets of handcuffs were checked for tightness and double locked," the report says. Wow, talk about a big guy with a lot of power behind him. The choices then men make on the show are no better than the ones made by the women.

10 Cheating Scandal


It’s always disheartening to hear about a pregnant girl being cheated on by her boyfriend; it really doesn’t get lower than that. In Teen Mom 2 it was revealed that Luis cheated on Briana DeJesus during her second pregnancy, so the season started off with her being alone. “He’s been cheating on me this whole time,” DeJesus stated while crying. It’s a sad state of affairs for the girl who doesn’t know how to handle being alone and pregnant. It’s another example of a girl who's too young to have so much responsibility. The poor girl considered putting the child up for adoption because she felt overwhelmed. It’s not the first time that DeJesus had an issue with a boyfriend. The father of her first child is Devoin Austin, and she had to get a protection order placed against him.

9 Farrah Abraham Gets Her Mother Arrested

In Teen Mom OG, we see a lot of feuding between Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielsen. Many people are outraged by the parenting of Abraham toward her little girl, and we wondered if it was the environment in which Abraham grew up. Apparently, there was a lot of mental and physical abuse in the household by Farrah's mother, and when it came to having her own mother arrested, it was because of abuse. Abraham had her mother arrested over a domestic dispute that resulted in her mother trying to choke her. “Reports stated Abraham was yelling at Danielson over the incident when Danielson allegedly grabbed Abraham by the throat. Abraham pushed Danielson’s hand away from her, at which time Abraham alleges Danielson struck her on the right side of the head and her mouth” (Starcasm). There are clearly real problems in that household.


8 Life of Drugs


This photo pretty much says it all. It’s not exactly the kind of photo you want to see when there are children involved. Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell has always been involved with drugs, but she supposedly gave it up. That was, until recently, when the girl was involved in a scandal with pills. It’s even less surprising that it also involved her friend Amber Portwood, who has her own past with drugs. This June, it was discovered that Portwood’s fiancé, Matt Baier, offered Lowell Xanax pills which are a big no-no for an ex-addict. Lowell has a history of drugs as well as a history of mental health issues, so she should be nowhere near drugs of any sort. She's stated that although she was offered the drugs, she refused to take them. Baier stated that Lowell had anxiety because she missed her daughter’s first day of daycare and wanted the drugs.

7 Skipping Town

It can be very alarming to have your child taken out of town by an ex-boyfriend. Nathan Griffith took Jenelle’s son out of town without her permission. Jenelle rightfully lost her mind, wondering if she was going to see her son again, the problem being that she didn’t have legal custody arrangements set in stone, so legally, Griffith could do whatever he wanted. "I feel like my son has been taken from me and feel like I'm never gonna get my son back," she said. "I really feel like my son has been kidnapped somewhere." What made matters worse was Griffith’s girlfriend decided to cut Jenelle’s son’s hair, making the girl even crazier. "Jessica cut his f--king hair. Look at his bangs. Cut my f--king child's hair? Really? She's a f--king hairstylist, Tori. I'm so heated right now. That's his first haircut, and I wanna be there for that, and I wanna take pictures and everything. Don't touch my child's hair."

6 Leah Loses Custody


The whole point of the Teen Mom show is to show the struggles that a teen mom has, but what happens when a teen mom loses her kids? That’s what happened with Leah when Corey Simms decided to go for full custody because of Leah’s drug use. It came as a surprise to the girl who was sleeping on the couch when the news came in. Simms, however, was happy about the news: "This is what's gonna build [the twins] to be a mature adult that's gonna succeed in life, that's gonna go places [sic]. I want them to talk about college ... I'm tickled pink that it happened." Leah will still get to see the kids on the weekend, though she was devastated by the decision. She was sick about the fact that she wasn’t even allowed to pick the kids up from school. "I just have a lot of fear of the future and what it holds," she said.

5 Jenelle’s Many Arrests

Jenelle Evan’s mother has custody of her child for the time being, mainly because the girl has a hard time keeping her life straight. She's been to jail over and over again, seemingly unable to get control over her life. She was arrested in 2010 for breaking and entering and drug possession. She was arrested twice in 2011, once for beating up a girl who was flirting with her boyfriend Kieffer. She went to jail and had to go to rehab, but that didn’t stop her from getting arrested five months later for violating her parole for testing positive on a drug test. 2012 came around, and she was arrested four more times, first for threats on a roommate, then for violating a domestic protection order, then on charges of cyberstalking, and finally, for drug possession. In 2013, she was arrested for heroin possession and then again, later that year, she was thrown in jail for failing a random drug test. And then again, in December, she was arrested for a breach-of-peace charge because she got into it with her boyfriend. She had three more charges in 2015, and it’s no wonder that she doesn’t have custody of her son.

4 Moms Have More Problems Than the Kids


It’s not hard to see sometimes how these young girls get into trouble at such a young age. Sometimes, they're dealing with a lot more at home than people realize. In the case of Kailyn Lowry, her mother was a drunk which made growing up more than a little difficult. Her mother was an alcoholic, and growing up in that environment changed the girl. She couldn’t have a normal social life by becoming involved in clubs or sports because her mother could barely get herself off the couch to even pick her up from school. Lowry often had to hide the fact that her mom was drunk from friends and teachers, and it can be hard on a kid when she has to be the parent in the household. “I’d like to pretend my mom never hurt me, but the truth is she did. It felt like a bottle of liquid brought her more joy than spending time with her own daughter,” she said.

3 Kailyn Starts Dating while Still Living with Ex-boyfriend

Seriously, where do they find these girls? In Teen Mom 2, Kailyn and Jo were living together at his parents’ home when they broke up. Jo is the father of Kailyn’s son, but the two just couldn’t seem to work out their issues. The family agreed to let Kailyn stay there until she could get on her feet, and Kailyn even asked Jo to help pay for her to go back to school. Kailyn didn’t let any of that stop her from dating a new guy named "Jordan" who had been crushing on her for a long time. She tried to keep the whole thing secret for as long as she could because she wanted to reap the benefits of living there, but eventually, Jo found out and kicked her out. Jo was clearly pissed about the whole thing, as he still had feelings for the girl, but when she left his house he yelled,” B–ch, you owe me money!” Classy!

2 Tape Negotiations


Well, you know there's a lot involved when it comes to negotiating your own sex tape, especially one that involves backdoor action. As if Farrah Abraham hadn’t proven she was trashy enough, she apparently brought in her boyfriend Michael, her father, and her three-year-old daughter into the meeting to discuss her transaction. This girl clearly has no shame. "My dad's just very supportive," Abraham said. "And like any business person, I need to handle this situation the best way for my future... My dad's just here helping me out, and I wanted to bring Soph out here as well. I'm just getting a couple different offers for two other companies, and I think it's just smart that I'm hearing what each company has to say and really hearing out everything so I can process it." Right, this totally makes sense.

1 Leah’s Multiple Divorces

Leah and Jeremy had a quickie marriage because she became pregnant with twins only a month into dating. That’s a shockingly quick commitment for two people who really don’t know each other very well. Quickie marriages often end in divorce, and Leah seems to be someone who gets into these situations quite often. It was the second divorce that this young girl has had in four years. Considering her erratic behavior and the fact that she's been into drugs and has cheated, it’s probably safe to say the problem lies with her. Jeremy was always the one who seemed to be level headed in the relationship, and he really tried to make things work out with Leah, but a guy can only take so much. Leah’s mental health issues have only seemed to get worse over the years, and they recently resulted in her losing custody of her children to Jeremy permanently.

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