15 Dirty Secrets Behind TLC's Cake Boss

We've seen a lot of scandals come out of TLC’s favorite shows, and Cake Boss is no different.

We've seen a lot of scandals come out of TLC’s favorite shows, and Cake Boss is no different. Cake Boss is a great show, and if you haven’t tuned into it over the years, it’s about the Valastro family and the bakery that they own. They're known for pretty exceptional cakes that are bought by the rich, and we get to watch how the whole process is done. These pastries have been part of weddings, birthday parties, and even museum openings. It seems like his cakes become even more unbelievable as the years go on. He even made a life-size Nascar race car that weighed 20,000 pounds.

These are the things that we do know, but there are many parts of Cake Boss that you may not be aware of -- the secrets behind the show that TLC doesn’t want you to know. What could they be?

As strong as the Valastro family is, they've gone through some major scandals, and there have been some cracks in the surface of the family foundation. Despite the fact that business is booming on the show, we have to wonder what's really going on behind the scenes. We heard about rumors regarding family scuffles and DUIs. If you're a fan of Cake Boss and want to know what goes on behind the scenes, then you've come to the right place. What do you really know about the show, and is it possible that all the awesomeness we see on the show isn’t even real? Say it ain’t so!

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15 Cake Boss Is Never There

Wouldn’t you like to actually go to the real Cake Boss bakery, walk in the door, and meet the owner, Buddy Valastro? That would be pretty cool, right? It would be like meeting a celebrity, kind of. If not a celebrity, then at least a pretty cool cake maker. Despite what you see on the show, however, Buddy is rarely there, which would certainly be disappointing to fans. The show is the only reason that he's even famous, and he's lived in the cake business for twenty years, and yet, he’s never really there. But it appears as if fame got the best of him because unless it’s time to film a commercial for the show or to film the show itself, he’s got better things to do. In some ways, we can see why he wouldn’t be there. People go into the bakery for the sole purpose of trying to see him, and it would be hard to get anything done.

14 A DUI Arrest

Buddy Valastro always seems like a nice guy even when he does give off the tough guy exterior. But despite his nice-guy attitude, he's been in some trouble that we’re sure has TLC’s head spinning. He's been running the business since 1994, when his father passed, and he's always been a model citizen, never really getting into any trouble. In 2014, though, he shocked everyone when he got arrested for DUI. It was really the last thing we expected from Buddy. His arrest video shows him saying "You can’t arrest me; I’m the cake boss” to the cops, which went over really well for him. He had just left a party and was driving in his yellow Corvette when he was pulled over by police. He had to spend the night in jail, and he later apologized for his behavior. The last thing people want to see is another celebrity claiming he's above the law.

13 Buddy Fired His Sister

One thing can be said about the Valastro family, and that’s that they're close. So, it came as a shock to everyone when Buddy fired his sister. His sisters have always been part of the show, and they add a dash of drama to the whole show, not to mention all the pranks they love to pull. Mary Valastro has been known to have quite the temper, and she has no filter when it comes to saying whatever the hell she wants at any given time. Having a temper is sure to get anyone in trouble, and it didn’t help Mary out at all during the fifth season when she was being rude to some of the other employees. Buddy didn’t like it and pulled her to the side to tell her to stop her rude behavior. That resulted in a screaming match that forced Buddy to not only fire her from the bakery but the shows as well. She seems like one of those toxic people who are just best to get rid of.

12 Some “Weddings” Are Fake

Some of the weddings that appear on the show are pretty elaborate, which comes as no surprise since the cakes they ask for are pretty out there as well. It must cost an awful lot to have a wedding cake made by the Cake Boss himself. It’s exciting to watch the cakes come together, especially when you know it’s for a big event. But one customer found out that a lot of the weddings that they show on the series are fake. "I have been to Carlo's Bakery (the bakery from Cake Boss). While there, we learned that the 'wedding' they were filming in Italy was completely faked, and they never actually got married. Kind of ruined the whole experience for me" (nicolascage1). That’s definitely disappointing, and it makes you not want to watch the show at all if it’s not even real.

11 Are They Transphobic?

During the course of Cake Boss, we've seen the employees pranking one another, but sometimes, those pranks go just a little too far. During a Mardi Gras party, Buddy decided to prank Anthony by sending a transgender model over to talk to him. Anthony was very attracted to the model, and you see them exchanging numbers. The transgender model was Carmen Carrera, and she kissed Anthony on the cheek. That’s when Buddy called him over and told him that "she" was really a "he." Anthony ran out of the door with a look of shock and horror on his face. There was a backlash from the incident, though, as Carmen wasn’t pleased with how she was portrayed -- like a joke. She found it insulting not only to her but to the transgender community as well. The show was pulled from syndication, and Buddy officially apologized.

10 Cake Boss Caused a Lawsuit

Before Cake Boss became the big name that it is now, no one really worried about what they named the show. It wasn’t as famous back in 2009 as it is now. Since then, however, the show has grown in popularity, and not only that, but they have their own cookbooks and cookware. They rake in millions of dollars, and when that happens, people start to get greedy. A Seattle company decided to sue Cake Boss for copyright infringement. It turns out that they have a software program named Cake Boss, which actually helps bakeries around the world manage their orders. They took the show to court, and the judge sided with the software company, and for a short time, Buddy thought they had to rename the show, which is usually bad news for a series. However, they ended up settling with the company outside of the court, which usually means paying them a lot of money, and Cake Boss remained the show's title.

9 Don’t Let the Cake Surprises Fool You

We're saddened to have to break the news to you all that the cake surprises are also fake. The idea behind the show, of course, has always been when Buddy reveals the cake to his customers in a surprising way. The customer always has a general idea of what the cake will look like since they're presenting the idea to Buddy, but they don’t get to see the cake until it's delivered. We've yet to see a disappointed customer even once. It turns out, though, that when these clients go to the meetings, they already know what they're getting as an end result. That’s why everyone is in full makeup at the time. That’s also why no one is ever disappointed because everyone's aware of what the end result will be before the cake is even made. It’s kind of disappointing, isn’t it?

8 They’re Not Famous for Their Cakes

You would think that a show famous for their cakes would mean that it was a top seller at the bakery as well. But that’s not the case for Cake Boss. In fact, cakes are pretty much the least-sellable product that they offer, and yet, they sell a lot of them. Maybe, it’s because the cake end of things is actually fake? Who’s to say? They're actually most known for their signature item, their Lobster Tail, which is made from sfogliatelle dough. It actually takes a really long time to make, and the technique isn't an easy one, but Buddy is a master at it. Once he mastered that, he figured that he could make any kind of cake that he wanted, and he did. But the Lobster Tails are still the most popular item in the bakery.

7 Cousin Anthony’s a Bigot

Could Buddy’s Cousin Anthony be a bigot? Nobody likes that, especially on national TV. Cousin Anthony was Buddy’s partner in crime for ten seasons. He’s the guy who always meant well even though he made a lot of mistakes. Everyone was shocked when Buddy’s partner in crime quit working at the bakery without any notice. It may have had a lot to do with a Tweet that Cousin Anthony sent out right after the Boston Marathon Bombing. “…letting these Animals into our country so they can keep attacking us…” Yes, that Tweet didn’t go over too well, and a lot of people started to call him a bigot and said that he was trying to promote his own political agenda. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Cousin Anthony went and defended himself, which he did in a piss-poor way.

6 Sexual Assault Scandal

The last thing you want is for a sexual assault scandal to happen to one of your employees. Remy Gonzalez was one of the original cast members of the show, and if you’re having a hard time placing him, it’s because the show has done everything in its power to erase him from our memory. The people on the show aren’t even allowed to associate with Remy anymore because he’s bad for business. He was actually Buddy’s good friend and also his brother-in-law, as he was married to Lisa Valastro. We could smell a scandal a mile away, though, because, one day, Remy was divorced and off the show. So, what happened? He was arrested in 2010 for the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl and went away to prison for nine years. It’s not surprising that TLC wants to keep that little secret locked up.

5 The Passing of Mary

Buddy and his mother have been very close since his father died. His father was the one who originally started the bakery that's shown in Cake Boss, which means he has a long legacy to protect. She was part of the show for a while but eventually retired even though she would, once in a while, stop in to see Buddy and see how the bakery was doing. In 2012, the Valastro family was rocked by news that Mary was diagnosed with ALS. The great thing about Mary was that she always stayed in great spirits regardless of how bad things got. However, Mary died this summer due to complications of ALS. Her death was a huge blow to Buddy, and there was a flower display outside of the bakery for a long time after. It was sad to see her go because she was always so happy to be around her family when she would come into the bakery.

4 The Food Is Factory-Made

People obviously assume that the cakes on the show are made in the bakery. Why would they think anything else? Well, we now know that the bakery isn't mostly known for cakes; they sell more cupcakes, donuts, and, of course, those Lobster Tails. But the stuff that we see on TV is all premade, apparently, in a factory, and that doesn't give us much confidence in the show. A Reddit confession tells a different story where an employee states that everything is shipped in when fans think that the food in the bakery is made fresh every day. The show has grown to such a large scale that orders are put through factories and shipped out to customers daily. It really makes you wonder if there's any part of the show that's genuine. We have to say that we're pretty disappointed already.

3 Congratulating Buddy on His DUI

This one is actually pretty hilarious. When it came to Buddy, not everyone was a fan of him. One of his former employees was pretty disgruntled with Buddy, and when he found out about Buddy’s DUI, he sent him his own cake. Not bad, right? Buddy’s former assistant, Tony Albanese, decided to poke fun at the situation and made a cake with his own hands and sent it to his former boss. Albanese was an apprentice at the bakery, and he learned a lot from Buddy to the point where he decided to show off his cake-making skills. Albanese claimed that it was just a joke, but we doubt that Buddy thinks it was, considering he hasn’t acknowledged the cake at all. It’s probably still a sore spot for Buddy; it was a public embarrassment after all, and he'd probably like forget that it ever happened.

2 Buddy Knows the Mafia

Yikes, right? We’ve certainly heard quite a bit about them over the years, and there have been at least a dozen movies made about them. Knowing them is even better; we know how handy knowing the Mafiosi could be. All you have to do is slip a manila envelope under the right door, and you’re all set. Buddy being Italian, of course, makes light of knowing the mafia. After all, who doesn’t know them, right? We have to wonder, though, if he’s ever had any real dealings with them. When asked in an interview if he knew the Mafiosi, Buddy laughed and stated, “Absolutely. Everybody does. They exist, but you’re talking about a tiny percentage of millions of hardworking people.” Kind of an odd answer, but we’ll take it. We’re sure he at least thought about using their efforts when it came to his former brother-in-law Remy.

1 It’s Not About Talent

When you watch Cake Boss, you assume that these guys have to be pretty talented in order to do the magnificent cakes that they do. But Buddy has admitted that it has less to do with talent and more to do with showmanship. In order for those cakes to look as good as they can, every little detail of the cake has to be perfect. Well, that kind of perfection is time-consuming. It would be an awfully boring show if we saw every detail of the cake-making, so Buddy admits that the best scenes are choreographed and that we see less of the attention to detail. Buddy even admitted that there are probably more talented bakers out there than at his bakery, but he believes people come to him because of the showmanship we see on the show. Who needs talent, right?


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