15 Dirty Little Secrets Tyga And Kylie Jenner Don't Want You To Know

Kylie Jenner and Tyga. Tyga and Kylie Jenner. That on-again, off-again thing that's been coming and going for over two years. Take one reality star, noted for excess and outrageous behavior and add a

Kylie Jenner and Tyga. Tyga and Kylie Jenner. That on-again, off-again thing that's been coming and going for over two years. Take one reality star, noted for excess and outrageous behavior and add a rapper noted for even more excess and totally outrageous behavior and what do you get? Dynamite. They get all loved up. Then comes cheating. Then there are rumors of a s*x tape or two (or three). Throw in some young girls, rumors of a transgender fling and talk of drugs and more cheating. "KyGa" is a trainwreck we all just can't get enough of. And now the world is on baby bump watch, holding its collective breath. Even if they said it ain't so, neither Kylie nor Tyga are ever going to win a Nobel Prize for truth-telling. But they both do absolutely set world records in the dirty-little-secrets category. They are seriously world class when it comes to dirty laundry.

Get ready to enter the explosive, controversial world of Kylie and Tyga. Here are 15 dirty little secrets KyGa doesn't want you to know. Reportedly, Kylie and Momager Kris Jenner, are worried sick about it. And Tyga? He's reportedly cool with embarrassing the Kardashians. But there is some dirt out there about what he gets up to that he just wouldn't want to see the light of day.

15 How Many 'Tapes' Are Out There Anyway?

Hey, it won't go away. Some speculate there is more than one. The Mirror even reported that Tyga himself had briefly posted a 'tape' on  his website around the time of (one of) their breakups in May of 2016, as a warning to Kylie. WTF? Kylie and Momager Kris Jenner are said to be terrified that the tape will get out and damage Kylie's reputation, not to mention her brand. And some speculated that Tyga posted the tape to warn his-then-ex Kylie that she better play nice. According to The Mirror, Vivid Entertainment offered the pair $10 million to "do it" for the cameras after Kylie turned eighteen and was "legal". The paper also said that Vivid Boss Steve Hirsch, was supposed to have written Kylie: "Kim's s*x tape helped launch her career and would be nothing but positive for you." Yeah, but that was then and this is now.

14 Baby Bump Alert!

In November of 2016 Life and Style reported that Kylie, all of 19-years-old, is pregnant with what the magazine called Tyga and Kylie's "first baby together". Seems Media Takeout said the Lip Kit mogul and (some say) Tyga-too were spotted at the offices of celebrity go-to obstetrician Doctor Paul Crane, who delivered Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian's babies. And added that Kylie recently "cryptically revealed she was sick and not leaving bed all day on her Snapchat account." Interesting, we think. Tyga already has a four-year-old son named King Cairo, with baby mama Blac Chyna. Some say Tyga dumped Blac Chyna for Kylie. Chy is now all loved up with Rob Kardashian. Christmas is going to be complicated, we think. Protective gear recommended.

13 He Has A Thing For Under-Age Girls?

This is the kind of story gossip sites absolutely love. OK! magazine reported that Tyga, supposedly an item with Kylie, was in love with a 14-year-old girl and that he had been bombarding her with texts and harassing her non-stop. It's a fact that OK! doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to factual accuracy. This meant that most mainstream media outlets ignored the story. Then, enter Gloria Allred, a cross between a rottweiler and a lawyer, representing 14-year-old Molly O'Malia, who was suing OK! because the picture they used led to Kylie Jenner fans identifying her. Then came a press conference in New York at which O'Malia described Tyga's pursuit of her. Read on. All of this should not come as a surprise to our Kylie.

12 They Started Dating When She Was How Old?

We see a pattern in the Molly O'Malia story. In La-La Land California, the "age of consent" is eighteen years old. And, depending on who you believe, Kylie started dating Tyga when she was 16/17-years old. He was a 20-something rapper with a history of run-ins with the law and a whole bunch of creditors who expected to be paid and she was a budding reality star and entrepreneur. At first, Kylie denied it. Momager Kris Jenner denied it. And reportedly the two were not pictured together as a couple until she reached that all important eighteenth birthday. After they had been at it for a year or so. At what? Use your imagination.

11 Tyga And The Transgender Adult Star

Okay. The Daily Mail reported (and we quote): "The adult film star who has allegedly been having an affair with Tyga for years has broken her silence over the cheating scandal". That rumor has it goes back to the time when the rapper was all loved up with Blac Chyna and extending into his relationship with Kylie. The lady in question, one Mia Isabella, was kind of coy about the whole thing, saying she has been loved out with many "celebrated" men. So, we have transgender adult star with her own range of s*x toys and the rapper who is also kind of cryptic about what's been coming down. Then waded in and released some texts the site said were between Mia and Tyga. In there somewhere is a picture of a very alert Tyga private body part, if you catch our meaning. And what did then-17-year-old Kylie think? Reportedly, at some point in the relationship with Kylie, the Kardashian clan waded in and hired "experts" (read snoops) to investigate.

10 Flying 'High'

Back in August, Kylie said she was a role model for young girls. Really? Is this the same Kylie who recently exposed nipple rings wearing a sheer lace top? The one who lied about even dating Tyga and reportedly went in for 21+ clubbing when still a teen? What about the serial traffic offences she seems prone to? And wasn't she the 17-year-old (underage) girl who some say stole Tyga away for his baby mama Blac Chyna? And there are those reports of drug use. Back in 2015, she dodged a fan's question about smoking weed. And then there was her totally bizarre "high as f*ck" Snapchat video, where, yes, she reportedly said just that. Yes, the young girls of America have a lot to learn from Kylie Jenner. Unfortunately, not much of it is good. And the real tragedy? She probably genuinely does believe she is a role model.

9 Stiches Snitches On Kylie

We'll get to Tyga and his can't keep it zipped lifestyle in just a minute. Back in 2015, Radar Online shouted out the story: "Miami-based rapper named Stitches (the totally scary dude on the left) claims he had s*x and snorted cocaine with Kylie Jenner behind her boyfriend Tyga's back." Now, this was just after her eighteenth birthday. Now, some reports say that stories such as these were put out by the "Rack City" rapper's enemies (of which we are certain there are quite a few). Stitches (aka Phillip Katsabanis) even went on record talking about just what kind of stuff they got up to. Stitches and rapper InkMonstarr, went on to issue a diss track aimed at Tyga and Kylie, "Kyga She's A Liar". Stitches claimed to have proof. Another thing for Momager Kris to worry about...

8 Tyga Is A Can't-Keep-It-In-His-Pants Kind Of Guy

Okay. We've got Mia Isabella and underage Molly O'Malia. And we know the K Klan weighed in by hiring investigators. Just before KyGa broke up back in May, reports circulated that Tyga had invited women back to his room at the Sofitel in Brisbane, Australia. Twenty-something Tiffani Birdas went on record to say that Tyga had "reached out" to her online and that she and a few other women had gone to the touring rapper's room. Wait, it gets better. She couldn't go into details because all the about-to-be-pleasured babes had to sign a non-disclosure agreement and their cells were confiscated when they entered the room. Radar Online reported that Birdas had said, "It was like a dream". What we want to know is why the millionaire rapper checked into a Sofitel? Then there was the blonde Brazilian model by the name of Annalu Cardoso. And then... Well you probably get it already.

7 Latex, Bare And That Wheelchair

In December of 2015 Kylie did a photoshoot for Interview Magazine. There was latex, a reportedly bare b*tt and a definite S&M vibe going on big time. summed up the outrage: "Many folks are taking... issue with Jenner donning S&M attire and raising her legs provocatively while using this handicapped apparatus as some sort of fashion accessory." Interview Magazine went on the gobbledegook offensive by spouting bullsh*t, saying their intention was to "create powerful set of pictures that get people thinking..." They didn't mention how this fit into the whole "Kylie as role model" idea, but the magazine did throw in that Kylie was "the engineer of her image". So we get it: A latex, S&M, bare b*tt kind of "image" was what she was going for. Nobody mentioned "taste", we noticed. As in B-A-D.

6 For Gosh Sakes Get A Prenup, Girl

As part of her ongoing "hate Tyga" campaign, Blac Chyna came out with a little lip-sync performance of Drake's hit "Back To Back", including the line: "make sure you hit him with the prenup". In the past, she had referred to Kylie as Tyga's "jail bait" girlfriend. led with "We know Tyga likes to get inside Kylie Jenner, but apparently the maligned rapper likes to get inside her bank account..." Some say Kylie is getting fleeced and is just plain blinded by lust. Reportedly, Tyga is the kind of guy who splurges on fancy cars and gold jewelry, but owes back rent of over $100,000. Some say Kylie is paying off his debts and that the rapper has her brainwashed into believing they are going to have a brand that surpasses Kimye. We can't see it. Keep pushing those lip kits, Kylie. And go for that prenup, fast.

5 Lies And Videotapes


Some uncharitable souls say that the Kardashians bend and stretch the truth to suit them. We know that this comes as a total shock to you. Not. Some even more uncharitable souls say Kris Jenner is head fib-teller and that Kylie is morphing into KJ 2.0. They both lied about the underage Kylie dating a sometimes-in-trouble-with-the-law rapper. And we all know what they got up to before she was legal. Then there's the thing about Kylie's lips. If you look at then and now, it is just patently obvious that she's had something done to them. Lip implant? Injections? Not so, said her representative, who called such claims ridiculous. Just like when Kylie's side said she didn't do drugs and that everybody in the world got it wrong when they heard her saying she was "high as f*ck" in that Snapchat video. And those pictures of underage Kylie at 21+ clubs? Of course, she was just sitting on the sidelines with her orange juice. Are they dumb? Or do they just think that we are?

4 The Blac Chyna Situation - Hate, Lust Or What?

Blac Chyna was reportedly dumped for jail bait Kylie. Blac Chyna hates Tyga and Tyga feels exactly the same way. And Kylie gets caught in the crossfire of a very nasty situation. And the former couple are battling over custody for their 4-year-old son, King Cairo. Well, that's how it plays out in public anyway. thinks that newly minted mom of Dream Kardashian is "cheating on Rob with Tyga". Some say Rob Kardashian wants a paternity test to be done. Great reality TV moments are made of such a situation. Rob yelling at Chy. Chy yelling at Rob and throwing flowers he sent to her in the pool. So, is Dream Kardashian King's half-sister or totally full-sister? And, more to the point, what kind of people would burden an innocent kid with the name King Cairo? No word how these two couples spent Thanksgiving, other than, we assume, so totally not in the same room.

3 A History Of Run-Ins With The Law

It's a very serious mugshot, we think. Billboard reported Tyga was arrested in Las Vegas in 2012 when a traffic stop revealed what were warrants out for his arrest for a variety of offenses, including driving without a license. He got a free picture, a night in jail and (presumably) a prison breakfast. That was then and this is now. Remember the landlord that was owed a whole chunk of change when the rapper fell way behind in paying rent on his Malibu home? Well, reportedly said landlord got a judgment against the rapper and, when Tyga didn't show up in court for a deposition, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Oh yeah, the landlord was also saying that the $200,000 Tyga spent on a Mercedes-Maybach he gave to Kylie was "fraudulent" and the money should have gone towards the settlement. Our advice to Kylie: Get that prenup like yesterday.

2 Obsession, Lust And Erratic Behavior

via:We Heart It

Okay. We had that "high as f*ck" video on Snapchat. And pictures of those nipple rings. And almost daily posts on hair color and mood. And then there are those Snapchat images of Tyga and Kylie in manic lip locks. And what was the picture of her and Kendall lying in bed kissing one another all about? Some say our Kylie is nineteen going on twelve. Others say her behavior is dangerously erratic. And many say she is being led down the proverbial garden path by her man, a not-so-great rapper, who spends money like it is going out of style, who cheats on her and may well end up sinking both his ship and hers. But she doesn't appear to be worried. Perhaps she should be. Is she obsessed, in love or in lust? Many say all of the above. Where is Caitlyn when you need her?

1 Merry Christmas: More Dirty Laundry

How are Kylie and Tyga rounding out 2016? They appear to be "on" again. And Kylie is being sued for "ripping off" a make-up artist's pictures to use in her latest Lip Kit ad campaign. And in late November, as he celebrated his twenty-seventh birthday at the Penthouse night club in West Hollywood, Tyga got a nasty surprise when a process server managed to serve him with papers linked to a new lawsuit. That was just before he was thrown out on his ear. No, not Tyga, the process server. Oh yeah, Kylie will have to testify under oath about Tyga's finances. Meanwhile, the rapper has not kept up the $1,000 a month payment on his mother's Range Rover and repossession is around the corner. And Kylie? She's showing off her bum in a new video. Wait, what about the prenup? We'd like to wish the couple a Happy New Year, but it just doesn't seem appropriate. Good luck is more like it.

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15 Dirty Little Secrets Tyga And Kylie Jenner Don't Want You To Know