15 Dirty Little Secrets Gynos Will Bring To Their Graves

Going to the gyno can be super awkward for us ladies. It’s easily one of the worst experiences that we can go through. We lay there and wait for it to be over, hoping that nothing embarrassing happens during our exam. But have you ever wondered what happens on the other end? Gynos must see some pretty weird things day in and day out. They have an unusual job that puts them literally in between women’s legs, and that alone is a story all its own. We never really know what goes on in the mind of our gynos, and you might be surprised to find out what that really is.

Imagine the worst thing that a gyno has seen. After all, gynos have to examine women for hours on end. You might think it’s the best job in the world, but that might be a stretch. These gynos are confessing their dirty little secrets about what they see day in and day out. Some of their marriages have been ruined by their professions, while others have seen things that would make anyone shudder. Prepare yourselves for the stories of these gynos; you're about to hear some unbelievable and sometimes disturbing things. You may no longer envision a gyno as someone who’s “lucky” after you delve in deep to the things that they deal with regularly. These are the secrets that gynos want to take to their graves, but we got access to them through confession apps.

15 His Wife Was Disgusted with Him

We’ve always wondered how a woman would feel being married to a gyno. It would be weird thinking about it, wouldn’t it? Would you wonder if your husband got excited by the women that he saw? This woman didn't take kindly to her husband’s career and made it pretty well known. “I did manage to find a wife, but she is completely opposed to my work. In the initial years, she would jump off the bed if I touched her. “How can you touch all those women and come and touch me?” she would say. I even took her to the examination room. But her angry presence was not good for my patients” (OpentheMagazine). The woman was certainly hostile, which is a little odd, considering she married a man who she knew was a gyno. The fact that she was disgusted by him is also weird.

14 She Had a Bank Roll of Dough

Where do you think she kept that bankroll, though? That’s right; the gyno got more than he bargained for when he did his exam. “During the exam, we saw a flash of green in her vagina. It turned out to be a bankroll of mostly ones, fives, tens, and a few twenties. Think about this the next time you give your kids lunch money for school. You truly never know where it has been” (TheClever). Wow, there are no words for this story. You would think she would've taken it out before her appointment. Not only that, but there are bacteria on money because it changes hands so many times. Imagine putting that inside your body. It’s been stated that money can even carry trace amounts of cocaine on it, so this girl had all kinds of wrong things going on in her body.

13 Full of Pencils

We can’t even begin to understand this story. It’s so bizarre and disturbing. How does something like this happen? “An eight-year-old girl was brought in for vaginal bleeding. I was called in to have a look at her because the nurse could see something inside. There was stuff inside and lots of it. PENCILS. Apparently, the young girl used to please herself with pencils. We took her to surgery and removed over 20 pencils from her. I was scarred for life. I can never look at pencils again without remembering that” (RebelCircus). We don’t know what happened in this situation, but we can imagine that the medical staff was pretty alarmed by the whole thing. After all, no one would ever imagine something like that would happen, especially to a girl who was so young. Hopefully, she got some counseling after that.

12 It’s Like Stuffing a Turkey

There are probably a lot of things going on in a gyno’s head, and we can’t even imagine what those things could be. In this story, there's a woman getting an exam while she has her feet in the stirrups. At this point, the gyno has his fingers inside her cervix, and she suddenly says, “'So, do you ever think about stuffing a turkey while you’re doing this?’ The gynecologist pauses for a moment (trying not to laugh) and answers ‘No, but now I will every Thanksgiving…’” As if that isn’t bad enough, she continues on and says, “GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE” (TheClever). The doctor stated that he was still inside her cervix when she was giggling about turkeys. What a bizarre girl. But maybe she was just nervous and trying to get through the experience. But we also feel for the gyno, who probably felt super awkward.

11 Rarely Does The Deed With His Wife

This poor doctor just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to his career. He's constantly dealing with issues with his wife, who hates his job. Maybe she should read some of these stories so that she knows that the job isn't sexy for her husband. “The constant presence of women in my life is an issue. Fortunately, she doesn’t know that many of her friends are my patients. I’ve stopped listening to her. Maybe, that’s why I am a dedicated doctor (patients say so). As a result, sex with my wife is not frequent” (Openthemagazine). We have to feel bad for the guy; it’s not his fault. It’s just his career, and we don’t get the impression that he’s in it so that he can meet women. The poor guy can’t even get sex at home.

10 Her Husband Lied

We're not sure what this husband was thinking when he lied to his wife in this way. If anything, this would be serious grounds for divorce. “One of my friends worked as an intern with a gynecologist for two years. There was a client complaining that she couldn’t get pregnant. She also had been having diarrhea for a long time. The gynecologist asked if she regularly had ---- sex and the woman confirmed that she only did it ------. Apparently, her husband told her that she could get pregnant through ----- sex, so she wanted it non-stop so that she could get pregnant” (RebelCircus). We’re not sure if this woman was really dumb or just very naive, but we can’t believe that she bought the theory that her husband told her. Did she really know that little about sex?

9 The Room Had to Be Aired Out

It’s always a good idea to keep your hygiene up at all times, and many women are extra careful when they know they're going to the gyno. It’s an already awkward situation without there being hygiene issues. A woman has to strip down and bare herself in front of her doctor, so there’s usually extra attention to the nether reasons. “A woman once went in and apparently filled an entire room with her putrid stench. Apparently, she had been wearing the same underwear for two months. Gross. Her panties, which were originally white, became a darkish yellow-brown. She apparently wasn’t very good at wiping either” (Reddit). Oh, my... We can’t even understand a situation like that. It’s completely disgusting. What was she thinking? There’s a chance that she might have mental health issues to behave in such a way. We would hate to think of anyone doing something like that.

8 She Asks Him Out

It must be the most awkward situation to ask a guy out, but hey, there are some pretty good-looking doctors out there. Most women assume that a guy wants to be a gyno because of the fact that he can be around semi-naked women even though we've already heard the story about how unlucky that makes a guy with his wife. In this case, however, the patient liked what she saw, and she went for it. “While I’m doing my exam, she breaks out in hysterical laughter, which causes me to lose it and start laughing at the absurdity of the situation as well. Two weeks later, she’s back to the clinic for a follow-up. We talk for a while about how she’s feeling, how awkward our second meeting was, and then, just shoot the sh*t for a bit when she goes: ‘So when are you going to take me out to dinner’” (TheClever)? Wow, what a weird situation. The doctor said he politely turned the girl down because he already had a girlfriend. Imagine your first date, though, when the doctor already knows what you look like.

7 South Park Reference

South Park can definitely be controversial, and we can’t even believe the cartoon discusses going to the gyno, but that’s South Park for you. This is one of the funnier moments at the gyno office although it's not as shocking as the rest. Many women don’t like to talk while in the office, while others do. This woman got very chatty when she was having her physical. “I had a patient who quoted a comment from a CNN article, something along the lines of 'If my vagina had a voice, I’d imagine that it would sound like Chef from South Park.' I thought that was pretty funny” (Reddit). It's pretty funny, actually, and it’s at least one of the more normal things we've heard so far. We have to admit that South Park can make any situation more interesting. Wouldn’t you agree?

6 Feet Make Him Sick

You would think that the biggest worry would be odor between the legs, but in this case, it was the feet that drove the doctor nuts. He was so sick of it that it made him snap. Feet can stink! Women worry so much about their lady parts that maybe, they sometimes don't keep in mind what's going on with their feet, especially when it’s summertime and they're in sandals. One gyno was so sick of feet that in his confession, he demanded, “You b*itches need to wash your f**king FEET” (Reddit)! We can’t blame him. Feet can get pretty nasty at times, and if someone’s feet stink, that can be pretty bad for the doctor to have to endure. Maybe it’s best to do a sniff test all over to make sure that you're as fresh as possible before your appointment.

5 The Heroin Addict

We can’t even imagine what a heroin addict would have up her sleeve -- or up somewhere else. “Ex-GF’s dad used to be in the field before retiring. The worst case he had was a woman who was a heroin addict. For whatever reason, she had to get creative with where she injected. Apparently, she considered her labia a good place. That was until they went gangrene on her” (Rebel Circus). In this case, it wasn’t so much what was inside; it was that the girl was using her body in ways that she really shouldn’t. It’s sad and shocking that anyone would get caught up in that lifestyle. We don’t even want to know what gangrenous labia would look like, so we’ll leave that one to your imagination as well. Hopefully, none of you will get nightmares after this one.

4 It Was the Size of a Lemon

We'll apologize in advance for the nastiness of this confession, but hey, the confessions can’t be all low-key now, can they? We understand at this point that doctors end up seeing some pretty horrific things in the office, and we definitely feel for them now. This was from a man married to gyno: “She had an obese diabetic woman come in with an abscess the size of a lemon on her labia. When they lanced it, the abscess exploded, missing my wife but hitting her nurse. That’s a really bad day at the office, right? What’s worse? She described the smell as worse than a thousand decaying bodies, and the nurse with over ten years of experience proceeded to throw up all over the exam room” (Reddit). Wow, that's so disgusting. We can understand the need to vomit after something like that. We don’t know how anyone could keep it together in such a situation.

3 He Thought She Had Cancer

Going to the doctor can sometimes be a scary experience, especially if you get some news that you weren’t really expecting. In this case, after an examination, the doctor found the woman’s vagina to be so damaged that he assumed she had cancer. “My sister’s boyfriend was doing a gyno rotation. He was quite upset because he was examining a woman who at first sight and smell alone was suffering from an advanced stage of cervical cancer, and she wasn’t going to make it. For the first time, I had to have a difficult conversation with someone. It was all very depressing and solemn, so it was quite a relief when it turned out to be a tampon that had been in there long enough to resemble a tumor” (Rebel Circus). That's terrible. But the doctor probably shouldn't have assumed the patient had cancer if he wasn’t 100% sure.

2 The Drano Girl

There are just some situations that are just too hard to believe. In fact, they're so shocking that we have to wonder if brain damage is involved. Why would a woman ever think that it would be okay to put Drano anywhere near her body? “I treated a very attractive woman who decided to dump a 4-oz. bottle of Drano into her vagina to ‘kill the sperm’ that her date [had] ‘accidently’ left inside her. Just think of an English bulldog who popped an Alka-Seltzer, got into a Costco sized jar of mayo, and then was punched in the face about ten times. That’s what it resembled” (Rebel Circus). A great example of what not to do to kill sperm inside your body. Usually, most girls will use birth control as the first step to prevent pregnancy. This girl, though, was on a whole new level.

1 The Dead Frog

Smell is such a sensitive sense that it can affect your body. When it comes to working in an environment where something stinks, it can make getting through the day rather difficult. A woman booked an appointment with her gynecologist stating that she smelled an odor and felt burning when she peed. The woman assumed she had some type of STD. The doctor was horrified by what he saw, though. “I was assaulted by the stench of rot. I looked inside of her, and it was, and I quote, ‘a f**king dead frog in her vagina.’ Heavily decomposed, it had to be pulled out piece by piece. We’re all now wondering how that happened, right? Apparently, she’d passed out naked at a party at her boyfriend’s house and said one of his friends must have thought it would be hilarious to put a live frog in her lady canal. Not fazed by the decomposing amphibian inside her, apparently, she was just relieved she didn’t have gonorrhea” (TheClever). No words, seriously. No words.

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