15Saved By The Bell Was Constantly Derailed By Screech

It's no secret that some television shows have managed to age a lot better than others, but we think that everyone who worked on Saved By The Bell is quite aware of how badly their show has aged. Not only do the fashion sense of the characters and the graphic

design of the titles sequence scream "out of touch!", but even one of the actors has aged terribly, specifically Dustin Diamond who played Screech. However, many people who worked on the show might insist that age has done very little to Diamond and that he's actually always been like this. The guy was the youngest actor on the set and made up for this, according to himself, by playing disgusting pranks on extras and trying to sleep with every single woman whom he came across. In the book that he wrote about his time with the show, he takes the time to insult pretty much everyone and spread slanderous lies about them as well. Seems like nothing has changed.

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