15 Details In Disney Movies You Only Notice As An Adult

We all grew up with Disney. Disney movies are so prevalent in our childhoods and the childhoods of our children that we sometimes don't even realize that Disney is behind some of our favorite childhood movies and shows. While the Disney movies we grew up with were for kids, not everything in those movies was really there for us. After all, we weren't going to the movies by ourselves. The adults in our lives were obligated to listen to the endless sing-alongs and constantly repeated movies, so it would only make sense that the people behind our favorite movies at least gave the adults in our lives something to laugh about. That's why when we watch Disney movies again when we grow up, certain things that flew over our heads as children smack us in the face as adults. This includes some very adult jokes that found their way into our movies.

Some of the jokes in Disney movies that we might have missed as kids show up in dialogue. Some things that the characters said might have made us wonder why they said that as kids, only to realize as adults that the character was actually making a joke we were too young to understand. Other jokes might have completely gone under the radar because it's something in the background or a random piece of animation that our eyes didn't gravitate to as children because we weren't old enough to see it. Still, others were actually pretty blatant, to the point where we noticed the joke as kids. Here are just fifteen examples of some jokes that made it into Disney movies that made no sense as kids but make all too much sense as adults.

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14 Vegetable Jokes In Ratatouille

Disney loves a good joke about a person's nethers. One great example of this is this joke in Ratatouille. The setup for the joke is pretty tame. Linguini is talking to Remy in a storage closet, minding his own business and trying to keep the restaurant from finding out that the person behind his impeccable cooking skills is actually a rat using him as a puppet. He's in the middle of a conversation when his boss, Chef Skinner, walks in. Linguini makes a quick excuse to justify his presence there by saying that he's there to "familiarize himself with the vegetables. That's when Skinner comes out and says the above line. Basically, he's turned innocent vegetables into adult toys with one line. Ratatouille was notorious for jokes like this, too. For example, towards the end of the movie, there's a joke about not swallowing things you don't like. There's even a scene where Linguini is literally stuffing a deeply disturbed and uncomfortable Remy into his pants.

13 The Entire Premise Of Hercules

Hercules is a great kid's movie, and it was one of my very favorites growing up. That being said, anyone who thinks that the actual story for Hercules is for children is totally kidding themselves. For one, in the Disney movie, he references a play about Oedipus that he went to see on his date with Megara. Oedipus is a guy who ends up killing his biological father and marrying his mother thanks to an ill-advised attempt to dodge a prophecy that would never have come true if not for their attempts to prevent it. He even has kids with her that have their own adventures in Greek tragedy. As for Hercules himself, he's not Hera's son in the actual mythology, he's the son of Zeus and a mortal woman. Hera was so blindly jealous of Zeus' many, many infidelities that she went out of her way to make Hercules' life miserable. That all culminates in her literally driving him crazy enough to kill Megara and their children. Needless to say, this is not the most kid-friendly story.

12 What's Going On With Rapunzel's Hair?

Tangled is a movie that deals with adult themes in a kid-friendly way. I don't mean this in an inappropriate way either. Tangled deals with issues like autonomy, emotional abuse, questions about identity and more. However, the concept of Rapunzel, in general, has left fans asking some pretty inappropriate questions. There have been questions about whether Rapunzel had magical hair in other places, and even the voice actors in the movie have been getting in on the R-rated action. One great example of how fans have made this kid movie into much more adult fare is with this picture above, submitted to Cracked by Manx377. If you've got a good eye, you'll probably see that Rapunzel's hair looks a lot less like she's using her hair to climb out of her tower and a lot more like a certain male appendage.

11 The Gay Subtext Between Genie And Aladdin

I don't know about you, but I love alternate interpretations of Disney movies. It's great to see a new way of thinking about classic movies like this. One great example of this is the theory that many Disney fans think is the correct one: that the Genie and Aladdin have gay subtext together. While neither of them is actually gay, it can be argued that there's enough evidence to say that the two are life partners in a way that isn't all that heterosexual. For one thing, while Aladdin spends the whole movie chasing after Princess Jasmine, she's never the central figure in the story, especially not in Aladdin's life. Sure, her choice to choose him is what triggers their happy ending (and two sequels), but we spend a lot more time with Aladdin and the Genie as they navigate their newfound bromance. There's also the fact that the Genie might be the most fabulous straight male character in Disney's entire history of making movies. However, what's most telling is this line from the Genie to Aladdin: “I’m getting pretty fond of you, kid, not that I want to pick out curtains, or anything.”

10 The Dirty Jokes In Cars

The movie Cars is kind of a mixed bag: the people who love it love it, while the people that hate it hate it. However, there are weird little bits in the movie that definitely show that they were looking to entertain adults as well. The Top Down Truckstop features in a scene where Mack, the car taking McQueen to California, wants to stop there because he's tired of driving all day. McQueen says no and they drive away. There's a deleted scene where they actually stop there and McQueen gets mobbed by fans and ends up getting stuck there, but since the scene isn't in the movie, it doesn't count. If you're a particularly eagle-eyed movie watcher, you might have noticed the sign under the word "truckstop" that says "all convertible waitresses.." This means that this cute watering hole for cars might be their answer to Hooters, or even a bonafide strip club.

9 The Love Scene In The Lion King

The Lion King is absolutely infamous for its adult themes and the jokes it slipped in, but the most infamous of those is the reasonably explicit scene where Simba and Nala get intimate. "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" begins with Simba and Nala going to a local watering hole, wondering how the other feels about them. They take a romantic walk under the stars before retreating to a private area of the forest (which would have been one of their apartments had they been humans), where they roll around and down a hill all tangled up in each other. When they hit the bottom, Nala licks Simba's cheek, leaving him a bit nervous. Nala then looks at him in a way that no other female Disney character has ever looked at their love interest: with lust in her eyes. On top of that, Simba and Nala have their daughter Kiara not long after this, implying that the protagonist of The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride was conceived to the beat of an Elton John song somewhere outside of the Pride Lands.

8 That Time Kronk Pitched A Tent

The Emperor's New Groove is definitely one of the Disney movies that the average parent didn't have a problem taking their kid to see just because it was just that much fun. Something about an emperor turning into a llama and learning how to be a nicer person made this movie stand the test of time. One character that everyone loved from this movie was Kronk, who was just so good natured and sweet. However, he was also the source of one of the movie's most adult themed jokes. It all seems innocuous: while Yzma camps out in the forest in a way that would make any aspiring glamper on Pinterest jealous, Kronk is perfectly satisfied by the little tent stretched across his lap. This means that Kronk is literally pitching a tent over his crotch. While the kids might not have got it, anyone old enough to understand certainly did.

The Toy Story franchise is beloved by kids and adults of all ages. My generation grew up with the series, watching the first one as children and watching the third one over a decade later as adults (or at least teenagers). While we didn't get all of the jokes in Toy Story, as adults, the jokes come together with almost violent clarity. For example, in Toy Story 3, there's a point where Lotso, the villain of this movie, gets mad at Mrs. Potato Head for talking too much, so he literally takes her lips off of her face (or body, depending on how you think of Potato Head anatomy). Mr. Potato Head responds by saying "Hey, nobody takes my wife's mouth except me!" At first blush, this sounds like a husband being protective of his wife and defending her against a villain who basically assaulted her. As adults, we'd be hard pressed not to take this as a joke about oral.

7 Size Doesn't Matter In Frozen

Frozen might be incredibly overplayed right now, but there's a reason why everyone loves it. It's a story where the main tropes in Disney films are lampshaded and appear to be subverted, and people love that. (The fact that Anna was criticized for falling for a guy right away right before falling for another guy right away to no criticism whatsoever is a subject for another list.) There's one major dirty joke in this movie that kids totally didn't get, but every adult in the movie theater did. In the scene, Kristoff is asking Anna what she knows about Hans, and she reveals that she doesn't know his last name. She does know or at least make educated guesses on other things that she likes, but when Kristoff asks about his foot size, she replies that it doesn't matter. Either Anna didn't get what Kristoff was actually asking or Kristoff was actually asking for Hans' foot size. Regardless, kids didn't get this one, but adults did. I remember going to see this movie with my nieces, who asked me why Kristoff would ask that, so I can say this with certainty.

6 This X-Rated Drawing In Boo's Room

To be quite honest, there is a conspiracy circulating that this is a fake screengrab from someone who just added that picture on the left in. If this is what is actually hanging on the walls of Boo's room, and this was what we all saw in the movie theater, this might be one of the most egregious adult jokes in a kid's movie in all of history. If we're taking the picture as a canon part of the Monsters Inc. story, that means that not only is Boo's mom having an affair with her uncle Roger, Boo herself must have walked in on them. (Fun fact: Boo's name is actually Mary!) One has to wonder what Boo's dad thinks of all of this, or if he's even around. I don't see her dad being okay with this picture on Boo's wall or the fact that the picture was even drawn by her in the first place. This isn't even considering Boo's mom, who would probably be mortified that her daughter drew this. To be fair, this screenshot is very different from the theatrical release, so this could simply be a person with an overactive imagination and a lot of time on their hands.

5 More Dirty Jokes In The Lion King

We could probably write a whole list of adult jokes in The Lion King alone. This isn't actually in the movie, though, it's in the promotional material and marketing. Looking at the poster on the left, all you really see is the face of a lion superimposed across a sunny sky with the sun shining down on the savannah. It all seems quite innocent. However, once you look at the poster on the right, where the contours of the lion's face have been drawn over with darker lines, you'll see something very different. It appears that the face of the lion in the sky has the same proportions as a very stacked woman wearing only a pair of underwear. Once you see the regular poster again, it's nearly impossible to un-see the naked woman in the lion's face. There was actually a major controversy about the Lion King just because of all of the material in it that isn't quite so family friendly, including this poster.

4 Pollination And A Bug's Life

A Bug's Life has to be one of the most underrated movies Pixar has ever made. It's a movie where an ant joins up with a bug circus to protect his community, defeating a swarm of grasshoppers and getting the princess ant to fall in love with him. There are a few adult jokes in a Bug's Life, like the mosquito who orders a drop of blood at a bar (a literal bloody Mary) and passes out from drunkenness. There's the mural of the horrifying battle where insects get torn up and die in a way that seems less Pixar and more Game of Thrones. There's also the adorable allergy joke where the snail yells about there being salt in his food (salt kills snails). However, the most famous adult joke in the movie is where the two houseflies are catcalling the (male) ladybug, asking if he wants to party with them. The joke doesn't end there though. Francis the ladybug gives the flies what they deserve by acting like a lady to lull them into a false sense of security, then angrily screaming at them. “So, being a ladybug automatically makes me a girl, is that it, Flyboy?” Francis was a hero, and I think about this scene every time I get catcalled.

3 Santa Clause And The Sixties

The Santa Clause has always been my favorite Christmas movie. Sure, there are some great ones out there, but as a child of divorce, this movie spoke to me as a kid. In the movie, Tim Allen plays Scott Calvin, a man dealing with a divorce from his wife, her remarriage to psychiatrist Neil, and his relationship with his son Charlie. Their relationship is pretty bad until Tim Allen accidentally startles Santa Claus, making him fall off a roof to his death. He then puts on the suit at his son's request and they end up taking the sleigh to deliver the rest of the presents. At the first house, Scott grabs Santa's bag, which turns into a balloon and he flies over the chimney. That's when the exchange above happens. While this movie is by no means an endorsement to do drugs, it shows that even an iconic figure like Santa Claus might know how to party. This is especially true as you continue the movie and find out that Santa and the elves have sweet digs at the North Pole. This also raises the question of who Santa used to be before he fell off Tim Allen's roof.

2 Pac-Man The Dot Muncher

Pac-Man is one of the few video game characters that basically got famous for popping unlimited pills in a dark maze, occasionally hallucinating to the point where he could eat ghosts. That's how Pac-Man kind of became this icon for the rave generation. Pac-Man is also iconic in general, which is why he's a character in the movie Wreck-it-Ralph, a movie that takes a ton of video game characters and puts them in one world. It's basically Shrek for video games. While this movie isn't as geared towards adults as Shrek was, it definitely has a few jokes that made adults raise some eyebrows. In this movie, Pac-Man is referred to as a "cherry-chasing dot-muncher." While this sounds innocent to the ears of children, it's not so innocent to the ears of adults. Losing your virginity is often referred to as "popping your cherry" and "dot-muncher" sounds a lot more like a sexual thing than you'd think. Basically, Ralph could potentially be calling Pac-Man a pill popper who likes performing oral on virgins.

1 A Hook With Legs... Or A "Hooker"?

This visual pun from the first Toy Story movie is something that even a lot of adults missed! The toys we're looking at are part of Sid's horrid mutant collection of toys. He's one of those kids who breaks all his toys, then puts them together in weird ways. The toy in question is the hook attached to the Barbie doll legs. I certainly wouldn't have thought of the figure in the center as a prostitute, but that's sort of what she is. We have no way of knowing if Sid made this hook with long legs with the actual idea of a "hooker" in mind, or if he was just trying to make a toy that was as weird as possible. All we know is that it's really hard to not call that toy a hooker. Kids would never have made that connection, and there are even some adults that would never have made that connection until it was pointed out to them.

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