15 Details About Amanda Bynes' Meltdown

Former child star Amanda Bynes got her start on Nickelodeon’s All That, going on to star in hit comedies like What a Girl Wants and She's the Man. But then she started making headlines for all the wrong reasons - a series of driving violations, disturbing tweets, possession of illegal substances, and even hospitalization under psychiatric hold.

Recently, a back-on-track Amanda Bynes spoke publicly for the first time in four years after the numerous troubles that placed her in the spotlight. In an interview with ABC, she talked candidly about her prior drug use and her life now. “I love the new me - I love her music and everything else about her! I hike, I take spinning classes, and I feed the homeless.” That’s an admirable change, we must admit, and we keep our fingers crossed for her to be persistent with the spinning thing.

But the new Amanda is nothing like the old one, who, between 2010 and 2014, was riding a Lohan-esque rollercoaster. And if you weren’t among those who were zealously tracking Bynes’ activity in those tumultuous years, we are here to offer a helping hand. We have composed a list of all the chilling details about the events of Amanda Bynes’ infamous meltdown.

15  Retired And Un-Retired

We should have guessed something awful was up with Amanda Bynes when, in the summer of 2010, she announced she had retired from acting. But then, only a month later, she tweeted: “LOLZ, just kidding.” Actually, Amanda didn’t just wake up one morning and decided she would put an end to her acting career. Oh no! Rumor has it that Bynes was fired from The Farrelly Brothers’ comedy Hall Pass for (hold on!) bizarre behavior! However, the actress kept insisting she left because of scheduling conflicts. In July, Bynes announced her un-retirement. During the whole of 2011, nothing disturbing happened aside from her Pomeranian dog going missing. Eventually, the dog died, and we were all very sad, but that was pretty much it.

14 Her Problems With The Law Started With An “Innocent” DUI

At 3 a.m. on April 6, 2012, while attempting to pass to the right of a radio car of an L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy, Amanda’s car collided with the right rear quarter panel of the radio car. The actress was arrested, booked at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, and charged with driving under the influence. Although her father was swearing to God his daughter “was not drunk” on the night of the arrest, we pretty much doubt someone as naughty as Amanda would be driving along the streets of Hollywood long after midnight without having belted a couple of drinks down before getting into the car. After the arrest, the actress refused a test which would have determined if she was either drunk or using drugs. And this behavior, dear friends, was quite self-explanatory… no matter what her dad said.

13 Pleaded Her DUI Case To President Obama

Amanda Bynes was officially charged with DUI in April 2012, following her arrest after side-swiping a police car. Her dad stepped in for her, claiming his daughter was not drunk on the night of the arrest, and yet, the law stayed blind to his parental claims. Bynes was formally charged with driving under influence, and her bail was set at $5,000. The What a Girl Wants actress was so infuriated that she tweeted directly to President Obama, stating, “Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.” We have no information if Obama answered her tweet or not, but we know for sure this WASN’T the end of Amanda’s troubles.

12 Lindsay Lohan Was Enraged That Bynes Got Away With Two Hit-And-Runs

The first hit-and-run accident took place in June 2012, and the second one in August. She was facing up to a year in jail if convicted of both misdemeanors. In both cases, the actress left the scene of the accident without exchanging information with the other driver. She, of course, pleaded not guilty on both charges, and, luckily for her, the cases were dropped due to lack of enough evidence. A fellow former child star with extensive experience in the courtroom publicly shared her opinion on Bynes’ case. The then 26-year-old Lindsay Lohan tweeted, “Why did I get put in jail and a Nickelodeon star has had no punishment(s) so far?” Well, what can we tell you, Lin? Life is not fair. But, of course, you must have learned that already.

11 She Was Acting Weird At The Gym

In September 2012, the frustrated actress was trying to convince everybody she was doing just fine despite appearances. She declared she was about to start a fashion line, and for that purpose, she was moving to New York. The news came as a big relief to the LAPD because for them it meant no more chasing after drunk and/or drugged up Bynes on the streets of Hollywood. Despite the bright future Bynes was describing for herself, things didn’t look good at all for her at that point. People magazine quoted an “observer” who witnessed Bynes engaging in bizarre behavior at the gym. During a spin class, she stripped to her strapless bra, pulled out her makeup kit and started applying lipstick and eyeliner. What followed was the actress was dropped by her agent, her publicist, and her lawyer, all over the course of just a few weeks. Obviously, things were not going just fine for her after all.

10 Declared War On The Media And Started Suing Everyone

Bynes was a laughing-stock for the media for years. But at some point, she decided to fight back. In November 2012, she declared she was suing In Touch for printing a fabricated story about her walking around a tanning salon completely naked. “I want the press to respect my privacy," the actress said. “I am 26, a multi-millionaire, retired.” Oh sorry, Amanda, we must have misunderstood something, because we thought you un-retired shortly after you had retired! In April 2012, the “wrongly-accused” star posted a hundred tweets, declaring legal war on every magazine and website who had covered her crazy outbursts. “I’m suing In Touch, Us Weekly, and Perez Hilton for hiring paparazzi who follow me, and then take the worst photos with the worst angles.”

9 She Went Tumblr

In the beginning of 2013, Amanda Bynes got really excited about her new Tumblr page. There, on January 14, she revealed that her left cheek had been pierced. In a few images, she was grinning for the camera from behind a set of sunglasses. Later pictures showed that her right cheek had been pierced as well. Although the actress left Twitter after the two hit-and-run misdemeanors and encouraged her fans to follow her on Tumblr instead, it didn’t take long before her Tumblr account was deleted. Then, she quickly returned to Twitter, and started posting ridiculous tweets claiming she was the person behind the phrases “ILY” (“I Love You”) and “LOLOL.” OK, and Madonna created the universe and painted the dinosaurs green…

8 Killed By An Internet Death Hoax

In 2013, a Russian site published the news that shocked Amanda Bynes’ fans - namely, that their actress had died at the age of 27.

The cause of death was listed as suicide. The site also claimed the actress had left a suicide note in response to sarcastic comments on her Twitter. A part of this “letter” was even cited, “I’m obsessed with myself on Twitter. I am so sick of the articles u write about me. I want every fake article deleted. I don’t stop getting followed or hit on every place I go. Stop writing articles without speaking to me first.” Another death hoax announced Bynes’ death just earlier this year. The news of her death spread quickly, and a “R.I.P. Amanda Bynes” Facebook page got nearly a million “likes”. Creeeepy!

7 She Tweeted Her Desire To Be Intimate With Drake

On a memorable March 21, 2013, Bynes posted one of the most infamous tweets in the recent history of Twitter, “I want @drake to murder my vagina.” But shortly after this, let’s call it, awkward confession, the actress wrote that Drake had “the ugliest smile, ugly gums, uneven teeth, and ugly eyes.” But then she quickly deleted the tweet and made a remarkable U-turn from all her previous tweets in which she verbally attacked the singer. “I’m sorry about the tweets I said about @drake. I didn’t mean what I said. I hope I become friends with him instead of smashing him!” Excuse us, but are we in an I-pinched-John-and-now-I’m-saying-sorry fourth-grade situation here? ‘Cause it definitely seems so.

6 A Gossip Magazine Went Inside Bynes’ “Filthy" House

Whenever she had confrontations with the law, Bynes would swear she was “allergic” to alcohol and that she never smoked pot. But after the former child star opened up the doors to her Manhattan apartment for a crazy house party in May 2013, her public image went straight down the drain. In Touch magazine had their people infiltrate the party, and they said they witnessed the actress smoke marijuana while sitting on a bare mattress in her bedroom. The “insiders” described her apartment as “filthy” - rubbish and take-out containers all over the place, and windows blacked out with spray paint. They also spotted empty drug baggies tossed on the floor, and “weed was everywhere - on the bed, and all over the floor.” As for the mistress of the home, she was portrayed as mentally unstable. “One minute she’s cool and down to earth, and the next - she is totally different - indecisive and unable to hold a conversation.”

5 Isolated Herself From Friends And Family And Got Obsessed With Her Weight

In the spring of 2013, Bynes’ mental condition and drug abuse got so bad that she would rarely leave her apartment. And some apartment that was! According to witnesses, it was almost unfurnished. There were only two big purple chairs and a little table in the living room. During that period, the actress constantly talked about losing weight. Although she was not acting anymore, she was still very much Hollywood: demanding and obsessed with her looks. She started posting blurred selfies taken in what seemed to be public restrooms, saying she needed to lose at least twenty pounds. Meanwhile, her parents were desperately trying to reach out to her, but she shut them off completely. She must have hated everyone, really, not just her mom and dad. At that time, she was following only six people on Twitter. Close friends feared she would eventually lose touch with the outside world and that would be the end.

4 Walking The Streets Of New York With A Scarf Over Her Head

Bynes would often say she was a retired multi-millionaire, who on some days was particularly anxious about drawing people’s attention. Yet, we are pretty sure there are other ways of stepping out into the world and staying unnoticed than covering your head with a scarf. Actually, the thing does just the opposite - everybody’s turning around to see who’s the wacko. The outfit is finalized with a pair of baggy sweatpants, socks, and sandals. And a golden Luis Vuitton handbag, of course! Not the most impressive fashion statement, but it worked for Amanda, obviously. What was seriously impressive though was the fact that she made her way through Manhattan streets with ease, which makes us think the fabric of the scarf was see-through.

3 She Was Arrested For Throwing A Piece Of Evidence Out Her Window

On May 24, 2013, Bynes was arrested for throwing a bong out of a 36th-floor window. She was taken to Roosevelt hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. The next morning she entered the courthouse wearing a disheveled, platinum blond wig. Bynes told the judge it was a vase she threw, not a bong. Later, she took her side of the story to Twitter, claiming the reports were all lies, and that one of the officers harassed her sexually. She continued denying she had ever touched drugs. A couple of weeks before the bong incident, a well-known Hollywood publicist called the NYPD after a drugged-out Amanda had told him she didn’t want to live anymore. Obviously, she lived… and continued smoking pot.

2 She Exchanged Blows With Rihanna On Twitter

The confrontation between the two celebrity ladies started with a new set of Bynes’ rambling tweets, “@rihanna Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough”, and “@rihanna no one wants to be your lover so you call everyone and their mother that I almost named my new dog Rihanna”. Of course, the singer stroke back, “Ya see, she tweeted, what happens when they cancel Intervention?” Bynes’ tweets were later deleted. And, oh yes, she said those anti-Rihanna tweets were “fake”, and that she was sure they would be in a music video together one day. We are positive the “not-pretty-enough” Rihanna is looking forward to this historic cultural event!

1 She Was Suing The NYPD, Her Family, TMZ, And A Police Officer

When Amanda Bynes goes on a suing spree, nobody can stop her! At the end of May 2013, she tweeted she was suing the NYPD “for illegally entering my apartment, lying about drugs on me, and lying about me tampering with nonexistent drug paraphernalia.” She also considered it was necessary to repeat for a hundredth time that she was allergic to alcohol and drugs.

TMZ was spreading lies about her, so she was suing them, too. As for the cop who she claimed sexually harassed her on the night of her arrest earlier in May, she said she wouldn’t press charges against him. “His punishment will be being the cop who sexually harassed someone who would never find him handsome enough to be my boyfriend.”

And finally, Bynes declared she was taking her family to court for “money laundering”. “My parents are almost 70 years old. We are no longer on speaking terms. I would rather them be homeless than live off of my money.”

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