15 Destructive Force Powers You Didn't Know Existed

Many universes have some sort of guiding power that orchestrates everything that happens. For Narnia, it's Aslan. For comics, it really depends on the issue you're reading. The Star Wars universe, meanwhile, has the Force -- an entity that exists in every living thing and can be tapped into to use as a weapon. The Force itself has created some of the most powerful warriors in the galaxy, often known as Jedi or Sith.

What makes the Force so unique is that it is neither good nor evil. It has Light and Dark Sides respectively, which echo the themes of balance that the series is so known for. Because of how powerful the Force is, there are many dimensions of skills that can be attained simply by strengthening one's connection to it, whether you're good or bad.

The Jedi have learned to tap into the Force to gain a host of impressive abilities like Force Jump and Force Telekinesis. The Sith feel that the Jedi are too limited in scope, and seek to gain every power from the Force that they can, which obviously leads to some terrifying and unethical results. The Sith have no limitations and are therefore willing to experiment with any new skill they can get their hands on.

Some of these abilities are so horrible that they affect the entire galaxy. Here are 15 horrifying Force abilities you didn't know existed.

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15 Drain Knowledge

Drain knowledge is a sick and twisted tactic used by the Sith during interrogation. Many times, the Sith encountered people who were uncooperative and didn't respond to even the most sinister methods of torture. Because of this, they came up with something that made people a little more persuadable. The Drain Knowledge ability is a method of searching in someone's brain and scouring their thoughts for whatever information you seek, without their consent of course.

The Drain Knowledge ability has been used as a tactic by Dark Lords to gain Intel on the Jedi and those that work with them in the days of the Old Republic through the Galactic Empire and the First Order. This way, they could plan three steps ahead, always knowing what their opponent was going to do. This skill would be on full display in The Force Awakens thanks to Kylo Ren. Because he was searching for the map to Luke Skywalker, he pulled information out of Poe Dameron, and later attempted to do the same to Rey. As we learned, those that have a strong connection to the Force can resist the attempts of a Drain Knowledge user.

14 Force Insanity

As you'll see a few times on this list, many of the darker Force abilities are simply extensions of pre-existing ones. Force Insanity is simply an extension of the Jedi Mind Trick. While the Mind Trick persuades people to do other things, the Sith knew they could take it about three steps further. They began toying with people's minds and digging into their brains so that the victims would be filled with an involuntary state of fear. They would writhe around in agony as the Sith continued, and the effects were sometimes permanent. This trick was called Force Fear, but it is still nothing compared to Force Insanity.

Force Insanity is actually very similar to Force Fear, except it is much more amplified. On top of having an impressive range, Force Insanity was able to affect multiple people at a time (as opposed to the lone target of Force Fear), reducing its victims into little more than panicked shadows of their former selves. Force Insanity got its name from being able to make people enter an uncontrollable state of frenzy that, in their minds, seems to never end. Most people who are struck by Force Insanity are never the same again.

13 Crucitorn

This terrifying Force Power was not commonly used by the Sith, but rather the Jedi (and is the only entry on this list that falls in this category). Granted, the ability itself has useful applications, but it was often utilized to harm other people. Crucitorn was most interesting due to it having two methods of use.

The first method of Crucitorn was being able to decrease the amount of pain felt by wounds. It's easy to see that this would be useful in battle after a Jedi or comrade took a big hit. From that point, they would simply have to light up Crucitorn and all would be well in a matter of minutes. This kept many Jedi alive in the darkest battles and wars.

Then there's the second method: the reason that Crucitorn made this list. Instead of decreasing one's pain, Crucitorn can get a victim's mind to focus on the injury, making a wound much more excruciating than it normally is. The Jedi were known to use this on their enemies as a method of torture to gain valuable intel. While it's certainly not the worst thing they've ever done, there is something quite scary about somebody persuading your brain to think that you're much more injured than you really are.

12 Force Destruction

Some of the Force Powers required a lot of strength and training to be able to perform, let alone master. Force Destruction was one of these abilities. It was an incredibly taxing process one had to undergo to attempt something this great, but when it was performed, the Sith would always get the most crooked smiles across their faces. Force Destruction was called that for a reason, and anybody that had ever faced it had a very small chance of survival.

Force Destruction is an ability that requires the Force user to channel the Force into energy, which they expel through their body. It may take an incredible amount of focus to even release this energy, but when it's done, Force Destruction destroys anything in its path. The released energy is so powerful that it instantly causes anything it touches to disintegrate, leaving a path of emptiness in its wake. Even if you manage to get far away enough, the blast of Force Destruction will still throw you into the air like a little ball. This ability is so great that there have only been a handful of Sith Lords who were able to use it.

11 Force Storm

Force Lightning has always been one of the most powerful Force Powers in the Star Wars universe. By ejecting lightning from his hands, any Sith would be able to immediately incapacitate just about anyone that they went up against. Because of this, Force Lightning was heavily frowned upon by the Jedi. Yet, the Sith learned how to take this ability to the next level and wound up doing some serious damage. And yet, Force Lightning is only child's play compared to Force Storm.

There are different facets to Force Storm, but the one I'll be focusing on involves a giant wormhole being created. Force Storm is so incredibly dangerous that it requires the mastery of many Sith Arts in order to even execute. Once the storm is unleashed, all kinds of havoc breaks loose. Entire planets can be torn apart from the sheer magnitude of the storm, and people that get caught are either transported throughout space and time, or instantly killed where they stand. Force Storm is one of the strongest abilities known to the Sith, and it's so powerful that few have ever learned how to control it. For this reason, Force Storm is only used as a last resort by Dark Lords.

10 Force Plague

Many Force abilities were used to get ahead in the field of battle, and that's exactly what Force Slow was. This ability managed to get into a person's body and slow down their physical and mental reflexes. This made any opponent move too slowly to defend themselves from oncoming attacks. As this technique advanced, only the Sith were the ones who were brave enough to use it (as is the case with most of these powers).

Understanding how Force Slow worked, the Sith knew that they could amplify its effects and bring more damage to the bodies of its victims. They thus ended up turning Force Slow into a poison of sorts. They began by creating Force Affliction, which poisoned their foes and could kill them over time. Then, they get much more ambitious and discovered how to use Force Plague. This ability was able to affect multiple people and was a deadly toxin for anyone that came near it. Those that were afflicted didn't have long to survive. In fact, those that were hit with Force Plague never improved without proper attention from other Force users as their symptoms only worsened before they met their end.

9 Force Scream

Force powers are a lot like the magic in Harry Potter. Sometimes people are unable to control what they use, and it takes years to effectively understand and master these abilities. That was the case with the Force Scream ability. Despite the fact that many Sith Lords were unrelenting and killed whomever they strongly disliked, that didn't mean that they were without emotion. Many times in Star Wars are we shown a Sith who became greatly distressed after some sort of tragic event (like Darth Vader when he realized that Padme had "died in birth").

These tragedies result in something called the Force Scream. This is where a Sith becomes so horribly disturbed that they literally scream through the Force. This results in a brutal shock wave that penetrates even the strongest of defenses of a Jedi. The Force Scream would've probably even been used as a tactic if it weren't so reliant on emotions. That said, when a Sith becomes desperate, the Force Scream can feed off of their negative and dark emotions in order to cause the most amount of damage. The ability often comes up when a Sith is losing a war or is about to lose his life.

8 Sith Alchemy

Many Force abilities are heavily discouraged by the Jedi, but some are so unspeakably terrible that they are outright forbidden. Such was the case with Force Alchemy (later renamed Sith Alchemy because the Jedi refused to use it). For those of you that are familiar with alchemy, it typically involves some kind of experimental science, which is somewhere between chemistry and biology (really more of a fictional idea above anything else).

Sith Alchemy is established in many of these principles. What it typically entails are Sith using the Force to alter and change objects, animals, and people. Naturally, they used this a lot in their war efforts. Having altered some of the greatest animals, the Sith created their own War Beasts that were as terrifying as they were disturbing. Sith Alchemy could also be used to make an organism much more persuadable for the Sith to use as they saw fit. This Force Power could also be used to alter weapons and even bring about zombies. Other Sith Lords were able to use Sith Alchemy to create some of the most terrifying aspects of the Dark Side, including the Sith Poison. If you're ready for a nightmare, then I suggest you look into Sith Alchemy.

7 Force Repulse

In just about any Star Wars game you can think of, one of the most fun abilities to use was always Force Push. There is nothing quite as satisfying as sending your enemies rocketing through the air with a simple wave of your hand. Like many other entries on this list, Force Push was another technique that the Sith got their grubby little hands on and turned into a machine of death and destruction.

The most powerful result of the Sith tinkering with Force Push was Force Repulse. Often described as an explosion of the Force, Force Repulse guarantees the destruction of anything directly adjacent to the user. By harnessing the Force and thrusting it outwards, the  would immediately demolish anything in range. More specifically, it would pick up anything it touched and fling it around, protecting only the one who used the ability. Obviously, Force Repulse was excellent in getting a Sith out of sticky situations while killing all of their foes in the process. However, this technique was not something that only the Sith used; even Obi Wan Kenobi knew how to use Force Repulse and even utilized it to kill a bounty hunter.

6 Force Kill

Telekinesis is one of the most prominent aspects of the Force Powers, with Force Choke, Force Push, and Force Pull being some of the headliners. Unfortunately, the Sith were able to toy with that concept to create some of the most horrifying powers known to the Force. One such Power was Force Kill -- an ability that was so clear and deadly that they really couldn't name it anything else.

Understand that Force Kill is much more painful and dark than it sounds. It's not some killing curse or insta-death serum. Yes, Force Kill does end the lives of its victims, but much more slowly. A powerful Force user can get a hold of their opponent and reach to their insides through the Force. Once they do that, a Sith simply begins demolishing his victim's organs one by one until the victim drops dead. There were only a few Sith Lords who knew how to use this skill, including Darth Bane, Darth Vader, and Count Dooku. Powers like these made the Sith nearly unapproachable because they could practically kill anyone they wanted with a thought or a flick of the wrist.

5 Force Crush

Here's where things start to get much more severe. Force Kill is one thing -- destroying a victim's organs before they inevitably fall lifelessly to the ground. However, there is one technique based off of telekinesis that is much more violent and brutal to watch. And the worst part about it is that it isn't used by just the Sith.

The Force Crush is a terrifying Force Power that permanently disables its victims (if it didn't immediately kill them). A powerful Force user could lift someone up into the air, then by channeling the Force and increasing its density, they could cause intense amounts of pressure on the victim. This would cause the poor captured souls to implode almost instantly, having literally been crushed by the Force. This was a technique that the Sith loved to use on people they hated, but the Jedi weren't past using it either. Even Mace Windu (one of the most politically charged Jedi ever) used it on General Grievous and crushed his lungs, which is why the Jedi hunter coughed for the rest of his life. Force Crush remains, to this day, one of the most horrifying Force abilities to watch.

4 Telekinetic Lightsaber

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Another amazing aspect of telekinesis was that through it, the Force user could lift objects and throw them around. Some Sith saw this and decided that their side could improve on it. They experimented with several things, and after learning how to throw lightsabers, they figured out something amazing: the Telekinetic Lightsaber technique is one of the most powerful Force abilities ever created, and it can only be used by those who are truly excellent at channeling the Force.

By employing the Force to control a lightsaber, any user could simply duel an opponent without lifting a finger. This would also screw up the foe, as they would have to battle only a lightsaber, and they would not be able to glean information from an opponent's stance. One Sith Lord, Darth Traya, perfected this technique. She was able to use telekinesis to operate three lightsabers at once, all independently from one another. Anybody that chose to fight her had to essentially duel three Sith at once -- all of them in sync with one another. The Telekinetic Lightsaber technique has never been utilized to this capacity after Darth Traya, but it's something that the galaxy will forever remember and fear for centuries to come.

3 Deadly Sight

Almost every Sith is recognized by his striking yellow eyes. This particular color is the result of using the Dark Side of the Force, because it always affects those who tap into it. However, the capabilities of these altered eyes went far beyond a simple cosmetic upgrade. The Sith actually learn how to use their eyes in combat and to destroy even the mightiest of opponents.

The skill developed was called Deadly Sight. Great Sith could use this power to look upon their foes and inflict terrible levels of pain. Just with their piercing yellow eyes, they could injure just about anybody. The technique was so advanced that not only would it injure people, but also burn them alive, resulting in a slow and painful death. Deadly Sight was not even limited to just one person -- anyone in a Sith's line of sight could also be affected by this powerful technique. However, Deadly Sight was so amazing that it used up the majority of the Force reserves that lived in a Force user, and only one Sith has ever been known to use it. Nonetheless, this power can certainly turn the tide of battle when used correctly.

2 Dark Transfer

The Force can do many things, and for the people that are willing to explore all sides of it, the results are hard to ignore. While the Jedi are very powerful, they abide by a code of laws, and that often prevents them from doing impressive things that the Sith are easily capable of. One example of this is being able to raise the dead. I'm not even referring to zombies. The Sith, through Dark Transfer, could actually bring back someone who died.

Why it's called Dark Transfer, I'm not sure, but the implications of a power like this are astronomical. Dark Lords of the Sith like Darth Plagueis knew this technique very well, and it was only a matter of time before it was also discovered that Dark Transfer could take lives as well as return them. Years after the Battle of Endor, Cade Skywalker learned this ability despite not being a Sith. He was able to employ this technique in order to bring down some of Darth Krayt's most faithful servants while resurrecting those that died while fighting for his side. Thus, if used properly, Dark Transfer can surely be a priceless asset to those that are willing to use it.

1 Force Phantom

The power of Force Phantom itself is not why it has made this list. Instead, it is the effects that Force Phantom has on other lifeforms that makes it deserve its own spot here. This power allows the user to project images of themselves anywhere in the galaxy. However, these images are not just holograms. They can fight, speak, and interact as regular organic beings. Naturally, the Sith loved using this ability to toy with their opponents and lead them to a duel only for them to figure out that it was just a phantom.

What makes these phantoms so horrifying is that they require a tether in order to exist. All a Sith has to do is appoint some kind of organism as this tether. However, when a Force Phantom is slain, the tether dies as well. This can cause major problems for Jedi, as there is no way of knowing who the tethers are. As a matter of fact, tethers could be loved ones or Banthas. When dealing with a Sith who uses the Force Phantom ability, the utmost patience and intelligence is absolutely necessary for failing to do so may cause the innocent to have to pay with their lives.

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