15 Despicable Posts That Had The World Unfollow These Celebs On Instagram

One of the most beloved apps in all of social media is Instagram. For many users, Instagram is a favorite among the top social media apps. Between the lavish pictures and stunning videos, there is a lot to love when it comes to the app. One of the best perks and selling points about Instagram is that it is a place where celebrities can post glimpses of their own luxurious lifestyle for their fans to indulge in. It's always nice to get a peek into the lives of celebrities through their numerous posts — well, not always nice.

Sometimes, a celebrity can post something downright despicable to their Instagram page that makes us want to groan, cry, cringe, rant, and in some cases, even unfollow them for good. Not every Instagram user thinks before they post anything to social media, and celebrities are no different. Like us regular folks on the street, celebrities are not perfect, and sometimes can't help but post something that winds up being dumb, problematic, or painfully shocking. Here are a few of our least favorite Instagram pictures posted by our favorite celebs that made us want to unfollow them ASAP.

15 Not Exactly Harry Styles' Best Look

Ever since his One Direction days and found success as a solo artist, Harry Styles has always been adored and admired unapologetically by all of his fans. No matter what he does or how he does it, he tends to have an audience willing to put up with him and willing to support and defend him no matter what. The one time when it seemed like the majority of his fans didn’t have his back, though, was in 2014, when he posted this controversial pic of himself draped in a Native American headdress. He posted this picture to both Twitter and Instagram, but as soon as a bulk of his fans started to criticize him and accuse him of cultural appropriation, he was quick to delete the pic from all of his social media accounts.

14 Marc Jacobs And His Controversial Runway

There is a reason why Marc Jacobs is a popular name in the fashion industry. It is because Jacobs is able to consistently create unique and memorable looks for the runway. The one time that his outfits were unique in a bad way was when it came time for his NYFW 2016 show. It was not the outfits itself that anyone had a problem with. It was the dreadlocks that he had his models wear. Many people complained that the whole look screamed "cultural appropriation," and Jacobs fired back by calling it "nonsense" in an Instagram post. When that didn't stop any of the backlash from coming in his direction, he saved face by issuing an apology the next day.

13 Blake Lively's Got Back 

We all love to see when people compliment themselves a little bit on Instagram. Nothing wrong with someone feeling extra confident and beautiful and there's nothing wrong with letting the world know it. Unless you're Blake Lively and your audience happens to be millions of Instagram users who will find away to criticize anyone for feeling themselves. Blake Lively posted a front and back picture of herself with the caption "L.A. face with an Oakland booty." These are lyrics to the classic Sir Mix a Lot song "Baby Got Back." Many users took offence to this because they thought she was culturally appropriating a song that was directed toward black women to uplift them in a world who, at the time, did not treat them like they were beautiful.

12 Lil' Kim Is A Whole New Person

While she was at the height of the rap game as the genre's top female rapper, Lil Kim was always instantly recognizable for her dark skin. Nowadays, she looks completely different ever since undergoing a startling transformation in 2016. On Instagram, she revealed her new look to the world in a series of photos showcasing the rapper's lighter skin tone and much blonder hair. Fans were devastated and appalled at the drastic change. Some even outraged at the thought that this dark-skinned woman could ever bleach her skin.

11 Nicki Minaj Harasses A Woman

Nicki Minaj has been known to stir up some controversy on her Instagram page, but never in a way that her followers felt offended by what she posted. Most of her controversies involve posting a sultry picture or posting a pic with Drake directed at her ex, Meek Mill. Minaj may have been a little messy every once in a while, but never outright insulting. One of the few times Minaj posted anything close to being offencise was when she posted a video of her trying to get the attention of a woman who seems mentally ill. The video starts with the woman yelling, "I don't need your so called help!" at Minaj. Minaj laughs it off while continuing to bug the woman. Viewers accused Minaj of harassing her.

10 Mischa Barton Gets Sentimental On A Boat

No matter who you are, most of us hate to see people who are not self-aware enough to see when they are being wrong. Obliviousness is not a cute feature on anyone, and it especially looked horrendous when worn on the sleeves of Mischa Barton. In light of the murder of Alton Sterling by the police, Barton chose to do what many celebrities did at the time and that was use her platform to protest against police brutality. This could have been a noble gesture, if Barton did not post a picture of her chilling in a bikini on a yacht to express her grievances. People rightly accused her of being ignorant until she deleted the post.

9 Tomi Lahren And Charlamagne Tha God Stirred The Pot

Ever since getting her own talk show on TheBlaze network, Tomi Lahren has set the Internet ablaze with controversy everywhere she turns. In 2016, she had a 26-minute interview of sorts with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show in a high-spirited debate which rivalled that between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly years prior on the same show. In light of Noah ousting her in their verbal debate, her agents cancelled her interview with The Breakfast Club radio show the next day. Instead, the show's host Charlamagne Tha God met in private with Lahren to try and see her point of view. To mark the occasion, he posted a picture the two took (as well as a pic she took with his bodyguard, Wax) for Instagram. Social media accused him of being a sell0out and an Uncle Tom.

8 Did Tomi Lahren Buy Herself "Sorry" Cupcakes?

Days after her controversial picture with Charlamagne Tha God was posted onto Instagram, Tomi Lahren found another way to break the Internet. This time, through her own Instagram account. In this post, she claimed that Trevor Noah sent her cupcakes to make up for how their debate on his show turned out. The funny thing about that is that Trevor Noah came forward days later to make it clear to everyone that he never sent any cupcakes to Lahren, and he certainly did not plan to send her an apology in any form whatsoever for how their interview turned out. Many of The Daily Show fans and some of Lahren's own followers criticized her for seemingly lying for attention.

7 Kylie Jenner Is Just Like The Rest Of Her Fam

The Kardashian clan have always been accused of being a family of cultural appropriators. Over the past few years, Kylie Jenner has proven that she could not wait to follow in the family footsteps. By doing so, she has also picked up her own slack of controversy akin to the same controversy surrounding her family members whenever they get accused of borrowing (or outright stealing) elements from another culture. One instance where Jenner found such criticism was when she donned cornrows for an Instagram posts. People who saw the post were quick to comment that Jenner was stealing a look that is most popular in black culture and profiting off of it.

6 Kylie Jenner Doesn't Understand When It's Just Not Okay

As if the last instance of cultural appropriation was not damning enough, Jenner struck even more controversy when she did this photoshoot for Marcelo Cantu. Using a black light and neon light, Cantu created the illusion that Jenner had shiny dark skin. Unfortunately, for many viewers, this looked far too close to blackface. Perhaps expecting the controversy, Jenner posted the first pic to Instagram under the simple caption "Goodnight." In the next photo she posted, saying she "wish[ed] [she] look like this all the time." It took one more photo reveal for her to explain she didn't paint her skin dark, but used lights. By then, everyone on social media was dragging her down already.

5 James Franco Acts Likes A Total Creep

Back when he still had an Instagram account, James Franco was infamous for having one of the weirdest Instagram accounts that any celebrity could ask for. Such classic hits from Franco's account included half-naked bedside selfies, Ryan Gosling memes, and pictures of him donning beauty face masks. One of his weirdest pictures to come from this account came when he posted this pic of him nearly naked, cupping his privates, and expressed a stoned face. He even had the nerve to simply put "JUMP ROPE" in the caption. We still don't know what "JUMP ROPE" could imply, but we don't want to know. If he did not delete his Instagram shortly after this, this would be a good reason to unfollow him.

4 Madonna Likes Causing Trouble

At 59 years old, fans expect (or at least hope) that Madonna would start acting her age and not rely so heavily on the girl-next-door act that made her famous to begin with. It does not look like she is going to fall under fan pressure to change her act anytime soon. Not when she is wearing grills. When she first revealed her grills to the world in an Instagram post a few years ago, social media was aghast at the look from a woman in her mid-50s. Some people even accused Madonna of cultural appropriation, something she was also accused of doing after calling her son the N-word in another Instagram post. Madonna admits that she only wears the grills because she knows that it will piss people off.

3 Kim Kardashian Takes Beauty Too Far

To the astonishment of many of her followers back in 2013, Kim Kardashian posted a questionable selfie with her face covered in blood. We later found out that Kim used this as a teaser for what she'd be doing in an upcoming episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. This only gave us more questions than answers. We then found out in the episode that Kim was given a blood facial, also known as a vampire facial. It is a $1,500 procedure where the doctor first extracts blood from a patient's arm, then injects the plasma into the patient's face to create new skin on the face. It is proven to remove fine lines and acne scars, and essentially rejuvenate the face. It's also painful and takes 45 minutes to finish.

2 Lady Gaga Doesn't Care What People Think

Most celebrities only upload the most glamorous and attractive pictures of themselves to Instagram. Don't expect to catch them on Instagram unless they are looking their absolute Sunday best. Okay, "Sunday best" might be a stretch, but the fact of the matter is that celebrities like to sell a dream to their followers. A dream where they and everything around them looks beautiful and they wouldn't be caught dead in anything that doesn't exemplify beauty — unless you're Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga does not give a damn about what people think of how she looks. That's why she has a tendency to occasionally post selfies where she's wearing face masks that look like they were found straight out of a horror film.

1 Miley Cyrus

Back when she was notorious for being a sexually-charged twerker with a pixie haircut, Miley Cyrus frequently partook in some bizarre scenarios. Since then, Cyrus appears to have grown her hair out and reverted back to a more wholesome image akin to her days at Disney. However, thanks to the Internet, we will always have evidence of Cyrus's more outlandish behavior. Such behavior was always put on display on her Instagram in pictures like this where she locks lips with someone wearing a horrific baby head. When Miley Cyrus uploaded disturbing pictures like this to her Instagram, it was reason enough for a lot of us to unfollow her.


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