15 Despicable Celebs That Hollywood Keeps Hiring

With all the latest Hollywood scandals coming to light, it's been making everybody wonder which other stars have had a shady past. Kevin Spacey went from being one of the top names to having Netflix cancel his hit show House Of Cards. Times have changed and one crucial mistake, whether it's current or from the past, could alter a career. With more names coming forward to speak out on the likes of Spacey, it makes us lose faith in our favorite stars. But that's not the only thing that makes someone despicable, others have a history of racist and homophobic comments that have largely gone unnoticed.

Then you also have names who have earned their reputation through some actions, such as cheating on their spouse or neglecting their kids. And when it comes to Hollywood stars, we can never forget celebrities who have been reckless throughout their life with their behavior. Since they are in the spotlight, it means their actions are under watch more than that of the average person. People expect them to be role models, but that's clearly just unrealistic for the most part.

It seems like Hollywood is more than willing to turn a blind eye towards some actions. Many of these celebrities are still able to generate millions in the box office, so it makes sense to continue hiring them. But some people may not be familiar with their past, so we've listed 15 despicable celebrities who keep getting hired by Hollywood.


15 Dustin Hoffman, The New Kevin Spacey?

Dustin Hoffman has starred in some of the most memorable films throughout his lengthy career. At 80 years old, it's far-fetched to expect Hollywood to blacklist him but it seems like he's headed towards Kevin Spacey territory with the latest accusations.

Hoffman has been accused of harassing a 17-year-old, who recently came forward with the allegations to speak about her past experience with the actor. It occurred on the set of Death of a Salesman where Hoffman made several advances at Anna Graham Hunter, who was working as an intern at the time.

According to Hunter, Hoffman had touched her in inappropriate ways a number of times, and despite rejecting him every single time, it didn't matter to him as he continued to harass her.

14 Shia LaBeouf Plagiarized One Of His Films From A Comic


Shia LaBeouf's days as Louis Stevens are long gone and we are now left with one of the biggest tryhards in Hollywood. Over the years, he has gone out of his way as an attempt to get attention with his antics that not only embarrassed him, but also happened to be troubling for those around him.

LaBeouf has been arrested several times throughout the years for either creating a scene by being intoxicated or just inappropriate behavior. There is also the controversy surrounding his film Howard, which has been largely plagiarized from a comic without crediting the author.

13 Who Hasn't Had Enough Of Lindsay Lohan?

While Lindsay Lohan's star has faded away over the past few years, she still hasn't completely gone away. After starring in the 2004 film Mean Girls, she became a sensation in Hollywood with plenty of men having a crush on her.

Things have significantly changed and those times seem like they were a lifetime ago after Lohan came down crashing just as fast as she rose to fame. She's currently taking a break from acting after being a part of several movies in 2013, but she will be back on the big screen with several projects in 2018.

While we wish her the best and hope she truly turned her life around, does anyone really want to see her in a film? Her reckless behavior and irresponsible actions in the past make it hard to root for her, so not many people are excited about the thought of Lohan back in the spotlight.

12 Ben Affleck, Not Much Better Than Harvey?


In the past 20 years, Ben Affleck has been one of the biggest draws in Hollywood with high grossing films every single year. He is due to star in the upcoming film Justice League, where he will once again take on the role of Batman.

One of the most popular actors today, he's likely to stick around for years to come. Affleck's past is cleaner than his brother's but recent allegations have made some folks turn against him. With all the recent scandals, rumors have been flying that Affleck may have been inappropriately behaving on film sets as well.

There is a video clip of Affleck groping Hilarie Burton while appearing on MTV's TRL from years ago, but rumors have it that Affleck has been involved in much more. He has also been on record in the past when he made some homophobic comments, which had several figures fire back at him.

11 James Franco Just Keeps Apologizing

James Franco is one of the few people in Hollywood that would give Shia LaBeouf a good run for their money. What started off as funny and cute at first has become downright annoying and offensive over the years. From his behavior to comments, Franco is just not the likeable guy we all had pictured him to be after rising to fame.

Hollywood loves James Franco; he appears to be one of those actors who has a pass to get away with just about anything. In 2017, he was involved in numerous films and he already has several projects planned for the upcoming year. In the most recent scandal, he was exposed for approaching a model on Instagram by inviting her to his room.

That seems like a common thing with celebrities but the problem is she was only 17 years old. In typical Hollywood fashion, the story was soon swept under the rug after he issued an apology and everyone just carried on with their lives.

10 Russell Crowe Rejected A Story About The Harvey Weinstein Incident Years Ago


Nobody can deny that Russell Crowe is one hell of an actor, but as the years pass by, he becomes more dislikeable while his popularity fades away. Following the recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Sharon Waxman has claimed that she had prepared a story about it years ago, which was shut down by the team of Russell Crowe and Matt Damon.

Being close associates with Weinstein, they surely didn't want all that dirt to be released to the public. Crowe has also gotten in trouble for often losing his temper to cause arguments and fights that have harmed his reputation. In 2016, rapper Azealia Banks accused him of forcing her out of the room after shouting some racial slurs.

While fans might not entirely buy into that story, it's not the first case of Crowe getting into trouble for supposedly making a racist remark, which had previously occurred in 2002. But it seems like his history matters very little since Hollywood loves the man and that's probably not going to change anytime soon.

9 Mark Wahlberg Had To Serve Time For Violence Towards Others

Mark Wahlberg remains one of Hollywood's top stars, with several hit movies being released on a yearly basis. In 2017, he starred in Transformers: The Last Knight which grossed over $600 million. Daddy's Home 2 is also due to be released in November, which will also prove to be a big hit in the box office.

It seems like Hollywood has turned a blind eye to Wahlberg's past that had him serve time in prison. People were brutally beaten by Wahlberg after he shouted racial slurs towards them with one man reportedly having lost sight in one of his eyes.

It wasn't just one case of misbehavior, Wahlberg was involved in several beatings over the years. While everyone makes mistakes, Wahlberg has never apologized for his actions and avoids the topic as much as possible.


8 You Know Why Paul Reubens Is On This List


If you happen to be unfamiliar with the name Paul Reubens, you probably know him as Pee-wee Herman, one of the most famous characters of all-time. In the early '90s, he was involved in a major scandal when he exposed himself inside a theatre and it was the first of many strikes to affect his popularity.

A decade later, just as he was working on fixing his reputation, he was charged for possession of inappropriate child content with several items at his house, including photos and videos.

While some people had ignored his previous case, this one was too difficult to overlook and Reubens has never fully recovered since then. Hollywood hasn't completely abandoned him as he continues to make appearances in films and TV series. It seems like he will always have a career thanks to his legendary Pee-wee persona.

7 Stacey Dash Wants To Abolish Black History Month

Stacey Dash went from being the crush of nearly every man in America to being one of the most hated figures today. It seems like whenever she opens her mouth, people are offended by her statement regardless of the topic. She has gotten on the wrong side of every community that you can think of, starting with the LGBT to minorities.

Dash was heavily criticized when she publicly voiced her support for the immigration ban of some Middle Eastern people. She also didn't make any friends when she spoke about her opposition to having a Black History Month since there isn't one for white people.

Dash's political career has come to a short end after being let go by Fox News and she has resurfaced in some films as well as TV series in hopes of resurrecting her Hollywood career.

6 Casey Affleck Has Been Accused Of Harassment 


It seems like the Affleck brothers' history isn't so favorable, especially when it comes to Casey Affleck who has been sued for harassment during the set of the film I'm Still Here. He's been accused of making sexual advances by two women, including the film's producer, citing his conduct during the filming.

The case was later on settled outside of the court, although Affleck has denied the accusations and tried to repair his image. Affleck had forced himself on the two women and even got into the bed with one of them while she was asleep. According to them, he was verbally and physically abusive once they rejected him before they eventually left the film.

While many petitions circled around to protest his actions, Affleck was awarded an Academy Award for Best Actor and continues to star in some of Hollywood's biggest projects.

5 Where Do We Start With Charlie Sheen? 

Charlie Sheen is another star who came crashing down in the worst possible way, following his many scandals over the years. After taking a break from movies, Sheen returned to the big screen to appear in two films. He also starred in his very own show Anger Management, which ran for 100 episodes.

From substance abuse that caused trouble to plenty of people to exposing women to HIV, there are so many reasons to dislike Sheen. Sheen has also been accused of raping Corey Haim who was only 13 years old while on the set of Lucas, and it's been reported by many sources.

Sheen also has been accused of forcing himself on a 17-year-old actress, which he has previously denied. Looking at his history, it's hard to understand why Hollywood won't just completely move on from Sheen.

4 Kevin Hart, Cheater And Anti-Gay?


From homophobic comments to cheating scandals, there are many reasons to dislike Kevin Hart. Some might even not be very fond of his style of comedy, which isn't exactly creative nor original.

But everyone is entitled to watch what they want, even if the critics continuously slam his films. A few years ago, Hart made headlines after declaring that he would refuse to play a gay role since he isn't comfortable, adding that he can't picture himself kissing another man.

While cheating may be common in Hollywood, it's still inexcusable especially when you consider that Hart cheated on his pregnant wife. For a so-called family man, it makes him despicable in the eyes of many. He also has been known to blast fans on Instagram over comments that aren't even worthy of a reply.

3 Hulk Hogan's Thoughts On His Daughter's Black BF

There was a time when Hulk Hogan was arguably the most popular man in America. People of all ages looked up to him from adults who were inspired by his heroic fights to kids who viewed him as a role model. The '80s are long gone and Hogan has done everything in his power to destroy that reputation.

Hogan is one of the many WWE stars who managed to successfully transition into an acting career, featuring in some top Hollywood films. These past few years, he has been mostly away from the spotlight aside from his Twitter account, but he is due for a return to the big screen in 2018.

A few years ago, there was a leaked tape of Hogan making racist comments, concerning his daughter having a black boyfriend. The explicit tape definitely harmed the Hulkamania, but not enough for Hollywood to move on from the WWE star.

2 Woody Allen And His Questionable Relationship With His Adopted Daughter


Since breaking into the scene, Woody Allen has been involved in different aspects of the industry from filmmaking to writing and acting. He's produced some of the greatest films in the past few decades, earning several Academy Awards as a result. He's also launched many stars to become prominent figures in Hollywood.

In 1992, Woody Allen was involved in a case that should have probably been career ending, especially when you consider that the victim was his adopted daughter. Allen is accused of having assaulted her when she was only 7 years old, although he was never charged.

While Allen has denied the accusations by claiming that his ex-wife was fabricating a story out of bitterness, the adopted daughter has been outspoken about her case since it happened.

1 Mel Gibson Keeps Offending The World

There is probably at least one Mel Gibson quote that offends someone. After years of being reportedly blacklisted by the industry, Gibson is back in the good graces of Hollywood following the success of Hacksaw Ridge.

Even during the so-called blacklist period, Gibson was still making appearances in films although his star had diminished after moments of madness. According to the man himself, his past should be forgotten since it's been over 10 years although he doesn't exactly take responsibility. It's easy to blame actions on alcohol consumption, but that doesn't really excuse us, does it?

Gibson's history of homophobic and racist comments have made him lose a large chunk of his fanbase, not to mention the case about his domestic abuse.


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