15 Deleted Scenes That Could Have Saved These Blockbuster Movies

Anyone that’s ever bought a Blu-ray movie knows that there are deleted scenes that could have broken or made certain movies. But you should know that even if you’re a Blu-ray fanatic, there are certain scenes that you couldn’t have seen, some that can’t even be found anywhere online aside from the littlest known places. Even there, they are only up for a short about of time before they are found and deleted again. There are deleted scenes that producers prefer kept that way.

To get an idea of what I mean, imagine your favorite movie. Now think about your very favorite scene in that movie. Think about it until you start smirking as you stare at this screen. Now imagine that scene was cut from the movie entirely. How does that make you feel? Not so great, right? Well, what we’re about to do is just the opposite. We’re going to let you in on a few deleted scenes that didn’t make the cut that could've made these movies even better.

For example, you know how in Superman II, Clark kills all of those Kryptonians by pushing them off a cliff? Well, in a deleted scene, they are shown being arrested, all alive. That means he never murdered anyone at all, and just got them arrested. Conscience cleared! You will be shocked to read about the fifteen deleted scenes that would have made these big time movies so much better. Also, major spoilers are coming. The spoilers may be small but they are sure to be there.


15 Titanic: The Survivors Are All Rescued

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This is a newly found discovery that has fans of Titanic from all over the world dropping their jaws. The deleted scene was leaked after the 20th anniversary celebration for the film was announced. The deleted scene would have made the movie even more emotional. How? Well, this scene shows all of the survivors being rescued!

It even shows Joseph Bruce Ismay, the most hated character, ridden with guilt for what had happened. He obviously deeply regrets the decisions he has made. But even more importantly, we see Rose getting rescued, frozen, in shock, and looking near death… but alive. Her mother is searching for her frantically. The same goes for Cal’s adopted daughter who we finally get to see is living as well. The scene is so heart wrenching and heartwarming at the same time that we are angry producers didn’t let it make the cut the first time around.

14 The Wolverine: The Suit Makes An Appearance

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Don’t you wonder why Logan never wears the comic book suit? Well, in one scene, he actually does. Or at least, he may. We just don’t get to see it. Yukio joins him on his plane to be his “bodyguard,” bringing with her a special gift: his classic suit.

The suit looks super high quality and like it would look really great on Hugh Jackman. Unfortunately, this is all we get to see of the scene and it never made it to the movie. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. So all along, after the events of The Wolverine, Logan has the suit with him! Why he never wears it, we’ll never know. This is a scene that could have added so much to the film.

13 Alien: Ripley’s Daughter Passes Away

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The Alien movies have more deleted scenes than any film series we know. There is one in which Ripley encounters Dallas and Brett’s cocooned bodies and she is asked to destroy them with a flamethrower. That one is pretty intense, but it’s not the game changing one.

It seems like all of the deleted scenes from these movies have to do with a graphic death or some closure on someone’s end. In one deleted scene we get to see Burke get a grenade as he was being cocooned. But the one we are referring to now does have to do with death, just in a different way. This one shows a very humane and maternal side of Ripley, because her daughter just died… of old age.

To hear that she had a daughter is crazy and it does things to our hearts. But to realize that her daughter was the whole reason she began the mission blows our minds.

12 Harry Potter: Dudley Is Actually Nice And Remus And Tonks Say Their Goodbyes

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Here we have two heart to hearts that were much needed. The first one is in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. Dudley finally gets a kind word in as he wishes Harry good luck and tells him that he doesn’t think he’s a waste of space. It's pretty much the only good thing the kid does the entire Harry Potter series.

But the other deleted scene in Deathly Hallows Part II is even more touching. It’s just before the battle and Tonks sneaks off to be with Remus. He speaks of his worry about Teddy, their son, but she says that it’s Remus who needs her tonight. The ending of the scene shows the two reaching out for each other. We all know what happens after that, but to see that these two shared last words, and that she was there for him, is more than enough for us. But if they had let this scene in, we would have been crying like babies.

11 Lion King: Scar Wants Nala To Be His Queen

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There are two major deleted scenes in The Lion King. One changes the way that Scar dies. Instead of getting eaten by hyenas, he burns to death rather graphically in a lake of fire. But let’s not talk about that scene. Instead let’s talk about a more important one.

In short, Scar wants Nala to be his queen. Ew. The scene starts off with him asking Zazu why no one likes him. Zazu tells him one of the reasons is because he has no one that loves him, he has no family, and no queen. "A queen! We'll have cubs, little Scars running all over the place. I will be immortal!" Scar counters. Funny enough, Nala walks in right then and there, giving Scar ideas. Awful ideas. He even does the whole, "Don’t worry, I don’t bite" thing, all playfully. But it gets really disturbing when he says, "My cylinders are firing with fervor and you, my sweet thing, fit the part." The intensity of The Lion King just heightened.

10 It: Pennywise Does Something Too Horrifying

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Let’s cut to the scene. It’s 1637, a woman named Abigail runs from what she assumes is the devil. But he is no devil… he’s something much worse, or so he claims. She then sees him in the dark, naked and translucent. This is when he begins to form into a human. This is the birth of the horror.

Abigail says that she will sacrifice herself for her baby, but he refuses, saying that if she gives him her baby, her other children will live. When her son interrupts and asks for her, she yells at him to go away, knowing what she must do… She lays the baby down and turns away, listening as Pennywise attacks. This surpasses an R rating, if you ask me. The scene gives us some background information that clues us into the psychology of Pennywise, but it was probably far too graphic and disturbing to include in the film.

9 Lord Of The Rings: Aragorn Actually Fights Sauron

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Rumor has it that the troll that Aragorn fights at the end of Return of the King was covering something up. In the original script, he wasn’t meant to be there. Originally, Aragorn actually fights Sauron straight up. People say that the reason it was changed was so that Sauron didn’t distract viewers from anything. That way they could focus on what was the main focus…whatever that may be. The fight, maybe?

The actual scene is hard to find as it likely never really made the cut, or was fully formed. But some people say that this scene is real, or at least a partial version of what could have been. The whole idea is to have Sauron take an earthly form for one last fight that he was destined to lose. However, producers thought that this strayed too far from the books and thus scrapped it. This is likely the biggest deleted scene in LotR history. Either that, or Saruman’s death.


8 Hannibal: Starling Saves Lecter

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Hannibal's deleted scenes are incredibly grotesque most of the time. But on occasion, they are somehow… heartwarming. The man is a psychopathic killer! But one deleted scene rises above them all: an alternate ending.

This time, Starling doesn't handcuff Lecter, but he runs his tongue over her lips provocatively after their kiss. This signifies that she is the one sacrificing herself rather than the other way around (his hand remains intact). Still, she grabs her gun and runs after him into the woods. After “failing to catch him” she smiles to herself just as police find her. Meaning, she is safe, and oddly enough, so is he. The scene then cuts to the fireworks scene, but then things change again.

This time, the young boy asks Lecter for some of his food, and we actually see him feed him… you know what. The symbolic meaning is that Lecter is beginning a new corruption.

7 The Shining: It’s Always Been Jack

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We all know how mysterious The Shining was all around, especially that ending. Jack freezes to death while trying to kill his son (which, in one cut, actually happens). The final scene shows a photo of Jack in 1921. How in the world he was in both times at once was never really explained.

One scene that would have helped this was one where Jack finds a scrapbook in the basement that tells of the hotel’s past. The scrapbook includes stories behind the 1921 photo. Producers say that the scrapbook was the “poisoned apple” of the movie that was Jack’s undoing. They also say that the mystery is supposed to be there. But the scrapbook scene would have shown that Jack had been there the whole time. It’s always been him…

Another deleted scene was of Ullman who tells Wendy that there was no supernatural evidence. But then, before he leaves, Ullman hands Danny the tennis ball. Yes, that tennis ball. If this was left with the scene where Ullman is revealed to have been the owner of the hotel that lured in the family, that makes him the ultimate antagonist, doesn’t it?

6 The Devil Wears Prada: Miranda Isn’t All That Bad

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During the entire length of The Devil Wears Prada, we wait for Miranda to show one smidgen of kindness. We wait for her to tell someone thank you and show appreciation. This never happens, unfortunately… or does it? In one deleted scene from The Devil Wears Prada, we get to see Andy save Miranda from embarrassment at that party.

Miranda, thankful that she wasn’t made a fool in front of her husband, mouths the words “thank you” to her, much to Andy’s surprise. BuzzFeed writer found this one out and shared it on Twitter. Fans were torn. Some thought it was necessary to give Miranda humanity and others were glad it never made the cut. I understand why some people thought it added something that changed the movie for the better, but I also understand why some thought it made the movie worse, as the plot needs Miranda to never, ever give in.

5 The Avengers: Steve Does Mourn

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Ever wondered how Captain America dealt with his grief? Ever wonder if he looked back for even a moment? One deleted scene in The Avengers shows that he did. It begins with Steve Rogers watching a World War II documentary on a laptop. He then skims through files of those lost in the war, and one of Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos. This even gives us a sneak peek at Bucky Barnes who is listed as "Missing in Action." Peggy's address and telephone number are on the file, but after contemplation, he tells himself it’s not a good idea to call, considering everything.

The next scene shows him walking through the city, confused at the way this new world works. We even see Stan Lee’s cameo at a restaurant. And finally, we see Steve taking out his aggressions on a punching bag at the gym.

4 Star Wars: Yoda’s Makes His Biggest Confession

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You can’t go wrong with Star Wars. But you can go wrong when you delete such important scenes from the movies. There are tons of deleted scenes, some that matter and some that don’t. Some hurt us and some make us smile. This scene, however, is actually crucial to the plot. This happens when Yoda is dying and telling Luke he must fight Vader. In Return of the Jedi, there’s this ongoing plot hole about why they didn’t just tell him the truth. The whole thing is cleared up with this short scene.

The most crucial line in the scene is, “Obi-Wan would have told you long ago had I let him...” Like what the actual heck, Yoda? You are the one. You kept everything from him. What’s your angle? Watch the much needed deleted scene for yourself and drop that jaw along with the rest of us.

3 Mrs. Doubtfire: The Parents Do Fight A Lot

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It seems like the parents in Mrs. Doubtfire don’t get along but with only one big blowup and a bit of tension the rest of the time. It doesn’t seem like everything it’s cracked up to be. That is, until you see deleted scenes. These would likely ruin the lives of the kids forever. We’re talking screaming fights during Spelling Bees, which causes Lydia to get distracted and miss her word, costing her the competition.

The sad scene is followed by another where Daniel apologizes to Lydia and she tells him off: “If you can pretend to be all those other things, then why can’t you and mom just pretend to be happy?” Ouch! The extended scene makes us want to cry for so many reasons. Finally, the last scene added here was the fight that the two had after she found out that he was posing as their nanny. Boy, is that one intense scene.

2 The Thing: The Thing Is A Husky?

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Let’s take about how MacReady originally shared his room with a blow-up doll that would later give us a jump-scare when it lands on an edgy Nauls. This along with a bunch of death scenes make for a lot of deleted scenes you need to see. But none are better than the alternate ending. The ending shows the two survivors, MacReady and Childs, who know that they will soon face their end as the cold will freeze them to death before they know it. Closure is given in a deleted scene where MacReady’s recovering at a research station some time later where a blood test proves that he’s human.

But that’s not all. The last scene of the movie can be found in a deleted scene where The Thing escapes as a dog, running away from the burning Outpost 31. That is definitely not closure, however.

1 The Wizard Of Oz: The Characters Doing The Jitterbug

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The Wizard of Oz cast doing the Jitterbug? This is crazy! But really, this scene is so hard to find that the entire recording is said to be mythical. However, the audio recording exists in full. On it, you can hear Judy Garland and the cast singing a song called The Jitterbug as they are on their way to capture the witch’s broom. Excerpts say, “Listen all you chillun to that voodoo moan, There's a modern villun worser than that old boogie woogie, When that goofy critter spot your fancy clothes, He injects a jitter, Starts you dancing on a thousand toes, There he goes.”

The point was that the jitterbug forced you to dance until you passed out. When you think about it, that’s pretty heavy if you ask me. Bleeding feet, elevated heart rates? Not healthy at all. Must be a foe the witch sent after them.


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