15 Deadly Jedi Hunters Who Brought Down The Republic

The Star Wars universe is one of the most vibrant fictional worlds to ever be created. From the time of the Old Republic to the Galactic Empire and the First Order, there is so much to sink our teeth

The Star Wars universe is one of the most vibrant fictional worlds to ever be created. From the time of the Old Republic to the Galactic Empire and the First Order, there is so much to sink our teeth into with this world. The most notable event being when the Emperor managed to sneak his way into the Republic and issue Order 66 to have all of the remaining Jedi killed. As you remember from our earlier article, there were a number of Jedi that survived. However, that doesn't mean that they were safe from the Empire's crosshairs.

During Star Wars: Attack of the Clones we were treated to the bounty hunter Jango Fett, who made his living off of many contracts, some of which included hunting Jedi. As it turns out, he wasn't the only one to do so. During that time period, there were many other Jedi hunters who were skilled and equipped enough to bring down those that used the Force.

After Order 66 was issued, the Jedi hunters had their heyday with the Jedi, as the Empire wanted all of them executed and Order 66, as terrible as it was, hadn't managed to completely eradicate the Jedi. Many of those remaining Jedi were cut down as a result of these Jedi hunters, who were very good at their job. You'll see just how good they were in the ensuing entries.

It might seem it but it wasn't just Order 66 that rid the galaxy of most of the Jedi, and here are 15 Jedi hunters who helped to end the Republic.

15 Cad Bane


During Attack of the Clones, it was clear that no Jedi hunter was better for the job than Jango Fett. Unfortunately, he was decapitated at the Battle of Geonosis. Naturally, somebody had to take his place. That someone was Cad Bane. With a name like that, you know you're in trouble (or you'll get your money's worth, depending on what side you're on). This is a guy who will do any job you ask of him if you simply give him the right offer. His abilities of taking down Jedi were so excellent that he was hired by the most prestigious of buyers including the likes of the Confederacy and Jabba the Hutt. Cad is very much styled after a Western outlaw, bearing two small blaster pistols that get the job done. However, he is prepared for anything a Jedi may throw at him, and even his breathing tubes enable him to survive a deadly Force choke. Eventually, for all of his crimes and murder sprees, Bane was arrested and put into prison, but like any good Jedi hunter, he eventually escaped. After all, it was the Republic that incarcerated him, and we know that it wasn't long before that collapsed in on itself.

14 Asajj Ventress


When you really get down to the inner workings of the force and how the Jedi and Sith utilize it, you're just dealing with politics. It's not quite as black and white as good vs. evil (some of the time, that is). One Jedi hunter who was proof of this is Asajj Ventress. Once it was discovered that she was Force sensitive at a young age, the orphaned Ventress was trained in the arts of the Jedi. She and her master Narec were an excellent fighting team. However, it wasn't long before they were defending the planet Rattatak and a group of pirates shot and killed her master. From that point on, revenge consumed her. She destroyed all of the pirates that were there and slowly fell to the Dark Side. Eventually she was found by Count Dooku and trained as his apprentice. Luckily for him, Ventress felt betrayed by the Jedi for abandoning her and Narec at Rattatak. Naturally, she sought to take down the Jedi herself, becoming an excellent hunter. As a matter of fact, her abilities were so strong that the Emperor himself feared her and forced Dooku to turn on her. After she was nearly killed, she survived and became a full-fledged bounty hunter with Force abilities.

13 Aurra Sing


When Jango Fett died, he left a young boy behind. This boy would later become the masterful Boba Fett, but he had to have some kind of training to get him where he was. That's where Aurra Sing comes in. After Jango died, she took in the young Boba and trained him. Together they worked during the Clone Wars and even attempted to assassinate Jedi Master Mace Windu. In another instance, she was also hired by Ziro the Hutt to take down Senator Padme Amidala (perhaps that would've been better in the long run, though). In her time, Aurra was one of the most skilled bounty hunters in the world, and had no trouble taking down anyone. She had no concern for the life of others and brought down whomever she pleased. While she did raise and train Boba Fett, she was also very cruel and even left him when he was captured. However, it was many of her skills and equipment that would later get passed down to Boba for him to use. She was the one who used the Slave 1 after Jango Fett was killed.

12 Durge


When it comes to true coolness, there aren't many above the bounty hunter Durge. This man was an active hunter for approximately two thousand years. Yes, he was that good. His armor and biological framework allowed him to take the most powerful of blows. He was also naturally gifted at combat, if a little uncharacteristically aggressive for his species. When he was working with another bounty hunter, he was given cybernetic enhancements that allowed him to perform more impressive feats. However, his master was killed by Mandalorians, for which Durge would forever try to enact his vengeance. Eventually he sought to kill their leader, and this led to him being captured and tortured for many years. This eventually drove him insane, and made him even more of a ruthless killer. After he escaped, Durge began working for the Sith, and that is where he learned how to deal with a Jedi. Being active in the Clone Wars only made him an even more powerful bounty hunter, and he even found himself going up against the likes of other hunters like General Greivous. Unfortunately, he eventually went toe to toe with Anakin Skywalker, who killed him by launching him into a star.

11 Darth Nihilus


There are some Sith over the centuries that are quite scary to go up against. Then there is Darth Nihilus. One of the old Dark Lords of the Sith, there was a certain evil power to Nihilus that made him one of the most terrifying adversaries to the old Jedi. Dubbing himself the Lord of Hunger, Nihilus always sought to sap other people of their Force abilities in order to make himself stronger. As such, his powers were beyond comprehension and it was even said of him that this abilities couldn't be put into words. Nihilus was aggressive and voracious in his fighting, and combined with the Force power he had at his disposal, there was no Jedi that was safe. He was even able to keep his consciousness in his armor after his death, a technique that very few Force sensitive individuals were capable of. He was even able to reach the distance of a star system through his use of the Force. That's very close to Darth Vader levels of power. Nihilus also had a terrifying get up that could leave nightmares for any that dared to stand in his way.

10 Magnaguards


During the days of the Old Republic, there were thousands of Jedi in existence. When the Confederacy began to wage war on them, the Sith commanders knew that they would have to find some way to battle the Jedi, as they were laughably outnumbered in the Force. This led to the creation of the IG-100 Magnaguards- droids that were specifically designed to fight Jedi. These droids carried a staff with twin spears that were tipped with electricity coming out of each end. Many of the guards were even trained in seven ways of Jedi combat by General Greivous himself, as he felt their original designs were inadequate. On top of that, the Magnaguards also had a few tricks up their sleeves, such as on-board cloaking devices, a self-destruct functionality, and even small missiles. These droids were the most well-designed battle droids to date, and despite their somewhat inferior inception, were made much better through the work of Count Dooku and General Greivous. Like the rest of the battle droids though, they were deactivated after the new Darth Vader killed the Separatists. At least they were really cool to watch in those prequel movies though.

9 Jango Fett


During the Clone Wars, there was not a soul in the galaxy who didn't know the name of Jango Fett. He was the greatest of the bounty hunters at the time and it's not hard to understand why. Jango Fett was taken in by Mandalorian soldiers at a very young age when his entire family had seemingly been killed. He very quickly became their leader as Mandalore and led them through many tough situations. He had many exploits over his lifetime, and eventually, this would lead to him becoming the master unit for the Clone army. Hey, if the clones were all modeled after him, wouldn't they all be really good at fighting too? Eventually, his impressive skills would lead to some Federation people to hire him to kill Padme Amidala. This led to his investigation by the Jedi Council that would lead to the discovery of the Clone army on Kamino as well as his siding with the Sith during the Battle of Geonosis. While Jango Fett had many powerful kills under his belt, he was not prepared for an all-out battle with so many Jedi, and ended up losing his head for it. Luckily for his legacy, his son would live on to continue his father's work.

8 The Grand Inquisitor


We've already mentioned this guy as a Jedi who survived Order 66, but during that time, he was fed up with the Jedi Council anyway and chose to join the Dark Side as a powerful Sith. After the Jedi had been killed and the Republic crumbled, the Grand Inquisitor was tasked with searching for and finding the remaining Jedi to kill them. He led the group known as Inquisitorius, who were all assigned with the same mission: find the remaining Jedi and bring them down. This led to him being ruthless as he found and killed many Jedi who went into hiding. He even tortured Luminara after she was captured during the Battle of Kashyyyk. He became a recurring antagonist in the Star Wars Rebels series, as he was assigned by Darth Vader himself to rid the world of anyone that was Force sensitive and not working for the Dark Side. however, he was eventually bested by our heroes in the show, and instead of being saved, allowed himself to perish because he feared the consequences of failing his mission. When Darth Vader is your superior, I'd probably do the same as well.

7 Darth Phobos


Phobos was one of the greatest Sith in the history of the galaxy. Fortunately for the main storyline, she existed long before the Clone Wars ever took place, but for those that knew her, that was the worst thing about their lives. She didn't care about her Sith brethren, and as a matter of fact killed many of them in an effort to gain power. Afterward, she formed a cult that worshiped her and took the title of "The Hidden Fear." This cult didn't serve the Dark Side, they served Darth Phobos. She used them to bring down not only Jedi knights, but many other Sith as well. She became so strong in fact that it captured the attention of both parties. The Jedi and Sith actually joined forces for a time to kill her in battle. Think about that for a minute. There aren't many instances where Jedi and Sith work together. After her death, though, there were many who were still loyal to her (those weird cultists), and they still continued to worship her. After her death, many people would tell the story of "The Hidden Fear," lamenting rumors that she had come back from the dead.

6 The Emperor's Shadow Guards


After the fall of the Republic and the Confederacy, all of the battle droids were shut down in favor of the Clone Army. However, the Emperor still felt that he had to have replacements for the Magnaguards as soldiers strong enough to take down Jedi and to hunt the ones that were left. This led to him finding some people who were Force sensitive and having them trained by Darth Vader himself. After a long amount of training, these Shadow Guards became silent and took orders without question. They answered directly to the Emperor and on some occasions, Darth Vader. Many rumors stated that they were once Jedi who were twisted by the Dark Side, but whatever their origin, they are truly terrifying to deal with. They were very similar to the Royal Guard for the Emperor, except for the fact that they wielded light sabers and had access to numerous Force abilities. The Emperor would often use these soldiers to hunt down any straggling Jedi or use them as war commanders on the battlefield. Being trained by Vader, they were nothing to sneeze at by any means.

5 Darth Desolous


When it comes to tallying a kill count, there is none quite like Darth Desolous. His story begins as a Jedi Master. For some reason or another, he became tempted by the teachings of the Sith and was eventually expelled from the Jedi Order. This led to him becoming a Sith Lord, and his number one desire was to enact his revenge on the Jedi. It's like the Jedi are so proud that they can't see what their actions will incur in the future. Anyway, Desolous was skilled in martial arts on top of Jedi and Sith ways, and he even began training his own army. Once his army was ready, he went across the galaxy, ambushing many Jedi and killing them without breaking a single sweat. With each kill, Desolous became more confident and reckless. His Jedi killing spree was about 2,000, but this many confirmed kills made him less careful. He managed to grab the attention of the entire Jedi Council, who managed to best he and his army in battle. The Jedi feared Desolous long after his death to the point where his likeness was included in the Jedi Trials for upcoming Knights. They say mockery is the best form of flattery, but when the Jedi create a fully-functional hologram of you, that's something else entirely.

4 General Greivous


Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith brought a lot of interesting ideas into the mix of the established universe, but none more so than General Greivous. Beginning his life as a being dedicated to helping out those he cared about, he was very passionate about his work. During his combat training, he eventually fell in love with a swordmaster. However, after she was killed, the being renamed himself Greivous and the story only gets worse from there. After taking a horrible explosion, he was reconstructed as a cyborg and given to Count Dooku. Dooku trained Greivous in the ways of the Jedi, and he became one of the most feared duelists in the galaxy (although you'd never know that from the movie). Greivous with his Magnaguards went on to hunt down many Jedi and led the Confederacy to victory on multiple occasions. Greivous eventually grew a collection of lightsabers for each Jedi kill that he had. When he had his duel with Obi Wan Kenobi, he used a total of four light sabers at once, hinting at the Jedi casualties he caused throughout the Clone Wars. It's just a shame we couldn't see more of him.

3 Darth Revan


The constant pull of light and dark affects us all. Every day we are tempted to do what is right and what is easy. None have been more affected by these decisions than Darth Revan. Beginning his fighting career as a Jedi Knight, Revan had multiple masters and quickly became a Knight. After beating the Mandalorian leader, Revan bore a Mandalorian mask and began to investigate a Sith trail with his comrade. Once they found the Sith Emperor, they were turned to the Dark Side, and Darth Revan began interpreting the Emperor's desires as his own. Revan had a vision for a new Sith Empire, and he took his friend Darth Malak as his apprentice. Eventually, he would create a team of assassins designed to capture and turn more Jedi. Any that did not turn were instantly cut down, and Jedi are known to be particularly resilient. Darth Revan also began the Jedi Civil War, which resulted in a number of Jedi deaths before his apprentice eventually betrayed him. However, he was able to return to the Light Side and defeated Darth Malak, earning the title of the Prodigal Knight.

2 Boba Fett


Boba Fett was one of the coolest parts about the original trilogy. There was so much mystery behind that Mandalorian mask, and once we were able to learn more about him, we weren't disappointed. He took the equipment that his father Jango used, and was just as strong if not stronger. During that time period, there were none who didn't know his name, and if anyone had a bounty on their heads, you could bet that Boba Fett would come to collect. His expertise and skillset even helped him form a Syndicate of Bounty Hunters that were almost unstoppable. Over the years he was active, Boba Fett even managed to hunt down and kill a number of Jedi. For every one that he killed, he took their lightsaber and formed a collection, much like General Greivous. While he came to a stupid end at the Sarlaac Pit in Return of the Jedi, Boba Fett actually managed to crawl out of it in further Star Wars stories, although I don't believe they are canon anymore. Regardless, with his missile launcher, jet pack, and flamethrower at his disposal, there is no fugitive that can escape the reach of the fabled and battle-hardened bounty hunter Boba Fett.

1 Darth Vader


Once Anakin Skywalker was turned to the Dark Side, he was one of the tools the Emperor used to carry out Order 66. In Revenge of the Sith, we even see him kill Force sensitive children. However, this was just the tip of the iceberg. After his duel with Obi Wan Kenobi and his reconstruction as a cyborg, Darth Vader's true hunting was about to begin. He began a journey to find and kill the remaining Jedi in the name of the Galactic Empire, and many of the survivors did fall to his blade. Even after that, Darth Vader was still responsible for many deaths. In The Force Unleashed, he was even willing to train an entirely new apprentice to potentially take over the Emperor's place, and many Jedi died along the way. Darth Vader is one of the most powerful Force users to ever come in the Star Wars universe and no Jedi was safe from his long reach- not even the legendary Obi Wan Kenobi. His legacy would also go on to inspire other people who murdered Jedi, such as the unstable Kylo Ren.


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