15 DC Villains More Powerful Than Superman

Superman. The Man of Steel. The Last Son of Krypton. Whatever you want to call him, Superman has been one of the most popular comic book characters since he first burst onto the scene way back in 1938. Not only has his popularity been high but the character itself, in particular his power levels, has been the reason many people first picked up a comic book. He is the quintessential superhero icon.

If you were to ask anyone to pick the strongest or most powerful comic book character, most people will say Superman. After all, he is super strong, he can fly, he has X-Ray vision, heat vision, and the list goes on. Because of this, Superman has been held up as the ultimate superhero and his power levels set the standard for future superheroes and characters. However, within Superman's universe inside DC Comics, there are plenty of characters that are just as powerful, if not more powerful, than The Man of Steel. These villains could seriously give Superman a run for his money. Here is a list of 15 of DC's supervillains that are more powerful than Superman.

15 Doomsday

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We start our list with a villain that has forever become linked to Superman. Many of you out there will say that Doomsday isn't more powerful than The Man of Steel, at best he would be of equal strength but that's it. This may be true, after all Doomsday doesn't have too many powers and he certainly doesn't have the intellect to match Superman. However, his power level is great and his strength easily matched that of Superman's. They're so well-matched that their (now infamous) encounter killed Superman.

Okay, so Doomsday was killed in the process as well and as it turns out, Superman wasn't really dead either, he was just resting. But the fact is that Doomsday did something that many other characters wished they could do and that's kill Superman, even if it was only temporary. So for that reason alone, Doomsday deserves his place on our list.

14 Mongul 

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Mongul is what many would argue as a slightly less powerful version of Darkseid, although only slightly. The first ruler of Warworld, Mongul is a vicious and dangerous dictator who takes pleasure in capturing heroes and pitting them against each other in gladiator like fights. He even managed to capture The Man of Steel himself. The most famous act Mongul has ever committed was the destruction of Hal Jordan's hometown of Coast City in which he killed thousands and unleashed the power of Parallax upon the universe.

Mongul possesses all the abilities and strengths that you would associate with this kind of villain. Superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, and energy projection. Superman has gone toe to toe with Mongul on several occasions and the only times he comes out on top is when he has help. The Man of Steel is no match for Mongul when they go one on one.

13 Superboy Prime

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Superboy Prime is a version of Superman that is from a parallel universe that doesn't have any superheroes and the only superheroes they have exist in the pages of comic books. Superboy Prime was recruited by Superman in order to help stop the actions of Crisis on Infinite Earth. However, Superboy Prime ended up in a "paradise" dimension and all the time he was stuck there he grew twisted and mad and was driven insane.

Once he broke free from the "paradise" dimension, Superboy Prime went around the multiverse to hand out his new found form of justice. He killed a heap of heroes including most of the Green Lantern Corp. In the end, it took many versions of Superman to stop him because one just couldn't do it. Even though they did stop him, the battle cost Earth Two's Superman his life.

12 Larfleeze

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Larfleeze is the sole bearer of the Orange Lantern Ring. Being older than most other beings around, Larfleeze has accumulated a lot of powers over the years, as well as killing a lot of people too. Not just that, but being the only one to have an Orange Ring and the only one in Orange Corp, whereas the other Corps have many members, gives Larfleeze the full power and might of the ring. The power from his ring grants him more power than a normal Lantern ring. This has more to do with Larfleeze's close proximity to his Corp's power battery.

With his ring he can form hard constructs like any other Lantern but because he's the only one of his Corp, he can actually use his mind to construct an entire army's worth of Corp's power to use to back him up. With this and the fact that he has the full power of his Corp's battery, Larfleeze's power and strength levels are way above Superman's.

11 Amazo

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Amazo is an android built by scientist Professor Ivo, who was obsessed with power and immortality and wanted to create something that could defeat any character and therefore couldn't die. So he created Amazo, who has the combined strength and powers of the original members of the Justice League: Green lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Martian Manhunter, and Superman himself.

Any of those powers could defeat Superman, or at least match Superman in a face-off, but Amazo possesses all of them. So Amazo has the strength and invulnerability of Superman and Wonder Woman, he can move as fast as The Flash, he can create light constructs, and also has telepathic and psychic abilities. Amazo's power is so much greater than The Man of Steel's that he has defeated the entire Justice league all at once.

10 Gog

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Over the years, there have been many characters to go by the name of Gog in the DC universe and although a lot of them have powers and could even be considered for this list, for this entry we are focusing on the third and true incarnation of Gog, and that's William Mathews. After getting his powers from an underground Citadel in Africa, Matthews becomes the god Gog and uses his powers on metahumans who portray themselves as false gods.

Because Gog is a god he is incredibly powerful. He possesses super strength, speed, flight and stamina, just to start. Gog can also bend reality and time, manipulate energy, and matter and he can even grant beings their wishes and desires including temporarily giving people superpowers. Gog's strength and power is so great that a face off against The Man of Steel would be a no brainer and Gog would end Superman pretty quickly.

9 Zoom

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Many people out there will actually argue that Superman's fellow Justice League member The Flash is actually a lot more powerful than he is. Just on speed alone, The Flash could be considered more powerful than The Man of Steel. If that's the case, Zoom, being more powerful than The Flash, would leave Superman in his wake.

Zoom is one of the fastest speedsters in the entire DC universe, but more than that Zoom isn't just pure speed either. Not only can he cross time and universes, he can also slow speed down around him as well as stealing powers and speed from other speedsters. Zoom can also create sonic booms and punches just by clicking his fingers, which means he packs more of a punch than Superman. Zoom has put these powers to the test on several occasions as he has defeated The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman and sometimes all of them at the same time.

8 Composite Superman 

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Next we come to a character that many casual viewers and readers may not be too aware of. Composite Superman, real name Joseph Meach, was a down on his luck low-life who tried to make money by jumping into a water tank from a high building. Unfortunately, one day, the tank was leaking and Meach was about to fall into an empty tank, until Superman flew by and saved him. After this encounter, Superman managed to get Meach a job as a janitor at the Superman museum.

While working at the museum, Meach and a display of statues of The Legion of Superheroes get struck by lightning and Meach gains all the powers of The League. As composite Superman, Meach has the combined powers of Superman, Supergirl, Mon-El, and Ultra Boy as well as having powers from other heroes. Both Batman and Superman have confessed that Composite Superman is one of the toughest villains they have ever faced and we can see why. With help, Superman can eventually take Composite Superman down but on his own, The Man of Steel is no match.

7 Mister Mxyzptlk

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Many people out there may well be thinking that Mister Mxyzptlk is more powerful than many of the characters on our list and therefore should be further up this list. Although that may be true, Mister Mxyzptlk isn't, strictly speaking, a villain as such so therefore we feel this is the right place for him on our list.

Mister Mxyzptlk is an imp from the fifth dimension, a dimension where the laws of physics and science are far beyond ours. Mister Mxyzptlk powers are far beyond anything Superman could hope to achieve. He can bend reality to his will, he can create universes from nothing, he can basically do anything he wants whenever he wants. There is only one way to stop him and that's to trick him into saying his name backwards, but even that doesn't stop him it only sends him back to the fifth dimension for a while. The fact is that if Mister Mxyzptlk became truly evil and wanted to take over the universe, then no one could stop him.

6 Trigon

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On this list we have mentioned a lot of the gods of the DC universe, now it's time for a demon. And it's not just any demon, but Trigon, a demon of pure evil and power. Many of you may only know Trigon as the father of the powerful Teen Titans member Raven, but Trigon is so much more. In fact, he is one of the most powerful and feared beings in the entire DC universe.

Trigon has conquered, destroyed, and enslaved many worlds as he strives to create hell on every world he comes into contact with. As a powerful demon, his strengths and abilities are almost limitless; he can manipulate reality, energy, and matter. He can also shape-shift, change his size, and is immortal. Trigon can also reshape entire planets at will as well as drain the souls of millions of worlds, and that's not including his normal abilities such as super strength, telepathy, telekinesis, and energy projection. His full strength has never really been shown within the DC comic books but if it ever was, Trigon could be the most powerful being of them all.

5 Krona 

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Krona is possibly one of the most powerful beings within the spectrum of emotions. In other words, in the Lantern Corp universe. Being part of an ancient race of beings, the race that would become the guardians of the universe, Krona was in charge of the emotional entities and imprisoning them for use within the Lantern's rings. It was actually Krona who first made the Green Lantern ring.

However, his lust for knowledge and power would soon get the better of him as he became obsessed with controlling emotions. Krona's natural powers and skills are pretty impressive too, as he possesses superhuman strength, even more than Superman! He also has vast psionic powers which include telekinesis and telepathy. That's impressive on its own, but now Krona has complete control and use of the emotional spectrum which means he has the combined powers of all the Lantern Corp. If the Green Lantern is not far behind Superman on a power level, then Krona is hundreds of levels above that.

4 Darkseid

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Possibly the most famous of all the villains in all the DC universe and multiverse is the overlord of the planet Apokolips himself, Darkseid. Darkseid has two goals that fuel him: the search for the anti-life equation and wanting to rule the entire universe. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and no one will stand in his way, not for very long anyway.

Darkseid is more than a match for Superman in a one on one match up; his strength, intellect, and durability are all greater than The Man of Steel's and on top of that, Darkseid possesses the dreaded Omega Beams, which allows him to shoot at beings from his eyes and they don't stop until they get their intended mark and destroy them. Not only is Darkseid more than a match for Superman, but he is more than a match for the entire Justice League put together, and he has proved that on several occasions.

3 Eclipso

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Eclipso was the original Wrath of God and Angel of Vengeance, until he was corrupted by his power, turned evil, and then replaced by Spectre. Although many casual readers out there may not be too aware of Eclipso, he is one villain that is not to be messed with, including by The Man of Steel himself.

His soul was split into fragments and encased in diamond known as The Heart of Darkness and anyone that comes close to it gets possessed by Eclipso's soul and his power. As Eclipso is a god, his powers are vast and plenty. He has superhuman strength, stamina, flight, invulnerability, and speed all on par if not greater than Superman. Eclipso also has energy vision and can shoot energy blasts as well as manipulate his size to grow bigger or smaller. Along with all of that, Eclipso, unlike a lot of other characters within the DC universe, is truly immortal and therefore can never die.

2 Parallax 

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Next we come to an ancient and powerful entity known as Parallax. This yellow entity is the pure form of fear itself and was trapped by the Guardians of the Universe as an emotion in order to fuel the Yellow Corp. By itself, Parallax is one of the most powerful creatures in the universe; it can create fear and paranoia over entire planets and civilizations, but what Parallax also does is possess other beings and unleash its power mixed with their own.

The most famous example of this is when Parallax fused with Hal Jordan. After the destruction of his hometown of Coast City, Jordan was driven mad with grief and that's when Parallax struck. Once he became Hal Jordan, Parallax unleashed his full power and killed everything in its path including killing the Green Lantern Corp and the Guardians of the Universe.

1 Anti-Monitor 

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Now we come to one of the most powerful beings in the entire DC universe and multiverse. The number one entry on our list of DC villains that are more powerful than Superman is Anti-Monitor.

At the very beginning of everything, The Monitor and The Anti-Monitor were created; The Monitor was a source of power in the main universe and his counterpart was Anti-Monitor. His presence in the normal universe is what caused The Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. Because of this, Anti-Monitor has killed more beings and caused more destruction than any other character in the entire DC universe and multiverse.

As well as having all the usual powers, Anti-Monitor also has near limitless cosmic energy which allows him to manipulate energy and matter, warp reality, and absorb entire universes. The contest between Anti-Monitor and The Man of Steel is no contest at all.

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