15 DC Superheroes That Could Beat Up The Hulk

Within the Marvel universe there has been many debates for many years about just who could stop The Hulk. Not many characters would willingly jump into a fight with Hulk, but sometimes it needs to be

Within the Marvel universe there has been many debates for many years about just who could stop The Hulk. Not many characters would willingly jump into a fight with Hulk, but sometimes it needs to be done as an angry Hulk rampage never seems to end. There has been many times Hulk and Thor have gone toe to toe and even the likes of Iron Man and Spider-Man have gone up against him.

But away from the Marvel universe and into the DC universe, can any of these heroes stand up to the big green monster and live to tell the tale? We think there are a few candidates that could stand up to him and even stop him. We're not sure if the Hulk could ever be truly beaten and stopped permanently by any of these heroes, but we're sure that they could give him a good beat down, even if it only temporarily stops him.

With that, here are 15 DC heroes that we think could beat The Hulk.

15 Batman


We know what you're all thinking: Batman may be great but he is only human and therefore wouldn't last five seconds in a match up between him and The Hulk. Well, you'd be right. However, the first entry on our list is more of an honorary mention than anything else. It's true that over the years The Dark Knight has faced some truly powerful and fearsome foes and each time he has come out on top, but in a straight up fight The Hulk would destroy him.

Having said that, if The Hulk found himself in the DC universe, rampaging down the streets of Gotham, we are sure Batman would have a plan to stop him. After all, Batman is a guy who has a plan to stop even the most powerful of DC heroes. Given enough time, and staying directly out of The Hulk's way, Batman would no doubt come up with some hyper-powered gizmo in order to contain the angry Hulk. Because of this, The Dark Knight deserves a place on our list.

14 Cyborg


The next entry on our list is a hero set to make an impact on the big screen in the upcoming Justice League movie. Cyborg, aka Victor Stone, is more machine than man these days, as an accident in the lab left Stone on the brink of death. Some quick thinking, and some high tech gadgets, by his father saved Stone's life and transformed him into Cyborg.

As well as having a few of the usual powers such as super strength, durability, and speed, Cyborg also possesses access and use of some seriously powerful technology. With knowledge and access to advanced weaponry, Cyborg would certainly have the firepower to contain or even stop The Hulk. On top of that, Cyborg has an almost genius level intellect and basically a computer for a brain, so pinpointing any of The Hulk's weaknesses and how to exploit them would be easy for this superpowered robot.

13 Raven


The next entry on our list may seem a bit of a strange choice as Raven isn't exactly in the elite of the DC superheroes. However, given her heritage and skill set, we think Raven could cause a lot of problems for The Hulk.

Given the fact that Raven is the child of the interdimensional demon known as Trigon, her powers come from dark magic and psychic abilities. As well as being skilled at telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation, Raven is also an expert in soul manipulation, hypnosis, and demonic energy. She would no doubt use these skills to confuse and dumbfound The Hulk and may even be able to control him. Much like how Scarlet Witch has penetrated The Hulk's mind in the comic books and also in the MCU Avengers: Age of Ultron, Raven could have an even bigger effect on The Hulk's mind, making her a very worthy contender. At the very least Raven could teleport him to a demonic hell dimension which should at least keep The Hulk busy for a while until Raven came up with a plan to put him down for good.

12 The Flash


The fastest man alive! There have been many versions and variations of The Flash over the years, probably the most famous incarnations of The Flash are Barry Allen and Wally West. Barry Allen may be the fan favorite and could possibly hold his own against the might of The Hulk, but for this list we are going with Wally West.

Starting life out in the superhero game as Kid Flash, Wally West learned everything he needed to know from his mentor Barry Allen. But when Allen dies, West takes on his mantle and promotes himself to The Flash and in time he would become far more powerful than his predecessor. While West may not have the physical strength to stop The Hulk, the powers he gets from the speed force can more than make up for this. Not only can West move fast enough so that The Hulk could never lay a finger on him, West has also managed to run at the speed of light. With a light speed run up, West could sucker punch The Hulk into orbit. Not only that but West, and most other Flashes, can run fast enough to break the time barrier and therefore could go back in time to stop The Hulk if need be.

11 Wonder Woman


DC's queen of superheroes and a feminist icon, Wonder Woman has been battling her male counterparts for years and more often than not she comes out on top.  Wonder Woman, like many other characters within the pages of comic books, comes from a mythical background. A lot of her heritage and even power comes from various Greek gods and she was even trained by the god of war, Aries. Not to mention that her sword and shield also comes from the gods of Mount Olympus.

On face value, The Hulk is stronger than Wonder Woman in pure strength but this goddess doesn't just have strength on her side. Being trained in the art of warfare, Wonder Woman has a great battle brain and would easily be able to out think The Hulk. As well as this, Wonder Woman is incredibly durable and could last a long time in a fight. Put all of that with her lasso of truth, to which she could use on The Hulk and demand to know any weaknesses he may have. Wonder Woman would definitely give The Hulk a great battle if not beat him completely.

10 Green Lantern


The Green Lantern has had a bit of a difficult time in DC publications over the years. Being a member of The Green Lantern Corp and being in charge of this section of space, hasn't done all that much for his character, as The Green Lantern has often found himself out of favor with fans. However, given his power levels from his ring, we feel that The Green Lantern deserves a place on this list, or at least the chance to go up against the might of The Hulk.

Out of all The Green Lanterns that there have been, for this entry we are going to go for Hal Jordan. Not just because he is the most famous of all The Green Lanterns but because we feel he is foolhardy and arrogant enough to try to fight The Hulk. Using the ring and his strong power of will, Jordan could definitely stand up to The Hulk if not stop him for good. There is also the possibility that Jordan could fight The Hulk when he was possessed by the ancient and powerful entity known as Parallax. If that is the case, then the result of this fight would swing into Jordan's favor a lot quicker.

9 Zatanna

The next entry on our list may be a bit of a surprise to many, but in a similar style to Raven, we think this magician could do The Hulk some serious harm. Zatanna is often referred to as one of the most powerful magicians and sorcerers in the entire DC universe, and has defeated many powerful villains in her tenure as a Justice League member.

Having a close a personal relationship with the likes of Batman, Zatanna has become an integral part of The DC universe with her crime fighting magic. The limits to her power have never been fully explored and she could therefore have limitless power to draw upon. At the very least, Zatanna can control the four elements, heal herself quickly, control minds, and fire powerful energy blasts which can knock out most people, and that's just the tip of her powers. Admittedly, The Hulk can withstand a lot and even Zatanna's energy blast might not do much to him, but with the use of her mind control and elemental powers, Zatanna could confuse and disorientate the big green giant or maybe even find a spell to turn him back to the puny Bruce Banner for good.  Either way, Zatanna stands a good chance in coming out on top.

8 Supergirl


The last daughter of Krypton and cousin to The Man of Steel, Supergirl has had many personality changes and reboots over the years. Not only that, but there have been several woman to use the name Supergirl or Superwoman over the years. For this entry we'll stick to the original and most famous Supergirl, Kara Zor-El.

Originally sent to Earth to protect the baby Kal-El as Krypton was about to explode, the older Kara got knocked off course and ended up arriving on Earth years later and when Kal-El had become a full grown man and Superman. Because of the suspended animation in her spacecraft, Kara was still a teenage girl when she landed on Earth and her baby cousin was not only a lot older than her but he had spent his entire life on Earth and considered it his home. Because of this Supergirl has often struggled with losing her family and planet and accepting Earth as her new one. Although she shares most of the same powers as Superman, her teenage temperament sometimes gets the better of her and if The Hulk pushed her too far, she can be very quick to anger and would let The Hulk have the full force of a Kryptonian. This one would certainly be a very interesting match up.

7 Shazam


Given powers by a wizard that are triggered by a magic word, every time the child Billy Batson says the word "Shazam," a magical lightning bolt transforms him into the powerful superhero Shazam, or originally Captain Marvel. Getting his power from mythical beings such as Hercules, Zeus, Mercury and Achilles, Shazam possesses superhuman strength, speed, invulnerability, and even spell casting. That alone could be enough to stand up to The Hulk if not beat him all together.

But the thing that might give Shazam even more of an edge against The Hulk is the use, and control, over the magical lightning that grants him his power. Not only does this lightning turn Billy into Shazam but he can also use it as a weapon against his foes. He has been known to blast the lightning at Superman, which has knocked The Man of Steel out without too much trouble. The lightning itself is said to be incredibly powerful, maybe even on par, if not more powerful, than the lightning used by Thor, which has hurt The Hulk many times before. With all those powers put together, Shazam could really do some damage to The Hulk. That's unless he reverts back to his human child self of course, which is his only real weakness.

6 Captain Atom


Now we start to come to the truly big hitters of the DC superheroes, and first up is Captain Atom. Captain Atom has had a few re-writes and reboots over the years in both origin stories and powers. So for this entry we are using Captain Atom's powers from the recent DC New 52 universe. His backstory changed slightly but essentially Captain Atom is an air force pilot named Nathaniel Adams who takes part in a government experiment that goes wrong and turns Adams into Captain Atom.

Most of Captain Atom's powers come from the "nuclear force," which, as you'd expect, makes him a very dangerous being to be in a fight with. Not only does he possess the usual superpowers such as super strength, flight, and invulnerability but Captain Atom can also use the "nuclear force" to transform physical objects, such as turn lava into snow. He can also absorb any types and amounts of radiation and energy and can also use that as a weapon and blast it back to his enemy. The Hulk may get stronger as he gets angrier but going up against a nuclear powered being that also doesn't need food or water or even sleep, could be a step too far for The Hulk.

5 Martian Manhunter


One of the founding members of The Justice League, The Martian Manhunter has been protecting the world for decades. Having left Mars after his people were destroyed, J'onn J'onzz found a new home here on Earth and vowed to help and protect us in any way he can. There has been much debate and arguments over the years about which hero is strongest and the most powerful: Martian Manhunter or Superman?

As the two have never really gone toe to toe, it's difficult to say, although Superman did once say that the Martian Manhunter is the only being he feared because of the Martian's power. Whether or not he is stronger than Superman is a debate for another day but in regards to The Hulk, J'onn J'onzz surely has The Hulk beat. Not only does the Martian Manhunter possess incredible strength, skill, stamina, and durability but he also has his vast mental powers. Telekinesis, telepathy, and mind control could easily be used to defeat The Hulk and on top of that, The Martian Manhunter can also "phase" through objects. Even with the might and power of The Hulk, if he can't touch The Martian Manhunter then he can't beat him.

4 Superman


Superman. The Man of Steel. The last son of Krypton and the saviour of Earth. The eternal boy scout has been one of the most popular and powerful heroes for decades and with each reinvention and reboot Superman seems to become more and more powerful, and today he borderlines on being a god.

Every hero that has come along since Superman's creation has been compared to him, and everyone holds Supes up as the epitome of what a superhero is. With each new hero comes the same question: Could this hero beat Superman? This question is always a difficult one because Superman has been known to never truly use the full force of his powers, as he doesn't like to kill or even badly hurt anyone, even the villains. The only time that Superman has ever really "gone for it" was with his battle with Doomsday which ended up killing them both. If Superman and The Hulk met and really went for it, then the outcome could be the same, as a battle between the two of them could cost both of them their lives.

It must be stated that The Hulk and Superman have actually fought before in the Marvel and DC crossover. In that story, Superman is the one that comes out on top. Which is probably why a rematch between the two would be even worse as The Hulk won't want to lose again.

3 Superman Prime One Million


Now we come to the very top of the DC multiverse and the beings that have become true gods with powers to match. Superman may well be one of the most powerful beings in the universe and easily a match for The Hulk but in the future, Superman becomes so much more. In the DC crossover DC One Million, Superman leaves Earth after everyone he loves has died and sets up his Fortress of Solitude in the heart of the sun. After some quiet time in his fortress, Superman travels the entire DC universe, crossing space and time for centuries.

Spending so much time within our yellow sun has greatly increased Superman's powers to an infinite level as well as making him immortal. Although it's unlikely that The Hulk and Superman Prime One million would ever meet, if they did then this would be a battle that would end quickly and with the destruction of The Hulk.

2 Thought Robot


Over the years there have been many versions of Superman, each with their own powers and personalities. Some have been on the side of good and some on the side of evil. Out of all these versions the most powerful, and therefore a certainty to defeat The Hulk, is Thought Robot. Unlike Superman Prime One Million, which is the original Superman in the future and after a long exposure to the sun, Thought Robot is a weapon engineered by The Monitors to stop the ultimate evil.

Being based on the original Superman, the Thought Robot is a 4 dimensional version of Superman that is a body of pure thought. Not only does it possess all of Superman's powers but it also has adaptive powers, divine powers, cosmic awareness, and can even manipulate the dimensions. For a one-on-one with The Hulk this face off is a no brainer, as Thought Robot would win without too much effort.

1 1.Spectre


For the number one entry on our list we are going away from the many heroes and different versions of Superman and going straight to the top of the god pile. We could have included the likes of The Presence, Lucifer Morningstar and Michael Demiurgos, which could all defeat The Hulk without even breaking into a sweat! But because these are the gods of the DC universe and not strictly speaking superheroes, we felt that wouldn't be fair on The Hulk. So the number one spot on our list goes to Spectre.

Spectre is the Wrath of God and has all the powers that come with that title. Although he doesn't follow the traditional superhero, Spectre uses his unlimited powers on the evil of the world. He has helped out the DC superheroes from time to time and therefore can be counted as one of them. With his omnipresence abilities and the power to warp time and reality, Spectre could contain, stop, and defeat The Hulk before The Hulk knew what was happening.


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15 DC Superheroes That Could Beat Up The Hulk