15 DC Movie Casting Choices You WISH They Would Make

There's really no question that Marvel has the big screen game on lock. Comparatively, DC is a couple of years and a few good movies behind. But that's not to say that they haven't begun a long term p

There's really no question that Marvel has the big screen game on lock. Comparatively, DC is a couple of years and a few good movies behind. But that's not to say that they haven't begun a long term project of their own. DC began their new cinematic universe with Man Of Steel and have come out with Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad soon after. However, their reception hasn't been as good as DC or WB studios would have hoped for. But with many seriously mouthwatering titles like Justice League and Wonder Woman scheduled for release, every serious DC fan will be slobbering over the prospect of the DCEU catching up to and maybe even overtaking Marvel in time.

WB studios has released some tentative dates for much awaited titles like Shazam and apparently a new stand-alone Batman movie. So like always, fans are going crazy with their own theories of who could portray their favorite characters on the big screen and we at The Richest, are no different. Below are our top picks for actors and actresses who could bring our favorite comic book characters to life in the DC Universe. So read on to see who we think can offer more than there already is to DC's conquest into the big screen game.

15 Alexandra Daddario as Zatanna

The Justice League's fishnet stocking, top hat rocking, high-heel wearing, raven haired beauty definitely needs a big screen adaptation and we can't think of anyone better than Alexandra Daddario to bring the smoking magician to life. Zatanna is a strange magician who casts her spells by speaking her phrases backwards. She has tons of confidence and is an extremely powerful magician in the DC universe. Daddario has no shortage in confidence and would definitely rock the unorthodox magician/assistant's outfit with ease! Daddario has done many strong lead roles, most notably as Annabeth Chase in the film adaptations of the Percy Jackson books so she's no stranger to magic. Zatanna isn't a mainstay in the initial Justice League but DC are currently in short supply for leading females in the movie business, relying heavily on Wonder Woman and most recently, Harley Quinn. Zatanna may not be a big enough character for WB studios to make a stand alone movie of, but whichever form she breaks out in, Alexandra Daddario will make the magic happen.

14 Milla Jovovich as Hawkgirl

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Best known for her role in Resident Evil, this butt-kicking, zombie-killing machine of a woman would be all too perfect to slot into the DC universe as the blood-thirsty Thanagarian warrior Hawkgirl. Many fans will remember Hawkgirl from DC's hit animated Justice League series, as one of the only female heroes on the league alongside Wonder Woman. Complete with massive wings, a warrior's helmet, two piece outfit and nth metal charged mace, Milla Jovovich would look right at home in this "tough as nails" persona. Hawkgirl loves a good fight and revels in getting her hands dirty. Jovovich would most definitely bring that out in the character, all while looking as good as if she'd just dressed up for the runway! Hawkgirl may not be a huge part of the league in comics but in recent times she's gained fame for being the only other female member of the Justice League alongside Wonder Woman in the Justice League animated series. Fans who grew up watching the show would've LOVED to see that version of the league being translated into the upcoming 2017 movie but it seems DC are going with their new52 version which doesn't include her. Either way, whenever we see Hawkgirl on screen, we hope its Milla Jovovich!

13 Benedict Cumberbatch as Brainiac

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Henry Cavill's Superman needs a decent villain. Zod was alright. Doomsday was a total failure, and Lex Luthor seems way too manic to be taken seriously at all right now. So the next best thing? Brainiac, an extraterrestrial, superhuman android with a "12th level intelligence" that is a legitimate global threat. Let loose the self-important, sociopathic side of Benedict Cumberbatch with a half-decent script and you'll have a movie that'll have the potential to rate beyond the Dark Knight trilogy. It doesn't help that he's now tied up with Marvel as Doctor Strange, so this is somewhat of a hopeful dream. But either way, there doesn't seem to be anyone better than the Sherlock star to threaten the Justice League and all of humanity as an all-powerful android. He'd bring a class to the role that would have the Man Of Steel at odds (like that isn't already the case every time he's bitten by a mosquito now).

12 Emma Stone as Batgirl

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Beautiful, redheaded, quirky, athletic tough girl needed to play Batgirl! And almost immediately it's noticeable that we're describing only one actress. Emma Stone is the quintessential cutie with a mean streak and she'd only be too good as Batgirl. If we ever get to see Ben Affleck's Batman universe kick off anytime soon, we'd love to see the Bat-family in all its glory and that includes the daughter of Police Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon suiting up as the female sidekick of the bunch. However, she recently played the role of Gwen Stacy, Spiderman's love interest in a couple of movies so that might be a crutch to her taking a role at DC anytime soon. But that shouldn't be a problem if they're to introduce her character some years into the future from now. Behind Wonder Woman and Catwoman maybe, Batgirl is possibly the most recognizable female character in DC. Although asking for a Batgirl movie is just too much, we're all pretty sure she'd do quite well featuring in a Batman or even Nightwing movie and it's high time someone (very hopefully Emma) does something to curb the pain of having had to see Batgirl's on-screen debut in as horrible a movie as the old Batman & Robin one!

11 Asa Butterfield as Damian Wayne (Robin)

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Young Asa Butterfield is pretty much MADE for this role. Damian Wayne is the stuck up, entitled, bloodthirsty child of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Gul. Damian was raised and trained in combat by his grandfather Ra's Al Gul, treated like a prince and heir apparent to the League of Assassins, so it's no great wonder that it went to his head. Most fans just want to sucker punch Damian Wayne for being such an insufferable brat. Now by no means are we implying that about Asa but the fact remains that the kid has got the acting chops and the perfectly small, yet athletic build necessary to pull off this role alongside daddy Batfleck. Taking his role in Ender's Game into account, it's easy to see that he would pull off the obnoxious, self-important Robin that comic book fans would love to see on screen. The current DCEU has kicked off in a time where Batman has supposedly lost Jason Todd (the second Robin) so we don't see why Damian Wayne isn't a possibility in the very near future.

10 Ellen Page as Raven

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This is definitely an interesting idea. Raven hasn't even been conceived of for a big screen debut seeing as some of the bigger, more recognizable names of the DC ensemble have yet to kick start their movie careers - *ahem, we mean you Flash* - but this could definitely be a hit among fans. Ellen Page is surely the right make for a Raven character. With her blend of sarcasm, cynicism (almost the same), aloof demeanor and other worldly charm, Page could really take this role by the horns (see what we just did there?). As the teenage crush of many a young man, Page has played several roles in blockbuster movies sometimes portraying a similar sort of vibe. Raven, the daughter of demon Trigon, is a quiet girl that has been taught to suppress her emotions. As such, she comes off as very depressive while also maintaining her childish yearning for wonder and friendship. Given the right script, Page would make this role hers for the years to come.

9 Neil Patrick Harris as The Riddler

We remember Jim Carrey's version in 1995's Batman Forever. We wish we didn't, but we sadly do. That version is a straight up joke and never conveyed the class and panache of the Riddler character. The character that has, in recent years, given Batman so much trouble and been a real threat to the residents of Gotham City. With Neil Patrick Harris, we'd be getting the Riddler we deserve. He'd bring to life the enigmatic madness that makes the Riddler so fun to watch or read about. He'd deliver all his lines with such glee and self-importance opposite Ben Affleck's stoic Batman demeanor. In recent years, the Riddler has come into a bit of limelight through animations and the Gotham TV series but it isn't quite enough and fans would love to see a maniacal portrayal in NPH's more than capable hands. "Riddle me this, riddle me that; who'd make a good riddler for the big bad Bat?" You heard NPH's voice say that didn't you??!?

8 Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Nightwing

There was a brief one hour during The Dark Knight rises where fans got to see a potential Nightwing. In it Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a policeman by the name of John Blake but was widely believed to be the Christopher Nolan reincarnation of Dick Grayson, the original Robin and later on, Nightwing. The new DCEU seems to be much farther along than Nolan's universe and it's supposedly telling the stories of a post Jason Todd Batman so there isn't a good reason as to why Nightwing can't be introduced into the fold. As an actor that seemingly lives his roles, the character would be in great hands. The fan favorite Nightwing is definitely way overdue for his big screen debut and would open up possibilities for a live action Teen Titans movie, especially seeing as Cyborg is about to debut in the upcoming Justice League movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt alongside Batfleck?! Yes, please!

7 Mark Wahlberg as Shazam

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The original Captain Marvel is in the reckoning for the silver screen. Although a movie has been touted for release in 2019, there still hasn't been a word on casting choices and so we shall go ahead and do something beyond speculating and that is, to make our own casting wish. Shazam needs to be big. Muscular, bulky, whatever you wanna call it. Apparently Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is billed to play Black Adam, Shazam's primary antagonist so anyone that has to go toe to toe with him just needs to be big enough for a fight to even be believable. Mark Wahlberg brings that muscle, the heroism and most importantly, the childish charm and mischief that is such a huge part of Shazam's nature (let's not forget, Shazam is just a 15 year old boy in the body of a superhero)! We've seen Wahlberg in several high profile movies and he's never disappointed, so we'll be giving him a gracious nod to tap into the powers of SHAZAM!

6 Kate Beckinsale as Catwoman

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Michelle Pfieffer, Halle Berry and most recently, Anne Hathaway have donned the costume and persona of the beloved anti-hero Catwoman. In essence, those are some huge shoes to fill. But honestly if anyone can fill them, it's the werewolf slaying mistress of darkness Kate Beckinsale. Her role in the Underworld movies almost seems like an audition for the role of DC's leading female villain/occasional hero. She's proven that she's tough, agile, athletic, flexible and very, very importantly, beyond perfect in black leather. Her job would be to make life annoying for Gotham's Caped Crusader while being a top name in the city's underbelly. All while leading a life as Selina Kyle and seducing Bruce Wayne completely. Shouldn't be too hard for Beckinsale. We can already see Batfleck chase 'Cat' Beckinsale (see what I did there?!) over the Gotham City rooftops! Seeing as the introduction of Harley Quinn has been met with rave reviews, DC could test these waters again with a reboot of the horrendous Catwoman movie that came out a decade ago.

5 Idris Elba as Martian Manhunter


A lot of DC fans are hoping they'll see Idris Elba take on the role of John Stewart the Green Lantern but seeing as even the most famous Green Lantern Hal Jordan hasn't been introduced into the current DCEU just yet, we can kiss the idea of a John Stewart incarnation anytime soon, goodbye. Instead it'd be great to have Elba play the role of J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter. Honestly why DC have taken this long to get these movies happening is a mystery but the Manhunter has been a fan favorite since he appeared in comics as part of the Justice League. And as an original founding member of the League, it's kind of insulting that he's not part of 2017's upcoming League movie. Elba looks the right fit for the Martian Manhunter costume and would definitely offer more than has been expected while delivering his lines with the class of the great Martian Manhunter.

4 Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow

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Let's be honest. We need a Green Arrow that displays emotion. Maybe CW's Arrow has taken off well and introduced everyone to the previously under-appreciated world of Green Arrow but it's still no gem. Charlie Hunnam would offer a stark contrast to Stephen Amell's Green Arrow. Hunnam even looks like Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) from the comics down to his signature blond mustache and goatee. Fans also need a little bit of humor from the archer as the comics portray him as a loudmouth billionaire that loves to shoot his mouth. There isn't a Green Arrow movie on the horizon but with the CW series going so well, DC should probably think about piggy-backing on that success to sell a Green Arrow movie that would end up plugging in nicely to the current DCEU. Also, Hawkeye from Marvel is massively popular amongst all the superpowered avengers. Likewise, Charlie Hunnam's Green Arrow would be an instant hit seeing as he's already pretty popular!

3 Matt Ryan as John Constantine


NBC got this right! Matt Ryan is so perfect for the part that DC and WB themselves took him on as the voice of John Constantine in their upcoming animated movie Justice League Dark. The sarcastic, conniving, cigarette smoking English sorcerer is a character that's relatively new to the game at DC but interesting nonetheless. If DC are to extend their universe beyond just Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, it's time to bust out the whole crew and with that comes a lot of magic based heroes and villains. Constantine, though new, is a fan favorite. Matt Ryan has portrayed the character for a whole season and even on CW's crossover events and we'd all like to see him reprise his role for a big DC blockbuster. Admittedly, he's not a big enough character to warrant a stand alone movie of his own as evident from 2005's box office flop but he'd be a hit in a Justice League movie about magical foes. Much like Justice League Dark if it ever gets a big screen nod.

2 Dianna Agron as Black Canary

If we're having a brand new Green Arrow movie, we need his love interest with him and we'd love to see Dianna Agron in this role. She's proven that she can take on roles in which she'd have to be excessively tough, yet the pretty center of attention and as Black Canary, that's all that would be necessary. Black Canary is a master martial artist that has one superpower called the 'Canary Cry' which is a supersonic projection from her vocal cords. This is something Agron could portray pretty effectively seeing as belting out notes is what she did for years on FOX's hit show Glee. Either way we're pretty sure fans wouldn't say no to seeing Agron in Black Canary's signature fishnet stockings and leotard costume. Potentially alongside a Charlie Hunnam version of Green Arrow she could even make an appearance in any future installment of the Justice League movies, seeing as she's a pretty notable part of it since they began inducting further members. We're backing Dianna Agron to make a stellar Black Canary.

1 Matt Bomer as Hal Jordan Green Lantern

Let's face it. We would've loved to have Ryan Reynolds reprise this role but after 2011's massive fail, there's just no way that could happen. And either way, he's all wrapped up as Marvel's Deadpool now. Which leaves us with a casting choice to make. Cocky, smart alec pilot Hal Jordan seems only a stone's throw away from actor Matt Bomer. Tall, smart, smart-mouth but serious when necessary, Bomer seems a fairly overlooked yet perfect choice to take on the role of Hal Jordan Green Lantern. He'd be a massive success alongside the current batch of DC actors who all seem so stuck in their grit and soberness. In the comics, Green Lantern and The Flash are often seen as being the best of pals within the Justice League. Poking fun at each other and being the childish sparks of the team. This casting would be exceptionally fun seeing as Ezra Miller's Flash seems to be a very cheerful, happy-go-lucky take on the character as opposed to all the other character portrayals currently on the DC movie roster.


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