15 DC Cosplays Your Mom Would Not Approve Of

The war for control of the superhero genre has been happening for as long as we can remember. Since the dawn of time (or comic books), Marvel and DC have been trading blows year after year as the companies try to control this most profitable piece of the entertainment market. But if we were to be realistic, both Marvel and DC fans have to realize that the most possible outcome is that no one is ever going to win this war. People who like Marvel will always choose Marvel over DC. Folks who enjoy DC comics and superheroes better will always side with Superman over Captain America.

Over these past few years, however, there is one slice of the market in which Marvel has completely outshone DC. That is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. DC has tried its hand at competing with their arch nemesis on this field, but let’s just say Batman versus Superman should not even be put in the same conversation as The Avengers. Wonder Woman did show promise for what is still to come in the DC Universe, but the company will have to work hard if they ever hope to catch up.

Still, there is one place where we believe that DC might have the upper hand on Marvel. And that is not an industry your mom would be very pleased with finding out you were following, especially if she randomly walked into your room while you were checking out cosplay pictures. Yes, the material DC gives to cosplayers is superior to Marvel in the eyes of many. So we would like to know if you agree with that, which is why we separated a list of 15 DC cosplays your mom would not approve of.

15 Silk Spectre

Via: therichest.com

There are many reasons for fans to believe that Adrianne Curry is one of the best cosplayers in the world. The first and most obvious reason is that she looks beautiful in any kind of costume she wears. Seriously, just try to imagine how many near heart attacks Adrianne would cause if she walked into a Comic Con wearing this Silk Spectre costume. The nerds would go wild. But that is not the only thing. She is also a successful television personality. In 2003, Curry won America’s Next Top Model. She also appeared in series like Half & Half and The Tester.

One peculiar event, however, separates her even further from the rest of the bunch. It was back in the 2014 San Diego Comic Con that this model put on her catsuit and played the hero. Literally, she played the hero. It was reported that when one of her friends was attacked by a pervert, she went full Catwoman and destroyed the guy. A heroine indeed, my friends.

14 Power Girl

The DC universe is filled with characters that we believe should be given either their own TV series or their own movies. Karen Starr, or as most of you might know as Power Girl, is one of these characters who definitely should get their own series.

For those who are not familiar with the character, the back story of Power Girl can be pretty much summarized by saying that she is the cousin of Superman. She escaped the destruction of Krypton because her parents put her on a rocket ship and sent it away before the doom. Sounds familiar, right?

Either way, she is an interesting hero, and if we were given a say in it, we would have to argue that the person we would want portraying Power Girl would have to be Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. This 37-year-old Québec native might just be the most famous cosplay model in Canada. And who knows? Maybe she could handle a shot at acting.

13 Wonder Woman

Via: kamuicosplay.com

Sure, it would be tough (if not even impossible) for anyone to look hotter than Gal Gadot while wearing a Wonder Woman costume. Nevertheless, Kamui sure did her part in making us wonder how many unbelievably hot Wonder Woman cosplayers we could find on the web. It turns out that the answer is infinite. There are more hot women doing Wonder Woman cosplay than we could possibly count. At the end of the day, we decided to go with Kamui, whose real name is Svetlana Quindt, because not only did she kill it while wearing a DC cosplay that your mom would not approve of, she is one of the few people who share her knowledge of how to make such costumes.

This costume designer does not shy away from the challenge of trying to teach people who enjoy being someone else for a day to make the clothes they dream of wearing. From armor to guns, you can find anything you would want for a cosplay on her Instagram page.

12 Duela Dent

We have talked about the Joker’s girlfriend, so why not talk about his daughter for a little bit. At least, that was how Duela Dent was introduced into the DC universe. As many DC fans would later find out, Duela was a character who seemed keen on being the daughter of a famous villain. Despite first saying that she was the Joker’s daughter, she also claimed to be the daughter of Scarecrow, the Riddler, the Penguin, and even Catwoman. As you could’ve probably deduced from her last name, it turns out that she was Two Face’s daughter. Thankfully, we have found a cosplayer in real life who has taken a shot at portraying this most obscure of DC characters. And boy, did Mel, a.k.a. WindoftheStars, not kill it?

An experienced cosplayer who has been featured in several print and online publications, this beautiful gal actually made us want to know more about Duela Dent after checking out her cosplay of the character.

11 Selina Kyle

Via: katiecosplays.com

For the few who might have gotten this far on the list without knowing, Selina Kyle is the alter ego of Catwoman. Needless to say, she is one of the DC characters that have been most portrayed by loving cosplayers. It is impossible for you to go to a comic convention and not find someone dressed as Catwoman. Still, the interesting characteristic of this particular cosplay that we found was that instead of the classic Catwoman catsuit, the beautiful Katie George decided to do this shoot as Selina Kyle in regular clothes.

It might not be the most revealing of cosplays, but it is a hot one nonetheless. As for the model, Katie is an Auburn University graduate who started her road in the world of cosplay back when she was just 16 years old. Today, she is one of the most famous cosplayers around and even has a recurring role on SyFy's Heroes of Cosplay.

10 Poison Ivy

via Instagram

Dustbunny has been in the cosplay game since 2003. And with more than a decade of experience under her belt, she seems to be still improving and upping her game with every new costume. This is a woman who has done cosplays of anything from the anime world all the way to video game characters and a whole range of other mediums. And she has been doing it right. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be over 280,000 people following her on Facebook.

We should also add that the 16,000-plus people who follow her on Instagram were probably also very pleased when they got to see this particular take on Poison Ivy. It has been quite some time since we last got to see a real live adaptation of this character. And while it sure would be one Herculean task to compete against the look Uma Thurman pulled off in the 1997 Batman and Robin movie, Dustbunny sure gave the fans something to cheer.

9 Poison Ivy Take Two

Via: comicvine.com

While we sure have to recognize that Dustbunny’s cosplay of the classic Batman villain Poison Ivy was one to remember, it has nothing on what Alexia Jean Grey pulled off with this photoshoot portraying the venomous villain. Not just Poison Ivy, Alexia has also taken shots at cosplaying other characters from the DC Universe like Batgirl.

Talking more about the real person behind the costume, Alexia is someone who appears to be made for the business. It is hard to argue about destiny with stuff like this, but she is an actress and costume designer who really does seem to love portraying the characters she chooses to become on almost a daily basis. As Alexia herself says in the introduction of her Instagram page, she is a “Model. Cosplayer. Hair Sherpa. Makeup artist cartoon character stuck in this realm.”

And while we do hope everyone gets to where they want to be, no one is ever going to complain about having someone as beautiful as her stuck in the same realm as us.

8 Another Wonder Woman

via Pinterest

Wonder Woman has always been a very popular character. After all, she is the most powerful woman in the DC Universe, as far as us mere mortals understand. So as we mentioned before, it is also very understandable that a lot of women would choose Wonder Woman when they decide on a DC cosplay. But, we have found someone who escapes the norm when cosplaying such a character.

Earlier on our list, you met Penny Underbust, who we said is someone who proves that full-figured women can be incredibly successful in the world of cosplay. Well, here is the most famous example. Not only does Ivy Doomkitty have the best cosplaying nickname, but she is also arguably the most famous “plus size” cosplay model on the globe. And hell, she pulls off these costumes like it’s nothing. What makes us cheer even more for this amazing lady is that she made it her mission to prove to any superficial soul that size doesn’t matter when you do what you love.

7 Harley Quinn (Movie Outfit)

via The Picta

We have shown you someone who pulled off the classic Harley Quinn costume. So it is only fair that we also show you someone who did a fantastic job at pulling off the costume Harley Quinn wore in the movie Suicide Squad. And just like in the film, this is an outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Either way, when Jillstyler decided to put on the costume and pose for photographer Jack Fluck, she was doing the right thing. At least, that is what we assume that the almost-20,000 people who follow her on Instagram and the 50,000-plus folks who like her on Facebook were thinking after they saw the picture.

Jill is an impressive cosplayer who seems to enjoy shooting more active roles than we usually see her colleagues doing. From Street Fighter to Metroid and Overwatch, she has one portfolio that would put a lot of her colleagues to shame.

6 Supergirl

via Eventhubs

A list like this would never be complete without the addition of Ms. Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl. It has been more than half a century since Supergirl made her first appearance in the comics. But somehow, this might just be the time in which she has been most popular since the dawn of her creation. Much, if not all of it, has to do with how great Melissa Benoist has portrayed the character in the CBS/CW superhero drama that was released a couple of years ago.

Nevertheless, while Benoist might have been the best actress to put on the skin of Kara Zor-El, we cannot say with certainty that she was the woman who looked the hottest in the outfit. A testament to that doubt is this Supergirl cosplay by Tali xoxo.

And since we believe that a lot of people could still be in doubt after just one picture, why not present our dear readers with at least one more picture of Tali in her Supergirl outfit?

via Mulpix

5 Harley Quinn From The East

via Pinterest

To round up our top spots, we could not help but travel to the other side of the globe and dedicate such a high spot to someone from the continent where cosplay boomed. Unlike a lot of her cosplay colleagues, Alodia Gosiengfiao started cosplaying in her mid-teens. To be more precise, she was 15 when friends started encouraging her, and she decided to give it a try.

Well, all we need to say is that it worked out pretty well for Alodia. From a hobby, cosplaying quickly became a ladder she used like a boss to climb her way to fame. Before anyone knew, Alodia had become a model, TV presenter, singer and actress. She was named one of the most influential women in the Philippines at some point. She was also named the number 20 sexiest woman in the country back in 2012.

Needless to say, when she decided to take on the challenge of doing a Harley Quinn cosplay, her fans got nothing less than perfection.

4 Lollipop Chainsaw

If you follow cosplay at any given level, there is a 99 percent chance that you have come across a picture of Jessica Nigri. There is even the possibility that you don’t know her name, but it is nearly impossible for you not to recognize her face if you looked at cosplay pictures at any point in the past decade.

This 28-year-old American-New Zealander might just be the most popular cosplayer in the world. She started all the way back in 2009. It was in those days that a sexy Pikachu costume she wore to the SDCC went viral online, and she started getting some traction. But it wasn’t until 2012 when Nigri won an IGN contest that chose a model to portray the protagonist of Lollipop Chainsaw that she reached legend status. From that point on, it was all glory for this lady. Just to put it in a social media perspective, she has more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone.

3 Zatanna Zatara

Via: pinterest.com

Don’t worry. We will give you a few seconds so you can catch your breath. Geez, we don’t say this often, but this Zatanna Zatara cosplay sure took our breath away.

Are you back with us? Good. Zatanna might not be such a recognizable character for the fans who have only watched the live-action DC movies. She did have a stint in the final three seasons of the TV series Smallville, in which she was portrayed by Serinda Swan. But, as gorgeous as Ms. Swan was, there is no way anyone would say that she pulled off the Zatanna costume better than Giada Robin.

Yes, this ridiculously beautiful cosplayer you just checked out is hands down the most beautiful woman ever to wear the skin of DC’s favorite stage magician. Robin is also someone who proves the point that English does not have to be your first language for you to become a huge hit around the world, as this one-of-a-kind cosplayer is Italian.

2 Raven And Starfire

via Jason Pendleton Photography

Well, if you have watched the Teen Titans for most of your youth, you can’t deny that you tried to imagine what Raven and Starfire would actually look like in real life. Aren’t you glad then that cosplay and Instagram exist? If it were not for these two, we might never get to see what a real live adaptation of these characters would be like. Either way, the cosplay costumes that Ludella Hahn and Minnie d'Moocha came up with are probably something that exceeded even the highest of your expectations.

For goodness’ sake, by now, they already have half of the world wanting to see what a live-action adaptation of the Teen Titans would look like. We know we would like to watch it if these two were playing the lead female roles. On another interesting point, the two models have a whole bunch more cosplay pieces that your mom would not approve of on their Instagram feeds.

1 Harley Quinn

via YouTube

The classic Harley Quinn costume might be a tough one for many women to pull off. That was probably the very reason why during the movie adaptation of Suicide Squad, the movie directors and producers decided to go with a more modern and revealing costume than the classic black and red catsuit. But don’t mistake the comment for criticism. That turned out to be a hell of a decision. For as much as many fans said that the movie sucked, a whole lot of people still flowed into the movie theaters just to see Margot Robbie wearing those tiny shorts and torn-up T-shirt while swinging a baseball bat.

On another hand, we found someone who pulled off the classic costume. One of the most entertaining and inspiring figures on social media, Penny Underbust is also someone who takes cosplay to a whole new level. She is the living proof that full-figured women can be some of the best cosplayers in the world.

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