15 DC Characters That Will Never See The Big Screen

In the world of comic book history, there are quite a few famous names in the DC Comics universe— such legendary heroes as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. Heck, even their super-villains

In the world of comic book history, there are quite a few famous names in the DC Comics universe— such legendary heroes as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. Heck, even their super-villains are some of the most famous around, with The Joker and Lex Luthor being just about the best known throughout fiction. Created 5 years before long-time competitor Marvel, the pair have scooped up the love and support of the comic lover’s fraternity by championing stories that are out of this world and close to home, too. Whereas Superman comes from Krypton, Batman comes from fictional city Gotham, and both operate within the same fixed universe.

The DC Universe has recently been created to run a similar ship to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and whilst there have been some misses along the way, DC is in a strong position to reinvent themselves, with both TV shows, films and video game media part of their overall expanded universe plan. It’s an exciting time to be a comic book fan, and DC are getting in on the act. It plans to be a battle to the death between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Expanded Universe.

Although they might have some excellent back-catalogues and compelling characters, DC Comics also have a lot of drab, poorly written or just plain boring superheroes and villains within their lineup. Take a look below for 15 DC characters will probably never see the silver screen.

15 Wild Dog

Not quite a bad guy Jack Wheeler, AKA Wild Dog is a professional at hand-to-hand combat and an expert marksman who got his very own mini-series in 1987, followed by an appearance in the Action Comics title during the same year. Not so lucky in love, Wild Dog left the Marines only to fall in love with a girl called Claire, who, unfortunately, was shot and killed right in front of him. Which is just rotten luck. This spurred him on to tackle the guys who killed his girlfriend, who just so happened to be the Chicago mob.

Although a half decent story, it all reeks a little bit of Batman, with the murdered loved ones and the fight against the mob. This is why we’ll never see Wild Dog on our movie screens. He’s a little aggressive, a little unknown and a lot like other superheroes. Sorry, this Wild Dog won’t have his day.

14 Aztek

Aztek is one of the most genuinely impressive superheroes on this list, but the reason we don’t think he will get a run out is because, basically, he’s a little too far-fetched for the DC Universe at present. One of the newest characters from the DC world, Aztek was created in 1996 and soon found himself part of the Justice League, well, temporarily anyway. Created in a lab by mysterious group Q Society, it later turned out that one of the benefactors of the Q Society was Lex Luthor. Which, as you can imagine, made Superman pretty mad. Either way, in later stories Aztek actually sacrificed his own eyesight in a battle during DC Comics' World War 3 story arc, which in turn helped Superman defeat Mageddon, a planet destroying machine. The Justice League story has already started coming together with no sign of Aztek, so it looks like we won’t have any room for him in our cinematic lives.

13 Son of Vulcan

Son of Vulcan was never actually a DC Comic creation, but he was bought from Charlton Comics when that company collapsed. His history with Charlton very much outweighs his history with DC, as the comic giant has barely used him in any form of story since his purchase. The character was reinvented, though, in 2005 for his own miniseries, but since then it has been all silence on the Vulcan front, which only goes to prove that he won’t be heading up his own line of t-shirts and films any time soon. It could he his similarity to Thor which hinders his development, as he is a Roman God-like figure who was transformed from human to demigod by Vulcan. If DC could have figured a cool and interesting story to go with the character, he could have seen himself in film, but this looks ever so unlikely.

12 Space Cabbie

Just when you thought you had seen it all, we’ve got a hero from another age which will never make the grade within the DC Comics range of films. Space Cabbie, is, in case you were unsure, a cabbie in space. His expert power? To drive very well. Which, all things considered, might still actually be cooler than the Green Lantern. But that still doesn’t make it cool. Unfortunately, I really doubt there is a market for a movie about Space Cabbie, and if there isn’t a market for one, then there isn’t a market for a series, and that’s what DC are really looking for the most. The fact that he barely stars in a series of his own comic books, let alone films, really proves that he will lay in the annals of time as one of the worst characters ever. Can someone please get a taxi for Space Cabbie?!

11 The Inferior Five

The Inferior Five actually have quite a cool premise, but the styling and the look of them means they’ll never get a chance to don the silver screen. Created by E. Nelson Bridwell as a counterculture answer to the superheroes who could defeat any foe with their excellent powers, the idea behind the Inferior Five was that their skills lay in the fact that they needed to work as a team— they were too lame to work alone. The team included a terrible weakling and someone who couldn’t fight on land but was great in water, this gang of merry men and women could have been a great comedy story if only they had been modernized. DC will never release a purely comical movie, which is the only way this could work— Seth Rogan and James Franco as superheroes. We can only dream, as this will never be happening on DC’s watch.

10 Bronze Tiger

The story of Bronze Tiger is one that’s very bitty, with him never seemingly having a place at the table for too long. As a normal boy of 10, Bronze Tiger, known as Ben Turner, watches his family get murdered by a burglar. The trauma doesn’t stop there, though, as Turner proceeded to stab the burglar/murderer in the chest several times, causing his death. Bronze Tiger becomes just that as he grows up and looks to tailor his anger and hatred in the Far East, whilst being trained at the hands of Richard Dragon, expert kung fu fighter. Bronze Tiger was, at a point, part of the Suicide Squad. Which, of course, has already had its cinematic release recently, without his involvement. Bronze Tiger did make a TV debut, during the show Arrow in season 2. With no real comic comeback on the horizon, it seems like we may have seen the last of Bronze Tiger.

9 Clock King

So this guy was in multiple comics of his own, but makes this list because of his really dreadful abilities. I actually think, if he had supernatural powers, he would make an awesome villain, but the only ability he seems to have is excellent timekeeping. No, really, his bio states he has a “rigid sense of order” which, even at the rate comic book movies are being released, seems just about the most dreadful, uninspiring set of skills to pay $10 in a theatre for. Clock King was very first created in 1947, this time under the name of ‘the Clock’, but soon his superhero name changed and he became Clock King. Invented as a villain in the Green Arrow story arc, Clock King is probably my least favourite character on this list. It’s like he’s stolen a living whilst comic books became popular, and hung on ever since. Poor form all round by DC Comics.

8 Dr. Spectro

Referenced in multiple Green Arrow comic books as one of the lamest villains ever, Dr. Spectro is another on this list to be purchased from Charlton Comics. Killed off during the Infinite Crisis storyline, it’s a wonder DC bought the rights to Spectro in the first place, if only to kill him off. Then again, as we all know, with the flick of a switch these characters can be brought back to life in different stories, yet somehow I really don’t see it. This character is a relatively unknown, and even I hadn’t heard of him before researching this piece. And I really hope to never hear of him again. His one major ability is to control people’s emotions which isn’t actually too bad of a superpower to have, if it was written right. However, just now I wish he could control my emotions so that I didn’t have to be sad for his future. No film for you, Spectro.

7 Blue Snowman

Well the first thing we need to know about the Blue Snowman is that she is in fact a woman. Created during the Golden Age of Comics, she is found to be mostly a villain to Wonder Woman and part of the Villainy Inc super-villain squad. It seems very much like DC soon realized the lack of potential around Blue Snowman because, since the early comic years, she has barely been featured in any storylines and has even been part of a shelved Wonder Woman origin reboot. The fact that this is the case proves DC has little faith in this damp character, and to give her her own movie would be something of a mistake. The name, the look, and everything about Blue Snowman just isn’t cool to moviegoing fans, so I think it’s best that we keep her where she is— in comic book history. Adios, Blue Snowman.

6 Comet the Super-Horse

I feel that, if anything, once you start talking about animals as superheroes, you’re really beginning to scrape the barrel a bit. Comet the Super-Horse, created in 1962, was a close ally of Supergirl, with all the powers you would expect from a superhero horse: strength, speed and flight. Predictable, boring and, well, a horse, I never really want to see Comet get his own movie. And if he ever does, I will certainly be eating my hat. There has been a recent format change with Comet, to make him more interesting. For a start, their ‘normal’ civilian self is a woman, bisexual stand-up comic Andrea Martinez, who shape-shifts into the form of Comet when she needs to. Even with this improved backstory, Comet should never appear on the silver screen. There isn’t much I won’t watch in the cinema, but one thing I’ll turn my back at is a superhero horse. Sorry, DC, you’ve outdone yourself with this one.

5 The Dogwelder

I kid you not, this is an actual superhero, actually created, by actual writers to actually exist. The Dogwelder is superhero from Gotham City, a thin, gaunt-looking man who only has the ability to weld dead dogs to the side of criminals and do-badders. I know it sounds like I’m making this up, but honestly, I’m not and I’m glad I’m not. Part of the supergroup Section 8, The Dogwelder was created in 1997. Thankfully for the cinema-going audience of today, The Dogwelder died in the Section 8 final battle scene, which makes me, and probably you very happy. Very little is known about the Dogwelder, except he welds dogs, lives in an alley and has an insanely large supply of dead dogs at his disposal. He’s clearly a bit of a maniac, and all of the above is exactly why we will never see this superhero in his own film. What a terrible character.

4 Danny the Street

Maybe nowhere near as bad as the Dogwelder, but Danny the Street has very little going on in the DC Universe. His power, which is actually kind of cool, is teleportation, which certainly wins against some of the other dreadful powers on this list. Oh yeah, and did I mention Danny the Street is an actual street? It makes no sense, does it? But yes, he’s an actual street who has the sole purpose of protecting everyone that is on him/his street. This ‘superhero’ is really too much for my little brain to handle, and only made it on this list for one reason: we can’t just start giving streets films. No matter how far into their universe DC digs, there will always be someone, somewhere, that is better than Danny the Street. Later transforming into an alternative Earth (don’t ask), he becomes Danny the World, where he is, yeah, you guessed it— a whole planet. Please DC, no film for this guy/thing/world.

3 Red Bee

There have been two incarnations of the Red Bee, but it is the first incarnation that makes this list. Created in 1940 by Quality Comics, Red Bee was bought by DC in 1956. He was clearly a massive mistake for the company, because he currently falls into the public domain, with his intellectual property licence expired and never renewed. This is the reason he will never become a movie star. But really, if DC didn’t want him, why would we want a film by him? All you have to do is look at his costume and the superpowers he has— or doesn’t— to realize that we’ve been saved from ourselves with this title. With a special ‘stinger gun’ to fight his foes, which he does in a lot of tight spandex and a Robin-from-Batman looking color scheme, DC made the excellent decision to let him roam free of his own accord. Thanks DC, the human race salutes you.

2 Vibe

Vibe is considered one of the worst superheroes of the whole of the DC Universe, which seems pretty harsh, considering we’ve had a cosmic horse and a space cab driver within these pages, but here we are. He was created in 1984 with the power to make the world around him shake with his huge sonic vibration ability and seismic powers. Sounds pretty neat, huh? Well, no, not really. He’s just never been a massively developed character and he seems to be a bit of a bore. He’s already, somehow, played his part in a range of multi-platform media for DC including The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, but he’ll never get his own film. Fans and non-fans alike just don’t care about a character such as him. He’s most famous for being in the second-coming Justice League, where he helped defeat notable bad guy Despero. Amongst one of his plotlines is having his head explode due to an energy blast. Bad news, Vibe.

1 Dollman

Dollman is an interesting character. Coming from Quality Comics, and brought into the DC Universe externally, the comic company still currently has him within their roster of the DC Extended Universe group. He is a successful addition and still has successful, reinvented storylines and is probably the most likely of this unlikely bunch to have his own movie. The one thing counting against him though, is his similarity to Antman. Able to shrink to an incredibly small size with immense power, he is not as well known as Antman, and therefore would be a risk for DC Comics to have him star in film. If there was a way to do this, they might be able to pull it off, but it’s a sure-fire way to make the semi-serious DC Universe demographic quiver in their Marvel-hating boots. Dollman is out of the game because he was just a little late to it.

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