15 Darkest Easter Eggs From Children's Movies

Don't worry. For the most part, your children are safe. These eggs only take their dark shape because of our twisted adult minds.

We all know that if you're looking for Easter eggs, children's movies are one of the best places to find them. For whatever reason, these little secrets have become an obsession for both the makers of children's films and those that want to find them. Seriously, with the amount of movies participating in this Easter egg practice these days, finding them has become a full-time job. It doesn't seem to matter that many, if not most, of these secrets are hidden in children's films either. Although the really dirty Easter eggs have been toned down a bit in recent years, there are still plenty out there that are risqué. What kind of a person hides a sadistic reference in a kid's movie? Maybe they're thinking, Kids are too stupid to find this. Who knows? But honestly, though, we love it. It feels extra rewarding finding a rotten Easter egg in a place where it shouldn't be. And the hidden eggs on this list definitely shouldn't be in kids' films.

So what exactly are we calling Easter eggs? For the purposes of this list, we're looking at Easter eggs, hidden references, in-jokes, whatever the hell you want to call them. We're just grouping them altogether because the classifications seem to change weekly. Anything that is hidden or has a double meaning, we're talking about because they all have the same effect in the end. Don't worry. For the most part, your children are safe. These eggs only take their dark shape because of our twisted adult minds. In the eyes of an innocent youth, they're pretty harmless. Well, some of them are. Here are the 15 Darkest Easter Eggs from Children’s Movies.

15 Scar In Hercules

One of Hercules' 12 labors was to slay the Nemean lion. Well, it appears that Disney took this information and had a little fun with it. In Hercules, during the "Zero to Hero" song, Hercules parades around wearing the skin of this lion in gruesome fashion. That alone isn't all that bad, but it becomes pretty horrific when you realize that he's wearing the skin of Scar from The Lion King. We're not sure the timelines match up all that well to make this murder canon, but there's no hiding this lion's true identity. It's even more morbid when you think that Zazu once said Scar would make a handsome rug. This does, however, put into question how Scar died. While it seemed as if the hyenas tore him apart limb by limb in The Lion King, Hercules seems to think it was his kill.

14 The Decraniated In Rogue One

Even though classifying Rogue One as a children's movie is crazy talk, we wanted to include this because many young kids love the Star Wars films. The dark Easter egg here is the result of a cameo. In the streets of Jedha, Jyn Erso bumps into two blasts from the past, Dr. Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba from A New Hope. These are the guys who get into it with Luke and Obi Wan at the Cantina. Dr. Evazen brags, "We're wanted men. I have the death sentence in twelve systems," if you'll remember. OK, keep that in mind. In another very brief shot, we see that there are two characters without the tops of their heads. They look like they're wearing head pieces similar to Geordi La Forge from Star Trek. Now, this is all pieced together with the help of the Rogue One guidebook. Apparently, Dr. Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba were on Jedha performing surgeries on injured people, eliminating their free will and turning them into servants, the Decraniated. You can even see the guy who's investigating their crimes in one scene. This is why they're wanted in A New Hope.

13 Rex In Wall-E

We don't exactly know everything about the life expectancy of the toys from Toy Story, but we assume their bodies break down like real toys. We saw the beginnings of this with some of the older toys in the films. With that in mind, we travel to the world of Wall-E. In that film's reel, Wall-E gives us a glimpse of some of the items he's collected throughout the years on Earth. In his home, we see a quick glimpse of something alarming—the corpse of Rex from Toy Story. Sure, Rex could be alive still and just posing as an inanimate toy, but that's unlikely. It's far more probable that Rex has long since died, and Wall-E has been storing his carcass as a piece of wall art.

12 Frozen And The Little Mermaid

While we admit that this is completely a fan theory as opposed to a true Easter egg, it does have some room for possibility. In Frozen, Anna and Elsa's parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, set sail for a two-week voyage across the sea. Sadly, their ship was wrecked in a storm, and they all perished. There have been several theories to explain what happened to them, but there's one that stands out above the rest for us. Go back to The Little Mermaid and think about the sunken ship that Ariel explores. It's tough to say if the ship she explores is the same one from Frozen but we can be fairly certain that the geography lines up. Both stories likely take place nearby each other, perhaps in Germany (Frozen) and Denmark (The Little Mermaid), so the ship could have been wrecked near where Ariel lived. If this is true, that also means that the fork Ariel takes from the ship might have been the queen's or king's fork. Spooky. Ariel is in the middle of a ship graveyard, though, so technically, any one of the other sunken ships could be the one from Frozen too.

11 Topless Waitresses In Cars

The film Cars has plenty of adult humor in it; things that most kids would just ignore or laugh at and have no idea what the joke even was. We have car groupies that flash Lightning McQueen. There are poo jokes and pee jokes and fart jokes as well. But the one joke we like best is the reference to a topless bar. Off the highway, there is the Top Down Truck Stop. In smaller writing underneath, the sign reads: "All Convertible Waitresses," which is pretty self explanatory. The waitresses have their tops down.

10 Pitching A Tent In The Emperors New Groove

Although it's a stretch to say that this is an Easter egg because it's right in front of our faces, we're including it. In reality, this is just adult humor, but we love it so much that we had to squeeze it in this list. So Kronk is a pretty big guy, and he has a little baby tent. And though the scene is funny without the s*xual implication, that of seeing Kronk use a tent that fails to cover anything, the true joke here is in the concept of a man "pitching a tent." We don't need to get into the specifics because we all get what that means. Just look at the placement of the tent over his crotch and try to tell us that the animators weren't thinking what we're thinking.

9 The Infamous Drawing In Monster's Inc.

For many, the greatest of all Easter eggs ever comes from Monster's Inc. When Sully peeks his head through the closet door at Boo's house in the final scene in the movie, there is a dirty drawing on the wall. Sadly, even though this would be a hilarious drawing to include in the movie and it really does look authentic, it is actually not real. That's right, perhaps the funniest of modern Easter eggs is a lie. It was created as part of a competition on Cracked and has fooled many ever since. The real drawing is just a children's drawing of a cat and a bug or something. Actually, on second thought, those are probably drawings of monsters. Yeah, that would make more sense.

8 Sausage Dad In Three Little Pigs

The year was 1933 and Disney's animators had a pretty sadistic sense of humor. In Three Little Pigs, the story is as we know it to be. There is nothing out of the ordinary, except for a picture on the wall. Rather than having a picture of the pigs' father from when he was living, the animators decided to picture him as sausage links. In other words, it's a picture of him after he's been murdered. At first glance, this is a funny little joke. But, when you really think about it, this is a picture of their father dead. The equivalent for us would be a picture of a father in his coffin. It's a morbid concept and one that the children of the '30s weren't too bothered by, but the kids of today are different. They're more sensitive. They aren't allowed to go to the park across the street at the age of 12 without at least three adults watching them. We're from different worlds.

7 Hercules And The Centaur Nessus

Even though it might just be a complete coincidence, we expect that the animators knew exactly what they were doing when they created the scene of Hercules fighting the centaur, Nessus, in Hercules. From the start, the centaur has two conspicuous bulges on his forehead. Call them eyebrows, sure, but their true function comes into play at the end of the fight. After Hercules punches Nessus hundreds of feet into the air, the centaur falls back to the ground, and his horseshoes plunk him on the head one by one. After a couple of hits, a very large phallic-like bulge forms in the middle of his head. The final horseshoe lands on this bulge completing the horseshoe game joke, but the image we're left with is a pretty hard one to miss. Maybe, dark isn't the right word, but it is graphic.

6 The Mighty Ducks And Gordon Bombay

The Mighty Ducks is one of those quintessential Disney sports movies. The Ducks films were some of the best feel good flicks around at the time, but there is a dark suggestion hidden in the films. We know that the coach, Gordon Bombay, was arrested for drunk driving. For his crime, he was sentenced to coach peewee hockey for community service, a classic sentence for drunk drivers. Although we don't see him falling all over the place wasted, there is a case to be made that Gordon is an alcoholic. He's a burnt-out former athlete who is afraid of his past and, most importantly, his name is frickin' Gordon Bombay. Gordon's Gin is the world's best-selling gin and has been around since 1769. Bombay is a newer type of gin that became very popular very quickly and was made before the film came out. By putting two and two together, we can safely say that Gordon Bombay is a closet drunk.

5 The Shining All Over Toy Story

The Shining is not a children's movie, and it never has been. Although many of the psychological horrors in the film are more effective on adults, it's the stuff of nightmares for all ages. That's why it's so strange to see Toy Story littered with references to the classic horror film. None, by themselves, are terrifying; but they are references of a much darker film. There's the carpet in Sid's house which is the same from the Overlook Hotel. There's the intercom in Toy Story 3, which is the same one as in the manager's office in the Kubrick film. Then, there's also the security camera and the garbage truck license plate that read, "OVERLOOK R237" and "RM237" respectively, which links to the Hotel and Room 237 from The Shining. While kids probably won't get these references, they are a weird combination of films to be sure.

4 The Hooker In Toy Story

Sid is a sick kid. We know this. At least, that's how he's been portrayed in Toy Story. Realistically, he's just exploring his creativity (and destructiveness) and using his imagination. It turns out that Sid has a pretty dirty imagination, though. In his room, we meet his twisted toy collection. There are several mangled Frankenstein monster toys made from combining the various elements of different toys. The one that jumps out to us as a dirty and somewhat dark in-joke is the fishing rod on Barbie legs. Fit with a big red hook, we can guess that the joke here is that this is a "hooker." Sure, it could be a "Fishing Rodder," but knowing that Pixar likes their dirty jokes just as much as all other children's movie animators do, we have to assume they were thinking Hooker when they designed this beast.

3 Lemon Party In Cars 2

The animators from the Cars films struck again with another pretty crazy reference in their sequel. Lemons are both fruit and cars. So, when the Lemons throw a party in Cars 2, it is rightly called a lemon party. Maybe you're thinking, what's wrong with a lemon party? Ah, if we could only go back to a time when we didn't know what a lemon party was. One of the foulest images on the interwebs, the lemon party has been trapping unsuspecting visitors for many a year. This party in Cars 2 is just another reminder we didn't ask for of an image we can never scrape from our memory banks.

2 Baby Herman In Who Framed Roger Rabbit

In the opening cartoon in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, we are introduced to Baby Herman. Baby Herman looks like a baby, but, when the cameras stop rolling, he's revealed to be a middle-aged man with a foul mouth who only looks like a baby. After yelling at Roger for ruining the scene, Baby Herman walks off the set angry and says he'll be in his trailer. When he's leaving, Baby Herman walks under a woman's dress and puts his hand upwards with his middle finger extended. In the DVD version of the film, the finger was very clearly edited out to make it appear less graphic, but in the original, it's obvious what the intention was.

1 The Fate Of Sully In A Toy Story Short Film

This one comes to us from the Toy Story short film "Partysaurus Rex." To piece this together, let's first go back to Monsters Inc. In that film, one of the monsters tells Sully, "I heard humans skin monsters and make toilet covers out of their fur." At first, there was nothing interesting about this line. But, when the short "Partysaurus Rex" came out, we see Bonnie having a bath and playing with some of the Toy Story toys. Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed something alarming in the bathroom. There, on the toilet seat, is the skin of Sully. That means that not only was the monster right about toilet covers, but he also predicted Sully's horrifying fate.

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15 Darkest Easter Eggs From Children's Movies