15 D-List Celebs Who Are Only Famous Because They're Major D-Bags

D-list celebrities are an odd bunch. They're the people who hang on the fringes of celebrity and might've done something of note at one point but are now simply famous for being famous. They really only exist so the rest of us non-celebrities can feel better about ourselves. Some of them still manage to make a decent living as D-listers, mostly with roles on reality-TV shows, while others scrape by with an occasional small role on a TV show or a movie or by making personal appearances. One thing that most D-listers have in common is how laughable they are. In fact, I would have to say that you can't be a member of this particular club unless you're totally lame. To be a D-Lister, you have to be a joke, and you have to be willing to make money from it.

It also helps if you're a douchebag. The following D-listers are some of the most ridiculous douchebags that you'll ever come across in any walk of life. In fact, it's rather amazing that anyone could even possibly be as douchey as the people that you're about to see. These people are simply awful. It's hard to tell whether they don't know that we're all laughing at them or if they think we think they're cool. Here's a hint: we're all laughing at you, and none of us think you're cool.

Here are 15 D-List Celebrities Who Are Only Famous Because They're Douchebags:

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15 Flava Flav - Hype-Man D-bag

Flavor Flav was once in one of the coolest bands of all time, Public Enemy. Even then, he was kind of a joke. While Chuck D, Professor Griff, and Terminator X were all hardcore, Flav was always just there for comic relief, dancing around with a big clock around his neck. He cemented his douchebag status by being the star of Flavor of Love, which was a reality show where a variety of different women pretended that they weren't totally disgusted by him. He followed that up by appearing in a bunch of other reality shows, proving that he'll do anything for a dollar. He's been arrested numerous times on charges ranging from attempted murder to domestic violence to possession of cocaine. What a douchebag.

14 Dustin Diamond - Enormous D-bag

Probably the biggest actual douchebag on this entire list is Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on Saved By the Bell as a child actor and since then has done pretty much everything possible to prove himself to be a douchebag. At first, he became a stand-up comic, but he was awful at that. Then, he even starred in a sex tape, which no one wanted to see. Then, he did the reality-show circuit, where he acted like an entitled jerk and not a pathetic has-been. He even wrote a tell-all about his time on the show called Behind the Bell. He has been arrested more than a few times for charges of carrying a concealed weapon and recklessly endangering public safety. Yes, Dustin Diamond is a douchebag.

13 Aaron Carter - Lame D-bag

Aaron Carter is mostly known for being the youngest brother of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, so you know already we have a serious douchebag situation going on. He did have a fair amount of musical success at one point, but that seems like ages ago. Recently, he said that he still misses his ex-girlfriend Hilary Duff and said that she was the love of his life. I have to tell you, Aaron, that you're looking like you're on meth and that after you went through bankruptcy and all, I truly doubt that she's all that interested in you. In fact, she's probably super creeped out by you.  He also has had a lot of issues with substances. Aaron, seriously, pull yourself together man. You're an embarrassment to us all.

12 Corey Feldman - Pathetic Douchebag

Corey Feldman is one of the sadder D-list douchebags on this list, but there's no doubt that he is one. He started acting when he was three years old and was on many television shows and movies such as The Goonies, Stand By Me, and Lost Boys. Sadly, Corey has had a lot of problems. He's said he was molested as a kid, had a super odd relationship with Michael Jackson, and became a heroin addict. In other words, he totally fell apart. This is sad enough, but he keeps coming back and trying to be relevant. His last attempt was when he appeared on the TODAY show to perform a song with a backup band made up of women dressed as angels. It was horrible and was roundly mocked, making Corey a very sad douchebag indeed.

11 Randy Quaid - Totally Insane Douchebag

Man, is Randy Quaid nuts. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the YouTube video entitled "Randy Quaid Is The Most Insane Man On Earth," and don't say that I didn't warn you. He's the older brother of Dennis Quaid, who doesn't seem nearly as insane as Randy and also was the star of numerous popular movies, such as Independence Day and most of the National Lampoon Vacation movies. Randy seemed rather normal up until about 7 years ago when he used an invalid credit card to pay a $10,000 bill at a hotel, then was arrested for such things as burglary, then went to Canada where he and his wife tried to stay because they said they feared for their lives if they went back to the United States. He has turned into a total whack job, but you don't have to be sane to be a douchebag.

10 Spencer Pratt - Married to Another Douchebag

I would dare anyone to tell me that Spencer Pratt isn't a total douchebag. He started off on The Hills, which was a reality show that barely seemed real. He was the boyfriend of Heidi Montag. His whole thing on the show was to let everyone know how ridiculously cool he was, how rich he was, and all of that. Since then, he's gotten married to Heidi and has spent his life showing everyone how he's probably the least-cool person ever and that he'll do anything for a dollar, including totally humiliate himself. He's been on Wife Swap, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here and the British version of Celebrity Big Brother. Spencer has turned into nothing but a pathetic D-list celebrity douchebag, or maybe he always was one.

9 A.J. McLean - Backstreet Douchebag

A.J. always tried to be super cool when he was in The Backstreet Boys, and we can't really blame him for that. After all, they were very successful and making a ton of money, and image really is everything when it comes to that kind of thing. So, my point is, he was always a douchebag, but for a while, he was on the A-list. Then, as time went on, he became someone who just kept slipping. Part of it was that the older he got, the less cool he looked and the more he looked like someone's dad trying to act cool. The other part was all of his addiction issues. He went to rehab over and over again before he finally got clean. Is there anything more douchey than a middle-aged former boyband member with an addiction problem? I think not.

8 Vanilla Ice - Ice, Ice Douchebag

As pretty much everyone in the entire world knows, Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robby Van Winkle, had an enormous hit way back in 1990 with the song Ice Ice Baby. The song was enormously catchy, and there's no doubt at all that Vanilla Ice could dance extremely well, even though he looked totally ridiculous. The song was the first hip-hop song to ever hit number 1 on the Billboard charts. That was pretty much it for his career, though. He's never had another important hit and has spent much of his time appearing on reality shows, even hosting his own called The Vanilla Ice Project on the DIY NetworkAll that is cool enough, but him being arrested for threatening a homeless man with a pistol and being arrested multiple times for beating his wife make him a total douchebag.

7 Wesley Snipes - Tax-Evading Douchebag

For a while, it appeared that Wesley Snipes was going to be a huge star and not the D-lister that he is today. He starred in the movies White Men Can't Jump, Blade, and New Jack City, among many others. That all sounds great, but what put him on the train to D-list city was when he was busted for tax evasion and sentenced to three years in prison. I have to say, I have no sympathy for rich people who don't pay taxes. It's like, hey man, someone gave you millions of bucks, and they want a couple hundred back. Pay it. Or you know, go to prison like an idiot. Wesley Snipes was kind of cool at one point but now is a D-list douchebag.

6 Daniel Baldwin - Bloated-Baldwin Douchebag

Daniel Baldwin is one of the Baldwin brothers, all of whom are actors and all of whom have varying levels of success. The most famous of them all, of course, is Alec. Daniel was moderately successful with some major roles in some television shows and movies until he jumped onboard the D-list train with both feet. He's been arrested numerous times, including for grand theft auto, but most famously, he once was found running naked through the halls of New York's Plaza Hotel shouting "Baldwin!" and was busted for possession of cocaine. Okay, I have to say that's pretty wild, Daniel, and you sound fun to party with, but sadly, it also kind of makes you a douchebag who's on the D-list.

5 Andy Dick - Creepy Douchebag

Andy Dick is a comedian, although I suppose I should say that he "was" a comedian because there's nothing funny at all about what he's been up to over the last 15 years or so. He was a stand-up comedian and appeared on The Ben Stiller Show and News Radio, but what he's most famous for is being an absolute insane creeper. He's been arrested numerous times for things like sexual abuse, sexual battery, and indecent exposure. He's been thrown out of numerous public appearances for acting like a complete lunatic and has been to rehab a whole bunch of times, both private ones and ones for all of us to see like Celebrity Rehab. The only reason this guy is famous is that he's an insane creeper douchebag.

4 Bret Michaels - Washed-Up Douchebag

Bret Michaels could've just lived off of his money that he made as the frontman for the band Poison -- at least you would assume he could. They had a number-one single in Every Rose Has Its Thorn and have sold 50 million records worldwide. But hey, it seems like he didn't want to settle for being a retired rock star and decided to be a D-list douchebag instead. He decided to go on the so-called reality dating show Rock of Love, in which a variety of young and hot women all fought for the right to hang out with a middle-aged Bret Michaels, who looked like he was wearing a wig and didn't seem to want to be there at all. The show was awful, and Michaels became a joke.  Welcome to the D-list, Mr. Rockstar.

3 Scott Baio - Pompous Douchebag

Scott Baio is possibly the most pompous douchebag D-lister in this whole crew, which is really saying something. Seriously, this clown played Chachi on Happy Days, then was on Joanie Love Chachi, and then was the star of Charles in Charge. I guess that's pretty cool and all that, but the reality is that this all went down 30 and 40 years ago. Since then, he's been the star of Scott Baio is 45 and Single, which was an awful reality show about how he never settled down. He now occasionally makes news by saying inflammatory things about politics, which I would repeat except for the obvious fact that no one cares what this douche has to say. Seriously, Scott -- don't go away mad; just go away.  Or you know, just stay on the D-list.

2 Gary Busey - Nutty Douchebag

Gary Busey is the second totally insane D-list douchebag on this list, but he's a little sadder than Randy Quaid. At one point, Busey was everywhere. He was the star of Lethal Weapon, Point Break, and numerous other movies. In 1998, he was in a serious motorcycle accident and has suffered some sort of brain damage since. He's never been the same, and, in fact, a doctor on Celebrity Rehab said that the accident caused him to speak and act more impulsively. This makes total sense, as Busey has basically been a complete insane freak for quite a long time now, and his career has been dead forever. But you may be asking, "Okay, well all that is fine, but is he a douchebag?" Well, just check out his Buseyisms, and get back to me on what you think.

1 Carrot Top - Ugly Douchebag

Carrot Top is, no doubt, on the D-list, and he's been there for a long time. At one point, it looked like he might become a big star, but those days are long gone.  He has a lot of things about him that aren't in his favor, but that doesn't necessarily make him a douchebag. First of all, he has really weird red hair. Then, he does his eyebrows all messed-up looking, and he's a prop comedian. All of those things are, without a doubt, not that cool. But what makes him a total douchebag is his body. This guy used to just be totally normal-looking, and now, he's totally jacked. Whether that's because he's lifting like crazy or he's on steroids, who knows? But one thing we all know for sure is this D-lister looks and acts like a total douchebag.

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