15 Curvy Celebs Who've Been Doing Their Squats

One of the hardest questions for a lot of men in this world to answer is whether they prefer what a woman has got going on up top or down below. Sure, they're both pretty great, but if you had to pick just one, which would you go with? We're still undecided, but for now, we'll go with what they've got down below and bring you a list of fifteen celebrities who are definitely doing their squats.

Okay, so maybe they haven't been putting in the hard work like we're assuming, and they may have had their assets surgically enhanced in some way. However, at the end of the day, who cares? No matter how they got them, we absolutely love them. We usually find it really surprising how much the media obsesses over how much plastic surgery a celebrity has gotten when it's the same media constantly analyzing these celebrities' bodies anyway! Maybe if you weren’t so obsessed, these poor women wouldn’t feel the need to get themselves enhanced in as many ways as possible. We say, enhance away, ladies! You get that butt you’ve always wanted.

Ready to see some celebrities who are carrying a lot of weight in their backends? Yeah? So are we!


15 Jennifer Lopez

Of all the big-bootied celebrities out there, this woman really started the modern obsession. Maybe we're wrong, but when we were children, we can remember people going on about how this famous woman was most famous for an absolutely amazing behind, which everybody loved at the time and is still loved by some to this day. Can you believe that a single woman got more famous for her backend than anything else? Sure, J-Lo has done other things with her life, but it's the booty that keeps her in the public eye, if you ask us. Is there a chance that the modern obsession with butts looking the way that they do is all down to the fact that J-Lo’s butt looked the way it did? That might sound ridiculous, but you have to realize that this is how this sort of stuff comes about in modern society.

14 Nicki Minaj


This world seems to become obsessed with another woman's butt every few years, and the woman that we're all talking about at the moment is definitely Nicki Minaj. She likes to flaunt it as well. She had the right to say something about leaving her butt along until she actually wrote, recorded, and now performs a song exclusively about how she has a huge butt. For anyone wondering, it seems that Minaj almost definitely bought her butt as well. We're not saying this matters, but just in case you were wondering if she put the hard work in, all you have to do is Google image Minaj when she was younger. No way is this woman all natural, if you ask us. Do you think you have to start doing squats to maintain a surgically enhanced whale tail? These are the sorts of questions that society has to start answering.

13 Coco Austin

Like many famous women, this woman's fame is pretty much entirely based on whom she got married to, which we're not really that bothered about when it comes to Coco because she's got the kind of butt that probably would've gotten her famous at some point. We reckon that Coco knew this because she spent her time before she was married to Ice T as a glamor model, showing off her assets for money. Honestly, while we have a massive problem with the way that women are objectified on a grand scale in this world, we don't have any problem with the way that women can use this to their advantage by making money off of that objectification. It’s our job to smash society's expectations that are fundamentally incorrect, but at the same time, you have to work within the parameters that you're handed, so work with what you’ve got, people!

12 Khloe Kardashian


We never really understood why Kim Kardashian was the famous one of the family after all of them crawled out of the woodwork in the hope of gaining fame for doing very little. This woman is clearly the most insightful of them all, and while we don't love everything about her, she tells it like it is and doesn't take any mess from anyone else. The rest of the Kardashian kids are pretty pathetic when you really get down to it. Don't get us wrong: the Jenner clan takes it to a new level as well, but the Kardashian kids are the ones who really drive us insane. Why is it that the people who definitely shouldn't be raising kids are the ones who end up having the most? Why aren’t the smart and intellectual people breeding as much as the famous idiots? They’re building entire franchises of human beings, if you ask us!

11 Iggy Azalea

Sure, wearing these sorts of pants will make any alright butt look great, but we reckon that this woman has a lot going on underneath them. Look, everyone hates Iggy Azalea, and even we have to admit that we think she's terrible at what she does, but if she has one redeeming feature, then it has to be dat booty. When you get to the point where the queen of the famous butt, Jennifer Lopez, is asking you to appear on a song of hers about having a big butt, then you know you're carrying around something that's worth flaunting, which we don't blame her for. Hell, if you were Iggy and you could see the way that the internet is talking about what you do for a living, you'd probably throw on something revealing and get your booty out there as well to get your profile back up.

10 Amber Rose


We're always surprised by the number of people who can look at this woman and not find her attractive just because of her shaved head. Even if we didn't find shaved heads attractive, are you trying to say that you can't look past that head for what she's got going on below it? If you enjoy the above image, make sure you take a look at what she's posting to her Instagram. Amber Rose essentially uses her account to show off exactly why people around the world think she's one of the most attractive human beings that exist. You should also take a look at her interview on the Eric Andre Show. In fact, you should watch every single episode of that because it's absolutely amazing. Seriously, we know this is about Amber Rose and her buttcheeks, but if you take anything away from this paragraph, let it be the fact that you should be watching Eric Andre.

9 Kim Kardashian

Does anybody else wish that this woman would go away forever and never come back? Obviously, we're not saying we wish she would die, but there's just something so annoying about her that it physically leaves us upset to know that there are people around the world who love her. Honestly, there are young women out there who aspire to achieve what Kim Kardashian has achieved, and beyond having a great butt, she's achieved nothing of any worth. She's a perfect example of how the cult of celebrity has come way too far at this point, and it's time that we all started to pull back on the lever as soon as possible. In a perfect world, we, as a society, would develop to the point where we realize how ridiculous the Kardashian clan, and those like them, are and that we don't need them. Seriously, we really don’t need them.


8 Heidi Montag


We really do live in an interesting world when people who've done nothing but appear on supposed "reality" television like The Hills before becoming hugely famous human beings. The story of Montag is a little sad really, telling the narrative of a woman who went from not being known to being everywhere. This inevitably led to her becoming obsessed with her body -- what it is and what it could become. She took on a huge amount of plastic surgery that ended up making her look completely different and left her weakened for a short period of time, as she took on an insane amount in one go. It’s time that we took a look at how we essentially badger women into making themselves look different instead of teaching them how to become comfortable with who they are. What really matters is what’s on the inside, right? That -- and the butt.

7 Rihanna

We've never really thought about Rihanna in this way, but looking at this image, even we have to admit that she's carrying something worth looking at. Who knew that she had this tight booty hiding underneath all of that terrible music and poor attempts at being a decent human being? If it seems like we're being too harsh on Rihanna, all you have to do is go take a look at when she rolled a joint on top of a bodyguard's head. Yes, that's right. The guy was already doing more than his job is worth by seating Rihanna on his shoulders at a concert, but he really should've drawn a line when she began rolling up on top of his head. If people don't say no to human beings like Rihanna, when are they ever going to learn that they, in the grand scheme of things, mean nothing? She really needs to grow up and see that.

6 Christina Aguilera


If you want to see a perfect example of how women have it so much worse in this society, just take a look at how everyone reacted when Christina Aguilera came out into the world looking a lot heavier than she had done previously. This is despite the fact that she's almost certainly healthier now that she has a bit of weight on her, rather than when she was constantly obsessing over being as thin as physically possible. Also, now that she's bigger, she has one of the greatest backsides out there. Seriously, we're pretty jealous of the hand that gets to touch these buttocks in this image. We were never interested in the singer while she was in her "Dirty" phase, but now that she has a little bit more about her, if you know what we mean, we're very interested. We're now following her career for all of the wrong reasons.

5 Salma Hayek

We're always apprehensive about putting this woman on any list because we know that as soon as we do, we'll just want to talk about how much she's shaped how we see what's beautiful in this world. Honestly, just look at that face and that figure. This woman knows exactly how to work it, and she didn't let it go to her head either. She's accomplished a lot in the field of acting, found someone whom she genuinely loves, is rich and famous, and has likely achieved everything that she wanted to one day achieve. We also reckon that you won't be able to tell how old she is either because she seems to defy the aging process that the rest of us are slaves to. Is there anything that this woman can't do? Throw a perfect booty onto the end of that list, and you’ve got yourself a dream woman.

4 Beyonce


We really don't like this woman, which we've regularly talked about, but we would be lying if we said we didn't like her butt. This woman's butt is so big and so loved that she thinks nothing of having it spread all over a giant screen while she plays in various arenas around the world. We'll throw a truce out to Beyonce, which says that if she promises to stop performing music that she pretends to have written and composed, we'll accept the fact that she has a great booty, and she can tour the world just showing that off instead. Honestly, considering the world we live in, we wouldn't be surprised if Beyonce could make a living out of doing just that because things are starting to get pretty weird, if you haven't noticed. We’d probably end up having more respect for her as well if that’s what she did for a living.

3 Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is one of those celebrities whom we don't remember finding out about and have no idea why we keep hearing about her. No insult to her or anything because look at that body, but what exactly does she do? It seems like a lot of people know her these days because she's married to Ryan Gosling, but she did a lot before her relationship with him, so it seems unfair to imply that's the only reason anyone is talking about her. Maybe we're wrong and Mendes has actually achieved a lot in her life, but we just know her name and face with nothing else. Why is that? Celebrity culture has gotten to a point where we can remember names and faces but have no idea why we know them. There are people out there who've achieved nothing, and yet we know more about them than our neighbors. Insane.

2 Fergie


Let's be honest: there's no reason we shouldn't include two women on this list who sang songs about how much people love their lumps. Looking at this image; we're not surprised that people do love this woman's humps. Imagine looking into the mirror and seeing that amazing set of cheeks! You'd just have to write a song about it. While we don't dislike Fergie, we do think that she seems like a pretty bland character, but that doesn't mean we don't recognize she's got a butt that's worthy of admiration. Look at that thing! We would go as far to say that we wouldn't be against a painting of that booty being placed in an art gallery somewhere. Maybe once she dies, she can donate her booty to science so we could study exactly how to create the perfect booty. We often wonder if Fergie would be famous if not for her booty, but then, we just get lost thinking about her booty.

1 Charlotte Crosby

So, there's a huge chance that you've never heard of this woman, as she's much better known in the UK, but we'd be lying if we didn't say that we love this woman's butt. If you ask us, she deserves to be known the world over for the assets that she's showing off in this picture. It may not be the most flattering image of her face or anything, but she makes up for it by wearing tight exercise pants and flexing exactly what God gave her right in our faces. She originally appeared on a reality television show called Geordie Shore, but like most attractive women who appear on reality television shows, she's since been able to turn how she looks into a career, which, as we’ve already pointed out, is fine by us! As you can tell by the image, one of the ways she's made money is a fitness DVD.

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