15 Current WWE Superstar Ages That Vince McMahon Doesn’t Want Us To Know

The current WWE product is all about pushing the youth. However, the part that Vince likely doesn’t want us to know about is the fact that the most over acts, as you’ll see in this article, are all of a certain age. Asides from The Shield, who were pushed properly from the ground up as young stars - properly building a youthful Superstar has been few and far between for the company.

The face of the franchise is 40 years old. The most talented Superstar on the entire roster is 40. And heck, the part-timer who rarely loses a darn match is also 40. Without a doubt, this is something that Vince McMahon and those running the WWE don’t want you to know about. Even the acts that are coming over from NXT hot as a firecracker are of a certain age. Hell, Bobby Roode is another name you can add to the 40s club!

From a 47 year old still jumping off cells to a 36 year old set to make her debut on the main roster, these are WWE Superstar ages that’ll likely shock you. Without a doubt, Vince would rather keep these dates of birth hidden. Enjoy the article folks, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend! Let’s begin.


15 Finn Balor – 36

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Although Balor’s been wrestling since 2000, the WWE Universe still feels as though he’s brand new. Watching him in the squared circle, you’d think he was a kid in his late 20s based off of his youthful look and smooth in-ring skillset. However, despite his short-time on the main roster, Balor’s been around the block and back again at the age of 36. Thus far, he spent the bulk of his career overseas working with New Japan for nearly a decade. Finally coming back from injury, the WWE is hoping for a similar kind of run in Balor with the company.

Scary to think he’s nearing his 40s but his work and look will set him apart for a number of years looking to the future. He’s been out of the Universal Title picture for a while now, but look for that to change in the near future. There’s perhaps no 36 year old better than Balor in the ring, and that serves even more true when you assess his physical appearance; the guy is shredded!

14 Shane McMahon – 47

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For those of you wondering why so many older wrestlers are outraged with Shane still jumping off cells, then look no further to find the answer: it's because of his age. Shane is no young up-and-comer, instead he’s a father of three who’s close to the age of 50. Seriously, at 47, should a family man of his age really be jumping off cells? Not to mention a man of his stature that makes close to $2.2 million a year (and he’s the boss’s son!). We love the moment but seriously Shane, put those days behind you before you get seriously hurt.

For the time being, we won’t be seeing Shane as much given his recent HIAC performance with Kevin Owens. When he does return, we’re hopeful that he'll take a permanent break with those crazy high-risk manoeuvres. Stop yelling at us TR nation. He’s 47!

13 Braun Strowman – 34

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Similar to Finn (who we mentioned earlier in the article), we really haven’t seen all that much of Braun despite the fact that he’s been pushed to the moon in 2017. Before that however, his role in the company and in the world of pro wrestling was basically non-existent; putting things into perspective: Strowman began his pro wrestling career in 2013 signing with the WWE and joining the Performance Center with no prior experience.

Braun would end up leaping over NXT, a rarity for an inexperienced Superstar and performing as a backup act with the Wyatt family. He’s now starting to really break out on his own and it’s happening at the peak age of his career: at 34. Without a doubt, he’ll be a future WWE Champion and that scenario will likely take place in his mid 30s at 35.

12 Tamina – 39

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No disrespect to Tamina, but had it not been for her family name, it’s almost impossible to imagine the talent with the company for over seven years. She started in 2010 with the company and since then, she has yet to win a major Women’s Championship. Finally, she’s somewhat involved in a storyline as the popular Lana plays the role of her manager. Looking at her entire WWE run, this is the closest she’s ever been to a championship.

At the age of 39, Tamina isn’t getting any younger set to turn 40 in a couple of months in early January. With the youth movement in full effect as it pertains to numerous up and coming women, Tamina’s time in the spotlight will end sooner rather than later. Looking at her age and assessing the talent coming through the WWE pipeline in NXT and out on the indies, this is likely Tamina’s final stand with the company.

11 Bobby Roode – 40

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Had it been a decade ago, the odds of a guy like Bobby Roode making it in the WWE would be pretty slim. Heck, just a couple of years back, his odds were pretty much shot. Wrestling on the indie scene since the late 90s, Roode made a name for himself outside of the WWE.

With NXT open for indie veterans more so than ever before, Roode took a bold chance by ending his lengthy TNA run that lasted more than a decade. His decision at that point in his career was risky, but one that was right on the money. At the age of 40, Roode is just starting his main roster run after a terrific stint with the NXT Championship. His age is truly shocking given his chiseled physique and spectacular work-rate inside of the squared circle. Similar to Chris Jericho, these darn Canadians just don’t get old and like a fine wine, just get better with age!

10 Kassius Ohno – 37

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The WWE giving a wrestler a second chance is quite rare, but it does happen occasionally. As for it taking place in NXT, that’s a lot more of a long shot given the plethora of new talent at their disposal. When someone goes out, it’s time for someone else to step in.

Well, Ohno broke those odds returning to the company after a brief failed stint prior. What made the signing that much rarer was the fact that Ohno was on the other side of his 30s at the time. He’s now 37 and set to turn 38 in late December. Putting things into perspective, the big man started training back in 1998. So yes, he’s been around the block.

For his size and age, his agility is certainly one of someone that is far younger. It remains to be seen if he’ll join the main roster but most of us tend to agree, the WWE did good in bringing back the big babyface.

9 Matt Hardy – 43/Jeff Hardy – 40

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Shocking that the Hardy brothers are both in their 40s; during their time away from the WWE, both showed that they still had the “it” factor. Particularly brother Matt, who took a large “leap of faith” (no pun intended) by completely alternating his character into 'Broken Matt'. Well into his 40s, Matt completely re-identified his persona and was more over than at any point in his entire career. Now that’s something.

We can say the same for brother Jeff, particularly during his current WWE run. Somehow, the Superstar still looks flawless in the ring; seriously, he performed a Swanton Bomb off a ladder during his return at the age of 39. Not many 39 year olds can say they did that. Currently out with an injury, the 40 year old will continue to shock the WWE Universe once he returns.


8 Tye Dillinger – 36

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Tye is another one of those NXT alums that seems brand spankin’ new on the main roster. However, the purist pro wrestling fan knows that the veteran has seen his fair share of disappointment throughout his lengthy pro wrestling journey. He was actually with the WWE back in 2006. During his three year stint, the best he ever achieved was a lackluster push over character with the failure of an ECW brand. Getting released by the company, many believed we’d never see him again.

Wrestling all over the indies, Dillinger never gave up and found his way back to the WWE, thriving with NXT under a “Perfect 10” persona. It’s never too late as the Canadian finally cracked the WWE’s main roster at the age of 36. He’s set to turn 37 next February. Like the other Canadian on this list, we can expect this WWE Superstar to continue on the right path for several more years.

7 Cesaro – 36

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Set to turn 37 in just a few months, the Swiss Superman continues to go strong despite the fact that he’s on the other end of his 40s. Heck, he's set to main event the upcoming TLC PPV teaming up with Strowman, Miz and Sheamus, another trio of Superstars that are well into their 30s.

Before joining the WWE in 2011, many tend to forget the lengthy 11 year indie experience Cesaro endured before joining the big leagues. Wrestling for the likes of Chikara, Ring Of Honor and Pro Wrestling Noah, just to name a few, there’s a reason many pure wrestling fans made a big deal of Cesaro’s signing back in the day. His performances in the ring have not disappointed that’s for sure, what has been a major letdown however, is his creative booking as he’s yet to be crowned WWE Champion. Entering his late 30s, that window is getting smaller and smaller.

6 Tom Phillips – 28

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Before we enter the top five, we decided to throw in a curve ball featuring a WWE broadcaster that’s a lot younger than you might've thought. When it comes to WWE commentators, the company has opted for experience over youth more times than not. However, with the likes of Corey Graves and Tom Phillips now thriving at the broadcast table, that sentiment seems to be shifting.

Some might call his style of commentating bland, and certainly nothing like the over-the-top Mauro Ranallo, but the truth is, Vince McMahon is a huge fan of that system of calling a WWE show. Phillips also does a decent enough job at delivering whatever Vince is telling him, which equals to big time success for the young commentator. When Michael Cole calls it a day, look for the 28 year old to likely take his spot. Expect a promotion to take place while Tom is still in his early 30s, which would be quite the achievement.

5 Asuka – 36

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We start off the top five with a WWE Superstar yet to make her main roster debut. At the age of 36, Asuka has never competed in a televised main roster matchup and that’s finally about to change as she makes her debut at the next Raw brand PPV TLC. Still undefeated, you can expect the WWE star to continue her dominant run as champion over on the main roster.

A surprising fact about Asuka is that she’s already 36. Starting her career off in 2004, there’s a reason as to why she seems so comfortable inside of the squared circle. Wrestling an easier style over in the WWE and working a much lighter schedule for the time being, Asuka has the advantage of being able to work well into her 40s if need be.

4 Samoa Joe – 38

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Like Bobby Roode, a wrestler like Samoa Joe in the WWE seemed highly unlikely. Heck, his debut was shocking and one nobody even saw coming. Joe had been rumored to join the WWE years ago, but when the conversation faded, many thought that dream would not become a reality. Again, thanks to Triple H’s vision, Joe was welcomed into NXT, playing a pivotal role as a tremendous heel opponent for the likes of Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura. Not surprising, he was called up to the main roster quicker than most, and his popularity has only amplified since.

He’s currently on the sidelines but you can expect the 38 year old to resume right where he left off. Still in tremendous in-ring shape, we can expect Joe to continue with the company well into his 40s as he’s just getting started on the main roster.

3 A.J. Styles – 40

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The WWE’s best overall performer is in fact 40. Heck, even the WWE’s most popular face is 40 (not to mention the most dominant Superstar in terms of booking in the ring is also 40). You’ll see all three of those veterans in the final three entries on this list.

We start with the best overall performer in A.J. Styles, who makes everything so darn effortless in the ring. Like the great Shawn Michaels, we can expect A.J. to continue well into his 40s and in all likelihood, retire still in his prime. Looking to the future, we can expect “you still got it” and “one more match” chants towards Styles once he calls it a career. However, that time is most certainly nowhere near as A.J. continues to grow as a performer with the WWE. Like we said with a bunch of Superstars on this list, he’ll only get better with age.

2 Brock Lesnar – 40

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In the recent entry, we mentioned that one of the most dominantly booked WWE Superstars is 40 years old. Of course, Vince wouldn’t want us to know that his “cream of the crop” stars are all over the hill in their 40s - so much for pushing the youth, right?

Looking at Brock with the WWE, his character is starting to get a little stagnate judging by his current booking. Brock has remained Champion since WrestleMania, though his top moments with the title are few and far between, unless you count getting power slammed by Strowman through two tables as a great moment for Brock. Take nothing away from Lesnar, as he’s still a once in a lifetime athlete, however at this point, the creative team needs to add another element of excitement to his persona.

1 John Cena – 40

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We end the article with the face of the WWE, John Cena. Many believe his time with the company is finally winding down, however that isn’t the case as Cena still has that “it" factor, and more importantly, he remains the biggest draw in the company despite his part-time schedule.

Rumors are now swirling that John’s set to break the record for most World Championship wins (set by Ric Flair) at the upcoming WrestleMania. What’ll make that Championship win that much more noteworthy is the fact that he’ll be close to the age of 41, with his birthday soon after the massive event in late April. No matter what age he’s at, Cena is without a doubt worthy of breaking the record. Whether it's a decade ago or today, John remains the most over face in the entire company.


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