15 Current WWE Stars You Had No Idea Have Smoking Hot Partners

With such a grueling schedule, it’s a difficult task for a WWE Superstar to find love outside of their work. For that reason, wrestlers usually fall into relationships with other wrestlers as they understand the everyday grind. On the norm, you’re lucky if you get to spent three days with a loved one per week. Usually, before you know it, you’re back on the road without getting much family time; that’s the harsh reality of being a WWE Superstar and entering such a field.

As fans, we get so involved in the product that we tend to forget that the Superstars are in fact real people just like us that live normal lives outside of the ring. The Superstars we featured in this article live quiet lives away from the WWE, so with that said, you probably failed to recognize that they have smoking hot partners. The WWE stars on this list have wives and girlfriends both in and out of the company; one thing that remains a constant throughout this piece is the hotness factor of these women. These dudes are quite lucky!

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend; chances are, they didn't know about half of the relationships on the list. So without further ado, here are 15 current WWE stars you had no clue have smoking hot partners!

15 Tyler Breeze: Audrey Marie

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Tyler Breeze was a feel good story in the WWE system. After years and years of being down in developmental he finally experienced a career breakthrough under the NXT banner. With a new gimmick, Tyler was finally able to show off his skillset and soon after, he was on the main roster. His progress has been slow, but he’s finally enduring a push under his Tag Team alongside Fandango.

As for his personal life, that appears to be going quite well. In September of 2016, Breeze tied the knot with former WWE developmental talent Audrey Marie. Marie was actually a part of the WWE system back in 2011 joining FCW. She stayed on board till the NXT transformation but she was eventually released by the company. Despite her departure, she remained close to Tyler and the two are happily married. We can all safely say Breeze is doing quite well alongside the beauty outside of the squared circle.

14 Curt Hawkins: Lizzie Karcher

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Known particularly for his time as an “Edgehead”, Hawkins made an unlikely return to the WWE in 2016. He was released back in 2014, and he hit the indie circuit for the most part, even joining TNA at one point in time. Hawkins was also spotted at various wrestling conventions during his stint away from the WWE. With the brand extension in place, the company was desperate for bodies and ones that could put others over. At the age of 32, Hawkins was that guy, and since his return, he’s been doing nothing more than losing matches and putting others over night after night.

Outside of the ring however, it appears like things are going much better for the New Yorker living life with his beautiful wife, Lizzie Karcher. The two had been dating for quite some time and finally decided to get married in October of 2015. They’ve been happily together ever since.

13 Austin Aries: Thea Trinidad

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Joining Ring Of Honor back in 2004, Aries spend the bulk of his career travelling the world and working with various promotions including TNA and Dragon Gate USA. It seemed like a WWE run was a long shot, but with Triple H now heavily recruiting the so-called “indie guy”, Aries was given an opportunity with the company and boy, oh boy has it ever paid off. Inching towards his 40s, Aries can still go with the best of them, and his microphone skills have only added to his appeal. Without a doubt, the company is thrilled that they hired the Wisconsin native.

Outside of the ring, he might be doing even better getting recently engaged to wrestler Thea Trinidad. Dating within your field isn’t something out of the ordinary, and Aries has scored big time with the 26 year old beauty. The New York native started her career independently back in 2010 and would proceed to join TNA on two different stints. She had a match on NXT back in October of 2016, losing to Asuka.

12 Drew McIntyre: Kaitlyn Frohnapel

A lot has changed in the life of Drew McIntyre since he was last seen on WWE TV both inside of the squared circle and in his personal life. In the ring, Drew was regarded as a big time prospect, however, he wouldn't meet those expectations and he was eventually released by the company. Determined to change his life, Drew hit the indie scene and dominated anywhere he went, whether it was with Evolve or TNA Wrestling. He also underwent some major changes to his personal life, undergoing a divorce with his former wife, TNA beauty Taryn Terrell. The couple was married in 2010, but divorced soon after in 2011.

Nowadays, things are going pretty darn well for Drew. He’s back with the WWE joining NXT. This time, his stock appears to be higher than ever and we can expect some big things from the UK talent. Also, in his personal life, Galloway remarried in December of 2016 to Kaitlyn Frohnapel. Months later he joined the WWE, so I guess we can say things are going pretty swimmingly for the talent.

11 Corey Graves: Amy Polinsky

In the WWE’s developmental system since 2011, the company had high hopes for the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native who had the look and skills to thrive. Unfortunately, concussion related issues put a damper on his career and he was forced to throw in the towel in 2014. Seeing major upside in his charisma, Triple H decided to give Graves a role on commentary. With a job as the lead color commentator over on Raw, it’s safe to say the decision has paid off immensely. Fans have been raving about his work and he’s usually the one to get the biggest ovations out of the commentators during live events.

His personal life isn’t too shabby either, residing out of Connecticut alongside his wife Amy. The couple share a fantastic and playful relationship which has been well documented on both of their social media accounts. The couple also has a beautiful family that features a boy and two girls.

10 Johnny Gargano: Candice LeRae

Gargano is another wrestler that made a name for himself through the indie pipeline. He was turned aside by the WWE back in the 2000s and that would only ignite his greatness with promotions like Chikara, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Evolve and Dragon Gate. He was later welcomed back to the WWE joining NXT. This time however, he was forced into an act as a Tag Team specialist alongside long-time friend Tommaso Ciampa. Safe to say the two have thrived alongside on another putting on numerous five star matches down in Hunter’s developmental brand.

In terms of his personal life, Gargano is also doing quite well recently getting married to Candice LeRae back in September of 2016. Some of you might be familiar with that name, as the California native has been working the indie scene for quite some time now dating back to the early 2000s. She’s now under contract with NXT and it remains to be seen when and if her coming out party will take place on the brand.

9 Roderick Strong: Marina Shafir

Roderick Strong is yet another name on this list that we truly wondered if he’d ever join the WWE. Dating way back to 2003, Roderick was constantly working the indies joining the likes of Ring of Honor, TNA, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Full Impact Pro. Triple H and the WWE would make the shocking decision to debut the 33 year old veteran during the Dusty Rhodes Tag Tournament as he joined forces with Austin Aries. He’s not a full time member of the developmental brand, something nobody really saw coming.

His personal life has also undergone some serious shifts. Just recently a couple of days ago, Strong and his fiancée Marina Shafir, welcomed their first child into the world, Troy Veniamin Lindsey. For some of you, Marina might look familiar, and with reason; she’s actually a training partner and teammate of UFC megastar Ronda Rousey. It appears she’ll be putting her MMA career on hold for the time being as the couple raises their newborn child.

8 Konnor: Krissy Vaine

It’s hard to believe that Konnor of The Ascension actually started with the WWE back in the days of Deep South as the company’s territory. He would end up leaving the WWE briefly only to return in 2010. He finally mustered some great success under his current Tag Team The Ascension. Alongside his partner Viktor, the duo dominated NXT and many predicted big things for the team.

Well, the Tag Team became an example you don’t want to be. The duo's NXT success showed the WWE Universe that success down in development doesn’t guarantee success up on the main roster. They had a tiny push to begin, and were just relegated to enhancement talents shortly after.

Konnor’s still struggling to gain momentum in the ring but outside of it, he’s doing quite well with his wife Krissy Vaine, a former model and WWE developmental talent. The couple recently announced that they're expecting a child, in September of 2017.

7 Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson’s wife continues to be one of the great mysteries on social media. She goes by the name of “hot Asian wife”, which was given to her by Anderson himself. Under her Twitter page, she goes by the name of Tini Tini, with the fitting tag of #hotasianwife. The couple has three beautiful children, and the family is living a quiet life residing out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

For Karl Anderson, Heading to the WWE was a long time coming. The Club member spent the majority of his career away from the WWE as a singles wrestler. He finally caught some serious heat in his 30s working in a Tag Team alongside Luke Gallows. The WWE caught on to their talents and they were welcomed into the company following WrestleMania in 2016. Progress has been slow and steady for the duo, but at the age of 37 and with a family, we bet Anderson is thrilled with the stability of working with such a prestigious company. Having a hot Asian wife also doesn’t hurt.

6 Baron Corbin: Rochelle Roman

The main reason for the unveiling of the Performance Center was to turn pro athletes into WWE Superstars. Although numerous indie talents have infused the center, guys like Baron Corbin thrived in what was the initial purpose for the facility. With no wrestling abilities but coming from an NFL background, Corbin had all the tools to become something special. After a couple of years, the company has done a great job in steadily bringing him up and he’s now a crucial part of the WWE’s future over on SmackDown Live.

In terms of his personal life, we really don’t know all that much as the dude generally keeps to himself. However, we’ve spotted the beauty Rochelle Roman in several pictures alongside the Lone Wolf, and we can now say the two are an item after they were spotted together at the WWE’s recent Hall of Fame ceremony.

5 Jason Jordan: April Elizabeth

His main roster run might not be going as planned, however, in terms of his personal life, Jordan recently underwent a huge change tying the knot with his now wife, April Elizabeth. Numerous wrestlers made the ceremony, and pictures of the wedding are now available online.

In terms of his career, Jordan was always a massive prospect that just lacked a little bit of charisma. After years of character transformations, he finally found gold alongside Chad Gable in American Alpha. The team thrived in NXT and fans couldn’t wait for their main roster jump. However, results have been quite mixed up to this point as the team is a bit of an afterthought at the moment behind the likes of The Usos, Breezango and the newly drafted New Day. Fans hoped the duo would be moved to Raw but that wasn’t the case as they continue over on the Tuesday show. Still young and full of energy, the duo has lots of time to turn things around.

4 Kofi Kingston: Kori Campfield

Hard to believe that Kingston has been with the WWE for over a decade already, man are we getting old! He joined back in 2006, and enjoyed his first bit of success feuding with the likes of Randy Orton over on the main roster. His career would undergo a huge overhaul when he took part in the New Day angle. Although the group started off slow, they would eventually turn into an absolute monster, so much so that since 2014, the company hasn’t had the courage to pull the plug just yet given their extraordinary merchandise sales.

As for his personal life, the 35 year old is happily residing out of Tampa, Florida, married to his wife Kori Campfield. The two have been together for quite some time now, tying the knot way back in 2010. The happy couple also has two children, and we can only assume they’ve been eating a box of daddy’s Booty O cereals for breakfast every morning!

3 Enzo Amore: Liv Morgan

Enzo Amore was the talent nobody expected to make it in the industry. Amore himself has admitted that several WWE reps told him he was going nowhere, but Enzo stuck by his guns and after getting some love from Cena for his promo skills, his career was off and running. He’s currently on the main roster and although the results have been mixed, there simply is no doubting his popularity with the company.

As for his personal life, some might not know that he’s actually dating NXT star Liv Morgan. It isn’t all that hard to understand why the two have connected, both are smaller in stature and more importantly, both grew up in the Jersey area. They bonded during their NXT time together and it seems like they’re still going strong being spotted together in Toronto. Not only does Enzo have a mouth, but it also seems like he’s got some serious game landing the smoking hot 22 year old.

2 Kevin Owens: Karina Elias

No disrespect to the ultra-talented Kevin Owens, but he’s not a guy the average fan would picture with a smoking hot partner outside of the ring. However, that’s the case as he’s married to Karina Elias since 2007. As you see in the picture above, his wife is an absolute beauty. Seriously though, the guy’s defining the odds in the ring with his athleticism and outside of the squared circle landing such a beauty. Owens and Karina have a beautiful family featuring their son Owen, who had a clip go viral after marking out over his dad making his debut against John Cena, his other favorite. And the couple also has a daughter, Elodie Leila.

With no guarantees to make it onto the main roster, Owens is exceeding expectations with his in-ring skills and prowess on the microphone, he’s not one of the most over heels in the entire company today. Still only 32, Owens has a lot left in the tank.

1 Kurt Angle: Giovanna Yannotti

After a decade long run outside of the WWE, Kurt Angle has finally come back home! His HOF speech was truly brilliant, and to add to the awesomeness, it was reported that Angle actually requested coming out in a milk truck. Man, would that have been something to see! He’s currently back to his WWE schedule, serving as Raw’s General Manager at the moment. At some point, without a doubt, he’ll make the jump to in-ring action as he’s stated his desire on a number of occasions.

One of the biggest factors in Kurt’s return was the fact that his personal life is now under control. The drug-free Kurt Angle is now a different person, along with being in a new relationship. He divorced Karen Smedley back in 2008 after a decade long relationship. He would remarry in 2012, tying the knot with Giovanna Yannotti. The happy couple has three children together including their most recent coming in November of 2016, a daughter named Nikoletta Sky Angle.

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