15 Current WWE Stars That Are Nothing Like Their Characters In Real Life

We sometimes forget that the WWE Superstars we love are actually real human beings like all of us away from the camera.

As fans we get so caught it up in the entertainment aspect of it all that we sometimes often forget that those WWE Superstars we love are actually real human beings like all of us away from the camera. They like to chill on their time off, watch Netflix and hell for some, play hours upon hours of video games. Aside from a select few like Brock Lesnar, who hate humans on and off-screen, most of our favorite WWE Superstars are very different away from the camera, and that’s apparent for those that play the roles of villains.

In this article, we take a look at several current stars and assess how different they truly are away from their gimmicks. Thanks to reality shows like Total Divas, Total Bellas and the upbringing of technology, we have a greater insight of who these larger than life Superstars actually are. Even the world of podcasts has given us a greater view on the true personality of a Superstar. Just recently Roman Reigns appeared on the Talk Is Jericho Podcast and dare we say, he actually came across as one cool dude. I speak for many fans when I say we’d rather see the Joe character than the current Roman one.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 15 current WWE stars that are nothing like their characters in real life!

15 Charlotte Flair

We knew Charlotte had the potential to be something great given her family name, but boy, has she ever exceeded expectations. With wrestling running through her veins, Charlotte picked up the trade easily and she’s never looked back since, signing her first deal with the company. Nowadays, she’s a four-time Women’s Champion and some are already throwing around the word GOAT, when assessing her talents.

She’s done all of this while dawning a gimmick of an arrogant heel that does whatever it takes to win. In real life however, she’s anything but that, being someone that is extremely down to earth and humble when it comes to all the opportunities she’s been given. Charlotte is very popular with her peers and is even said to be quite shy at times. If you’ve seen her on shoot interviews, you know that even her voice is different when acting like the real life Charlotte. Just watch for yourselves on various interviews like her recent appearance on the Sam Roberts Show. Her voice is quite raspy and dare we say, pretty sexy.

14 Kevin Owens

He’s got quite the mouth on him when it comes to WWE television, but outside the ring, he’s quite humble when it comes to his family life. It’s hard to believe, but Owens is quite the sweetheart when it comes to his wife and kids. He’s been married to his wife Karina Elias, since 2007 and they’ve added to their family ever since. Named after the late great Owen Hart, the couple has a boy named Owen and a daughter named Eldoie Leila. Kevin’s wife posted a video that went viral online featuring Owen’s reaction to his dad’s WWE debut. His reaction was extra sweet because the debut took place with Kevin confronting Owen’s favorite wrestler, John Cena.

He’s nothing close to a family man on-screen which makes his work that much more impressive to take in. Kevin did a terrific job in his run as the Universal Champion, helping to sustain the draw value of the Raw Title. We expect his heel gimmick to only intensify on the SmackDown brand.

13 JBL

Nowadays, JBL seems like the clean cut WWE color commentator who’s held in high regard by the company. He’s quite wealthy and has been a part of the company since way back in 1995. Do the math, that’s more than two decades of service.

However, his image seems to be getting tarnished at the moment and had it not been for his high powered status in the company, he might be out the door. Several former WWE stars have come out discussing JBL’s bully behavior in the past. The topic started to trend after it was revealed that Mauro Ranallo’s leave of absence happened because of JBL’s bullying towards the lead commentator. According to recent news, the WWE is apparently pleading with Mauro to keep things quiet. This is yet another example that what you see isn’t exactly what you get behind the scenes with the likes of Edge, John Morrison, Joey Styles, Justin Roberts and several others being discussed in bullying situations with JBL.

12 Alexa Bliss

Perhaps nobody could have predicted the success of this young 25 year old who started out with the company by applying online, believe it or not. The shy Ohio native began with a babyfaced demeanor under a cheerleader gimmick, but things really took off when she altered her ego to the vicious Alexa Bliss we know and love today.

Only 25, Alexa has become one of the hottest commodities in the WWE today. Her heel work has been a breath of fresh air and she’s already a two-time Women’s Champion. The WWE has showed their faith in the young star, shipping her off to Raw for some more prominent time in the spotlight. What makes this all so unique is the fact that she’s nothing like her character in real-life, as she’s said to be very quiet, respectful and shy, believe it or not. So how does she play such a gimmick, you ask? Well according to Alexa, she takes things that annoy her in her everyday life, and she uses it in her character on-screen.

11 Braun Strowman

Posting pictures with young fans, enjoying the great outdoors and partying it up with several WWE Superstars like Chris Jericho, Braun Strowman has showed us that he’s nothing likes his scary demeanor on-screen. Dare we say, most of us that know his real life ways would actually love to have a beer with the guy.

Some former WWE stars have been critical of this, wanting to see kayfabe be kept alive. Strowman however hasn’t shied away from showing who he truly is, posting various pictures on his Instagram account of his personal life away from the ring. It seems like the WWE isn’t all that bothered as he continues to post everyday pictures that have little to do with his monstrous self on-screen.

The company is very high on Strowman and that was made very apparent when he was the only Wyatt Family member to be shipped off to Raw. The WWE has been desperate in their search for the next “big man” and it seems like they found it in the North Carolina native.

10 Lana

She plays the role of the villainous Ravishing Russian on-screen but truth be told, she’s just a fine looking woman from Nashville, Tennessee, with a background in acting and music. Total Divas has exposed Lana’s real life demeanor and many were shocked to find out that the accent was all a work. Yup, she speaks like your average American girl next door.

A recent incident also proved that Lana’s just your average person as she complained about treatment at an airport in Boston. According to the WWE Superstar, TSA agents “violated her” and harassed her. Lana thanked a police officer for helping her out during the disturbing incident which has made headlines in the last couple for days. Seriously though, what is it with airports lately? First the United staff goes Shield on someone’s a** and now Lana’s getting harassed by TSA agents? Should we start walking to our destinations?

9 Kane

If you’re wondering where the Big Red Machine is nowadays, he has his hands full in a new career running for a mayoral seat in Knox County as a Republican. Yes, he’s taken off the mask and wig for a future in politics, which is quite surreal to the average fan, but those who know Kane away from the camera saw it coming a long time ago.

When asked who’s the smartest WWE Superstar in terms of brain power, the vast majority of the veterans will answer Kane. He plays the role of a villainous and dangerous airhead throughout his career hardly ever talking, but away from the camera, his speaking prowess is nearly perfect. At the age of 49, he’s now set his sights on another career and ironically, he’s competing against some dude that appeared in Friday Night Lights and Lizzie McGuire. You can’t make this stuff up folks, evil wrestling masked guy versus some Lizzie McGuire dude. I pick the creepy masked man.

8 Nia Jax

The new Women’s Division has been a breath of fresh air in the world of sports and entertainment. Fans are now excited to see what the women have to offer as the division features a plethora of different characters. Nia Jax is certainly one of the most unique given her overpowering look, something the division hasn’t had in quite some time.

Believe it or not, Nia was signed in 2014, quite insane to think she’s already on the main roster in this day and age. The former model and college basketball player is thriving on Raw and a big part of that is her scary heel-like persona. What’s quite surreal is the fact that she’s nothing like that away from the camera. Jax is actually very humble, quiet and quite the human being behind the scenes. She’s also smiling a heck of a lot away from the camera which is hard to imagine for the casual fan.

7 Shinsuke Nakamura

Oozing with charisma, the WWE salivated when they signed Nakamura to a WWE deal back in 2016. He hasn’t disappointed since dominating NXT and now being a part of SmackDown Live. His entrance is absolutely chilling as his charisma just oozes when he’s out in the ring.

Outside of the ring however, Shinsuke is as humble as they come, always willing to learn. He decided to stay a little longer in NXT as he wanted to fully learn the American style. Some (of his quality), would complain about having to change his ways but Nakamura did not at any point. He’s said to be very respectable backstage and quiet, always willing to learn. We got a glimpse of that during the WWE Network series Breaking Ground as he kept a low demeanor as Triple H thanked the talent for their efforts in putting on the TakeOver show. With such an attitude, we can expect great things for the veteran moving forward.

6 Natalya

Wrestling for almost 17 years now, the 34 year old continues on with the WWE. Nowadays, she’s showcasing her talents on SmackDown Live working as a heel and normally, working to put others over nowadays. We salivate at the thought of a Natalya/Charlotte match which should take place in the near future. Man, what a treat that’s going to be.

She’s an arrogant heel on-screen, but the exact opposite away from the camera. It’s hard to take Nattie seriously when you know how great and genuine she is in real life. The WWE Superstar is the most respected woman in the division today as several of the females look up to her and her body of work throughout the years. Whether it’s a veteran or up-and-comer, Nattie is usually sought after for advice. When she finally decides to hang them up, we expect the WWE to employ the Hart family member in some type of role given her positive attitude and valuable experience.

5 Seth Rollins

The likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin have been critical of Seth’s on-screen personality as of late. The Texas Rattlesnake has struggled to figure what or who Seth is really portraying on camera. One thing we know for sure is whether he’s playing the current babyface of today, or the heel of the past, he’s nothing like his real-life self.

Unlike other Superstars that either live in the California or Florida area, Seth is loyal to his roots, residing away from the spotlight in Davenport, Iowa. Rollins lives a simple life as he’s still friends with several of his childhood buddies. In addition to that, he’s quite the gamer and he enjoys quiet time alongside his dog Kevin. Now, that doesn’t seem like the torch holding Rollins we know. He’s actually also not the biggest fan of his supporters approaching him at airports as she doesn’t like fans invading his personal space. Living in Iowa, that should be quite clear to those that try to stalk him.

4 Sasha Banks

Feels kind of weird to see Sasha Banks as a babyface for so long, because of her growing popularity the WWE had no other choice but to turn Sasha good. She’s had decent run as a babyface but we speak for a lot of people when we say it’s time to turn her bad. Her villainous ways grew her popularity and some believe it works so well because she’s actually quite bi*** in real life.

Sasha has attitude which is great and needed in the world of pro wrestling. She’s also gone on the record several times before, discussing her hatred for fans approaching her in public settings, especially in airports. Banks likes to live a quiet life outside of the ring residing out of Boston. In her time away from the ring, Sasha simply likes to chill taking time away from the spotlight for some relaxation time in her home, whether that means playing some videos games or going on TV show marathons. She sounds like a modern version of Brock Lesnar that hates people but doesn’t live on a ranch far, far away in Saskatchewan. Oh, and she also hates when fans hug don’t hug her...

3 Roman Reigns

We know most wrestling fans probably don’t want to hear this, but it seems like Roman’s actually a pretty darn cool dude away from the camera, and a guy most haters would probably get along with. During his interview on Chris Jericho’s Podcast, we got a glimpse of the real Roman Reigns who’s actually regarded as Joe away from the camera. Roman discussed a number of hilarious stories, including his “back of the bus” antics alongside his cousin the Usos and Chris Jericho.

Roman was said to be extremely down to earth and a guy that just loves to have a good time, drinking and telling stories with his fellow peers on the norm while on tour. He’s also said to be very respectful to all, as Reigns discussed the fact that he tells new talent to speak to everyone involved in putting together a WWE show. All in all, he seems like quite the dude backstage. Many wish they could say the same about him on-screen.

2 John Cena

The inception of Total Divas has given us, the fans, a rare insight into the lives of some of our favorite WWE stars. Although the show was meant to showcase the females, it has also shed a light on the life of some of the more popular male stars, including John Cena.

On the spin-off Total Bellas, we got a full frontal view on the life of John Felix Anthony Cena Jr., who isn’t exactly like the John Cena we see on television. Cena is actually quite strict when it comes to his home rules, setting up some weird get togethers, like family dinners every night which requires the guests to dress up in full-pin suits or for the women, classy dresses. The likes of The Miz poked some fun at John’s real-life ways, mocking him for his plethora of house rules. Seriously though, who attends supper in their own home wearing high priced and uncomfortable footwear?

1 Stephanie McMahon

Mick Foley summed up Stephanie quite perfectly, assessing her as "the girl with the shy smile". Stephanie began in the company way back in 1999 appearing as a babyfaced romantic love interest of Test. She would later transition into one of the most villainous heels in WWE history, a trend that continues to this day.

It’s hard to find someone who draws more heat than Stephanie, but what makes it all so unique is the fact that she’s nothing like that away from the camera. When wrestlers recall their time in the WWE, a constant is always how sweet Stephanie was to them behind the scenes. Even the likes of Val Venis commented that Stephanie was the only one that was always willing to listen to ideas.

Along with her prowess in communicating with talent, Stephanie is quite charitable, setting up numerous connections with special causes like Make-A-Wish. Stephanie has had a major hand in granting several wishes over the last couple of years. She epitomizes what it means to be a WWE Superstar on-screen and a pro away from the camera.

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15 Current WWE Stars That Are Nothing Like Their Characters In Real Life