15 Current WWE Rumors That Are Circulating Behind The Curtain

As per usual, right around Survivor Series, the rumor mill starts to heat up with the road to WrestleMania getting closer and closer. Slowly but surely, the WWE is starting to hint at possible matches; the gossip is truly contagious as wrestling fans live for the speculation. Along with future matches, departures and returns also seem to be a topic of conversation. We’ll dig a little deeper into those rumors throughout the article.

Other rumors to be examined include breaking stories that are also taking place outside of the WWE. Some of these rumors are so significant that they’re likely making their way behind the scenes of the WWE. One recent rumor got fans excited with Eric Bischoff potentially returning to the wrestling business. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true! We’ll explore that rumor along with many more throughout this article. Get ready, folks!

So without further ado, here are 15 current WWE rumors that are circulating behind the scenes. From Neville’s current status to Hulk’s potential return, we’ve got a plethora of topics to cover. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. We begin the article with a recent incident that might have changed Neville’s WWE future.

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15 Neville Staying Put

It looks like Neville might be staying put after all. Following his walk out just moments before Raw went on the air weeks ago, it seemed as though Neville was done for good and the announcement of his release was to follow. However, the WWE was not as keen on such a decision and boy, are they ever happy. After taking some time away from the company, Neville is said to have had a positive conversation with the boss himself, Vince McMahon. The convo went so well, that Neville is actually set to return at the end of the month, something that was unthinkable following his poor morale when he was booked to lose against Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Championship.

We expect big things from the King of the Cruiserweights, so get ready for a loud pop once he returns to the ring.

14 Reason For Jinder’s Title Loss Starting To Leak

Was he injured? Did he fail the Wellness Policy? No and no. However, several eyebrows were raised when Jinder suddenly dropped the championship. According to the original booking, Mahal was set to hold the championship up until WrestleMania, however plans have suddenly changed and it has a big reason to do with the market over in India.

Things haven’t been going well for the WWE overseas. The company had scheduled a massive tour which has garnered some terrible numbers, so bad that the company cancelled several shows from the tour due to lack of ticket sales. The WWE has now decided to put on one show, with the main attraction being a match between Triple H and the man himself, Jinder Mahal. With such poor interest in India, McMahon might be regretting the Jinder push just a little bit more.

13 Jericho’s Motive For Wrestle Kingdom Match

Well into his 40s, Y2J is still sending shockwaves through the pro wrestling community, this time, with the announcement of his match set to take place outside of the WWE and with New Japan at the Wrestle Kingdom event. After weeks of jousting online, fans knew something was up between Chris and Kenny, however little did anyone know that such a match would take place in front of New Japan’s marquee event. Many believed Jericho was under contract with the WWE, however that was not the case as he was a free agent.

His motives are pretty simple, Chris admitted that such a match would not be as special in the WWE. He’s all about creating unique moments and having the match with New Japan certainly creates that. Y2J signed a one-match deal and in all likelihood, he’ll return to the WWE once his contract is up.

12 Hogan Return In January

With a new PG television rating - has come the WWE being more professional and is more no-nonsense than ever before when it comes to controversy. After being caught on tape making racist remarks, Hulk was terminated by the WWE in the summer of 2015. It’s already more than two years since his WWE exit, though it appears as though the Hulkster is finally coming back home.

Hogan has tweeted with sheer excitement during the last couple of days, leading us to believe that this rumor is in fact accurate. A while back, Triple H began the discussion stating that he was open to having the Hulkster return. Well, now it looks like a date is apparently in the works as the rumor mill suggests Hulk is likely returning for the Raw 25th Anniversary show, now there’s a good starting point to reintroduce the legend.

11 Owens & Zayn Not Booked For Survivor Series

It’s hard to believe, but arguably SmackDown’s best duo, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, are currently left off of the Survivor Series PPV. However, according to the rumor mill, the duo is expected to appear in some capacity despite not being booked in an actual match.

If you haven’t heard yet, the rumor mill was buzzing after the WWE sent both Zayn and Owens home during their tour overseas. The Canadians both went off script following a match between Zayn and Kingston. The match was supposed to end with the aftermath that saw The New Day get the best of Zayn and Owens, but instead, the Canadians went off script and just left, which led to confusion that was even evident when watching the show as the duo's music didn’t even play. It’ll be interesting to see how the two talents are booked moving forward.

10 Reason For John Cena’s In-Ring Return

Initially, the plan was for Cena to show up at the Survivor Series PPV wearing zebra stripes refereeing a match between Brock Lesnar and Jinder Mahal. In all likelihood, the match was meant to start some heat between the two (Cena and Mahal) heading into WrestleMania. However, that plan was to be changed as Mahal dropped the title while Cena was added to the Survivor Series match between Raw and SmackDown.

The motive for the switch was also intended to add interest to the show. Ticket sales weren’t as high as expected and neither was the interest in the PPV. Adding names like Triple H and John Cena have certainly changed that, with John added to the card, the hope is that the event will garner more interest, as Survivor Series is in fact one of the major events of the year.

9 Reason For Paige Not Being Used On Raw Despite Return Backstage

It seems as though Paige hasn’t even returned on-screen yet, though she’s already in the dog house. Paige was spotted by numerous fans prior to the Monday show and it was expected that she would be added to team Raw as the fifth and final member. However, that wasn’t the case as Bayley made the team leading to lots of speculation as to why such a call was made.

It appears as though Paige leaking her return was a big reason. The WWE officials were said to be furious at the fact that the 25 year old posted a picture of herself backstage alongside Alicia Fox. With the element of surprise out the window, the WWE decided against her return. It remains to be seen when she’ll be brought back on-screen.

8 The Original Plan For A.J.’s Title Win

When the WWE had decided to re-crown A.J. Styles as champion, the initial date for the title switch was not meant for SmackDown Live but instead, the Night of Champions PPV, which is set to take place in December. Instead, the WWE made the title change take place a lot sooner and there’s an obvious reason as to why.

Once again, adding interest into the Survivor Series event was the heart of the matter. Jinder and Brock just wasn’t as appealing, leading to the switch that will see Brock and A.J. in a once in a lifetime-type matchup. This type of bout is a lot easier for Lesnar, especially with Jinder’s choppy in-ring skills which surely must have also factored in. The WWE loves to accommodate Brock and putting Styles in the match as opposed to Mahal, certainly does that.

7 Bischoff Back In The Business?

Eric sent out a tweet that made the headlines; he made the claim that he had something big and something that was “game changing”. Instantly, fans linked Bischoff to a new wrestling promotion and it seems like that’s exactly the case. The story is starting to pick up some serious steam online.

According to the rumors, Bischoff has in fact purchased a wrestling  promotion along with bringing in several notables names. Rumors indicate that the likes of Austin Aries and even the previously mentioned Hulk Hogan, are to be included in Bischoff’s new wrestling venture. Surely, in the next couple of days, the story will catch even more traction making its way onto the behind the scenes of the WWE as well. With the indie scene currently booming, the timing truly couldn’t have been any better.

6 Kurt Might Be Taking Time Off

As part of the storyline, rumors indicate that Angle is set to take time off following Survivor Series. In all likelihood, team Raw is set to lose at the SS event, leading to Angle’s job being put in serious jeopardy. The result will likely show Angle step down from his position, leading to a feud with Triple H, one that has been in the works now for quite some time, even before Kurt's in-ring return.

To add drama, Angle might be taking time off away from Raw. The move will only add to the intensity of the feud while allowing Kurt to remain fresh once he finally returns and combats The Authority of both Stephanie and Triple H. For fans that love nostalgia, there’ll be no shortage of that in this feud that is set take shape at the Survivor Series PPV.

5 WWE Superstars Seeking Advice For Life Outside Of The Company

Now more so than ever before, the indie scene is absolutely booming. Wrestlers are now starting to make a living without the WWE and some, such as Cody Rhodes, are making even more nowadays away from McMahon’s empire. With the Young Bucks getting a Hot Topic deal to sell merchandise, the indie scene has not only become a lucrative option, but one that has even more potential to grow from a marketing standpoint.

With all that being said, Rhodes admitted in an interview that more and more WWE Superstars are seeking advice for what life outside of the WWE is like. As we stated, not only did Rhodes admit that it’s more profitable, but he also alluded to the fact that the term “independent contractor” actually applies outside of the WWE and it’s a beautiful thing.

4 Triple H Teases Match Against The Rock

During a recent interview, Triple H re-opened speculation pertaining to a match featuring himself and The Great One. Hunter stated he’d be open to the bout, however the only stage that can hold such a match is WrestleMania (according to The Game).

After teasing the future match, Hunter admitted that there has been no talk in place about anything regarding a return for The Great One, especially due to the fact that Dwayne has a packed schedule for a little while. However, it’s still great to hear that The Game wants the match and seeing the history between the two, it wouldn’t shock us to see this bout take place at WrestleMania 35, in 2019. For now, it seems like Kurt Angle is next for The Game and without a doubt, there aren’t many fans objecting to the match.

3 Daniel Bryan’s Returns Seem More & More Likely

It’s becoming more and more evident, Bryan’s returning to the ring, whether the WWE clears him or not. According to the latest news, Bryan admitted that his recent test results have him passing with flying colors. Not only is he passing tests but according to the results, he’s better than the average person who never had concussions to begin with.

Bryan did claim that he wouldn’t put his health at risk if the results proved otherwise, though the recent tests aren't making any type of claims. It now remains more of an issue pertaining to if the WWE will allow Bryan back in the ring, or if he’ll leave the company and wrestle on the indie scene once his contract expires. In this case, only time will tell. We can all agree however, having Daniel compete in a WWE ring is best for business.

2 Major WrestleMania Match In The Works

Usually, the WWE bites the bullet way too early on dream matches, however in this case, it looks like the WWE is finally taking the proper steps in making this future bout as special as possible. The rumor mill seems to be a buzz with the potential of this dream match taking place between A.J. Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Such a bout would only be suitable for one marquee event, and that’s WrestleMania. As of now, it looks like that’s the direction the WWE is headed towards with cryptic signs of the two locking horns at the event in the last couple of weeks. The two only fought once prior, making it a must-see matchup for any fan of not only the WWE but pro wrestling in general. The bout will definitely bolster the legitimacy of the WrestleMania card if this rumor is in fact correct.

1 Rousey Spotted At NXT Live Event – Debut Coming Soon

Slowly but surely, the Ronda Rousey speculation of joining the WWE is becoming more and more of a reality. Not only was she spotted at the WWE’s Performance Center, but the rumor mill also suggested that she began her pro wrestling training alongside Brian Kendrick.

Adding fuel to the rumors, Ronda was recently spotted behind the scenes at an NXT Live Event; in all likelihood, the former UFC star is starting to get a feel for the business. A debut with the company seems inevitable and WrestleMania looks to be the destination for her premier matchup as the Four Horsewomen of the WWE take on the Four Horsewomen of the UFC, in what should be a must-see matchup for any type of fan. It also won’t hurt the WWE, given the amount of exposure such a match will gather from the mainstream media masses.

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