15 Current WWE Divas We’d Love To See In The “Other Industry”

Before we dive into the article, please take it with a pinch of salt. This article is meant for fantasy purposes only and we are not at all indicating that any of these Divas will end up in the "other industry". Instead, we are simply stimulating the human mind with 15 fantasy “what if” scenarios of these 15 current WWE Divas joining the “other industry”.

Linking the women to the “other industry” is a common occurrence especially considering the looks of WWE Divas and the elevated testosterone levels of WWE fans. The women of the WWE are not only beautiful, but they maintain tremendous bodies, truly good enough to work in the “other industry”. It’s a PG climate nowadays, and for the most part, the WWE keeps things clean with its women. But if you follow the Divas through social media or even the reality series Total Divas, you know that these women have another sexy side to them.

In this article, we take a fantasy perspective by naming the 15 WWE Divas currently employed by the company that we’d love to see in the “other industry”. Entrants feature Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT stars, including in-ring wrestlers and managers. In all likelihood, this list will be debated, so let us know who you feel we left out and which current WWE Diva should have landed in the number one spot. For now, we start off this list with a Raw wrestler that likely landed in the number one spot on many lists. Can you guess who?


15 Sasha Banks

We start the list off with a bang, featuring a WWE Superstar that most fans want to see make the jump into the “other industry”, we are talking about none other than Sasha Banks. It goes far beyond just her fantastic looks and slim figure. Personality-wise, Sasha oozes with both confidence and charisma making her an extremely sought-after figure in the world of the WWE. Her “Boss” persona made her a heavy fan favorite which continues to build today. At the age of 25, you can only expect her look and star power to grow even further with still so much left in the tank.

Ok, so now we attack the obvious and that’s Sasha’s smoking hot good looks. Not only does Sasha manage to maintain a slim figure year round, but she also possesses some fantastic curves which have caused quite the stir via social media. Her candid booty shots require a couple of looks that’s for sure. She’ll likely never enter the “other industry” but it’s ok to dream.

14 Maryse


Making her WWE debut in an era that was quite a mess in the women’s division, Maryse managed to solidify her name as an in-ring performer. She was very underrated during her time, although she left suddenly in 2011 to nurse an injury.

She’s back in the WWE today, serving the role of her real-life husband’s manager The Miz. Her return has been welcomed by the WWE Universe not only because she helped put Miz back on the map and into relevancy once again, but also because of her insane good looks. The Quebec native has a European taste to her look, along with curves in all the right places. If you wish to see her in the adult industry, well you’re in luck. Maryse actually appeared in an amateur video back in the day. If you’re hoping for a part two, don’t hold your breath, as Maryse is happily married nowadays. Although we're quite sure many fans wouldn’t object to a sequel from the French Canadian beauty.

13 Mickie James

Again, Mickie is another WWE Diva that at one point, stepped into the “other industry”. Don’t get too worked up however, the extent of it was some erotic pictures before her days as a pro wrestler. After getting a glimpse of the photos, surely several fans wouldn’t mind seeing Mickie make the jump to the “other industry”, even today at the age of 37 as the Virginia native is still looking fantastic as she recently returned to the WWE performing on the SmackDown brand.

The chances of that occurring are highly unlikely, especially considering she’s now happily married to pro wrestler Magnus, along with being a proud mother. But again, a reoccurring theme in this article is that it’s okay to dream. I guess we’ll have to settle for her WWE return which seemed to take forever as she’s been linked to a comeback for quite some time now. We hope the best for Mickie and her future in the WWE this time around.

12 Mandy Rose


Although she didn’t win the show, Mandy Rose was by far the best thing to come out of the Tough Enough show. Aside from her obvious beauty, Mandy has the charisma and athletic talent that set her apart from the others.

The WWE took note of that and signed the runner up to a contract with the company. The winner Sara Lee, is now out of the company, while Mandy looks ring ready and should be a prominent part of the NXT roster anytime now. As we wait in the anticipation of her debut, we can’t help but to marvel at her stunning good looks which are well documented via her social media pages like Instagram. Whether it be a professionally taken picture from her modeling days or just a casual selfie, this future WWE Diva screams ten (Tye Dillinger is smiling somewhere). As for an involvement in the "other industry", fans would be lining up to see something of the sorts!

11 Eva Marie

Whether her hair color is black or red, one thing stays the same and that’s Eva’s clear beauty. The same cannot be said for her WWE career however, which has been quite ugly. She signed back in 2013 and still, the company is struggling to find a proper role for her. With her recent violation of the Wellness Policy, along with the shooting of various projects outside of the company, it just seems like her connection with the WWE just won’t ever work out as the company had planned.

Despite all the hate and heat she gets from wrestling marks, there simply is no doubting how darn good looking she is, which makes it quite difficult to hate her. Even with all the hate she gets, those very same wrestling fans that boo her out of the building would run in flocks to see footage of Eva appearing in the “other industry”.

10 Carmella


She’s relatively new to the WWE universe and to her credit, has quickly drove up the ranks starting down in NXT as a valet. The WWE saw more in Carmella due to her oozing charisma and athletic abilities, deciding to make her an in-ring competitor. Despite her lack of experience, she was a quick learner and today, is already thriving on the SmackDown brand as a manager for James Ellsworth.

Her new storyline will without a doubt drive up her popularity even larger. At the age of 29, she still has a significant amount of time to go. Along her with her pro wrestling accomplishments, Carmella is an absolute hottie and that’s well documented week after week. Like Sasha, Carmella has a slender and lean body along with the curves in all the right places. Big Cass wouldn’t be too thrilled, but the fans certainly would love to see Carmella in the “other industry”.

9 Alexa Bliss

Like Carmella, Alexa's rise in the company came out of nowhere. She started off with a weak babyface persona, but that all changed once she was put as a valet for the heel team of Murphy and Blake. Her star power rose from there and she never looked back, becoming a strong heel figure in the women’s division. She’s now thriving on the SmackDown brand as the face of women, providing the show with a fantastic heel presence. Although she’s booed, many fans can’t help but to admit that she’s seriously hot.

She’s small in stature but man do those curves make up for her petite height. Bliss also has fantastic muscles due to her days as a bodybuilder prior to joining the WWE. Every wrestling fans fantasy would be to see Bliss appear in the “other industry” while dawning her Harley Quinn inspired outfit. Again, don’t hold your breath on that actually happening, but it’s a pleasant visual nonetheless.


8 Naomi


When you think of WWE Superstar Naomi, surely pockets of wrestling fans get hungry for a box of Boootyyy OOOOOssss... Ok, you know what we mean, but seriously, Naomi’s booty would make fans rush in excitement to get a glimpse of her performance in the “other industry”. Again, the likelihood of this ever happening is probably a solid 0.1% chance... so you’re saying there’s a chance?

All inappropriate jokes aside, most fans are glad to see Naomi finally excelling inside the ring. After some awful characters, Naomi is finally thriving as a babyface letting her in-ring work do the talking. Her in-ring improvements are much appreciated and after being in the business for almost seven years, we’d be glad to see the company finally award her hard work with a title reign in the near future. If not, we’ll settle for some more Booty Os!

7 Emma

After months and months of anticipation, Emma is finally set to make her Raw debut in February. With a variety of fantastic trailers promoting her return, along with Emma littering her Instagram page with insanely stunning pictures, most wrestling fans probably wish she was debuting in the “other industry” and not the WWE.

Truth be told, although the WWE seems to be promoting her as eye candy under her alias of Emmalina, Emma is a great in-ring competitor. Injuries derailed the momentum of the young 27 year old Australian but we hope this time around, she’s here to stay. Emma has been wrestling for more than a decade now since her initial training way back in 2003. She worked the Indie scene for quite some time before she finally got the call and reported to WWE’s developmental. She’s finally on the big stage now and we hope nothing but the best for her as she returns to Raw. If things don’t work out, we hope she changes career paths towards the “other industry”.

6 Paige


This entry would have been number one for most fans, but due to her inactivity, Paige has lost a little bit of her fame as of late. 2016 was a disaster for the WWE’s wild child who was kept on the shelf for the most part, nursing an injury along with facing a suspension for violating the company’s Wellness Policy. Things would only get worse as Paige’s love interest Alberto Del Rio, would leave the company on a sour note, with Paige following him. She’s somehow still employed by the WWE and we hope she can get it together.

On the bright side, Paige is only 24, meaning she still has so much time left. This is likely the reason the WWE didn’t give up on the Superstar. If wrestling doesn’t work out for Paige, we’re quite sure she’d make a fortune working in the “other industry”. Just imagine the impact it would have on her fame. For now however, fans just want to see her back in a WWE ring.

5 Lana

Lana is a rare WWE Superstar that continues to get over despite the fact that she’s not an active performer. Her look alone has propelled her as a fan favorite, despite her heel-ish ways throughout the most part of her WWE run.

So how has she connected with the WWE universe? Quite simple, her fantastic and ravishing looks which the fans truly love. Whether it be her long blonde her, or tight skirts she wears to the ring, fans are drawn to the Gainesville native. Her future in the WWE remains a pretty big question mark considering her passions outside of the company, like a career in acting or modelling. Whatever her future holds, fans would kneel down to see the bombshell enter the “other industry”. Although it seems unlikely, fans would even settle for a photoshoot with the likes of Playboy magazine, which have been rumored in the past. If either or goes down, fans will smile, and smile for quite some time.

4 Becky Lynch


The underrated member of the Four Horsewomen, Becky Lynch continues to gain some huge success under the WWE umbrella. Becky was forced to fend on her own when drafted to SmackDown and she’s led the division to great heights, something many did not expect. Becky became the first Women’s Champion and she continues to thrive as the most popular face on the SmackDown brand.

Just as she’s underrated in the ring, she even has an underrated look. Sporting her fiery hair color, Lynch is an underrated hottie who keeps things conservative most of the time. However, just looking at some her rare shoots in beachwear, fans will be thinking otherwise in a hurry. The likelihood of her ever making a jump into the "other industry" is rather absurd, but most fans would settle for some more revealing pictures of the conservative WWE star. If not, we'll have to settle for her butt-kicking ways inside of the ring, which we're also not opposed to.

3 Noelle Foley

She’s yet to step foot inside a WWE ring, yet the WWE universe loves Noelle. It’s just something about wrestler daughters, as Brooke Hogan initially rose to fame and now today, Noelle is finding the same success despite the fact that she’s only beginning to scratch the surface.

Without a doubt, her good looks have propelled her insane popularity as she’s reached over half a million followers on Instagram. That’s likely thanks to her array of smoking hot pictures which seem to come on the daily with Noelle.

If the WWE doesn’t work out, fans wouldn’t be opposed to seeing this stunning beauty enter the “other industry”. She’s already posted some revealing pictures and fans wouldn’t mind seeing even more in the future. However, for now, we just hope her WWE career takes off and she’s a part of the company in the ring, sooner rather than later.

2 Stephanie McMahon


She’s a dominant businesswoman who belittles men on television while dressing uber conservative. For that reason, fans would drool over the possibly of Stephanie one day joining the “other industry”. Can you just imagine? Well, most fans probably have already. Sadly, with Stephanie happily married, along with having three daughters and becoming one of the most powerful women in sports and entertainment, that thought is just a dream that’ll likely never happen. But again, it’s okay to dream of such a scenario. Let us all take a moment to visualize the possibility... ok the moment is done.

The likely route for Stephanie won’t be in the “other industry” but instead, in the sports and entertainment industry as she continues to thrive as not only an on-air character, but a Chief Branding Officer for the company outside of the ring, promoting the WWE on a bigger platform. In all likelihood, Stephanie, along with her hubby Triple H, will take over the business one day.

1 Nikki Bella

Before we begin, a special shoutout goes to Brie Bella who did not make the list because she’s not a current WWE star. Not to mention she’s currently holding a baby inside of her, so yeah, that would have been pretty wrong. Had it not been for those two factors, she’d be alongside her sister in this entry.

For now, we celebrate Nikki Bella and the fact that she’s probably the number one entry on most people’s lists of current WWE stars they’d love to see in the “other industry”. It seems like as time goes on, Nikki not only gets better and better in the ring, but her looks also seem to improve year after year, somehow, someway. She proved to the world just how glorious (in the words of Bobby Roode) she truly is when she was still a 15 on 10 while rocking a neck brace. Nikki remains one of the hottest, if not the hottest Diva in the WWE.

With all that being said and with such a look, fans have definitely thought of Nikki appearing in the “other industry”. Without a doubt, she plans to pursue a career in the entertainment world following her in-ring days and why not enter the “other industry”? If she does, eye sockets will bleed while John Cena will weep...

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