15 Current Backstage Rumors The WWE Doesn’t Want Us To Know

With the upbringing of technology, so too has the world of the WWE rumor mill grown leaps and bounds; some fans have more of an interest in finding out what goes on behind the scenes than in front of the actual camera. For grown men, finding out what goes on behind the scenes in the WWE is like TMZ for women. Nowadays, even media tabloids like TMZ are reporting WWE gossip. Yes, things have certainly changed from the days back in the 90s when we used to use magazines to read all the big WWE gossip.

With the WWE becoming a publicly traded company, they’re very sensitive when it comes to the rumor mill, especially if it’s something that sheds a negative light on the company’s overall image. In this article, we take a look at 15 backstage rumors the company likely doesn’t want us or their sponsors knowing about. Rumors featured in this article include Ryback and his rants, Del Rio going on a drunken Triple H rant and, a major story that some believe the WWE intentionally set up. If you love WWE gossip, you’ve clicked on the right article with these recent backstage rumors.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend. Here are 15 current backstage rumors the WWE doesn’t want us to know about!

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15 Sunny’s Sober House

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TMZ recently caught up with former WWE Diva Sunny, in the downtown New York area. Surprisingly, Sunny has been rather quiet as of late and we finally got an explanation as to why. According to the Hall of Fame Diva, she’s currently spending time in a sober house recovering from her drug and alcohol addiction. The bigger surprise was the fact that the WWE continues to support Sunny during her rehab stints as according to the Diva, the company has offered to pay a big chunk of the services. Sunny claims it costs 10K a month to stay in the facility and if it wasn’t for the WWE, staying in such a place would be impossible.

Of course, the WWE has remained tight lipped on this situation as anything Sunny related wouldn’t help the company’s image, even if it involves helping her out. The company avoids Sunny related content given her career in the adult business and we don’t expect this piece of news to make WWE headlines at any point.

14 A.J. Styles Pulled From Raw Swap At The Last Minute

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Not too surprising that the WWE waited till the last minute (literally) to decide who was going where. Even the Superstars themselves had no clue till the very end. A.J. Styles was the most interesting name as it seemed like a guarantee that he’d be swapping brands. Vince is apparently a huge fan of Styles, so exposing him on the flagship program seemed like the better option at this point.

However, the company opted against it at the last minute and instead, Bray Wyatt made the jump in what many called a “desperation move” by the WWE. The final verdict was that Styles leaving would hurt SmackDown way too much in the long run, and ultimately, A.J. still has many opponents to take on over on the Tuesday show, including WWE Champion Randy Orton, and of course Nakamura. With that in mind, the company took the safe route opting against shipping Styles over to Raw. Looking long term, we expect Styles to make the jump following next year’s WrestleMania.

13 Long Term Plans For Roman

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When it comes to future storylines, the WWE is very secretive when it comes to their plans. Future bookings are always changing constantly but when it comes to the prominent performers, like Roman Reigns, the company has a good idea as to what’s in store for the Big Dog.

We called it several months ago and it seems like this is where the WWE is headed with Roman. His monster push will eventually lead to a high profile bout against Brock Lesnar. Rumors indicated Summerslam, but it now seems like next WrestleMania is more likely. The match will without a doubt close the show, making it the fourth consecutive main event for Roman Reigns at the marquee WWE event. Hate him or love him, that’ll be quite the accomplishment. It remains to be seen if Lesnar can hold the title till the event, but regardless, the word backstage seems to be set on these two highlighting next year’s ‘Mania, finally resolving their unfinished beef.

12 The Stone Cold Truth

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When it comes to the WWE, Stone Cold remains a big fan as a frequent viewer of today’s product. With that said, Austin is often very critical of what goes on today and without a doubt, we believe his recent comments are something the WWE doesn’t want us to know about.

Austin was critical in two areas of the past WrestleMania. For one, he ripped Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton for their terrible build up to a high profile title match. In addition, Austin was very upset with the Triple H/Seth Rollins match. In typical Triple H-like fashion, the match went way too long lasting over 25 minutes. It was the longest bout of the night (even longer than the main event) and it seemed to have sucked the energy out of the building according to Austin. Along with that, Steve wasn’t too pleased with Hunter’s entrance compared to Seth’s. Austin made the claim that Hunter stole the spotlight with such an entrance and hurt Rollins even before the match started. Coming out with a torch only made things worse for Seth, according to Steve. Without a doubt, the WWE doesn’t want us to know about Austin’s harsh comments pertaining to some of their high profile Superstars.

11 The Tom Phillips Incident

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Still only 27, the WWE remains quite high on Tom Phillips who’s not only the voice of NXT, but also, the new voice of SmackDown Live since Mauro Ranallo’s surprise hiatus from the commentary booth.

However, Phillips did undergo a sticky situation recently. The WWE kept it on the down low however, so it’s likely the news didn’t pass your way. A woman went public with some text messages she was receiving from Phillips. Todd, who was in a relationship, was sending signals of interest to this woman and she decided to go public with the messages of Tom being unfaithful to his partner. The company pulled Phillips from commentary for only a week, and he was back on shortly after. The company didn’t make much of the news and it seems like his rise as a broadcaster continues to progress despite the recent controversy.

10 Angle’s Return Dependent on a Physical

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Kurt Angle returning to the WWE just seems so right. Angle still looks phenomenal and his ability to talk on the microphone seems quite stellar despite his older age nowadays. For now, Angle is in a non-wrestling role as the General Manager of Raw, however, the intent has been made clear by Angle and that’s to return inside of the squared circle.

For now, the WWE wants Kurt in his current role and not as an in-ring performer. News was finally made public that Kurt’s in-ring return all depends on a physical given by the company. The WWE wants to make sure Angle’s clean, and taking the exam will ensure that he is. If Kurt can pass the exam, an in-ring return will be a layup. The WWE is very strict when it comes to the well-being of their talents and for that reason, Kurt returning to the company was stalled for several years as both McMahon and Hunter wanted to ensure that Kurt was in a good place both mentally and physically.

9 NXT Desperate For New Talent

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With recent NXT call-ups to the main roster, the developmental brand got that much thinner in terms of talent. The likes of Nakamura and Tye Dillinger were everyday-guys and losing them has left some massive gaps on the roster.

With that said, the WWE was desperate to get someone big, so the signing of Drew Galloway was that much more important. According to news, the signing was put together at the last minute and insanely quickly. The goal was to showcase a new talent at the NXT TakeOver event, and thankfully, the signing of Drew filled the void. The company is still desperate for new stars as previous faces like Cody Rhodes and even Adam Cole, are linked to return. Even the likes of younger stars like the former ROH youngster Lio Rush have also been talked about, possibly signing with the developmental brand. Look for the WWE to aggressively pursue newer faces in the upcoming months.

8 Ryback Rants

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“Ryback Rules” was his slogan during his time with the WWE, but it now seems like that’s been switched to “Ryback Rants”. He hasn’t signed with any prominent indie company yet, and for the most part, he’s just been ranting on his Podcast since leaving the WWE. The more he speaks, the more it seems like he’s completely burning all bridges with the WWE, ending any possibility of a return in the future.

Without a doubt, the WWE doesn’t want us to know about Ryback’s comments. He’s bashed Triple H and Vince on numerous occasions, even calling Vince a, “piece of s***”. Ryback has ripped the company for their treatment of Tyson Kidd and he’s persisted to bury Triple H and how he deals with talent. Along with that, Ryback has attacked other individuals that work behind the scenes, including the head of Talent Relations Mark Carrano. We expect the onslaught to continue at this point.

7 JBL Bullying

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Most recently, the WWE has been under fire with regards to how they're handling bullying behind the scenes. Stephanie is a huge advocate for anti-bullying campaigns, but it seems like the WWE isn’t following the model backstage as numerous former employees continue to burry JBL and his poor treatment towards others.

The WWE is likely sweating from the situation given JBL’s high power status in the company. The situation reached a new boiling point recently as a fan was escorted out of the building for not giving up his sign that read: “JBL bullied me”. It seems like the WWE is trying their best to sweep the allegations under the rug, but fans persisting with the situation hasn’t helped the cause one bit. Many outside of the business have claimed that the WWE should finally send a message and take action against bullying by using JBL as an example. However, we have reason to believe the company will likely try to lay low on the allegations given JBL’s relationship with the boss.

6 The Emma Disaster

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Emma’s WWE return was highly anticipated after months and months of return vignettes hyping up her new persona under the gimmick of Emmalina. When it was finally time to return, the edgy seductive character was apparently scrapped as she said she’d be transitioning back to Emma, it all made absolutely no sense.

Given her talent, fans weren’t too concerned about the switch, however, it was pretty embarrassing for the company to hype up such an angle for months, only to see it be thrown away. According to rumors, the WWE apparently didn’t buy into the character, believing that Emma wasn’t believable enough in her portrayal of the gimmick. For that reason, her identity under Emmalina was scrapped, and she instead made her return as just Emma, reprising her role as a badass and straight up butt kicker.

5 Return Talks With Hulk Hogan

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The rumor mill was buzzing with speculation that Hogan might have returned to the company for WrestleMania 33 given it was taking place in his neck of the woods. However, another ‘Mania passed without Hogan showing his face at the event.

However, speculation continues to run wild (no pun intended) about a possible return. No matter how bad things appear to be, Hulk always finds his way back into the company given his historical significance to the WWE. It seems like the plan was for Hulk to lay low for a while and he’s done exactly that staying away from the public eye as of late. In all likelihood, it’s expected that the WWE might restart to use Hulk content and later, slowly transition him back into the company. The word is that Hogan has been “humanized” since his court trial with Gawker. It’ll be interesting to see the reaction he receives once he finally returns.

4 Mauro’s Puzzling Departure

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Whether it was working the CWC Tournament alongside Daniel Bryan or working as the lead commentator on SmackDown Live, Mauro Ranallo’s voice was very well received by the WWE Universe. His sudden departure angered fans, and although it was initially ruled as a leave of absence because of his bipolar disorder, it’s now being discussed that JBL’s bullying had a major hand in it.

According to the rumor mill, JBL made Mauro’s bipolar issues worse by bullying the lead commentator. Wrestlers have defended Mauro including the Young Bucks who got blocked by JBL on Twitter for defending the commentator. The WWE fans are also picking sides as the Boston crowd vocalized their displeasure with JBL during SmackDown starting a “fire Bradshaw” chant throughout the show. It all seems pretty bad at the moment and it’ll be interesting to see how the WWE reacts to the events in the upcoming weeks.

3 Alberto’s Drunken Rant

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Del Rio continued to bash the WWE recently with a drunken rant via a live video. Del Rio was obviously out of it and he let out some juicy details during his rant. Del Rio bashed the Stamford area claiming that’s where all the p***** live. He would later unleash on Triple H calling him “the guy with the big nose” throughout the rant and even commenting on his private part size. Yes, Alberto may have taken things a little too far.

After bashing the WWE, he told his fans thanks for their support but that he didn’t “give a damn regardless”. If he tried to gain heel heat, it looks like he succeeded with such a statement. Paige was heard in the background throughout the interview as she nervously watched on while encouraging Alberto to stop his rant. The video is available online and in all likelihood, the WWE will distance themselves as far as possible from the ordeal. Look for Del Rio content to likely diminish following the rant.

2 Roster Cuts

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Right around this time of year, the WWE usually decides to implement roster cuts. Following the expensive WrestleMania budget, the company usually disposes some of their dead weight from the talent roster. They likely want to keep it on the down low for now, however, we have reason to believe that cuts are likely to take place sooner rather than later.

With NXT being quite thin in terms of talent, we don’t expect many cuts to take place with the developmental brand. However, Raw and SmackDown might see some cuts. Simon Gotch was the first to take a fall following his controversial behavior behind the scenes which rubbed many the wrong way during his time on the main roster. In the words of Goldberg, it remains to be seen “who’s next” on the list of next roster cuts set to take place at some point in the very near future.

1 WWE Leaked The Paige Content

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Heading into this past WrestleMania, the Paige WWE saga made all the headlines. Paige had her private life leaked in front of the masses as private adult content from years prior were made public. Others implicated in the acts included current WWE Superstar Xavier Woods, and former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox.

It was initially believed that the leak was part of a hack, but now others believe otherwise. The likes of Alberto Del Rio claim the leak was the WWE’s final attempt in trying to break up the couple once and for all before they tied the knot. Some believe the allegations are from left field, while others like Del Rio believe that is exactly what happened. Nonetheless, the couple remain together and they're expected to get married very soon. As for Paige, her future in the WWE remains in serious doubt and we have reason to believe we’ve seen the last of the beloved female WWE starlet.

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