15 Cringy Jessica Nigri Fan Photos

We all love to see an article about Jessica Nigri. She can always draw in a crowd. And she is certainly not hard on the eyes by any stretch of the imagination. She's hot and everyone knows it... including her. But not every photo with her in it is automatically scorching hot. She might be, but when it comes to shots with her and her fans... oh wow.

Don't get me wrong, Nigri still manages to be hot in most of these fan photos, but boy oh boy does she attract a cringe-worthy crowd. The number of people she takes photos with who are too afraid to touch her... or are all too happy to touch her... let's just say there are some pretty special people out there in the world and Nigri attracts a lot of them.

Below are some pretty cringy fan photos of Jessica Nigri and her strangely adoring fans. Some are awkward, others creepy and sill other are just... just bizarre. And to be fair to the cringy fans, it's not just them who can be a little strange. Nigri has got some very strange ideas of what to do when there's a camera in her face. Enjoy!


15 FanEx Guy Thinks He's Edward Cullen...

I don't even understand how the hell this was allowed to happen. Did this guy actually ask Jessica Nigri if he could go at her neck like a vampire? Or did he just hug her for the pose, then decided to dig in at the last minute? Or did he completely surprise her on this one and we're just lucky a photographer was there? No matter which of these is the right one... it's still pretty damn strange. It takes a special kind of person to want to vamp out on someone when neither person involved is wearing or has anything to do with vampires. I think it's a bit strange to just decide to take a bite out of a minor celebrity's neck. To be fair though...I guess...Fan Expo is a place that is completely full of pretty strange people. Even really geeky jocks have found their way there now, so I'm sure there will be all sorts of misplaced naughtiness.

14 Defranco's Friends Create A "Meat Shield"


It might seem like a little much and maybe like a bit of a cheat, but there are some interesting people who hang out with both Jessica Nigri and Phillip Defranco. It just so happens that Nigri featured on the Phillip Defranco Show once and was put upon by a few fans. Of course, at least these fans were people she at least kind of knew and it was probably mostly scripted for the web show, but it doesn't stop it from being pretty cringy all the same. Three guys, all drooling over Nigri, gathered around her and said something to the effect of creating a "meat shield" around her. To watch it is more than just a little creepy and the look on Nigri's face does nothing to make you feel any less creeped out. Unless that's the sort of thing you're into. In which case... you're kind of a creep.

13 Jessica Is The Cringy One In This Shot

I don't think I've ever seen a shot of Jessica Nigri that I didn't like. Or I should at least say that I had never seen a photo of Jessica Nigri that I didn't like until I saw this one. I actually can't believe I managed to find a shot of her with a fan where she is the one who looks cringe-worthy. I mean... I guess she's still hot in this shot but I think she really shouldn't try to be a Sith at all. At least not one who wears some sort of battle makeup. This guy was probably so happy that she dropped her standards of cosplay quality when he went up to get a shot with her. Now, he doesn't look like the total nerd in this shot... well, he doesn't look as much like the total nerd in the shot. I mean sure, Nigri's outfit is pretty awesome... but this must have been early on in her career.

12 Is It Not Weird For Nigri To Watch People Drool?


Alright, fine. It's the guy's birthday. Good for him. The world has gone round another year and he's managed to survive. That does deserve celebration, but I have to wonder how weird it must be for Jessica Nigri to hand out posters of her wearing next to nothing...knowing full well that the guys who take these home are not just putting them up wherever in their homes. No, they are likely in a special place to make way for a special time. That makes me cringe. I can only imagine what it must do to her. Unless it makes her feel way hotter to know that all of these guys are imagining all sorts of deviant things while they're alone with her posters. Also, I think both Nigri and I at least are wondering just what the hell this guy is wearing on his head.

11 Does This Guy Look Like A Thug Or A Pimp?

I have to be honest here, I don't think this guy is too happy about having this picture taken. Nigri looks thrilled (or at least as thrilled as she can be when she takes hundreds of pictures with people every damn day). But this guy just looks either impatient or actually upset. It's almost like he's some thug who has Nigri as a trophy... that or he is trying to act like a pimp or something. Either one is pretty insulting to Jessica Nigri. And yeah, I know he's not actually either of those things. He's likely just a really awkward dude who is pretty cool with a decent personality. But he definitely does look like he's not having a good time. And why then would he get a picture with someone like Nigri? To remind him of how nothing can make him smile? That makes me both frown and cringe.

10 This Guy Might Be A Stalker...


So, it looks like Jessica Nigri and a female friend of hers are taking a fun little selfie together... but that guy. This isn't the first shot of Nigri's that he's been in. I have a disturbing feeling that maybe he's some sort of stalker. Realistically, he was probably just Nigri's boyfriend at the time or something. But that definitely doesn't stop his actions from being incredibly creepy and cringe-worthy. It's almost like he's just waiting to pounce and start licking Nigri's face off like he's done in another cringy photo. And it doesn't help that Nigri kind of seems to notice not only that the guy is behind her, but she also seems to know of something that he's doing behind her. She doesn't look like she's genuinely smiling and enjoying the photo...

9 Some Fans Just Can't Keep The Tears At Bay

I'm sort of curious what the conversation must have been between Nigri and this guy when this shot was taken. He seems not only to be an expo-goer, but also an interviewer. That or Nigri has handed him the mic having asked something of him. Either way, it seems that he's been driven to tears over being near Nigri. Now, the thing I wonder is if he is crying because Nigri has terrified him... or because he simply can't actually handle being so close to someone so hot. I have to be totally honest when I say that I certainly wouldn't be blubbering if I was standing next to Jessica Nigri. I'd be a great many things, but I wouldn't be blubbering. That all being said, I could just be a horrible human being here, poking fun at a guy who might actually have been crying over something important...


8 Why Is Nigri Eating This Girl's Face?


First off, if you didn't notice, Nigri is wearing red contacts in this shot, so it seems like maybe she's dressed up as a vampire. But if that's the case, then why is she eating this poor girl's face? Why isn't she just biting her neck like a civilized vampire? However, it does seem like the girl she is eating is holding a tail that is attached to Nigri. And it also seems that there might be some sort of wings attached to her back. So, is Nigri dressed as a demon? Or a harpy? Either way, the girl she's eating the face of doesn't seem all that happy about it. Realistically, this is probably some fan who asked Nigri to do just this thing for a cool photograph. It's not like Nigri is acting like Spacey or Weinstein here. She might have a lot of power, but I don't think she's been in the business long enough for a scandal.

7 This Guy Must Feel Like The Luckiest Man On Earth

Ok, first of all, this guy is way out of his league. For sure! Secondly, he must feel like the luckiest man on Earth. Yeah, it might be weird that each of the girls is dressed like a squirrel, but they are all smoking. And ok, it's not just Nigri in this shot... and she may not even be the hottest of the girls in this shot but having that guy standing in the middle of it all really does make this photo cringe-worthy. He does look really happy, and the girl on his left really does seem to be making him feel even better, but he is just one of those things that don't belong in a photo like this. Why? Well, he's not female. He's not hot. He's not dressed like a squirrel... and he's definitely making every other guy looking at this photo incredibly jealous!

6 Very Cringy McHeroes...


This is perhaps one of the strangest photos I've ever seen. And I've seen some pretty strange things. I mean... these are two adults who are dressed up in all sorts of McDonald's gear. And not only that, but they are dressed up as Thor and Wonder Woman, dressed up in all sorts of McDonald's gear. This is cringy and kind of disgusting in a couple of ways. First of all, McDonald's is just nasty. I'm sorry if any of you are sucking back some sort of garbage fast food right now but you know it's nasty. Secondly, making McDonald's superheroes is just bloody odd. Thirdly, Jessica Nigri already looks pretty terrifying in this shot, to begin with. And fourth of all, that Thor version of Ronald McDonald is something that everyone could definitely have done without seeing.

5 Too Scared To Put His Hand Down...

Alright, it could very well be the case that this guy was on his way to putting his arm around Nigri but the camera captured the moment before he landed. That could very well be the case, but I choose to believe that this guy was just way too awkward to actually put his arm around her. Of course, from the angle they're looking to, it would surely look like he was putting his arm around her... but this other photographer has caught the truth. He is giving the "hang loose" sign. Either he is a Hawaiian, a surfer, or a very, very awkward person who can't even let one button of his dress shirt open. Nigri is baring so much more, and this guy is so stuffy and awkward that he fully buttons a dress shirt, even without a tie. I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but that makes me cringe.

4 Have You Ever Seen An Awkward Pirate? YES!


You have definitely seen an awkward pirate. Do you know how I know that? Because unless you're blind and having this read to you (and my apologies if that's the case), you can plainly see that this guy dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow is lacking a bit of the charisma that Johnny Depp carried with him. To be fair... this guy is no Johnny Depp, but also come on. I mean, he's dressed as a pirate and has a very pretty girl standing right next to him. At least make the photo exciting and see about taking a shot in theme. Make it look like you're pillaging the expo and taking Nigri away with you. We should all know that Nigri is not afraid of themed photos. She's had very strange vampire and McDonald's themed photos with fans. Why not a pirate theme?

3 This Guy Is Very... Very Awkward Right Now

I have to hand it to this guy. He at least managed to get his arm all the way around Jessica Nigri. That being said, he might be holding it just a little tight against Nigri, but he did manage to build up the confidence to hold her close. However, she is definitely giving her pose a bit of pizzaz and allure. He's obviously a fan and not a model but he looks very, very awkward. Especially with that smile on his face. It's either that now that he's got her in his grasp he just doesn't know what to do...or he has a hold of her and his body decided what it would do and this guy is just hoping that no one looks down. Aren't we all glad that the frame of the photograph is such that we don't have to worry about it? Either way, I think this guy is actually the one cringing here.

2 These Girls Look Like They'd Rather Be Elsewhere


Now, this is something I just don't understand about some fans. I seriously doubt that Jessica Nigri just wanders around expos, jumping up on people, demanding that they take a photo with her. She has her own booth or her own panel or her own little meet and greet. People go to her to get photos. That being the case, why the hell would then they bother to look like they'd just rather not be there? It really looks like Nigri is trying to keep that smile going while the two girls she's holding to her try and hide away from the cameras taking pictures of them. I'll never understand those hardcore fans who spend hundreds of dollars to see their respective geek icons and then waste their money by taking such an awkward and almost sad-looking photo.

1 What Is Happening To Nigri's Face!?

This might be the most cringe-worthy photo in the entire article. I can't even imagine how Jessica Nigri even allowed this to happen. Sure, this guy might have been more than a fan to her at one point or another. This guy might have been her boyfriend (or at least boy toy) but I still can't imagine her enjoying whatever the hell is happening in this shot. And he looks all too pleased with what he is doing. In a very creepy way, he looks to be having way too much fun. She doesn't seem to be having all that fun. To be fair, she does have her mouth open, so chances are she did that. But we don't know if the guy didn't just jump in there while she was in the middle of saying something. If that's the case, the photographer here really caught an incredible shot, however disturbing it might be.


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