15 Cringe-Inducing Photos Hulk Hogan Doesn’t Want You To See Of Linda

From wrestling to reality television, the Hogans have been all over the news for both the good and the bad (generally the bad though, lately). Hulk launched the family name into stardom with his involvement in pro wrestling. He became a major star in the 80s, and in the 90s he became the talk of the wrestling business. Fast forward to 2005 and Hulk would introduce his family to the world with one of the first ever reality shows to hit North America, Hogan Knows Best.

The show actually put up tremendous numbers early on, though it would later get cancelled due to ratings and issues behind the scenes. Soon after, Linda would divorce Hulk and all hell would break loose. Linda’s been kind of off the rails since living life with a tremendous divorce settlement - one can imagine she’s got some time on her hands and most of these pics are examples of that.

From steamy selfies to an appearance in a rap video – these are some of the most shameful Linda photos that even Hulk would look away from. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 shameful photos Hulk Hogan doesn’t want you to see of Linda! Let’s get started.

15 The Rap Video

Aside from her appearance back in the day on the Hogan Knows Best reality show, Linda Hogan's public appearances have been few and far between when it comes to television or anything of the sort – some will claim that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

However, she was featured in a rap video, of all things, a cameo that even Hulk himself must have watched on with a cringy look on his face. A rapper by the name of Ricky Romance included Linda in his video Vevo - as you see in the picture above the clip was of the “Not So PG” nature featuring Linda dressed in some skimpy attire. The video was absolutely preposterous even showcasing a flirty side of Linda; it was all so bad and in all likelihood, a memory even Linda herself would want to suppress.

14 4Th Of July Photo

The Hogan family is certainly proud of their American grass roots, after all Hogan’s claim to fame with the WWE was built as an American hero that loved his country and took on foreign acts such as the Iron Sheik. Such a persona turned Hulk into a megastar and a major childhood hero.

Some would suggest that Linda perhaps took her patriotism a little too far in the photo above. Posing alongside her daughter Brooke, both are seen rocking some of the skimpiest American-themed bikinis. To Linda’s credit, she truly doesn’t look all that bad and seriously speaking, she’s in great shape for someone nearing her 60s. However, she’s still a mom and some would argue that she shouldn’t be setting such an example, especially posing in a photo alongside her own daughter Brooke.

13 New Year's Partying

If you want to follow Linda’s everyday life, you can do so via Twitter. She was a former user of Instagram, however her account was recently deleted. She’s an active Twitter user, posting both tweets and pictures. Linda took things a step further recently posting a video of her New Year’s celebration; you’d figure she was taking it easy spending time with some family but oh no, she was instead out and about partying it up.

The picture above shows Linda attending a club party which was hosted by her very own son Nick Hogan, the DJ of the night. In the video posted by Linda, she seemed to be having the time of her life similar to a chick in her early 20s. Of course, she also rocked some revealing attire adding to the twisted nature of it all.

12 Recent White Top Selfie Post

Speaking of Twitter, another one of her recent posts featured a “Not So PG” white top selfie. Of course, the white top was an extremely tightly fitted piece of clothing, showcasing her assets a little too much. The intent of the photo was obvious; we wonder if Hulk took a look he would either: A) miss her, or B) not give a damn and just cringe at the “Not So PG” effort? Likely B, but who knows? Hulk’s a pretty weird dude himself.

It certainly wasn’t the first time Linda posted such a revealing photo; she had a plethora available on her Instagram account, though they could also be found via Twitter. She loves the LA lifestyle and posing in a bikini. Heck, we could have done an article alone on Linda’s bikini selfie pics... maybe next time.

11 Red & Yellow Selfie

As promised, we’ve got another revealing selfie featuring Linda and her (two) best assets which are on full display once again. The photo was posted to her Twitter account; if you didn’t know better you’d think she was an adult worker with such revealing photos...

At the very least, Hulk would slightly approve of this photo due to the colors she’s rocking, whether it was purposely done or a coincidence is unknown but Linda is seen in this photo supporting the Hulk signature colors of red and yellow. The Hulkster grew to superstardom rocking the yellow trunks and red knee pads. He would later completely revolutionize his entire character later turning to the white and black colors, but that’s a topic of discussion for another day and a completely different article.

10 Dogs & Bikinis

Take a quick glance at Linda’s recent Twitter activity and you’ll come to understand quickly that she loves two things; wearing bikinis and taking care of dogs, both of which are on full display as she poses for the picture while chilling in the LA area. Life isn’t too shabby when you have millions of dollars due to a divorce settlement....

Seriously speaking, all jokes and bikinis aside, we applaud Linda and her recent efforts in shedding a light on difficulties some dogs go through; getting abandoned by shameful owners or lacking the proper nutrition. Linda is a big advocate for helping pets and that’s truly on full display via her recent Twitter activity. Perhaps Hulk wouldn’t be too proud of this bikini pic but he’d certainly appreciate her contributions in aiding the dog community.

9 The Hogan Knows Best Days


Her involvement on Hogan Knows Best was kind of secondary, as the reality show mainly focussed on both Hulk and his younger daughter Brooke, as she pursued a career in the music industry. Although re-watching the show today isn’t the easiest, it was certainly a trailblazing type of show back in the day (as one of the first ever reality shows). The success of the program even led Hulk back to the WWE after some time away from the company. Airing on VH1, the program lasted four seasons, airing 43 episodes. Ratings-wise the show did extremely well early on, though it would later be cancelled due to the family tearing apart and the ratings going down.

Cringe-inducing moments featuring Linda really weren’t that bad in truth, though she did manage to sneak in some bikini footage a few times as you see in the photo above featuring Linda and her daughter Brooke.

8 The Court Battle

The National Enquirer ran a story pertaining to Hulk’s infidelity, shortly after Linda would file for divorce. The court case between the two was a lengthy affair and ultimately a nasty one as Hulk took a beating once the final verdict was made. Linda was awarded with 70% of the couple’s liquid assets, leaving Hulk with a mere $10 million when it was done with. Linda would purchase a massive mansion just outside of LA with her earnings from the court battle. Hulk struggled big time following the ruling as he even contemplated suicide at one point.

In a truly bizarre story, it was only fitting that Hulk would get rewarded with $115 million from a leaked tape years later – a tape he did while still in a relationship with Linda. Oh, what a world!

7 Authoring A Book

After cashing in a huge sum of money from the court ruling, the next logical step seemed to be living life quietly, away from the spotlight; however, Linda took a different route and wanted to milk the situation, a decision that some saw as shameful, especially Hulk who was the main target in her book.

The tell-all was published just two years after the divorce settlement in 2011. Titled, Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes, Linda played the victim throughout the whole thing. Among some of the notable quotes, Linda expressed the fact that she suspected Hulk cheated on her with multiple women prior, though Hulk would always deny the allegations while the two were still married. The book ultimately really didn’t sell too many copies and most even forget the book was ever released, a major plus for Hulk who likely wants this book to be erased.

6 Mirror Selfie

A photo you would expect a child to post, this was another shameful photo uploaded to her Twitter account. In all likelihood, this was the same reaction she had when Hulk won $115 million from a court settlement against Gawker. We can only imagine her reaction, though as you might expect, she made her thoughts be known ASAP following the verdict.

Linda called the decision both sickening and just downright dirty. Linda claimed Hulk was just receiving dirty money from the case. Many were baffled at the final verdict and one can only imagine what Linda was thinking seeing her ex get that huge some of money. She also added that the Erin Andrews case from the past aided Hulk’s cause. She showed no remorse, as she talked from her beautiful California home, the same home that is now up for sale since we last checked.

5 White-Grape Selfie

Another shameful photo posted on her Twitter page, Linda is shown drinking up a bottle of white wine while spending some time in her beautiful home. Most of the pictures look like they're taken at an exclusive resort, but oh no, that’s her fantastic California mansion which looks like a dream house both inside and out.

As we stated earlier, Linda purchased the property following her divorce settlement, a little known fact is that it’s been up for sale on again and off again since 2015. Recently, as of March 2017, according to The Sun, the property is back up for grabs with an asking price of one million dollars less than what it was before. The original cost for the home was $4.4 million back in 2015, and you can now purchase the residence today for just $3.6 million.

4 More Patriotism

Yup, more bikinis and more patriotism, folks – this candid shot was taken of Linda on a nice boat; among the guests on the yacht included her very own son Nick Hogan and someone we’ll feature in a later entry, her ex-boyfriend Charlie Hill, who is similar to the age of her son.... No, we’re not even kidding. We’ll dive a little deeper into that relationship in the number one most shameful photo that Hulk doesn’t want you to see.

Decked out with American flags and bikinis, this is just another disturbing picture of Linda flaunting the goods. Years later at the age of 58 she’s still showing no signs of slowing down posting similar pics via social media. It remains to be seen when she’ll finally tuck away the “assets” for good.

3 The Backside Grab

As we stated in previous entries, Linda loves to flaunt her assets while rocking a bikini. For that reason, it shouldn’t be too shocking that she’s got several pics while partying on a boat and of course, rocking a skimpy bikini from top to bottom. This is yet another “Not So PG” example, though this time she takes things a step further getting her backside grabbed by a younger female. Look, such a photo would make sense if she was in her teens or even her 20s (maybe we’d make it fly even if she was in her 30s), but for someone in their late 50s to take such a picture, we believe even Hulk himself is cringing at the sight.

As you know though, his wasn’t her one and only boat adventure...

2 On A Boat With Nick

When it comes to disturbing photos, Linda’s got lots of them alongside her son, however this one might be the worst of them all as she rocks a revealing bikini while the mom and son duo party on a boat. If you’re a male or heck, even a female reading this, just imagine partying on a boat with your mom while she shows the same amount of cleavage as Linda in the picture above; most of us can easily say, no. Just no. We can only imagine Hulk’s reaction to such a picture.

To Nick’s credit, he’s steered away from the spotlight since his troubling past, which even featured a stint behind bars for reckless driving. He’s now living a low key life as a DJ. You can follow his journey via Instagram as he’s somewhat active on the social media platform.

1 Linda & Charlie Hill

The most shameful and disturbing story pertaining to Linda deals with her prior relationship to Charlie Hill. The romance took place following her divorce. Putting ages into perspective; Linda was 48 when they started dating while Hill wasn’t even legal at the time as a 19 year old. The relationship was truly baffling with the couple even appearing on the reality show Couple’s Therapy. The aftermath of their separation might have been even worse, though.

According to the details, Hill filed a lawsuit against Linda for being regarded a laborer throughout their relationship. Hill made the claim that he was put to work in renovating her new home outside of California and didn’t receive a dollar for his troubles. Those representing Linda made the claim that Hill hadn’t worked a day in the last four years prior to the allegations... The entire situation was just so darn shameful!

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