15 Creepy Stories Of Adults Pretending To Be Teenagers

It isn't easy being a teenager. Everything is always totally confusing; you're stuck in this realm of being half adult and half a child, and people are always telling you what to do. If it isn't your parents that are bossing you around, it's your teachers. All you have to do is live by everyone else's rules. Man, it's so awesome when you don't have to deal with that anymore.

At least that's what some people think. There are other people, believe it or not, that actually still want to pass themselves off as teenagers. Some of them do it because they're creepers that want to hook up with young people, while others just do it because they think it would be fun to be in high school again. Some do it to take advantage of the kindness of others, and yet others are just totally and completely insane.

Let's face it: someone would totally have to have a screw loose to want to go back to high school and pretend to be a teenager. Either that or they would have to be totally creepy. What follows is a list of 15 people that pretended to be teenagers. You can decide for yourself which ones are totally nuts and which are totally creepy. Of course, some of them are both; you can be crazy and creepy at the same time.

15 Creepy Stories of Adults Pretending to be Teenagers.


15 Charity Johnson - 34 Yr Old Pretending To Be High Schooler

Hey, remember that time you were 34 years old and you were really totally dying to go back to high school? No? Yeah, me neither. Charity Johnson enrolled in a high school in Texas at 34 years old. She had been doing this for years, living in foster homes all over the place while pretending to be a teenager. According to Buzzfeed, "Charity looked like a teenager. She had plump, baby-smooth cheeks and big bright eyes and wore bows in her hair. She was a big girl -- just 5 feet tall and around 300 pounds-- but she dressed young for her age and favored Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse accessories." Alright, I don't know about you, but I'm sufficiently creeped out now. Charity said she did all of this because she was looking for love.

14 Neil Havens Rodreick - 29 Turning On 12


Okay, so this guy is totally creepy. He takes being odd and creepy to a whole new level; there's no doubt about that. He pretended to be a 12-year-old boy and tried to enroll in two different schools. Even worse, according to the Telegraph, "Rodreick is also accused of conning two older men who he was living with into thinking he was a 12-year-old, shaving his body hair and wearing makeup to appear boyish. Then, men had sexual relations with him thinking he was under 13, authorities said, and 'were very upset' when they discovered he was 29." Boy, I bet those guys must have been mad. What a cruel trick to play on them. Anyway, this guy is obviously just totally weird, so much so that I feel a little bit odd even writing about him.

13 Anna Hernandez - Something About Those 13 Yr Old Boys

Anna Hernandez was really 23 but pretended to be a 15-year-old girl so she could meet and have sex with teenage boys, some as young as 13 years old. This is the kind of thing that if a guy did would be all over the news, but when women do this kind of thing, it's not heard about so much unless the woman is a teacher, of course, then the whole thing just totally blows up. The odd thing is why she felt that she had to pretend to be a teenager, as most teenage boys would think it was totally hot to sleep with an older woman. But hey, maybe she just didn't want to be identified as what she was, which is a totally weird creeper who was preying on teenage boys. At least she didn't enroll in high school like a lot of these oddballs did.

12 Artur Samarin - The Lost VISA


At least this guy had a reason to pretend to be a teenager that was neither creepy or insane. He had lost his visa and went back to high school in order to stay in the good old US of A. The thing is, though, maybe he could've been a little more low-key about the whole thing. He actually got a 4.16 GPA while he was in school. Although, wait a minute... it turns out he was having sex with a 15-year-old when he was 22, so I guess he was kind of creepy after all. In fact, he pleaded guilty to statutory sexual assault, identity theft, tampering with records, and conspiracy with his foster parents to commit those theft-related offenses. Come on man... wouldn't it have just been easier to go home instead of going to prison?

11 Mary Shieler - The Weird Online Relationship

This story is just totally bizarre. A  romance started between a hot 18-year-old girl named "Jessi" and a handsome young Marine. But the marine was actually a balding 46-year-old married man named Thomas Montgomery. And the girl was actually a 45-year-old mom named Mary Shieler, pretending to be her daughter "Jessi" without her knowledge. Confused? Yeah, so was the fake marine. The two had an intense online relationship for almost two years. He eventually got jealous when the fake teenager broke off the relationship and killed another guy that she was catfishing. Mary was never charged with a crime and said she was just having fun online. Yeah, it sounds like fun -- if you're totally crazy, that is.

10 Treva Throneberry - The Nutty Teenager


Speaking of being totally crazy, Treva Throneberry is as nuts as it gets. She spent pretty much all of her twenties pretending to be a teenager and pulling off cons for which she ended up going to jail. She also made up a bunch of claims that she was sexually abused. She would travel around the United States, living in foster homes, colleges, and with any family that would take her in, all the while pretending to be other people. As recently as last year, she was charging men of sexually assaulting her while she worked at a hotel under an assumed name. Point being, if you see this woman anywhere near you, the best thing to do is run. She may not hurt you, but she will, without a doubt, make your life totally miserable.

9 Coby Persin - The SnapChat Teen

This guy, who goes by the name Coby Persin on YouTube, is supposedly trying to be cool and all by showing how easy it is to pretend to be a teenager on Facebook by making a fake profile then hooking up with teenage girls, but in reality, the whole thing is kind of a how-to for total creeps. He even has a video where he rolls around messing with teenage girls. He does this with the help of the girls' dads, who jump out and scream at the kids when it all goes down. Sure, on the one hand, this is kind of a cool thing to do to show how easy it is for creeps to pull off something like this, but on the other hand, it isn't cool at all to show how creeps how to pull off something like this. But that's obviously not his main concern; what he really wants to do is get publicity for himself.


8 Frederic Bourdin - The Imposter


This story is just beyond bizarre; it's so odd that the documentary The Imposter was made about it. Basically Bourdin, as an adult, pretended to be a missing child from Texas, who had been gone for three years. The oddest thing about it is that he looks nothing like the missing kid; he's a full-grown adult for crying out loud. And to top it all off, he's from France and speaks with a thick French accent. And yet, the family of the missing boy took him in with no questions asked. It really is a fascinating movie that leaves the viewer with many unanswered questions. Even odder, this was not the last time Bourdin did this. He later pretended to be an orphan and spent 4 months in prison. It seems he has mostly stayed out of trouble since then.

7  Patricia Dye - Woman Pretends To Be Teenaged Boy

Next on our list of incredibly creepy adults pretending to be teenagers is Patricia Dye, who really went above and beyond what's normal just to go out with someone she liked. This one is particularly odd -- okay, let me take that back... all of them are incredibly odd. I mean, these are a bunch of adults pretending to be teenagers, which sort of means all of them are pretty messed up. Anyway, so Patricia was 31 years old and had a crush on a 16-year-old girl. So what does she do? Well, she pretends to be a 14-year-old boy and starts dating the teenage girl. She was charged with unlawful sexual conduct and corruption of a minor. I have to say, if being totally and completely weird were a crime, she almost certainly would have been charged with that as well. What a total creeper.

6  Guerdwich Montimere - All About Basketball


"Montimere was a man in his early 20s who pretended to be a 9th grader in order to play basketball." According to the Daily Mail, "Officials said the Haitian man had graduated from high school in Florida, where he also played basketball, years before he moved to Odessa as a 21-year-old and presented himself as a ninth-grader named Jerry Joseph." He was eventually outed, and the team forfeited all of its wins for the year. Montimere was also charged with two counts of sexual assault (because he had slept with someone underage) and three counts of tampering with government records. He should have also been charged with being totally crazy, because seriously, what sense does any of this make?

5  Robert Hunter - The Fake Justin Bieber!

Hey girls, look who it is! It's Justin Bieber! Oh my God, he's so dreamy! And not only that; he's chatting with me online! Well, okay it isn't Justin Bieber. In fact, it's a creepy middle-aged guy who pretended to be Justin Bieber to try and get girls to take off their clothes for him. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison. So a couple of things come to mind here -- one of them, of course, is how odd it is that anyone, of any age, would actually believe that they were talking to Justin Bieber online and that he was trying to get them to strip. I mean, seriously, how could anyone possibly fall for that? How is it even possible that there are people out there who are so gullible that things like this could actually happen?

4 Gemma Barker - Pretended To Be Young boy To Fool Around With Girls


Next on the list of oddballs is Gemma Barker. She pretended to be a series of different boys so she could mess around with some girls that she desired. The judge in the case said, "What concerns me is that it has got a very mean and manipulative streak to it. And it's very serious. The girls she preyed on are much younger than her." Supposedly, some of the girls even knew Gemma and couldn't tell not only that whom they were messing around with was a girl whom they knew in real life, but also that it was a girl at all. How do people even come up with these types of ideas? And how did Gemma happen to have such stupid friends that they couldn't even tell whom they were making out with?

3  Taylor Smith - People Love Their High School Football...Too Much

Taylor tried to pass himself off to ten different high schools to play football when he was 22. And some of the coaches wished that they could've taken him on. "He met the eye test -- let's put it that way," said Jim Ledford, football coach at Berkner High School in Richardson. "As a coach, you see a kid walk in and he's 6-foot-5, 220. Your eyes light up and automatically think defensive end, tight end." It was investigated as a crime, but it didn't appear that he was ever charged. In fact, the whole thing just seemed way more confusing than anything else. While so many of the people on this list did things for rather obvious reasons, such as money, having a free place to live, or love, it seems like Smith did it just to play some football.

2  Jonathan Nicola - The Sudanese Basketball Player


Jonathan Nicola had an interesting excuse for why went to high school as a 20-year-old and dominated in basketball -- he said he didn't know how old he was. “I always keep asking what is the specific age that I was born, and she [his mother] has told me that she could not remember. Over (in South Sudan) . . . not every year we study . . . we always keep moving to different schools, and over there, they do not ask your age. They do not ask you nothing." Hey, it sounds logical to me. Okay, it actually doesn't, but either way, it appears like Nicola did nothing wrong except lie about his age. He said he did it to get an education. I just feel bad for the kids on the opposing basketball team. Nicola is 6-foot-9 and has some game.

1  Sherwin Shayegan - The Piggyback Bandit

Last, but certainly not least, is none other than the Piggyback Bandit. According to Deadspin, "The Piggyback Bandit is a 31-year-old man (his mother says he has Asperger’s) who likes to jump on the backs of high school athletes. Seriously. Sometimes he tries asking, sometimes he tries paying, and sometimes he just goes ahead and does it." Sherwin uses a variety of different excuses for why he wants to jump on the backs of male athletes, but on occasion, he has been known to pretend to be a high school student. He has gotten in trouble numerous times for this and has even been arrested, but it appears, at this point, that he has stopped piggybacking -- or maybe he's just laying low, waiting to pounce.

Source: Daily Mail

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