15 Creepy Child Stars Who Became Even Creepier Adults

Kids have been used for amazing results in film and television throughout history. Kids are especially effective at being little creeps. Seriously, what could be more terrifying than a freaky little kid? Nothing. So many films have used these little rugrats to scare us out of our wits. But we're not just dealing with horror movies here. We're also looking at all sorts of creepy kids. Some were little brats that scared us when we were kids. Some of them just looked evil. It was in their eyes or their demeanor. Now, we're also looking at another kind of scary. We want to consider kids that scare adults out of being parents. These are the creepy-looking kids who aren't trying to look creepy. It's just in their DNA. If you have a soft spot for kids who look disgusting, then this list might not be for you.

Is it cruel to point out how unattractive certain people are? Yes. Is that magnified when we're talking about kids? Probably. But that's not all we're doing here. We're also pointing out that some kids turned into terrible human beings. That's what is so great about the word 'creepy.' If a kid made us feel uncomfortable in any way, we can use the term creepy as a catch-all. You've seen the lists of former child stars who were once ugly and grew into beautiful people. That's the ugly duckling syndrome. Well, these former child stars don't fit that mold. These kids hit ugly and never looked back. Here are 15 Creepy Child Stars Who Became Even Creepier Adults.


15 Danny Bonaduce

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Danny Bonaduce played Danny on The Partridge Family. As a kid, Bonaduce was a smart-mouthed little brat. We all knew he would grow up to be a jerk. Well, he did. Sadly, much of Bonaduce's issues probably stemmed from his dysfunctional family and troubled childhood. But, regardless of the cause, Bonduce became a bonadouche. In 1990, Bonaduce decided that he would be a great role model for children. While hosting an event for D.A.R.E., the children's anti-drug campaign, Bonaduce was arrested buying cocaine. Then there was the time when he beat up a transvestite prostitute. In his later career, if we can call it that, Bonaduce became known for being an even larger insufferable a*s than he was before, picking fights with other washed-up celebrities and then boxing them for money.

14 Jamie Waylett

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Jamie Waylett was cast in the role of Crabbe in Harry Potter for one reason only: he looks mean. Waylett has never really been able to open his eyes, so we're unsure if he's ever even seen how creepy he looks, but we're confident that many people have told him over the years. We were also confident that Waylett would turn out bad. The role of bully and borderline psychopath just fit him too well. Even though Waylett left the acting world behind, he was kind enough to get arrested every once in while so we could all keep tabs on him. He was arrested for possession of drugs and a knife in 2009. That got the ball rolling. Then, in 2011, Waylett was arrested for partaking in the riots in England. Hell, Waylett wasn't just happy to be there either; he was caught with a Molotov cocktail. For that, he was sentenced to two years in prison.

13 Ari Lehman

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Ari Lehman is the guy who played the child version of Jason Voorhees in the very first Friday the 13th film. He's only in the film at the end, coming out of the water to pull the final girl in the water. Well, Lehman crept us the hell out in that film, and he's still using that fame today. His band is even called "First Jason" if you were doubting us. Since his early acting days, Lehman has done a few other things in film and TV, usually in the horror genre. This is a good mix since Lehman still looks so damn creepy. The genre still works well with him after all these years.

12 Patrick Renna

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Patrick Renna's first acting gig was also his most famous—that of Hamilton 'Ham' Porter in The Sandlot. Now, Ham wasn't particularly creepy in that film. Sure, the density of his freckles was unnerving, but he wasn't a monstrosity by any means. What's most terrifying about Renna is that he looks exactly the same today as he did 24 years ago. We're not exaggerating either. If you showed us a picture of Renna from The Sandlot with his current face Photoshopped onto his body, we wouldn't be able to tell the difference. It's a disturbing thought to know that Renna's nearly 14-year-old face is no different than his nearly 40-year-old face.

11 Nick Stahl

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Technically, when Nick Stahl was a child, he was cute and was cast that way. It was when he was a teenager and a young man that he started taking on creepier roles, like those in Bully and Sin City. These evil characters seemed to fit Stahl a little better as he was transitioning into an unsavory character in real life as well. In 2012, Stahl famously went missing. It turns out that he was on a huge multi-day bender and was discovered in Skid Row. The next few years after that, Stahl was arrested a few more times for doing really weird stuff. He was caught on another massive bender and charged with possession. He was also arrested for doing gross things to himself in a private booth in an adult video store, which begs the question, 'what do they expect people to do in private booths in adult video stores?' Why have them unless you expect to find the Nick Stahls of the world in their touching themselves?

10 Drum Garrett

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Now that he goes by the name of Chris Eastman, it's clear that Drum Garrett is trying to escape his creepy past. As a child actor, Garrett played one of the bullies in The NeverEnding Story. This role forever made Garrett a disturbing person. When he got older, he doubled down as a creep. This time, he added a little disgustingness to his creepiness, playing Belch in Stephen King's It. If you can't place him by the name, he was the weird and super gross bully who burped constantly. The only thing worse than a physical bully is one who also belches in your face before they beat you up. Since Garrett (or Eastman or whatever his name is) still looks the same as he ever did, he still strikes fear into the hearts of all who look upon him.

9 Sarah Gilbert

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Sarah Gilbert will always be remembered as Darlene from Roseanne. Since the Connor family was meant to be a blue-collar family, which apparently means dirty and poor, Darlene was very rough around the edges. She was the black sheep of the family, and she wore that skin well. Although she was incredibly intelligent off-camera, Gilbert's look always had her cast in troubled character roles. As an adult, Gilbert landed a role on The Talk, and she's done a few TV spots. Her biggest role was that of Leslie on The Big Bang Theory in which she played the "I don't care what I look like" nerd. As she always has, Gilbert embraced the rolled-out-bed look, which seems to make her happy. She won't be winning any beauty pageants anytime soon, but she doesn't seem to care.


8 Dustin Diamond

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Let us start by saying that Saved by the Bell is one of the best high school shows ever made. When we're watching it, we get ourselves in the mindset and we enjoy it. But, even we can admit that the character of Screech, played by Dustin Diamond, was always a bit creepy. It's not just in the way he looked either, which was really unfortunate. Since Diamond was three years younger than the rest of the cast, he looked like a small child next to them. For years, the poor kid was assigned to just ogle the women and try whatever creepy tricks he could to try and get with them. But all of that creepiness pales in comparison to the man that Diamond would become. Boy did he go wrong somewhere along the way. Diamond went down a bad path and became a total a*s. Seemingly mad at the world, Diamond started spreading lies about his former cast mates. He then made a fake p*rn tape and got himself arrested a couple of times. For stabbing a guy at a bar, Diamond spent some time in prison a couple of years ago and just violated his probation last year, so it appears that turning it all around is not in the cards.

7 Steven Anthony Lawrence

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Technically, Steven Anthony Lawrence never played a creepy kid on TV. He just lived that life. We understand how mean it is to say, but it's not like the roles that he was getting on television or in film were because of how attractive he was. It's very clear that he was chosen for a very specific reason: he looked funny. Most famously, Lawrence played the off-looking character, Beans, on Even Stevens. While Lawrence thinks it's surprising that people still recognize him from his child acting days, it's more surprising that he thinks he's changed in appearance at all. He still looks exactly the same, just older and more beaten down by this cruel, cruel world. Nah, he looks happy and he's a talented actor. He just looks different than most actors because they're so attractive.

6 Edward Furlong

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As big of fans of Edward Furlong as we are, it's no secret that this guy looked like a problem child very early on. Famous for playing John Connor in the Terminator franchise, Furlong really fit the bad seed character. Sure, Connor was a hero, but he was not an angel by any stretch of the imagination. Fast-forward to the present day and Furlong has had numerous run-ins with the law. He's been known to struggle with drugs and alcohol but was said to have cleaned himself up. But, then came the domestic abuse. Furlong spent some time in jail for getting physical with his ex-girlfriend, which doesn't help make his appearance any less scary. Now, it seems like Furlong is back on the drugs and looks like the human version of Oscar the Grouch. We hope he figures it all out.

5 Luke Bigham

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Luke Bigham is best known for playing a younger version of Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights. Playing the mouthy and fatherless Ricky Bobby, Bigham appears comfortable in the role. We figured that there was a good shot that he would become a delinquent or a criminal later on in his life, and he did not disappoint. As an adult, Bigham has been arrested a couple of times, including the most recent arrest for pushing his mother down the stairs during an argument. Now, you've got to be a pretty creepy person to push your mom down a flight of stairs.

4 John Franklin

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Jon Franklin played the terrifying little boy, Isaac Chroner, in Children of the Corn. Isaac was the leader of the children and gave an entire generation of people an irrational fear of the Amish people and Mennonites. Franklin may have seemed like a child in Children of the Corn, but he was actually 24 years old in that movie. Franklin suffers from a hormone deficiency which kept him short and childlike. This is also partly why he's on this list. Since, like many others, we always believed that Franklin was a child in Children of the Corn, it was very unsettling to see him grow up and look exactly the same as a grown man. Franklin went on to star as Cousin Itt in The Addams Family, but, years later, in Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return, Franklin returned to the role of Isaac to freak us out once again. This time he was much older but he looked exactly the same.

3 Billy Redden

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When Billy Redden was 16, he was chosen to play the role of Lonnie, the creepy banjo-playing kid from Deliverance. The director, John Boorman, paid Redden the most backhanded compliment in the world with that casting decision. Considering that they were looking for a character who looked like an "inbred from the back woods," choosing Redden was about the worst news a kid could get. Years later, Redden returned to the banjo to a similar role in Big Fish, a homage to his part in Deliverance. As sweet of a man as Redden appears to be, his looks haven't changed much. He still has those almond-shaped eyes that he surely can't see a thing out of and that overly large cranium. It's unknown if Redden was, in fact, the product of in-breeding, but he fits the stereotype.

2 Whit Hertford

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It's not just us that thinks Whit Hertford is a creepy-looking kid. Every role he got as a child actor was in a creepy role. Even in Jurassic Park, playing the raptor kid, Hertford looked super weird. We can't quite identify what it is that makes him freak us out so much. Maybe it's his sunken-in black eyes. Yeah, it's definitely his eyes. Well, Hertford still acts, and he's still a horrifying image to behold. With those dark rings under his eyes, it seems like Hertford hasn't had a good night's sleep ever since Dr. Alan Grant threatened his life with that raptor claw.

1 Clint Howard

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No one would ever suggest that Ron Howard is an attractive man. Sure, back in the Happy Days years, you might have gotten away with it. But even still, as strange-looking as Ron is, he seems to have gotten whatever attractive genes were available to the Howard children. Ron then took those genes and them on to his beautiful daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard. The kid who got screwed in this entire gene transaction is Clint, Ron's younger and less talented brother. This poor bugger got absolutely destroyed by the ugly stick. As a child, this curious-looking boy acted in several shows, including a role in Star Trek as an alien Balok in "The Corbomite Maneuver." Unlike most actors playing aliens in Star Trek, Howard didn't even need alien makeup. They just sent him in as he was, and he totally freaked everyone out. You have to believe that he was offended when the cast was all amazed by how convincing his alien makeup was. This story does not have a happy ending either. Howard went from a believable alien to whatever the hell you would call him today. But he's probably not mad at his parents. He's super rich, talented, and successful and is very likely as happy as a clam. Physically, he is repulsive but still very happy.

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