15 Creepiest Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

Whether you love suspense with just a slight touch of horror, or you love to see lots of gore on screen, Netflix has you covered.

In today's world, we have an amazing variety of shows that cater to our every interest. They captivate and amaze millions, allowing us to escape, even for a moment, to other worlds on screen. What is one of the best places to give in to our movie and TV show addictions? If you guessed Netflix, you are right. Without a doubt, Netflix has been such an amazing application to use in order to feed our craving for the shows and movies we all love. Netflix also has an amazing array of genres. For example, the horror genre seems to be picking up a lot more in the past few years than it ever has with movies and even a great collection of horror TV shows that have been proven highly successful.

So, if you're looking for something scary and creepy to check out, why not take your pick from this list? Some of the movies listed are all time favorites that have been around for quite some time, while others are new and terrifying. Netflix tends to have a knack for streaming some of the best horror movies known to man, and with good reason. The views certainly add up. Whether you're a person who loves suspense with just a slight touch of horror, or someone who loves to see lots of gore on screen, Netflix will have you covered.

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15 The Sixth Sense


Before the year 2000, we saw a display of amazing movies that graced our screens. The late 90s just proved to everyone what a good few years it was for Hollywood. Examples include Fight Club, The Green Mile, and even The Matrix, which was amazing for its time. But among that year's amazing movies is The Sixth Sense. It was released in 1999 and is still being talked about and famously quoted to this day. The famous "I see dead people" saying actually came from this movie. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, this was one of his best films and it didn't disappoint. The Sixth Sense circles around a young boy and his psychologist. Throughout the movie, the child, who is played by Haley Joel Osment, has been seeing dead people for quite some time. It's filled with many jump scares that will have you at the edge of your seat along with an unexpected ending that will leave you speechless.

14 The Hallow

via: Horrorpedia

The Hallow came out in 2015 and it's one of those movies that constantly makes you wonder what's going to happen next. A loving young married couple decide to move to a home a little closer to nature in the beautiful land of Ireland. While we all know Ireland is one of the most astounding places view-wise, it's also a very old country filled with legends, myths, and ghost stories. The film was directed by Corin Hardy and he does a great job of adding a doomed feeling to the atmosphere. As the movie plays out, something doesn't seem quite right about the woods in the surrounding area. They quickly learn that the devious creatures lurking in the darkness have their eyes set on their baby. It's a dark and shadowy tale that has a creepy ending with dramatic and loud antics. It's definitely a movie that should be watched with friends in a nicely lit room. However, if you're one of those who love watching scary movies in the dark, more power to you.

13 Honeymoon

via: YouTube

The film Honeymoon definitely doesn't have the horror elements that a gore-loving horror fan would normally go for, but what it lacks in gore, it makes up for in its suspense and constant curiosity. A couple has decided to take their honeymoon into the woods and at the start of the movie, it seems everything is paradise. However, as the story progresses, the husband starts to see changes in his wife. After sleepwalking deep in the woods at night, she returns to their cabin, and starts showing strange characteristics that make the husband worried. Was it really his wife who came back to him? The movie plays on the famous saying that "we don't really know who we marry." The director, Leigh Janiak, who is set to direct the remake of The Craft, directed the movie. It was considered her directorial debut and it doesn't stray far from the creepy roots of suspense and terror we all love.

12 Creep

via: A to Z Horror

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the everyday style of produced movies and check out a film that has definitely been underrated. Creep was released in 2014 and it is what many call a found-footage movie in which the camera follows along with a person holding a camera and filming everything they come across. Some famous found-footage movies include Paranormal Activity, As Above So Below, and many, many more. The story, which is both creepy and slightly disturbing, folds out and becomes something entirely terrifying. A man accepts an offer on Craigslist even though it seems a bit strange. The ad requested that someone follow a man around with a camera for just 24 hours. It sounds harmless until the man filming meets the man from the ad and learns there's something else going on entirely. It was directed by Patrick Brice, who also plays the man filming the disturbing scenes.

11 V/H/S/2


This very disturbing and scary movie came out in 2013 and was directed by a variety of directors. It comes just a year after the first movie V/H/S, which was considered to be a tipping point for the era of found-footage movies. If you are a fan of gore and disturbing images, this is definitely the film for you. However, be prepared for some of the most intense scenes you've ever laid eyes on. The story follows two private investigators who are looking into the disappearance of a student. When they decide to break into his home, they find an assortment of videos that they wish they had never seen. However, the short films give insight to the mystery of the student's disappearance and the investigators press on. While the movie is most certainly creepy, it has elements that are deemed very explicit. Therefore, this is certainly not one of those films you should be watching with your kids.

10 Trollhunter

via: YouTube

The title may sound silly, and trolls probably aren't what come to mind when you think of something along the lines of creepy or scary. However, this story of horror and fantasy combined makes for an excellent movie. Trollhunter was released in 2010 and follows a group of students who have found themselves in the wilderness trying to investigate some mysterious bear killings. When they happen upon a mysterious man, they follow him but quickly learn it was a terrible idea. After filming very large and scary trolls, they figure out the man is a troll hunter. The movie is filmed with a shaky camera style and has horror elements spread throughout the story. The director, Andre Ovredal, is a fairly popular Norwegian film director who also directed films like The Autopsy of Jane Doe, The Tunnel, and Future Murder. Trollhunter may seem like a strange hit at first, but as the film progresses, its true colors are shown.

9 Jaws

via: Mana Pop

When you think of the first summer horror fan favorite, the last thing you probably think of is a shark. Granted, not many horror movies have made it in the film industry that focus on sharks. However, when Jaws was released in 1975, the world was blessed with a combination of fear and terror. Suddenly, the fear many people shared around the world of getting into the water at the beach was brought to life by director Steven Spielberg. While it didn't help the reputation of sharks, it certainly made plenty of money and was deemed by many to be one of the best horror films of all time. If you don't know the story already, a shark starts terrorizing a place known as Amity Island. After the mayor refuses to close the beaches in fear of losing tourism, the main character decides he's going to do something about it. With a few friends they decide to hunt down the shark and kill it, but the shark proves to be a very formidable opponent.

8 Starry Eyes


This is one of those films that never really made it into the spotlight like it should have. Directed by Kevin Kolsch, the film Starry Eyes was released in 2014, a good year for quite a few horror directors trying to get their start in the film industry. The movie follows a young lady named Sarah who is overcome with the desire for stardom. She would do anything to be famous and be known by anyone and everyone. Then, she discovers the origins of what Hollywood truly is and what makes everyone so successful. After she agrees to a binding situation, the woman finds out that the life of the famous isn't what she thought at all. Sarah thinks she knows exactly what she is doing. But as she finds out in terrible ways, she couldn't have been more wrong.  The story quickly takes a dark turn and leads you down a road of horror and cults.

7 The Invitation

via: Temple of Reviews

If you're in the mood for a very particular and strange setting, this movie for you. After a man receives an invitation from his ex wife to join her for a dinner party at their old house, he's reluctant, but decides to go anyway. After arriving, things seem off. He starts noticing the strange way people are acting. Soon, it's apparent that something else is going on and the man starts to suspect that his ex wife and her husband have nasty plans for their new house guests. The film was shown at a SXSW film festival in 2015. However, it wasn't released until 2016. It was directed by Karen Kusama and if that name sounds familiar, you may remember some of the movies she has directed. A few examples are Jennifer's Body, Girlfight, and the well known Aeon Flux.

6 The Fly


While you may not be in the mood for a classic, this one definitely is worth it. Granted, a man turning into a fly doesn't sound too appealing, but don't doubt the title. Released in 1958 and directed by Kurt Neumann, the story follows a man named Andre who tries to transport himself in his matter transporter machine. However, a normal house fly makes its way into the machine without him knowing and things go terribly awry. When he emerges from the device, he finds he now has the head and limbs of a fly. Andre starts slowly losing himself to his fly parts and entrusts the return of his normal self to his wife Helene. The task proves difficult, though, due to an inspector and Andre's brother pursuing him. It's a film that pushed limits at the time it was released, and it certainly made an impression when it came to monster horror.

5 It Follows

via: Grotesque Ground

It always seems like a big deal when two teenagers do the deed for the first time in horror movies. Normally after doing so, they end up the victim of a terrible murder. However, in It Follows, the main character, Jay, experiences a different kind of story. After she and Hugh have done the act for the first time, Jay seems happy. That is, until she finds out that Hugh has passed on a curse via intercourse. Throughout the movie, Jay tries to convince her friends that the curse is real and she is being hunted by something malevolent. At first, they don't believe her. After some terrible occurrences, Jay's friends start noticing evidence of her terrible situation. But will it be enough to save Jay? The movie was released in 2014 and directed by David Robert Mitchell. It Follows brought in around $20.6 million and was considered a big hit with a score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

4 Hellraiser

via: Cryptic Rock

This one is probably known by literally everyone in the horror community. Famously loved and cherished, Hellraiser was directed by Clive Barker in 1987 and rose to fame fairly quickly. The famous producer, writer, and actor has directed many different movies, including Nightbreed and Lord of Illusions. However, Hellraiser seemed to really hit the mark, as it pushed past the limits of many directors and producers at the time. In the story, a husband escapes a terrible dimension filled with horrible beings that torture souls. The man's wife tries to save him from the evil beings by slowly learning of what has happened, but fate is against them as the otherworldly entities pursue them both relentlessly. The ending is fairly scary and is guaranteed to creep out anyone watching. It's certainly worth it for a Friday movie night.

3 Wes Craven's New Nightmare

via: YouTube

If you were looking for a twist on reality and movies combined, New Nightmare will certainly do just that. Released in 1994, it's a newly invented way to truly place terror and horror in people's hearts. What's so creepy about the movie is that it features some of the actors from the famous Nightmare on Elm Street as themselves in a tale where the terrifying being Freddy Krueger is real and very much alive. Heather Langenkamp famously performs her role with success. While many didn't particularly like the reality feel to the movie, it added suspense and terror to the movie's atmosphere nonetheless. So, don't let critics deter you from such an amazing film. It was a true treasure for those who were looking for a new addition to the Nightmare franchise and it's a great creepy movie to check out during a spooky night at home.

2 The Babadook

via: The New Yorker

If you were in search of a movie that will send chills down your spine and creep you out in all the best ways, then The Babadook is the movie to reach for. It was released in 2014 and follows the story of a mother and her six year old son. The movie explains that her husband passed away in a car crash on the way to the hospital to deliver her baby. Her mix of resentment and love towards her son comes in various forms throughout the movie and in the midst of the mother's trying emotions, she finds a book that her son wants her to read called Mister Babadook. After reading the book, the mother starts to notice the entity from the book in their home. The movie quickly unfolds into a series of dangerous scenarios and events that keep you on the edge of your seat with every twist and turn.

1 The Shining

via: Alternate Ending

Probably no film is creepier than The Shining. Even after all these years, it continues to capture its audience by delivering some of the best horror scenes of all time. If you're unaware of the famous movie, here's a breakdown of the facts. The film was released in 1980 and it was based off Stephen King's novel The Shining. A man by the name of Jack Torrance becomes the caretaker of a hotel during the winter, and lives there with his family. Jack hopes to overcome the constant annoyance of writer's block that he's been experiencing. Over time, his son starts to see signs and visions of the terrible things that have happened at the hotel. They slowly learn the dark secrets that haunt the hotel and Jack falls into a homicidal state and begins his attempts at killing his family. It was dubbed a true success, and while Stephen King himself may not have enjoyed it entirely, rest assured that audiences from all walks of life have enjoyed the film, which is why it is here at number one.


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