15 Crazy Theories About The Anna Faris-Chris Pratt Split

Hearts were breaking all over the world on Sunday, August 6th, when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced that they were breaking up after eight years of marriage. We all lost a little bit of hope in love that day, as the couple released this joint statement about their separation: “We are sad to announce we are legally separating. We tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed. Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake, we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. We still love each other and will always cherish our time together.” While any couple's separation comes with a level of heartbreak, the split of this Hollywood pair has truly taken fans by surprise. What the world pretty much took from their statement of separation is that love is dead...the end. One fan posted on Twitter about the breakup: "Chris Pratt and Anna Faris separating has me seriously reconsidering if love exists." This seems to be the consensus of the general public concerning the Pratt-Faris breakup.

For the past several years, everyone assumed that Pratt and Faris were one of those couples that would beat the Hollywood statistic and last forever. They were truly adorable on every red carpet, and just seemed to be so in love all the time. In fact, they often got criticism for just how over the top cute they were, as their affection put all the other couples to shame. So everyone was left wondering how such a seemingly perfect couple could dissolve so quickly and separate out of the blue. But if you look real closely, there may have been some clues that the couple had some very tough obstacles to overcome throughout the years.

Now, we don’t know for sure why these two beloved comedy stars are separating, but there have been signs of tension between the couple for a while now, signs that we just never picked up on, until they announced their separation earlier this month. So in wake of this devastating breakup, here are 15 Jaw-Dropping Theories About The Anna Faris-Chris Pratt Split, to help you cope with this shocking news.

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15 The Hollywood Curse

Not to bore you with endless statistics, but it’s widely known that Hollywood marriages have a shockingly low success rate. Since so many couples in Hollywood fail so quickly, every year that a famous duo stays together is like seven years of marriage out in the real world. (Similar to dog years.) There aren’t many famous couples that make it to the double digit mark, so once these two had eight years of marriage under their belt, people assumed that Pratt and Faris were going to be in it for life. However, based on the couple’s recent announcement, that obviously is not the case for the Pratt-Faris union, and it pains us to see them join the ranks of failed celebrity marriages.  One might say that the curse of Hollywood fame and fortune struck again, with these two lovebirds, 'cause it seems that the double digit anniversary just isn't in the cards for them.

14 Fame Went To Chris Pratt's Head

Although famous for a long time, Chris Pratt hit it big in 2014, when he signed on to star in Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, he was known for his role of Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, but once he took on his Guardians role, his stardom really exploded. He had the leading role in a major blockbuster, a new body, and a bunch of new movie offers coming in as a result. So after consistently working on films, TV shows, and doing interviews for the past three years, it’s quite possible that the popularity and fame went straight to this Minnesota boy’s head. Chris' newfound celebrity status could have been hard for Anna to manage, as he was busy trying to get as much attention as possible to ride the wave of his newfound success. But that success also means more time working and less time being a husband and dad. So as we have seen many times before in Hollywood, fame can take its toll on a marriage, especially when someone skyrockets to stardom suddenly, in the way that Chris did.

13 Getting Too Close To His Co-Star

As we all know, Pratt starred in the 2016 film Passengers alongside Jennifer Lawrence. As with every Hollywood movie containing two hot actors of the opposite sex, relationship rumors began to swirl, and everyone and their momma was talking about Pratt and Lawrence shacking up behind closed doors. It didn’t help that Pratt and Lawrence are both comics in their own right, and played pranks on each other throughout filming and during their press tours. Their constant playing around was viewed as flirtation by the media, and Anna expressed multiple times how the rumors really hurt her. (More on that below.)

As loyal as Chris seemed to Anna and their family, who really knows what goes on when you’re in a long distance relationship, working, and working alongside an attractive young lady like Lawrence? Now, we’re not saying that he cheated on Anna because who really knows? But their flirtation (and the rumors of his affair) in no way, shape, or form helped his marriage.

12 Chris Was More Into Himself Than His Wife

It’s been two years since Pratt’s body went from "dad bod" to "take your shirt off," and it’s not surprising that he has been posting more pictures of himself on social media than ever before. Perhaps, Pratt got a little too into himself, and liked the positive feedback he was getting from the public a little too much. Anna Faris has gone on the record several times in the past about how she liked Pratt better when he was a little bit chubby. In the early years of their marriage, while playing a loveable goof on Parks and Recreation, that’s the physique he had. He ate Faris’ delicious home-cooked meals, and didn’t worry too much about maintaining any specific type of physique. Then, the studios came calling, and when Pratt transitioned to the world of action roles, all of a sudden he was required to get a sculpted physique. He had to clean up his diet tremendously, and put in hours of hard work at the gym to get the body that you see in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic Park. So, we can’t help but wonder if Faris missed her loveable and slightly chubby hubby. Maybe his new obsession with his self-image just became too much for her to bear.

11 Cheating Rumors Strained Their Marriage

Actors are often accused of getting to close to their co-stars, and allegations of infidelity are common place in the entertainment industry. The tabloids love a juicy scandal, and a simple meal between co-workers can easily get spun into something dirty in the gossip magazines. Actors and their spouses know this, so most of time they just shrug it off and roll their eyes at the tactics of the tabloids. However, every now and then, things strike a nerve, and when allegations started flying about Chris Pratt and his co-star Jennifer Lawrence, many publications speculated about how it would affect the Pratt-Faris marriage. At first, it seemed like they were able to shrug it off, but we can’t help but wonder if those rumors drove another wedge into their already struggling marriage. Furthermore, considering their now public breakup, we can't help but wonder if there was any truth to the rumors about Pratt and Lawrence. Now that Pratt is single, it looks like only time will tell.

10 Anna Became Jealous Of Her Husband's Fame

We’re not saying that Faris is resentful of Pratt’s career because she obviously loves him dearly, and is supportive of his success. However, there’s no doubt that the balance in their relationship has shifted quite a bit over the years. When they first got together, Faris was the bigger star with a few film roles under her belt, while Pratt was just getting started. He eventually became a television sitcom staple, while his wife continued her big screen career. But now their whole dynamic has changed, with Pratt starring in some of the biggest blockbuster hits out there, while his wife has a leading role on a television show. It’s almost as though their careers did a complete 180, and while they both support each other publicly, it’s got to be strange to have the fame dynamic change so much in a relationship. Besides, the level of celebrity that Chris is at now comes with a lot of demands and sacrifices that are likely to have a huge impact on their marriage. So one can see how easily jealousy could play a role in their recent split.

9 Too Much Time Apart

Long distance relationships are hard, and one reason that so many actors struggle to make their relationships work is because of the logistics of being with someone who travels all the time. This is complicated even further when both partners are busy working in the entertainment industry. While some projects are filmed in studios in L.A., there are also countless films and TV shows that shoot abroad. From Europe to Canada, actors are often required to travel for extended periods of time to film.  With Pratt and Faris both having careers that require them to travel so much, they were usually apart more than they were together, which is not easy for any couple to endure. When actors spend more time on set than they do at home, their relationships often become long distance, and as we all know, long distance sucks and rarely works!  Perhaps it was the distance that finally brought this much loved couple down.

8 They Were Just Too Similar

As they say: opposites attract, but what about Chris and Anna? Different things work for different couples, and while you may not want to be with someone who is your polar opposite, it’s also questionable if your spouse is basically a mirror image of yourself. Pratt and Faris both grew up in roughly the same area in Washington. They both have a weird obsession with dead bugs. They both got their start in silly horror spoof projects, and have underlining goofball personalities. There are so many similarities between them that one can’t help but wonder if things just got a little stale after a while, or alternatively, if the entire dynamic of their relationship started switching when their careers began moving in different directions. Either way, a little difference between partners can add some excitement to a marriage. So maybe what looked like paradise actually became boredom with their similarities? There is a reason that opposites do attract, after all.

7 Onscreen Romances Never Last

It’s super common for actors starring as love interests to end up dating in real life. However, these onscreen romances usually don’t last, just take Brad and Angelina for example. It’s happened to countless couples in Hollywood, and it makes sense. Sparks fly while they're in character, they spend tons of time together, enjoy being close to one another, and they’re both in the same industry. So why shouldn't they continue to explore that relationship in real life? But often times, these onset romances turn disastrous once reality sets in. Like many famous Hollywood couples, Faris and Pratt met on set when they were playing love interests in the film, Take Me Home Tonight, and started dating soon after. So we can’t help but wonder if that first onset meeting meant that their relationship was doomed from the start. Considering how many co-stars-turned-couples end up with their relationships in ruins, the theory that all romances that start out onset are doomed to fail, wouldn't be too far fetched.

6 Anna's Insecurities Caused Tension

When fellow actress Isla Fisher appeared on Anna's podcast, Unqualified, she became more candid than usual about her and Chris’ relationship. Anna and Fisher were discussing having a relationship in the spotlight, when Faris admitted to being insecure and shaken by all of the rumors circulating about Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. “There were some tabloid rumors about strain in our relationship, and I just remember feeling so hurt in a way that bothered me because I didn’t want to think of myself as somebody that could be affected by tabloid sh*t,” Faris said during her podcast. It just goes to show that even the most confident of stars have insecurities at times, and rumors can throw a wrench into any relationship, whether they are proven to be true or not. So did Anna’s insecurities over the tabloid gossip bring about the downfall of her marriage? It's quite possible. She is only human after all.

5 The Stress Of Parenting Made Them Drift Apart

Life changing events often have a huge impact on any relationship. Back when Anna Faris was pregnant with the couple’s first and only child, Jack, he actually ended up arriving nine weeks premature. While they have an adorable and healthy little boy now, having a baby born prematurely is always a terrifying experience for parents because you just don’t know if your baby is ready to be in the world yet. They had to spend the first few weeks of their son’s life in the intensive care unit making sure their baby was okay. Both Pratt and Faris have discussed how terrifying the whole ordeal was, and how worried they were about their son, Jack, during the first few weeks of his life. There is no denying that the experience had a huge impact on the couple's relationship, and often stressful situations like these can begin to unravel a marriage at its core.

4 Chris Failed To Make Family A Priority

Chris Pratt is one busy man. He has worked hard to get to where he is with his career, and he deserves all of the recognition that he’s been getting. But take a look at his social media pages lately, and Chris seems to be way more into himself than his family. Anna even mentioned to Us Weekly just how hard prioritizing a family has been with her “huge movie star” husband. “We spend a lot of time at home building fires and cooking. Just enjoying the simple times. Now that Chris is, like, a crazy huge movie star, going out is just a whole different thing. It’s just a whole different weird. We look at each other sometimes and we’re like, ‘Oh, my God.’ Because it feels very surreal sometimes, since we both grew up in Washington State,” Anna went on to confess, “We just are sort of cherishing these times we have together.” In that interview, it looks like Anna was foreshadowing the breakup that the rest of us didn’t see coming! Chris' intense career focus and lack of time spent with his family must have played a big part in their split.

3 Pratt Didn't Want Any More Kids

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris gave birth to an adorable little boy, Jack Pratt, in March of 2015. The premature birth of their first child scared both of them and tested their relationship, but the couple pulled through together, and Jack made a full recovery to become the fun-loving healthy 2-year-old little boy that we see today. It was rumored that the couple did want to have more children, but held back due to Chris’ fear of potential health complications. So was Jack's premature birth really too much for Chris to take? Or was Chris' newfound fame to blame for hindering the couple from trying to have a second child? Rumors that Anna desperately wanted another baby, when Chris did not, caused a lot of speculation about the reason for the couple's impending divorce. And since this is a pretty big topic to disagree on, the rumors may very well be true.

2 He Was Holding Anna's Career Back

It’s no surprise that Anna Faris was the star of their relationship when she and Pratt began dating. In the early 2000s, Faris was on fire and in practically every comedy that came across the big screen, while Pratt was known as the guy with small roles in big films, when they began dating in 2007. During the couple's early years, Pratt was kind of nonexistent in the Hollywood spectrum. But oh how times have changed! Nowadays, Anna is focused on her role in the television show Mom, and being a real life mother to their son Jack, while Chris has been bombarded with fame. Perhaps there is a deeper reason for Anna’s significant career slowdown, like jealousy from her husband? In 2016, Pratt admitted he was “jealous” when his wife had a love scene with the one and only Chris Evans in the movie, What’s Your Number? Pratt's jealousy and newfound success have more than likely been holding Anna back in her career, and preventing her from taking on new endeavors, which could very well be a huge cause of tension in their marriage.  It will be interesting to see if Anna's career flourishes after the couple's separation.

1 Are We To Blame?

Though it's tough to figure out who is at fault for the demise of this relationship, it’s hard not to blame ourselves, the Faris-Pratt fans, for thinking that they were better together than they actually were. Did we set these two up to fail? All of their critics, the media, and their fans were quick to point out that Faris was more popular than Pratt in the beginning, and now they all say that Pratt's fame has gone to his head. So are we to blame for pointing out the couple's weaknesses? Did the media tear this pair apart? It's hard to know for sure, but the public definitely didn't make it any easier for them to get the privacy they clearly needed in their marriage. So yeah, on some level we all did cause this breakup, and now it’s up to us to figure out a way to save them, or all hope for love in the future will be lost! Ok, that's an exaggeration, but seeing such an amazing couple call it quits really does suck. So R.I.P. Faris-Pratt marriage, you will be greatly missed!

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