15 Crazy Hot Photos of "Little Liar" Shay Mitchell

When you are a “Pretty Little Liar,” life can be good. Especially if you are young and hot like many of the actors on Pretty Little Liars. The hit show has actually been quite the surprising success f

When you are a “Pretty Little Liar,” life can be good. Especially if you are young and hot like many of the actors on Pretty Little Liars. The hit show has actually been quite the surprising success for some time now. On June 8th, 2010, Pretty Little Liars premiered on ABC Family. Seven seasons and 150 episodes later, the teenage drama is still rolling strong, becoming one of the television network’s all-time best shows. This, the 7th season, will be the show’s last. It has also helped quite a variety of the ensemble cast grow successful careers that we are sure will continue beyond the show's demise. Many of the beautiful women involved in the show have posted a variety of semi-scandalous photos that have led them to further popularity as these pretty little liars evolve into smoking hot young women. And there's certainly nothing wrong with that now, is there?

Shay Mitchell is one of these beauties. The Mississauga, Ontario, Canada native has really developed into quite the sensation. Her hotness has been growing ever since the show began and she landed the role of Emily Fields back in 2010. Once people began to catch her on the show and online, there was no turning back from pronouncing here an "Up & Comer." There is no doubt that Shay is worth everyone’s time, that's for sure. The sexy brunette absolutely stuns with her looks wherever she goes and whatever she does, especially on the Web.. To prove it we have 15 crazy hot photos of "Little Liar" Shay Mitchell.

15 The Look


Obviously, Shay Mitchell is ridiculously hot. We'll just start with that on this photo to get things rolling right along The Canadian-born Mitchell comes from parents who work in finance. Mitchell's parents have a very interesting ethnic background, which contributes to her exotic looks. Her father is Scottish and Irish while her mother is a Filipina, originating from the Pampanga Province. This eclectic blend has directly contributed to Mitchell's distinct appearance; one that features a slightly tint of olive in her skin to go with a sensational facial structure and the slightest epicanthic fold in her eyes. The blend of European and Asian traits has made Shay Mitchell an absolute goddess and it is displayed in every photo taken of her.

14 Clothing Optional


One thing we love about Shay Mitchell is her desire to showcase her body on a regular basis. We aren't going to start arguing with her about the fact that she willingly posts numerous photos of herself in all kinds of places wearing varying types of clothing. We are big fans of the ones that have her mostly naked, which is a lot of them. Mitchell's body comes in at a 34-24-33. Her bra size meanders between a 32B and 32C depending on the source. She is tall at 5'7" but she is also very slim, maintaining a very model-esque figure. The Canadian native definitely knows how to bring it and she loves to show it. We'll keep coming back for more as long as she is offering!

13 Friends With Benefits


Well, we can't really complain about two hot girls standing side by side. This is definitely a picture worth checking out. Shay Mitchell's actual name is Shannon Ashley Mitchell. She used to be a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez. And as people began to call Lopez "J-Lo," Mitchell's friends decided to nickname her "Shay." The name stuck and these days, Shannon Ashley is known only known as Shay Mitchell. Mitchell was always interested in the entertainment business and began dance lessons at the tender age of five. Right away she told her parents that she wanted to pursue a career in the performing arts. She toured the city she lived in and performed against a variety of other dance schools.

12 The Awards Pose

Shay Mitchell impresses wherever she goes, so it's no surprise how hot she can look at an awards show. Here, at the People's Choice Awards, Shay pulls off this impressive black number. It's no wonder that at the age of 10, modeling agencies already had their eyes on her. Soon after Mitchell's family moved to West Vancouver, British Columbia, an 11-year-old Shay Mitchell caught the eye of an international modeling agency holding an open casting call. Mitchell answered the call and was one of the few teen and pre-teen girls chosen for representation. The agency knew exactly what they were doing by selecting Mitchell, who had a quality that people gravitated to, in both physical look and expression, even way back then.

11 Shay, The Athlete


Shay Mitchell isn't just some pretty face. She also enjoys getting a little rough and tumble. A lot of celebrities shy away from challenging situations where they could hurt themselves. It's completely understandable that beautiful actresses get nervous about protecting their greatest assets: their looks, and in particular, their faces. Any injury could cost them dearly. But Shay Mitchell isn't having that. The Canadian girl knows her way around trees and the forest. In fact, just last year, Mitchell teamed up with Kohl's to launch a new "Athleisure Collection." Mitchell was a competitive swimmer back in high school and has always fancied herself an athlete. The collection features high-performance and stretchable poly-spandex outfits geared toward those who love the outdoors as much as Mitchell.

10 Classy And Talented


Shay Mitchell stands before you, a beautiful woman who can look amazing in almost any outfit. Her blend of looks makes her appear almost like an Arabian princess. She rocks this low-cut, sleek dress look with jewelry that is reminiscent of India. Of course, Mitchell was born wanting to dance and entertain. She moved from dancing to acting. She conquered the acting field and has found success on a show while successfully marketing herself as a brand. She further has evolved into an entrepreneur, striking a clothing line deal with Kohl's. To top it off she is an official author, co-authoring a young adult novel entitled Bliss in 2015. Whether it is looking sleazy-hot, sophisticated, beautifully sophisticated, dancing, acting, becoming an aspiring business mogul, or emerging as an author, it is clear Mitchell has a lot to offer this world and we are taking it!

9 The Model


A lot of actresses look beautiful and begin to market a variety of products. It is an easy migration from being in the spotlight and getting attention to selling products. As known entities, companies find actresses as the perfect spokesman or spokeswoman for their products. Shay Mitchell strikes a chord with a large swath of young female viewers, leading her to naturally land modeling and marketing deals. In 2011, Procter & Gamble signed Mitchell to be their spokesperson for their shampoo line, Pantene Nature Fusion. Other companies that dove into the Shay Mitchell celebrity pool were American Eagle, Nike and Biore. There is one guarantee for all of these companies: they are getting an exotically beautiful woman who will definitely sell their products.

8 Sexy Selfies


This kind of breaks down Shay Mitchell's hotness in a nutshell. You have the body, the look, and the extreme sexiness all in one. If there is any question that Shay Mitchell can draw a crowd, just check out her insane Instagram page. The actress has amassed quite a following over the past few years with her string of success in the public as well as supplying all her fans with numerous poses of herself. Many of the pictures posted show a wide variety of her life and her happenings, but you can guarantee one thing, 15.2 million followers aren't there for her baking recipes. Mitchell has made the World Wide Web her playground, just as other sexy entertainers have. She uses this as a catalyst to remain relevant, exciting and to expand her career goals.

7 The Genuine Article


We don't get too many glimpses into the real personalities of stars. Oftentimes, the looks are so telegraphed, the signature stares and smiles and poses so set up to show how hot they are but they rarely give you a feeling about a star's personal side. Shay Mitchell captures a piece of her personality with this genuine smile. Of course, fans will rejoice over the fact that she is half-naked and looking stellar, but we're also applauding the smile and sheer joy on her face. She is in the middle of laughing- a perfectly timed moment that showcases some of her inner-personality. The pink sweater that shows off her midriff and makes us want to plunge into her perfectly crafted abdominal region is a nice touch too! Then there is the sexy pink bottoms that are equally irresistible. Add the authentic smile and you've got a homerun.

6 Shay's Show


If she can do it, so can I! There are so many celebrities who are migrating to their own television series. These series are called "reality" shows in which partially scripted material is fed to the audience. Of course, we can get pretty tired of this song and dance as everyone seems to want to showcase their life and get paid for it. It's oftentimes a ploy to remain relevant so you can further your branding in many other areas. Shay Mitchell has every reason to want to do that. The new show will dig into Shay Mitchell's personal life and it will be interesting to see how she connects with her "brand," a la the Kardashians. With her show, Pretty Little Liars, coming to an end, it is a bold and intelligent strategic play. Mitchell can remain relevant and continue to push her clothing line. A brilliant move by a beautiful and brilliant woman.

5 Shay In The Wild


This past year, Shay Mitchell went fishing in Fiji and also back home in Canada. This is a snapshot of one of her successes. It's an amazing trip for Mitchell who took quite a while to embrace her heritage as a youth. After her rough high school days, Mitchell went to Thailand and learned quite a bit about herself. She embraced her heritage and now enjoys how original she is. We love it too! The Canadian girl with Asian features shows little fear about jumping thigh-deep into a river to fish. Definitely an attractive look for Mitchell, who shows she isn't scared to get a little dirt under her fingernails. And in this situation, how about puckering up right next to the lips of a fish while holding it in her bare hands! She definitely is a rare find for any man. Beautiful, not afraid of the outdoors, talented, and by the way- did we mention beautiful?

4 Identity Issues

Shay Mitchell once made an extraordinary admission when she once stated that she "hated" her Asian heritage. Mitchell, whose half-Filipino influence gives her skin a slightly darkened olive tone and her facial features distinct Asian traits, intimated to the public that she used to try and look "white." When she was growing up, she didn't like that she looked different and struggled with her Asian background. Living in Canada, so many of her friends had blonde hair and blue eyes and she was jealous being the odd-girl-out. She used to try and dye her hair lighter and wore contact lenses to change her eye color. She even went as far as to stay out of the sun so her skin remained as light as it possibly could be. She even stated that she used to hide in the bathrooms to eat lunch to avoid getting teased.

3 Career Rise


As with most actresses, Shay Mitchell's career started small. She had her dance experience when she was young. Then she did a bunch of small modeling ads when she moved into her early tween and teen years. But after high school she wanted something more. After a helpful trip to the Orient, Mitchell apparently found herself. She modeled in such cities as Bangkok, Hong Kong and Barcelona. But then Mitchell returned to Canada to study acting and got her career going. She signed her first theatrical deal with an agency and then she appeared on the Canadian teen series Degrassi: The Next Generation. She nailed a bunch of commercials and then more small roles came her way. 2009 found her getting into the door at Liars while she also appeared on the series Disney XD for a four-episode run. From here, Mitchell's career just blasted off.

2  2. Outside The Biz


Shay Mitchell isn't just about her looks and her celebrity. Here she happily embraces one of her many animals. Shay Mitchell is definitely an animal lover, and enjoys adopting strays. She has a wide variety of pets and her good-hearted nature doesn't end there. Mitchell also donates her time to a variety of causes and organizations. She has supported the Somaly Mam Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit organization that fights sex operations. She also has worked with such organizations as The Trevor Project, the NOH8 Campaign and the WE Charity. She has also partnered with Represent Clothing, which has provided money and support to GLAAD. Clearly, Mitchell has a big heart and is grateful for all her success.

1 The Pretty Little Liar


In 2009, Shay Mitchell auditioned for the adaptation of the book series Pretty Little Liars. Mitchell was initially auditioning for the role of Spencer Hastings. Instead, she was chosen as Emily Fields, the "jock girl" in the group. The tomboyish role isn't a real stretch for Mitchell, who isn't afraid to get outdoors. To go along with her beauty, she is extremely athletic. In 2010, ABC Family picked up the show and the series hasn't looked back since. The series itself centers around four friends who are up against an anonymous foe who is trying to spill the beans on the group. With the mysterious murder of one of their best friends, these beautiful little liars navigate their world of drama while showcasing their undeniable beauty. Shay Mitchell has emerged from the show as one of the clear winners after seven successful seasons, pushing herself in a variety of avenues in life and finding success wherever she goes. And, oh, yeah, the picture above says it all about her allure.

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