15 Crazy Game Of Thrones Fan Theories

Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm over the past few years following George R.R Martins' agreement to allow his popular collection of books to be turned into a TV series back in 2011. After Sean Bean's incredible portrayal of Ned Stark in season one, it seems that the series has gotten better and better and the fact that Martin hasn't actually finished writing the books that the series follows, means that there are so many theories surrounding Game of Thrones right now and who the rightful heir to the Iron Throne really is.

Without even trying, Game of Thrones has become a cult classic and something that has easily been taken into the hearts of fans as they argue it out in favour of their favourite characters until they are unceremoniously killed, which is seemingly a running trend in this series.

The adult language, violence, and casual nudity on a regular basis throughout the series is something that has seen many people avoid the show, but for the ones who have managed to remain bewitched over the past seven seasons, it seems to finally be heating up.

It is well-known now that Jon Snow is a Targaryen, at the end of season six, this was the big reveal and it seems that in season seven, Snow's heritage is becoming much clearer.There is only one season of Game of Thrones left, but there are some incredible theories concerning the show and here are 15 of the best.

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15 Sansa Will Become A Similar Queen To Cersei

Sansa has been left in The North while Jon hunts for White Walkers and it seems that with Little Finger poisoning her mind, she could well become a similar queen to Cersei. Jon and Sansa recently talked about Cersei and Sansa admitted that she had learned a lot from Cersei, but could she be set to put some of this into action?

Arya spoke to Sansa in the latest episode and revealed that deep down Sansa was hoping that Jon wouldn't return so that she could be the Queen of the North. It seems that Sansa has a dark side and in the coming episodes fans could finally be set to witness what Sansa has become because of everything that has happened to her over the past few years. Jon even accused Sansa of admiring Cersei despite the things that she has done over the past few years, which could be the real way Sansa feels about her, she has also recently been seen wearing her hair the same as Cersei once did.

14 Missandei Will Betray Daenerys

Missandei may be one of Daenerys' most loyal followers, but it seems that fans think that it will be Missandei that betrays Daenerys to complete the prophecy that The Mother of Dragons received in Qarth. The Prophecy was that Daenerys would be betrayed three times once for blood, for gold, and for love.

The Dothraki witch betrayed her for blood when she killed her son to save Khal Drogo, Jorah Mormont then revealed that he betrayed her for gold when he was working for King Robert to spy on her. So it seems that love is the only one that is left and this is where Missandei comes into the theory, she could betray Daenerys because of her love for Grey Worm. There are also other hints that Missandei has already betrayed Daenerys more than once, but they could just be a coincidence along with the fact that Davros seemed to have caught her in a lie a few episodes ago.

13 Arya Will Be The One To Kill Little Finger

Little Finger has been scheming and getting away with it for the past few years but now it seems that Arya is finally onto him and in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, she was seen following him and beginning to realize that he is up to something. Arya could easily find out that it was Little Finger who was responsible for her father's death, has been plotting against her family for years, and is the person who is currently poisoning Sansa against Jon.

It was thought that Sansa would finally realize that Baelish has been playing mind games with her for a while and she would be the one who finally allowed Little Finger to meet his demise, but it is now thought that her little sister would be the one who gets the honour instead. Arya is, after all, the family member who seems to be the least scarred by death now.

12 Nymeria Will Return To Help Arya

It is shocking how invested fans of Game of Thrones are with the dire wolves of the Stark family. The only two wolves left alive are Nymeria and Ghost who belong to Jon Snow and Arya, and with Ghost looking after his master and Nymeria last being seen in the Riverlands, it seems that fans could be set to see a return of one of their favourite characters.

Arya thought that she saw Nymeria early in season seven before she decided to change her destination and travel to The North when she found out that Jon and Sansa had taken control after killing Ramsay Bolton. Nymeria is remembered as being the dire wolf that attacked Joffery and her return would definitely ensure the safety of Arya as she attempts to come up with a plan to kill Queen Cersei as well as helping her brother Jon in the north.

11 Varys Is A Merman

One of the strangest, but perhaps one of the most interesting, theories that have been created by fans of the hit show is that Varys could be a merman, complete with a tail. It seems that many fans have figured that Little Finger is driven by power, but they are unsure what is driving Varys and the conclusion is that he is a merman who wants to free his fellow merpeople, apparently he could well be one of the "merlings" that were part of A Song of Fire And Ice.

There are theories that Daenery's dragons could melt The North so much that it turns into a huge ocean and Varys is then able to swim away. This entire theory is built on the fact that Varys was able to make it from Dorne to Daenerys's ship in record time, which could easily have been explained without the need for Varys to have a tail.

10 Sam Taryl Has All Of The Answers

Bran Stark may be the Three-Eyed Raven who sees all, but it seems that Sam Taryl knows all after having an entire library at his fingertips. Sam has already discovered that Dragon glass can kill White Walkers and helped to heal Jorah Mormont of Greyscale, and now he holds a diary that proves that Rhaegar Targaryen could have married Lyanna Stark.

Sam has now left the Citadel and seems to be heading back to The North to help Jon in the fight against The Army Of the Dead, but if he has brought the books with him then he could find many of the answers that Game of Thrones fans have been searching for and now that his father and brother have been killed, it could be revealed that he has a much bigger role than he thought and he could well be one of the characters who survive until the end.

9 A Union Of Fire And Ice

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have been a couple that all Game of Thrones fans have wanted together since the beginning of the series more than six years ago. They are the two most likable characters who have been able to climb despite others trying to knock them down. They finally met in season seven and it is hard to avoid the chemistry between them with many fans now hopeful that this becomes much more than a friendship.

Daenerys and Jon may be related but I'm sure Jamie and Cersei Lannister have shown that blood relationships don't mean anything on Game of Thrones. They are two powerful people who seem to have come to an agreement together. Despite Jon refusing to bend the knee to Daenerys and accept her as his queen, she has still spared his life and the duo seems to have become a version of allies recently.

8 Little Finger Could Marry Cersei

Little Finger has to be one of the sneakiest characters on Game of Thrones and it seems that his plan has already been laid out and he wants to marry Sansa. The Lady of the North is not exactly happy with this idea despite all of his advances, so it seems that Little Finger could give up this pursuit and instead decide to fight for the other side.

Cersei needs an army after losing so many men when Daenerys turned up to battle with Drogon, and it seems that Little Finger has the answer to her problem with the Knights of The Vale and all he wants in return is her hand in marriage. It would also save Cersei from having to tell the world that she is pregnant with another incest child with her brother. Little Finger and Cersei could help each other, so this is one of the theories that does make sense.

7 Cleganebowl Could Still Happen

The Hound and The Mountain may be brothers but the theory that they will someday meet and fight to the death has Game of Thrones fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation. It looked bleak for the brothers at the end of season four when The Hound was beaten by Brienne and left for dead by Arya while his brother was poisoned by Price Oberyn.

Both brothers managed to survive and The Hound has now joined Jon Snow on his mission to find a member of the Army of the Dead to prove to the world that they are real. The Mountain has taken his place alongside Queen Cersei, which means that both brothers could well be on opposite sides once again and Cleganebowl could be on the cards. This is still seen as one of the biggest fan theories and it seems that the creators of the TV show are listening to the fans here.

6 Bran Could Be The One To Lead The Army Of The Dead To Westeros

Bran is back in Winterfell and it was shown much earlier in season seven that Bran was welcomed through the barriers at The Wall when he arrived there on his way home. This could be problematic for anyone who's the other side of the wall with Bran.

When Bran was marked by The Night King back at The Door, it allowed White Walkers access to every magical barrier that Bran hid behind. The Wall is another giant magical barrier that the White Walkers have never been able to breach, but it seems that they never had this kind of ability before. Bran could have basically just left the door open for the Army of the Dead to invade The Wall unless he figures this out first and finds a way to remove the mark or at least informs Jon so that he can come up with a way to combat this.

5 Jon Snow Is The Warrior Of The Light

It seems that Jon Snow is set to answer a number of prophecies, but one of the biggest surrounding the former commander of The Night's Watch is that he could be the Warrior of The Light, or The Prince Who Was Promised.

Melisandre's prophecy dictated that The Prince Who Was Promised would have the blood of the dragon and will be reborn in smoke and salt. (Even though this wasn't seen in the series, in the book Jon's wounds smoke and his comrades cry salty tears around him). There are many other characters including Daenerys and even Ser Davos who could also fill out the guidelines of the prophecy since it has been made apparent that the term "prince" is not gender specific. But it seems that many fans are convinced that Snow is the rightful one to become the much-needed Warrior of Light and then hopefully go on to defeat The Army of the Dead.

4 Tyrion Is Targaryen

It seems that all the news surrounding Jon Snow and his heritage recently has been able to overshadow the fact that Tyrion himself may not be a full Lannister either. It seems that the mad king Aerys Targaryen actually had an affair with Tywin's wife Joanna, who is Tyrion's mother.

This could explain why Tywin hated Tyrion so much and why his final words to his son were "You're no son of mine." While this could be just Tywin continuing his evil nature when it comes to Tyrion and the fact that he would never accept him as his son, there are many fans of the series that think that this was a hint that has continued to be hinted throughout the series and with Tyrion and Daenerys becoming much closer lately, it could be interesting to see what is actually revealed regarding Tyrion in the latter parts of season seven.

3 Jamie Will Kill Cersei Lannister

Jamie and Cersei have had an eventful few years ever since it was revealed that all of her children were fathered by her brother rather than king Robert Baratheon. Since then Maggy The Frog's predictions about Cersei's children all being killed have come true, but she had one last prediction that many fans have been speculating about.

This is that Cersei will be killed by her “Valonqar" which means little brother. Many fans originally took this to mean that Cersei would finally be killed by her brother Tyrion, who is currently hand to Queen Daenerys, but he isn't Cersei's only younger brother. Her twin Jamie was born a few minutes after her and he could finally decide to do what is right for his people if Cersei isn't ready to. Cersei recently revealed that she was pregnant with Jamie's child once again, which could leave this theory very much up in the air.

2 Bran Stark Is The Night King

Bran Stark has finally made it back to Winterfell and been reunited with his two sisters, who are confused by the fact that their brother is now the Three-Eyed-Raven that can see everything that they have been doing over the past few years, something that he explained to Sansa in the worst possible way.

Bran has seen the Night King and his army and he has returned to Winterfell to warn them of the fact that he is coming, but it seems that one Reddit user has the impression that Bran himself could be the feared Night King. The theory is that the Three-Eyed-Raven travels back in time and wargs into a man who later becomes the Night King with the goal of stopping the children of the forest from ever creating White Walkers, to begin with. This backfires and when they don't believe him and pierce his heart with Dragonglass while Bran is still trapped in his body and unable to jump because he's spent too long in the past, something that he was warned of. This would then go on to create Bran as The Night King, so he could potentially be warning the world about himself.

1 Jon Snow Is The Rightful Heir To The Iron Throne

Jon Snow has always been seen as Eddard Stark's bastard. He has become used to the fact that he has been looked down on his entire life but somehow, after all he's been through, he has managed to win over the people in the North who have claimed him as their king.

It was revealed at the end of season six that Snow is both Targaryen and Stark; he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Eddard Stark's sister Lyanna Stark which makes him one of the last Targaryen's alongside Daenerys and Gendry. In the latest episode of season seven, Gilly came across the diary of High Septon Maynard who had written about an annulment between Rhaegar Targaryen and Ellia Martell so that he could marry Lyanna Stark, which means that Jon is actually the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. If Jon did want to claim his place, he’d have a stronger claim as Rhaegar’s legitimate son than Daenerys would as Rhaegar’s younger sister.

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