15 Craziest Star Wars Theories That Could Very Well Come True

Since even before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans have been devouring theories, predictions and anything related to the new trilogy, trying to stay a step ahead of the films. While there was plenty of speculation about what Rogue One would add to the discussion, the standalone film, albeit excellent, closed more doors than it opened, at least as far as theories for the new trilogy go. We've all heard about who Snoke might be or who Rey's parents could be. After The Force Awakens, there were plenty of cries from fans that the film was totally unoriginal. It was A New Hope all over again! Yeah, that's the point. By setting up the same foundation, the new trilogy establishes well-known expectations in the audience. We are familiar with this structure so all the deviations and all the surprises that will come will be that much more impactful. That's why we cringe or shake our heads in disappointment whenever we hear someone predict that Luke is Rey's father. No. That would be a terrible twist. Think outside the box or at least give the writers some credit and expect that they will.

With so many theories floating around, we wanted to sift through it all and reveal only the most plausible. Yeah, some are simply amusing and could almost never come true, but they deserve to be talked about because they are substantiated. With so much talk coming from the creators of these films, some theories have been written off as no longer possible. But we won't discredit a plausible theory simply because Abrams has shot it down. He lied to us before. We will discuss some issues as they come up though. So let's get you up to date with the best of the best Star Wars theories at this point. Here are the 15 Wildest Star Wars Theories That Could Very Well Come True.

15 Snoke and the Whills

The mystery of Snoke is perhaps the biggest question of all. Star Wars reveals are always about connecting single characters to a larger history. Sure, Snoke could be a newly introduced character as Andy Serkis, the actor playing him, says he will be, but that doesn't mean he won't be interconnected. In Rogue One, there was a great focus on Kyber crystals and the Ancient Order of the Whills, the guys who record the history of the Jedi. Star Wars is basically told from the Journal of the Whills (hence the crawl, "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"). Before these new films, we had heard that Whills had learned the secret to immortality. Qui Gon Jin and Yoda both learn how to become force ghosts from these guys. Apparently, only the light side can achieve this. Now some suggest that Snoke is a Whill, who has succumbed to the dark side. As he deteriorates and grows weak, he is searching for the power to extend his life. This is why he's so interested in Kylo Ren and Rey who both have a balance of light and dark in them. Maybe through them he can find immortality.

14 Rey is a Palpatine

The new trilogy seems like it will focus on a blend of light and dark, grey if you will. There's been a clear shift away from the extremes that we've seen in the past. Now we have Kylo Ren, a man from the light seduced to the dark, and Rey who seems wholly light. But the theory here, one that is very believable, is that Rey comes from the dark side, related in some way to Palpatine. The evidence is pretty strong. In terms of fighting styles, both Rey and Palpatine use a forward thrust and an overhead hammer swing. In fact, only Rey and Palpatine use the forward thrust and it was the first move we saw from both of them. Rey was also hidden on Jakku right around the time the Knights of Ren went crazy. The theory is that she was hidden to keep her away from her dark side roots. She grows up in isolation and she is inherently good, or at least that's what we believe at this point. Bottom line, this fits in with the trilogy consistency of having Palpatine vs. Skywalker as the basic arc. Maybe now, instead of good Skywalker vs. bad Palpatine, it will be bad Skywalker (Kylo) vs. good Palpatine (Rey).

13 Snoke was Created by Plagueis

Plenty of people have discussed the possibility that Snoke is actually Darth Plagueis. While this would be cool, too many people have shot it down as an impossibility. If only because Plagueis is dead. For those who don’t know, Plagueis was Emperor Palpatine's master. As Palpatine says, "Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith so powerful and so wise, he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create life." In his tampering with the Force, Plagueis inadvertently created Anakin. We say inadvertently because Plagueis tried to create a being. The Force detected this imbalance and created Anakin to balance it out. But what if the being Plagueis tried to create was actually formed? We can assume that the experiments weren't a great success since he was dabbling in art form he didn't know well. This is why Snoke looks frail and merely plays puppet master while his opposite, Anakin, is a total Force bada*s. In a way, this would make Snoke and Darth Vader brothers.

12 Rey is a Kenobi

This theory is probably the most popular, if only because it doesn’t need to reach very far. We might even go so far as to say that it would be a bit of a disappointment if this is true because it is too easy. Pablo Hidalgo, the Lucasfilm story group lead, has said, "The theme of family, legacy, lineage and all that is always important in Star Wars... Sure, it's important in regards to Rey." Now, just as Skywalker vs. Palpatine is at the heart of Star Wars, so is Skywalker vs. Kenobi. Not only that, but Rey is dressed like Obi Wan Kenobi. She also lived a solitary life like him and, when she picks up the lightsaber, she hears Obi Wan's voice. Maybe the most convincing of all is that while fans have begged for an Obi Wan standalone film, Disney has resisted saying that Obi Wan's story will unfold more in the trilogy. This one seems to have legs.

11 Snoke is Mace Windu

The argument that Snoke is Mace Windu doesn't really hold water, if only because Snoke is said not be a Jedi. However, if we assume that this is the same J.J. Abrams who said Khan was not going to be in Star Trek Into Darkness, we can at least entertain the theory. We know that Palpatine hit Mace Windu with Force lightning and blasted him out a window in Episode III. He's supposed to be dead. If he didn't die, this fight would explain his disfigurement as Snoke. But Mace was good, right? Not necessarily. Mace was also in touch with the dark side. Windu had a fighting style that was common with the dark side, and he used Vaapad, a method that allowed him to channel the energy of the dark side. Also, note the purple lightsaber, a blend of blue (light) and red (dark). His love of the balanced Force would explain why he sought out Kylo Ren, a padawan who has both light and dark in him. His desire for revenge against Palpatine might also explain why he's interested in Rey as well (assuming the Palpatine theory is correct).

10 Ezra Bridger is Rey's Father

This theory posits that Benicio del Toro will be playing Ezra Bridges in The Last Jedi, a character from the Star Wars Rebels TV show. Bridges is a character that many feel is working his way to the dark side already on that TV show. Even if this character is unknown to most fans of the movies, they could introduce his back story a bit by having him come from Luke's Jedi academy. He would have a little daughter who is Force sensitive, Rey. As Bridges is consumed by the dark side, Luke takes his daughter and hides her from him. Bridges retaliates and, along with Kylo Ren, destroys the academy. It sets up a nice opportunity for Rey to be tempted to come to her father's side, especially since Rogue One played with that idea of familial allegiances. Technically, every film has parents on one side and children on the other. This dynamic would work for that reason.

9 Snoke and Jar Jar 

Call us crazy, but the Darth Jar Jar theory that has bounced around for ages now might be the best thing ever. If you're not familiar with that theory, go check it out. Basically, Jar Jar is a sith master who used his goofiness to infiltrate the good guys and play saboteur. If Snoke turned out to be Jar Jar or be connected to him, however ridiculous or impossible that sounds, the new films instantly improve the prequel trilogy. If we finally learn that the terrible Jar Jar Binks was an evil rapscallion the entire time, the story becomes something altogether different. There's another theory out there that says Snoke might even be Jar Jar's apprentice, but the timelines probably don't match up. This is backed up in the novel Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End. In the novel, we meet an ostracized Jar Jar, who was banished for helping (accidentally or not) the Empire. He meets a young boy and tells him, "Jar Jar makin some uh-oh mistakens. Big mistakens. Der Gunga bosses banished me longo ago. Mesa no been to home in for-ebbers." Interestingly, the boy is described as a "disfigured orphan" whose "scar tissue runs up from his jaw, over the hole that used to be his ear, and to the scalp." Jar Jar then takes the young boy under his wing, saying "My teachin yousa, pallo. Wesa maken the whole galaxy smilin, huh?" Is this boy Snoke? Is Jar Jar Snoke? Almost certainly no, but can't we dream?

8 Double Agent Ren

We don't really buy into this one, if only because Kylo Ren is too convincing as the temperamental and childish wannabe Sith who is consumed by his desire for power. Still, the theory that Kylo Ren is actually a double agent working with Luke to infiltrate the dark side is kind of awesome. The theory suggests that Ren is secretly trying to complete the good that Anakin started before he was consumed by the dark side, not complete his evil mission of killing the Jedi as we are led to believe. Admittedly, this feels a bit too Harry Potterish for us, a comparison that sucks a lot of the daring out of the twist. It would give Han Solo's death a bit more weight, as it means it was done as part of the ultimate ruse. Who knows, maybe it comes true, but there are better ways to go.

7 Vikrum Fett

For a while now, Benicio del Toro's villain role in the upcoming film has been the cause of plenty of speculation. One of the big theories is that he will play Boba Fett's son, Vikrum. This all stemmed from the site wikiwands posting del Toro's character name as Sir Vikrum Fett and then deleting it. Some have said this is too weird of a posting to have it be a complete mistake. There's a connected theory here that says Vikrum could also be a member of the Knights of Ren, but that seems to be counter to the Fett family tradition of solo bounty hunters. If del Toro was playing a Fett, it would introduce an interesting dynamic between he and Kylo Ren, the son of the man who killed Boba Fett and also the killer of Fett's father's killer.

6 Force Tree

There are a few theories related to the Force Trees in Star Wars. There was an original Force tree that grew outside the first Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The story goes that in the beginning there was a brother and a sister who grew up by this tree. The brother killed the sister, making him the first of the dark side and the girl's soul was preserved by the tree, making her the founder of the Jedi. Some believe that the comic book, Star Wars: Shattered Empire, tells a story that will play out on screen. In that series, Luke and Poe Dameron's mother recovered the last two living twigs of the Force Tree. Luke took one tree and planted it (this tree may have been spotted on the island that Luke and Rey are on) and the other was planted outside Poe Dameron's home. Growing up near this tree might explain how Poe is such a great pilot. Some theorize that Rey is Poe's sister and she may have even been conceived under the tree. There's a suggestion that the tree preserved the soul of the sister, the founder of the Jedi, and Rey is the reincarnated version of this girl.

5 Switching Spots

As we've already discussed, the new trilogy is setting up the same construct as the old films in order to shatter expectations. In a way, these films are using pastiche in the early goings, so we focus on known elements of the story. This will allow the creators to make minor changes to the original story and still have them be incredibly effective. One major deviation that this theory suggests is that Kylo Ren will be redeemed and will come to the light side. Technically, we saw Darth Vader redeemed by the end, but few from the Empire, if any, are aware it went down like that. When Kylo Ren finds this out, that his grandfather and the man he worships turned to the light side in the end, he too might see the allure of goodness. Add in the idea that Rey could turn bad (especially if she is a Palpatine) and we've got ourselves a pretty neat switcheroo. The entire Star Wars arc is about being pulled to and from between good and bad and we've seen individual examples in each trilogy. It would be really cool to see a double switch in one trilogy.

4 The Last Jedi

Before the posters of The Last Jedi came out, English speakers just assumed the title referred to Luke Skywalker. Maybe it still is. But the French and the Spanish posters hint to something more. In French, Les Derniers Jedi, and, in Spanish, Los Ultimos Jedi, refer to a plural Jedi. There are countless implications of what this could mean, but it's all pure speculation at this point. If anything, we can assume that we're going to see more Jedi. Now, even though we used these other languages as proof for the plural term, let's ignore them for a minute because the English title might be hiding something that the foreign translations don't support. What if The Last Jedi isn't referring to the final Jedi but the previous Jedi. This would explain why both The Force Awakens and Rogue One have concerned themselves so much with the beginnings of the Jedi order. Maybe the Jedi as we know them are tainted because they focus on the binaries of light and dark, whereas the last or previous Jedi focused on a true balance. These last Jedi would almost certainly tie in with the Ancient Order of the Whills as well.

3 Finn is Force Sensitive

Finn is an interesting bloke. With all the hullabaloo with Rey and Kylo Ren and the intrigue in their stories, we've ignored Finn a bit. This could be because he won't be as important or maybe it's because we're intentionally being led away from him, classic misdirection. The theory here is that Finn is Force sensitive and has a very big role to play. First, Finn is the first to ever resist or repel his Stormtrooper conditioning. The Empire doesn't even know what to do about it because there's no precedent. No one has ever rejected the brainwashing. Snoke and Kylo Ren feel "an awakening" that we assume is Rey, but this feeling comes up before Rey ever truly "awakens." You know who had awoken by that point? Finn. Look at what he does. He convinces Captain Phasma to lower the shields, he admirably fights Kylo Ren in a lightsaber fight, and he seems to detect things before they happen as if he senses them. It's all unlikely and almost certainly points to a theme of inherent goodness in people as with so many others in the story, but it would be an interesting way to flip the script on us.

2 Yoda

What role, if any, Yoda will have in The Last Jedi is making fans fidgety. We know that Frank Oz, the creator and voice of Yoda, will have some role to play, but he's keeping quiet about what that is, claiming he's under orders to keep mum. Then there's the voice of Yoda in the trailer, saying what many suggest is the line, "(It) surrounds us, binds us." Also in the trailer, we see a tree-like bookcase, which could be a Force Tree or it could be from Yoda's home on Dagobah. There's even speculation that Yoda's silhouette appears in the trailer standing/sitting on the rock that Rey is practicing her lightsaber skills in front of. Finally, Disney showed some footage to its shareholders and some have given detailed accounts of what they saw. Many fans' ears perked up at the mention of glowing orbs surrounding a distressed Rey, a clear sign for some that she is being visited by a Force ghost. Who knows if old Yoda will show up, but many are claiming it's already foregone conclusion.

1 Knights of Ren

Just who the Knights of Ren are is one of the big mysteries in Star Wars. Plenty of people have come up with theories explaining who they are, but the best one seems to have come from the post-Return of the Jedi books, the Aftermath trilogy. In these books, we learn about the Acolytes of Beyond, dark side fanatics who search the galaxy for dark side relics. In fact, much of their relation to the dark side is based on or contained within the masks they wear. Now we look at Kylo Ren, a man who wears a mask like Vader but doesn’t need to. He already has Vader's helmet, his lightsaber design is a throwback to an ancient dark side design, and many fans speculate that the only flashback vision we have of Kylo and the Knights of Ren is of them retrieving Vader's mask from the moon of Endor. The Acolytes and the Knights may not be the exact same group, but they're almost guaranteed to be related in some way.

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