15 Craziest Powers X-Men's Rogue Has Absorbed

If you love the X-Men as much as you love the Avengers or any other group of superheroes in the Marvel Universe, then you know that this group of superheroes can sure take down any villain that crosses its path. This group is made up of human beings called mutants, who have evolved further and developed superhuman abilities, abilities that differ one from the next and they transform these human beings into godlike beings.

Rogue is one of these mutants and she has the power to absorb the superpowers, strengths, and memories from anyone she touches, or even remove them. Although Rogue considers that her powers are nothing more than a curse, she is sure one of the most important X-Men if not one of the most powerful. Her power forces her to limit her contact with human beings, because a simple kiss or any physical contact is enough to send them into a fatal coma.

Since Rogue can only temporarily absorb powers from whoever she wants, she is one of the few superheroes in Marvel to have tasted powers of almost every kind, including the powers she possesses that do not fade away. Her ability to drain an enemy of his or her powers and use them against said enemy is incredible, and what is even more fun is that, in later days, she has gained total control of her powers and she can choose who to absorb powers from and who not to.

Rogue has had so much fun with crazy powers that most people will never possess or even imagine possessing. Here are the top 15 craziest powers she has ever absorbed. Which of these do you think is the coolest power?


15 Power Of The Human Torch

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Jonathan "Johnny" Storm is The Human Torch, a member of the Fantastic Four, who is the only one who thoroughly loves his powers, except when they get in the way. After the spacecraft they were in was bombarded by cosmic rays, Johnny found that he could engulf his body in flames, harmlessly absorb fire, control fire, and even fly. In the Fantastic Four Vs The X-Men #4 series, Rogue touched the Human Torch and gained his super cool powers when he called her a "mutie" and she did not like it. The Human Torch's powers are somehow cumbersome and require getting used to. Rogue was almost out of control, were it not for Invisible Woman trapping her in a force field to snuff out her powers before doing some serious damage. Rogue never got an opportunity to go crazy with the powers when she activated them because, in addition to burning up all her clothes, she would have set everything around her on fire.

14 Power Of Rapid Self-Healing From Wolverine

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Wolverine is arguably one of the most powerful X-Men, owing to how tough and aggressive he is, in addition to his amazing retractable claws, which are his indestructible offensive weapons. As soon as Professor Xavier had taken Rogue in as a new member of the X-Men, she heard Wolverine having trouble sleeping and went to check up on him. Knowing that touching him would not be a good idea, she maintained a bit of distance between them, but unfortunately, wolverine Woke up and pierced her with his claws. This caused Rogue to touch Wolverine and immediately absorbed his powers, especially Logan's power to heal rapidly from any type of wound. The other X-Men arrived right on time to witness Rogue absorbing Wolverine's powers and healing, and at the same time sending Logan into a coma that almost killed him. Although Rogue felt guilty for sending Wolverine into a coma, she must have felt the amazing power that the Wolverine yields and would have probably manifested claws of her own if she would have felt provoked.

13 Juggernaut's Superhuman Strength

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Rogue is very strong even without having to absorb the strength of other mutants, but absorbing the power of Juggernaut took her strength to a whole new level. Juggernaut is Professor X's stepbrother, who received magical energies that transformed him into Juggernaut, an immortal avatar with strength enough to shatter mountains or even lift buildings and use them as weapons. In Uncanny X-Men #218 Rogue had to beat Juggernaut in a fist-fight, a fight that would have easily gone Juggernaut's way were it not for Rogue's power. Rogue kissed Juggernaut in order to absorb his power, this led to weakening him to levels that he had never gotten to, giving Rogue his strength and an obvious advantage over him. Rogue pulled him in the air, ripped off his helmet, tossed him on a railroad track, and pummelled him so hard it resulted in the formation of a crater on the ground. Rogue retained Juggernaut's powers for a while and performed amazing fete's of strength during that period.

12 Storm's Power To Control The Weather

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Storm and Rogue have always been on the same team, apart from when any of them was under some sort of magical spell. These two frequently come into contact, which increases the chances of Rogue touching Storm, an occurrence that has manifested several times. At some point, Storm was the leader of the X-Men, a sign of just how powerful and significant to the team she is. Storm is so powerful, with the bulk of her powers resulting from her ability to manipulate the weather. Storm possesses psionic abilities in controlling the weather in vast areas, including extraterrestrial ecosystems. In the comic Mephisto Vs. #3, Rogue touched Storm and gained her powers and abilities, temporarily turning her into an extremely powerful mutant. Despite weakening Storm, as is the case with everyone she touches, she got the power to incite all meteorological tempests this earth has ever seen.

11 Power Of The Thing

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Since the X-Men and the Fantastic Four are all Marvel characters, chances of these characters coming together are very high. The Fantastic Four Vs The X-Men is a limited four-issue comic book that revolved around finding treatment for Kitty Pryde, a dying X-Man. Kitty Pryde's life is threatened by her ability to phase through solid objects, and their best way out seems like the X-Men would require the help of Reed Richards, the smartest man alive. These two groups of superheroes come into conflict and a terrible secret about the origin of the Fantastic Four comes to light. In the comic's second issue, Rogue kissed Ben Grimm and absorbed his abilities. Ben Grimm hates what his powers transformed him into, despite giving him superhuman strength and indestructibility. In this scene, these two got affectionate, because they both realized that they shared their feelings of being prisoners of their own bodies.

10 Indestructibility from The Hulk

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In the first series of the X-Treme X-Men comics, Rogue was part of a team of X-Men led by Storm. Vargas, who apparently was a new species at the time, foresaw Rogue killing him in the Destiny's diaries, attempted to change his fate by killing Rogue instead. Therefore, during the invasion battle, Vargas ambushed Rogue and Gambit, speared them with his blade, and escaped, leaving them for dead. However, thanks to Sage for saving Rogue's life through activating all the powers she had ever absorbed and thereby using the powers of Wolverine to heal from that fatal wound and the power of the Hulk of indestructibility. This means that the age-old question of what would happen if Rogue absorbed the Hulk's powers is partly answered in that we know that Rogue would get his powers, as is the case with everyone she touches. In addition, in a fight with the Avengers, Rogue turned green after touching She-Hulk and left her unconscious.

9 Professor Xavier's Telepathic Powers

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Professor X has such great telepathic powers that he appears to only come second to Jean Grey, who when bonded with the Phoenix Force was able to defeat Galactus single handed. Using Cerebro, Professor X is able to amplify his powers to the level of seeing every mutant on earth and even communicating with them. In Uncanny X-Men #175, the X-Men are under attack from an illusionist by the name Mastermind, who makes them believe that Dark Phoenix is back and is terrorizing them, yet they all know that she died. Mastermind intended for the X-Men to kill Madelyne Pryor, who was innocent and was Cyclops's bride to be. When Professor X tried to use Cerebro, it electrocuted him and left him unconscious. Mastermind then took the unconscious Rogue and made her absorb Professor X's powers, which she used to communicate to the other members telepathically. Although these two were not in their right frame of mind or consciousness, Rogue was able to absorb Professor X's powers.


8 Captain America's Powers

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Captain America might not have any superhuman powers like some of his Avenger friends, but he is definitely one of the most powerful human beings in the Marvel Universe. The Super-Soldier Serum and "Vita-Ray" treatment transformed this once feeble, but courageous soldier into a super soldier with beyond human strength, speed, agility, endurance, durability, healing, and reflexes. Captain America is one of the most loved Avengers, possibly, because of the fact that he is a war veteran and he flies the American flag high wherever he goes. However, regardless of how much love we might have for the Captain, Rogue was able to beat him with ease in The Avengers Annual 10 comic, where she later kissed him and left him powerless for a period. This victory must have been one of the best feelings that Rogue felt, since immediately after kissing Captain America she beat Thor and fled the scene.

7 The Combined Powers Of Nightcrawler And Cyclops


This is probably one of the most interesting ways that Rogue has ever absorbed powers, where she got the powers of two superheroes by only kissing one. This happened in the ninth issue of Uncanny X-Men Annual, where Loki had chained up all the other X-Men and turned Hrimhari and Wolfsbane into Bleakheart and Grimfang, gigantic savage hunting dogs. Nightcrawler devised a plan where he would save everyone by transferring his and Cyclops's abilities to Rogue, by kissing Rogue while his tail was wrapped around Cyclops. Rogue ended up with the powers of both Nightcrawler and Cyclops. With these powers, Rogue teleported out of the chains that bound her and shot an optic blast at Loki. This was probably the only time that this transfer of power ever happened and it must have been cool in every way. Although Loki had another trick up his sleeve, where he had blinded Storm and made her appear at his side, a situation that confused Rogue, because she could not understand what Storm was doing next to him as opposed to fighting him.

6 Magneto's Power

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Rogue and Magneto have a very interesting relationship whereby, although the two fight on different sides in the X-Men comics, they ended up falling in love for a time and even had a son called Charles. Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants who does not believe that mutants and human beings can live in harmony together; he believes in the superior of the two ruling over the weaker. Since this thinking and his actions are contrary to what the X-Men stand for, Magneto's team and the X-Men often battle each other, although these teams can also put their differences aside to fight a bigger enemy. Rogue got the opportunity to absorb Magneto's powers in X-Men: A Novelization, and the incredible power that flowed through her was immense. Through this, Rogue was able to tap into Magneto's past, his horrors, and all the death that he had gone through, and got a deeper understanding of him that makes sense as to the person he had become.

5 Spiral's Extra Arms

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Spiral is one of the most powerful villains that the X-Men have ever faced, and this is the case largely because of her powerful mystical abilities, immunity to possession, and sorcery. Spiral once defeated the X-Men single-handedly, and she overpowered and imprisoned the Avengers at another instance, proving just how dangerous she is. Rogue's encounter with Spiral did not go in a way that most people would want or expect, because Spiral proved that she was too clever for Rogue. In Uncanny X-Men #206, Rogue attempted to absorb Spiral's powers, she got as far as gaining four more arms, but Spiral took control of her mind and used her to win the fight against the X-Men. Spiral might not be one of the best power absorption candidates that Rogue has had so far, she might actually be the worst candidate that Rogue has had since discovering her awesome powers.

4 Part Of Loki's Powers

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Everyone who is a fan of Thor or the Avengers knows too well how dangerous Loki is, owing to his manipulative ways, his genius-level intelligence, his training in magic, his superhuman abilities and many other powers. Loki might be Thor's brother, but the two are different in so many ways, one being that Thor is an Asgardian and Loki is part of the Frost Giant race. Loki is deceptive in every way, and he always searches for opportunities to rule Asgard, an opportunity he will likely never get as long as Thor is alive. Loki has godlike abilities that make him supreme in every way to most earthly beings, which has to be one of the reasons Rogue was not able to absorb anything more than his psyche when she touched him. This power absorption happened in the second issue of X-Men/Alpha Flight, and it must have been one of those memorable occasions that Rogue has ever had the privilege of using her powers.

3 Adversary's Magical Powers

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The Adversary is one of the most powerful demonic beings that the X-Men have ever faced, since, in addition to superhuman strength, unlimited magical powers, near-invulnerability, super speed and stamina, the Adversary seems to be capable of virtually any power out there. The Adversary can take the physical forms of other beings or possess beings, and for this reason, we are not yet convinced that we know the Adversary's true form. In Uncanny X-Men #227, Longshot attacked the Adversary with steel daggers, since steel is the only known weakness that the Adversary has, and Rogue managed to absorb some of the magical talents from the Adversary. With part of his powers, Rogue magically opened a portal in which she intended to banish the Adversary, but she did not have the much-needed strength to blast him into the portal. Although Rogue never got the full dose of the Adversary's powers, she became quite the powerful being that no one would dare mess with.

2 Ms. Marvel's Power Of Indestructibility

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In addition to her ability to absorb the power of anyone she touches, Rogue seems to have powers of her own that do not fade away as is the case with the ones she absorbs from those she touches. At first, Rogue did not have permanent powers, but later she gained permanent powers of flight and incredible strength. The origin of these permanent powers was Ms. Marvel, powers that transformed her into one of the most powerful X-Men as well as superheroes in the Marvel Universe. In addition, Rogue received Ms. Marvel's powers that include psychic powers and superhuman reflexes, which enable her to anticipate the moves an opponent would make. Rogue also received a double consciousness that gave her the ability to resist telepathic probes. Her immunity to poisons to a particular degree came from possessing an amalgamated mutant alien's physiology.

1 Power Of Reactivating Previously Absorbed Abilities From Skrull

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The ability to reactivate previously absorbed abilities is one of the craziest powers Rogue has ever had since this ability transforms her into a one-woman army who has multiple superpowers. Rogue got this ability by touching a Cadre K girl called Z'cann, who was a Skrull, who caused Rogue to mutate and gain the power to recall or reactivate powers that she had previously absorbed. At first, Rogue did not have the power to control which powers would surface, since at some point she even got the appearance of a Skrull and could even shapeshift. However, after meditation and learning how to suppress the unplanned manifestations, she got the ability to control them and use the different powers to meet her needs. At another instance, Sage gave Rogue the power to manifest and control any power that she had ever absorbed at will, but as is always the case, these abilities, although lasting for longer periods, were also temporary.


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