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Russian women are some of the most sought-after girls in the world, so it’s no surprise that mail-order bride services have caught on like a wildfire in this icy cold country. Russia has more than 500 mail-order bride sites displaying over 60,000 women at any given time, which is the

largest amount of brides for purchase on our list. Part of the reason that these women are jumping at the chance to become foreign brides is because Russian men often have a bad reputation among their own women. In addition to having one of the highest alcoholism rates in the world, Russian women accuse Russian men of chronic infidelity and a propensity for domestic violence. To add insult to injury, the divorce rate is hovering at a whopping 80% in their country, so Russian ladies across the lands have all the reasons in the world to want to try their luck somewhere else. With the escalating issues between Russia and its many rivals, this may not be the best time to take all of Vladimir Putin’s women out of the country, but a fair share of Russian females are jumping at the chance to marry abroad nonetheless.

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