15 Cosplays That Will Actually Make Your Jaw Drop

People just love to dress up, and they refuse to wait until Halloween. Why dress up once a year when you can dress up every day or at least for cosplay events. You may think that there aren’t a lot of people who like to dress up but you would be dead wrong. There are even events throughout the year all over the world where people dress up as their favorite cosplay characters and spend the day mingling. Some people take their cosplay costumes to a whole new level; they show a true dedication to the process as if it’s an art form. These dedicated individuals will spend more time dressing up than leading normal lives but when it comes down to it, who can blame them? Life can be hard and stressful; sometimes it can be a relief to just be Wonder Woman or the Joker just for a little while.

There are some seriously awesome cosplay costumes out there. People will go to great lengths to have the best costume out there especially if they are going to an event. The love of cosplay goes deep with these people as you can see they put a lot of time into their costumes. Check out some of these amazing cosplay costumes and get some inspiration for your next event.


15 Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

You can't get much better than these sexy cosplay costumes. These girls definitely did a great job portraying their favorite characters. Together we have Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy looking ravishing together. These two girls really pulled off these badass and dangerous characters. Harley is in her traditional outfit, ready to kick some serious ass while Poison Ivy looks like she is going to seduce you into doing whatever she wants. She has ivy painted all over her skin and oh, that red hair! It’s clearly a wig, but she pulls it off nicely. These are two very memorable characters in the Batman movies, and they are also two girls that Batman has had a hard time resisting. There’s a good chance that he got involved with both of the girls. In the case of these costumes, these two girls must have been showstoppers at the cosplay event.

14 Silk Spider


If you are a fan of the comic book character Silk Spider, then you are sure to love this cosplay costume. The girl did a pretty great job of recreating the look. She’s in a skin tight bodysuit that matches perfectly to the character. It’s definitely extremely sexy if you are looking for an outfit for a cosplay event. What I love most about the outfit is the fact that you don’t have to show any skin, but yet it still shows off as a sexy costume. The girl is covered from top to bottom, but she would probably manage to have every guy in the room turning his head towards her. It’s a badass costume for the girl who wants to be a superhero in everyday life as well.

13 Iron Man

Anyone can be Iron Man if they want to and this picture proves it. A great depiction of the popular character and everything from top to bottom looks perfect. The man looks like he’s ready for battle and he even has someone from head of security to be at his side for additional help. Iron Man can never be too careful when he’s out fighting the bad guys. The character has grown in popularity over the years, creating a fan base not only for the Iron Man movie franchise but also the even more popular Avengers franchise. The characters of the Avengers have banded around Iron Man to help him with whatever evil seems to plague not only his city but the world in general. It proves that even for someone that wasn’t born with superpowers that doesn’t mean that they can’t become great in order to change the world.

12 Lady Sylvanas


This woman clearly went above and beyond to recreate the character of Lady Sylvanas. She has the costume of the Lady down to perfection, never mind the fact that she painted the exposed body parts to match the skin color of the character. It’s true determination when it comes to the obsession of cosplay. People who love going to these events don’t half-ass anything; they go all out, or they don’t bother at all. She is truly a real trooper when it comes to designing her costume. If you aren’t familiar with Lady Sylvanas, she is the former Ranger-General of Silvermoon. These days she serves as a leader of the Forsaken faction of Icon Legion 18x18 Warchief of the Hoarder as well as the undead. She is all about defending her homeland, but throughout that effort, she was eventually killed by Arthas.

11 Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is such an iconic character that has been around for many years. I remember watching the movie as a young girl, and they are still playing the movies after all this time. They are now making a new Beetlejuice movie for new generations to enjoy. I can’t wait to see what they come up with when the remake is released. This cosplay character is a female version of the Beetlejuice character, and she did an outstanding job of recreating the character. She has the crazy hair that makes Beetlejuice the crazy man that he is. Her outfit looks just like the character from the movie but with a sexy vibe, showcasing her assets. The makeup is perfect and makes you nostalgic for the movie - a true classic. Overall she did a great job of showcasing the look of Beetlejuice, especially as a woman.

10 Heath Ledger’s Joker


Looking at this costume makes me sort of sad thinking about the loss of Heath Ledger but tell me that this guy didn’t nail his costume? It was a great movie that has inspired many different cosplay outfits including Batman and the Joker. The costume is amazing and shows one of the funniest parts of the movie, the side of madness that has the Joker doing anything that he wants to. Instead of choosing the classic Joker outfit, he chose to wear the funny nurse outfit that the Joker wore to the hospital when he went to visit Harvey Dent. It’s a great outfit choice considering everything he could have worn when you think of the Joker. He’s got the nurse outfit, makeup, and even the black bag that the Joker carries. I love the white knee socks that he wears as well.

9 Merida from Brave

I can’t say enough good things about this costume of Merida from Brave. The hair is breathtaking and the blue dress, absolutely perfect. She has everything from the attitude to the bow and arrow. This girl doesn’t care if she’s playing a sixteen-year-old girl, she still shot for the moon with this outfit. Merida was just a young girl when her parents tried to marry her off. It’s easy to forget that these Disney characters are all under age even though they are falling in love and getting married. That doesn’t stop adults, however, from getting dressed up as their favorite Disney characters and doing a hell of a job at it in the process. She would be a great person for birthday parties; imagine having this girl show up and steal the show.


8 Lady Deadpool


Dressing like Deadpool is not just for the men; women are jumping on the bandwagon too. This picture proves that even the ladies can pull off a great Deadpool cosplay costume. This woman has the full costume on her like a glove and also has the Deadpool mask. When it comes to Deadpool, it has grown in popularity since the movie came out, especially since they are now making a second one. The character of Deadpool is so popular because he’s so unique. He goes by the beat of his own drum and doesn’t really care what anyone thinks about him. He fights for what he believes in and does it in such an unconventional manner that it’s hard not to love him.

7 Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

You don’t get much closer to Tiana then this cosplay costume. She is wearing the famous dress from The Princess and the Frog even though the character herself only wore the dress for a matter of seconds. Everyone knows who she is though based on the dress, the frog and of course the fact that the girl is waitressing. Tiana was one of the most intelligent princesses of the Disney franchise. She wasn’t willing to bow down to the man and go live in a prince’s castle. Although she did become a princess, she stayed in the hospitality industry by opening up her own restaurant called Tiana’s Palace. She’s not the girl who only wants to hang out with the elite; she wants to be around the everyday people.

6 Stoick from How to Train Your Dragon


If you’ve ever seen the movie How to Train your Dragon, then you know that this cosplay costume is insanely on the mark. From top to bottom he looks exactly like the character; it’s truly amazing. The long red beard, the weapon, and the outfit truly show the dedication behind making a cosplay costume. Even the way he is standing is right on the mark. I’m not sure if the man is the same size or if it’s all padding, but he looks perfectly in tune with the character. It’s a great character choice for anyone that wants a badass character who is tougher than nails. You don’t get much tougher than a Viking anyways. Stoick’s character is the chief of the Hairy Hooligan tribe and happens to be the main character Hiccup’s father.

5 Princess Anna

This cosplay outfit is truly breathtaking; the character has come to life and is walking around. It may be a wig that the girl is wearing, but there’s a good chance that the hair is real; it looks authentic. From top to bottom the girl fits the character to a tee, bringing out the best qualities in the character like her innocence for example. Her eyes are the best part; she captured the way they pop right out of the character’s face. She is considered to be a remarkable character because of her qualities such as her optimism and her caring attitude. People love the character because she is determined to fix her mistakes and make the world a better place. Not to mention she has an undying love for her family and goes above and beyond to help her sister come back to her.

4 Black Widow


Hello! This girl has Black Widow’s outfit practically down to an art. Talk about red hot! The outfit is skin tight, and it accentuates the girl’s assets. And that hair! Whether it’s a wig or not it looks amazing! The red hot color just pops, giving the girl the signature Black Widow look. I love the entire outfit. Black Widow is known as a former assassin that turned her life around from being a killer to being an Avenger. She works with the good guys, trying to redeem herself for the atrocious crimes she committed in her past. She is one of the hottest superheroes in the Marvel comics, and she is constantly showing the men that she can fight alongside them anytime. This girl is certainly channeling the badass imagery that we know and love from the Black Widow.

3 Owen from Jurassic World

I love this hilarious depiction of Owen from Jurassic World; this guy hit the look right on the head. Owen is the badass raptor trainer from the latest installment of the Jurassic franchise. He is the hero in the movie, winning the heart of the girl and saving an island full of people from a terrifying dinosaur by using his trained raptors. The outfit is perfect, and he even has the hair down. The Raptors in his arm are certainly a nice touch, and it adds some humor to the whole cosplay costume. The guy even covered himself in cuts and scars to depict the struggle he went through when fighting against the dinosaurs. I personally love the movie and think that this is a great way for people to show their love for their favorite characters. If you love the movie, then this might be the perfect outfit for your next event.

2 Jack Sparrow


Who doesn’t love the wacky character of Jack Sparrow? Johnny Depp brought him to life in the most amazing way, creating a billion-dollar franchise that just seems to go on and on. Johnny Depp has made a career of playing unusual characters, and we couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the legendary Jack Sparrow. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are hugely popular, and the main character is beloved. This cosplay costume is clearly right on the money; every aspect of it has been well thought out and executed perfectly. The stone cold stare of Jack Sparrow shows his quirky side or maybe he’s just a little drunk. Either way, the costume itself is well done, and the makeup could not be more perfect for the character. The costume just makes you want to run out and be a pirate yourself! A job well done indeed!

1 Princess Aurora

These two definitely pulled off the characters of Aurora and the Prince; even their expressions are golden. They put a lot of effort into not only getting the costumes right but also recreating a scene from the Disney cartoon. These two lovers did a great job of creating the scene where Aurora isn’t sure if she even likes the Prince. She sure warms up to him quickly, though. Disney movies are great for putting characters in situations that just wouldn’t work in real life. How likely is it that you would even talk to a random man that walked up to you in the woods, never mind leave with him to get married? But that was exactly what happened to Aurora; it was practically love at first sight. Aurora was a great character because she never wanted the elite lifestyle; all she wanted to do was fall in love and be happy.

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