15 Cosplays That Aren't The Most Accurate But We Still Love

In the world of cosplay, there are many elements that people can use to help them stand out from the competition. Sometimes you'll see costumes that are so accurate you'll swear the person wearing them is from the show itself. But with the 15 examples on our list, you definitely won't be making that mistake.

That's not to say these cosplayers aren't talented, we just don't know if you remember the part of Frozen where Elsa dressed up as Princess Leia. Or when Wonder Woman took on a South Asian vibe. And you also probably don't think Charizard is nearly as seductive as Jessica Nigri tried to make it.

In many cases, you'll see that just because you aren't the proper gender to take on a character, but that doesn't mean you can't come away with breathtaking results. Sure, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Loki are amazing, but just wait till you check out the two lovely girls that teamed up for you. Even animals get in on the action, as both a cat and dog are featured in cosplays that you aren't soon going to forget.

There are many reasons as to why these cosplays aren't the most accurate, but we assure that you'll still love checking them out.


15 Gambit Takes On A Steamy Twist

When it comes to accuracy, it's definitely hard to find any reason to fault the above photo, as it really is a pretty tremendous Gambit (granted with perhaps more stomach showing than the cartoon). Plus, if you get too fresh with her, we're sure that stick could lay out some punishment.

But the reality is, is that Gambit is a smooth-talking male, who will actually be portrayed by Channing Tatum in the near future. So accurate or not in costume and preparation, for gender-bending reasons, we get to talk about the tremendous effort put forth by Nadya Sonika for our list.

Let's hope she continues to share her take on the X-Men Universe with the world!

14 The Legend Of Zelda's Cat


When it comes to the world of Cosplay, who says humans are the only ones who get to have some fun? Cat_Cosplay has uploaded over 1,400 photos of impressive Cosplay's over the years but we don't know if any is going to be as beloved as their version of Link from Legend of Zelda.

The photo was captioned: "But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand....a young cat clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the blade of evil's bane, they sealed the dark one away and gave the land light."

We're sure they get plenty of requests for custom designs on a regular basis!

13 Disney Princesses That Can Defend Themselves

There are millions of people who grew up (and continue to grow up) loving the classic Disney tales. But if you are looking for a reason to knock them, it may be that in many of the cases the women play the typical "damsel in distress" and don't kick nearly as much ass as we're sure they can.

They surely wouldn't need any man to come around and save the day if they were decked out in the impressive battle armor they have going on in our selected. I mean just check out the size of that sword on Jasmine!

Huge props for the amazing coordination of the group of 7. Which one is your favorite?

12 Immortan Jane


It had been over 2 decades since the last one, but one of the biggest movies of 2015 was Mad Max: Fury Road. It earned close to $400 million and critics gave it a score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Many people were quick to praise Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron for their leading roles, but Hugh Keays-Byrne who portrayed Immortan Joe. But while in the movie, Joe is a disgusting old man who was feared by all who came across him, this cosplayer absolutely is not!

Which may also make it a lot more enjoyable for you to stare at this version of Immortan Joan (or should we say, Immortan Jane?).

11 Gender Swap Thor And Loki

Now we need to preface, a "Female Thor" is a very real thing and something that could be cosplayed effectively by someone. But it's very clear that with the above photo that Ami Isley was going for (and nailed!) her interpretation of the Thor you know and love.

Adding perhaps more heat to the photo is the tremendous gender-bended Loki performed by Beke Jacoba. While Ami has over 10,000 followers on Instagram it's Beke who commands the larger following with close to 150,000. Beke has admitted on her Patreon page that she'd love to do cosplay as a career, something we're sure Ami would also be successful in!

10 These 4 Women Put Any Batman Villain To Shame


Some of the best entries on our list (at least in our humble opinion) come when you see some tremendous examples of gender-bending. Who says the lack of a penis should prevent women (or vice-versa) from taking on some of the most iconic characters?

It definitely didn't stop this fearsome foursome who teamed up to form Batman's most formidable villains. Complete with props, it's hard to find anything wrong with their interpretations. Though you may admit that whoever went as Scarecrow might get tired of her mouth prop. We wouldn't blame her if she made sure her next cosplay allowed her to still be able to eat, drink and talk comfortably.

9 Elsa Becomes A Slave-Like Princess Leia

We're going to apologize is this entry is going to leave you with songs from Frozen stuck in your head for the rest of today (though it's not like it's the worst music in the world). But given the raunchier element of this take on Elsa, perhaps you aren't thinking about the wonderful kid movie!

As we're sure you can tell, this cosplayer clearly took inspiration from Princess Leia's iconic slave costume. Given that amount of protection, this cosplayer may find herself pretty chilly. Perhaps she just thought because the character was never bothered by the cold that she thought she would also be able to get away with it?


8 Wonder Woman As Inspired By South Asia


When it comes to the classic character of Wonder Woman, you may not think anyone has done it any better than Gal Gadot. But while Gadot looks stunning in the role, you may give some extra appreciation to this alternate version that was brought to life by the talented Deepica Mutyala.

The photo, which she deemed a "South Asian Wonder Woman" became so popular that many talented artists sent in different sketches of her as a way of showing appreciation.

When talking about her inspiration for the character, Mutyala said, "I felt so inspired after watching Wonder Woman. She’s a badass. She’s fearless, independent, but she’s also compassionate and giving."

7 A Dog's Take On The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is one of many people's favorite movies. And while there are many tremendous elements of the film, one of the most iconic parts of the movie is the outfit (or lack thereof!) worn by Milla Jovovich. Many people have taken on the costume over the years, including Ariel Winter this past year, but your favorite rendition of the character may be of the 4 legged variety.

Because while those women may be sexy, there's something incredibly cute about seeing a doggy getting all dressed up. And let's be honest, who is going to hate on seeing a dog? He might not have any appreciation of the movie itself, but you can imagine his owners are probably pretty big fans of the franchise.

6 Beauty And The...Chewbacca?


If you were ranking cosplay's on our list based on creativity, we don't know if there would be any entry that would come out on top above this one. People can't seem to get enough of both Star Wars and Beauty and the Beast, so why not have the brilliant idea to combine the two?

While hard to tell from the angle, they deserve some serious credit for also making her lightsaber designed like a candelabra. If you were looking for reasons to fault this attempt, it may be the fact that the very long legs look disproportionate to his arms, but hey, that just makes him like part T-Rex. As well as the fact that it must have gotten incredibly hot to walk around dressed as Chewbacca all day.

5 Jessica Nigri Shows Off Her Steamy Charizard Cosplay

There aren't many cosplayers in the world that are more recognizable than Jessica Nigri. With close to 3 million followers on Instagram and more growing on a regular basis, Nigri should be confident that she'll always find an audience for her latest designs. She also has over 3,500 people that are paying her (various amounts) on a monthly basis to receive exclusive content that features elements that definitely wouldn't fly on Instagram!

While some of her looks focus on authenticity and are tremendous, Nigri does receive some backlash for other cosplay's that seem instead to just work to highlight her most prominent assets, such as the one we've featured for you here.

4 Han And Leia, But Not How You're Expecting


We are very sorry if this photo completely kills the love you may have once had for Princess Leia in her slave costume. We hope the fact that Elsa from Frozen throws the costume on for an entry in our list may be enough to save it. But if not, then perhaps you'll at least appreciate the hilarity and originality of gender-swapping the classic roles of Han Solo and Leia for this above cosplay.

Some say that a couple that cosplays together, stays together, and it's clear these two had a great time with the design. We're sure their efforts were also appreciated and that they caught the eye of everyone wherever they went!

3 Gaston..etta? From Beauty And The Beast

Gaston proudly proclaims that nobody has chest hair quite like himself, but it doesn't look like that's an element that was translated for our next cosplayer. But you probably aren't complaining about that!

When you consider some people were having issues with LeFou being heavily hinted as a homosexual in the live-action version, could you imagine if they swapped out Gaston's gender for a girl-girl angle?! While that's going to have to remain a scenario in your head, you can thank Rue, from Rue the Day Cosplay, for the outstanding work that went into her costume. We're sure you'd love to see her take on other Disney villains, regardless of their gender.

2 Two Men Cosplay As Nikki Bella And John Cena To Meet The Twins


The WWE has several events throughout the year where fans get the opportunity to meet them, take a photo and ideally get an autograph. While it's typically your pretty standard day, these two men decided that meeting Nikki and Brie Bella was the perfect opportunity to dress up as John Cena and..Nikki Bella.

For those unaware, John and Nikki have been together for years and are currently engaged. The women seemed to at least be good sports about the whole thing! Let's just hope that Brie wasn't feeling too left out that nobody dressed up as her. Though her famed wrestler husband Daniel Bryan makes them an equally as appealing "power couple".

1 The Snow White Prince...ss?

Several women may stand out above the rest on our list for their tremendous gender-swapping of famed characters. But women aren't the only ones who can get in on the action! As evidenced by this terrific Snow White that was put on by DeviantArt user iJoegonzelezv. While we're sure it probably would have had some changes on the overall plot of Snow White, we're glad that didn't stop his creativity.

The cosplayer's real name is Jose Villalobo and he hails from Venezuela. Sadly though, his last Cosplay designs (including this one) appear to be from back in 2015. Let's hope if he doesn't participate anymore that his past cosplays still gave him plenty of fond memories.


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