15 Cosplays Of Hocus Pocus Witch Sarah Sanderson

The Sanderson sisters are three fictional, wacky witches from the cult classic Hocus Pocus. There's the humorously evil oldest sister, Winifred, played by Bette Midler. Mary is the chubby witch who has hair the shape of a spiral and who rides a vacuum instead of a broomstick, played by Kathy Najimy. And then, there's Sarah, the sexy, blonde sister who cares just as much about cute boys as she does stealing the souls of children, which isn't cool if your eternal life depends on it. She was portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker.

All three witches are hilarious and essential to the plot. It's hard to pick a favorite, although most men would definitely choose Sarah over the others, for obvious reasons. With long, white-blonde hair, heavy makeup, a tight corset dress, and the fact that she wants to find a man so bad, that's not surprising. In her prime, Sarah Jessica Parker was quite spellbinding, and she proved it when she took on the role of Sarah Sanderson.

Now that All Hallows Eve is upon us again, it's time to break out Hocus Pocus once more. So, whether you're a Halloween-lover, a cosplay-lover, a Sarah Jessica Parker lover, or a Sarah Sanderson lover, this list is for you. It combines all of the above. Timeless in its humor and creativity, Hocus Pocus and its three witches are an annual favorite for many kids and adults. And let's face it: some people just like to watch the bewitching Sarah Sanderson. Dost thou?

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15 Comikaze Expo

This cosplay was part of something much bigger, a group cosplay that also included witches Winifred and Mary, and the zombie Billy Butcherson. The cosplayers dressed up as the Hocus Pocus gang for the Comikaze Expo in 2013. Now known as the L.A. Comic-Con, this event was also previously known as Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo. For three days each fall, this event brings together some of the best cosplayers around. This year, it'll be held just before Halloween on October 27-29. But in 2013, it had the privilege of hosting a trio of witches and their zombie buddy, whose outfits were all quite impressive. As you can see in the photo above, this lovely lady made a gorgeous Sarah Sanderson.

14 A British Sarah

27-year-old cosplayer Foxy (also known as FoxyBop) is from the United Kingdom, but even across the sea, they love Hocus Pocus enough to put this kind of time and energy into personifying the witches! Foxy's bio introduces herself as a "vintage lover, occasional cosplayer, and wig enthusiast! I love fantasy and I'm hoping to cosplay some of my favorite characters soon!" She dressed up as Sarah Sanderson in 2015, and although these photos are quite close-up, you can easily tell that she has the purple cape, corset top, and hair that's so very Sarah. Foxy is very open on her social media about the fact that she used to be obese, and cosplay is something she took up after losing a lot of weight. Some of her other cosplays include Batgirl, Christine Daae from Phantom of the Opera, Lara Croft, Hermione Granger, Rogue, and many, many more.

13 Come, Little Children...

This cosplayer made a great Sarah Sanderson. Her name is Lindsay Elyse, and she's been cosplaying since she was 14 years old. She dressed as the sexy Sanderson sister in 2016 and posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, "Come, little children, I'll take thee away. Finally got to cross Sarah Sanderson off my bucket list." The Phoenix, Arizona native explained how she got into cosplay in an interview: "My mom actually got me into cosplay. She found a flyer for an anime convention, and it was like, 'You like anime? You should go check this out! And they have costume contests.' So I didn't know how to sew at the time, so she made my first two costumes for me, and I just absolutely fell in love with it. I learned how to sew and have been doing it ever since."

12 It's In the Details

This cosplayer, whose identity is unknown, not only got her outfit and hair and makeup just right, but she also embodies Sarah Sanderson in every other way. Even in a photograph, you can just tell that she has Sarah's energy and has even mastered her facial expressions, especially in the photo on the right. Plus, she made sure to have Sarah's mole on the bottom right-hand side of her face. It is a small detail, but it adds so much. The small things are what really make the whole thing look so much like the real Sarah Sanderson, after all. The exact color of her hair, its loose curls, and purple top all scream Sarah Sanderson!

11 Creative Cosplayer

This is cosplayer Renee Rouge as Sarah Sanderson. She was able to throw this whole cosplay together in about two weeks and made it out of leftover fabric from other cosplay projects. She used fabrics that were dip-dyed and coffee-dyed and also used Swarovski crystals. Explaining to someone who commented on her photo asking how she got such a great look, she said, "The corset was handmade with 1/2 yard light pink and purple crepe back satin and overlaid with iridescent purple/blue clear mesh, thick interfacing was glued with E6000 on the inside of each corset panel; over 26 eyelets for the lace up corset back, front and straps were used. The skirt was made with 2 1/2 yards of purple cotton blend fabric that was bunched up at the top to give it a more flowy appearance and fit the elastic waistband (that of which I made last). I only needed one yard of the red fabric and bunched that up at the top and tattered the ends and left the seams open at the bottom and sides to give it an old worn look. The white fabric pieces were coffee dyed, and the seams were left open and tattered up at the bottoms, then I layered the fabrics the way I wanted them to lay, made a black band to go around them, sewed in a thick elastic band inside, and folded the black band over the open seams of the layered fabric and sewed it together."

10 Boys Will Love Me!

This Sarah Sanderson cosplay was found on the Cosplay Amino website or app, which is a social network for cosplayers and cosplay enthusiasts. This lovely lady is named Giorgia, and according to her profile on the website, she's been cosplaying since 2011. She dressed up as Sarah in 2015, and she looked amazing doing it. Along with the perfect outfit and hair, those big blue eyes are very enchanting and witchy. In the past, she's also dressed up as Nina the Black Swan, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, Mother Gothel from Disney's Tangled, and more. For her Sanderson sister cosplay, she captioned her photos, "Me as Sarah... boys will love me!" It seems that Giorgia, like Sarah, wants to impress the boys!

9 Handmade Sarah Outfit

This Sarah Sanderson is cosplayer Chelsea Foytik, who's in her early 20s but, according to her, is "the size of an eight-year-old." She runs a blog about her life and her cosplaying, and on it, she can also be seen as Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland,  and Gotham's Selina Kyle. When discussing her Sarah outfit on her blog, she wrote, "This is absolutely my favorite cosplay so far, and I made almost all of it by hand. My favorite part is the cape; I am so in love with it, I may just start wearing capes all the time! It was also a super easy costume to make, as well." Her version of Sarah is pretty good. The best details are her purple lace sleeves, tall boots, and wig. She wore it in 2014.

8 A Slit Witch Skirt

This version of Sarah Sanderson was brought to us by Soursmash on Twitter, who also goes by Hull-Harley Quinn. As you can guess, she loves Harley Quinn, but she also did a kickass job dressing up as Sarah Sanderson. The "real" Sarah would probably be proud, as she's sexing up the outfit by showing quite a bit of tattooed leg with her slit witch skirt. Her corset top is pretty great, too; not only is the color on par, but it's just as tight and cleavage-baring as Sarah Jessica Parker's was in the movie. This cosplayer is all about her craft. In her bio, she describes herself as loving cosplay, burlesque, and being a comic geek. She's from Hull, United Kingdom.

7 I Put a Spell On You

In 2011, blogger Lauryn dressed up along with her friends as the witchy sisters, and she was Sarah Sanderson. Her friends went as Winifred and Mary. She says in her blog post that the three of them watched Hocus Pocus several times to make their costumes as accurately as they could. She dyed an "ugly white dress" then turned it into a skirt, used her sister-in-law's lingerie for the corset, used a "huge graduation gown pinned around her waist with the sleeves tied in a knot and safely pinned up" as the purple part of the skirt, used fabric from JoAnn Fabrics for the cape, and borrowed her "bestie's" hair extensions to make her hair as long as Sarah's. It only cost her $25 to make! And in the end, the trio even performed "I Put a Spell On You" for the crowd.

6 DIY Cosplay Witch

This cosplay was a do-it-yourself project in which three ladies all dressed as one of the witches. The name of the woman who went as Sarah in this photo is unknown, but she did a pretty good job. Even her attitude seems to match up with the sexy Sanderson's! While her entire ensemble is perfect (and this includes the Halloween-y background that reminds me of the Devil's house in the movie), the best part about the whole thing is her witchy, black, pointy shoes. She uses a nice mixture of red and purple to bring Sarah's outfit to life, and even though her cape appears to be black on the outside, it could be purple if she reversed it. All in all, she makes a pretty good Sanderson witch.

5 Hocus Pocus and The Craft Mashup

This photo may be the one time that all three Sanderson sisters look close to the same level of hotness. Given it's probably not technically a cosplay and more likely three pals who dressed up as "hot" versions of the Hocus Pocus witches for Halloween, it still works. No one can argue that these three women are most definitely supposed to be Winifred, Sarah, and Mary, and their hair is perfect. But with their outfits, they seem to have either decided to mix things up by being the witches and naughty schoolgirls or being the witches and the girls from The Craft. Whatever the case, they look great, and they bring massive attitude.

4 Blonde and Feisty!

This Sarah Sanderson made her costume by hand and detailed its creation on her beauty blog. According to her, she wanted to be Sarah Sanderson because she's blonde and feisty! Using a three-dollar thrift store skirt, she overlaid it with purple fabric, elastic, and adhesive Velcro from JoAnn Fabrics. She used a netted four-dollar shirt that she cut down so it wouldn't show in the corset and bought the corset for just $15 online. She got the purple satin cloak from a Halloween store, and when you put it all together, it's quite impressive. Her hair is her own (no wig!), and for makeup, she detailed the steps on her blog, taking care to not forget even the tiniest detail, like the mole. She wrote, "I drastically darkened my eyebrows, and used an eyeliner pencil to create Sarah's iconic chin mole." Two of her friends dressed up as Winifred and Mary.

3 Witchy Woman

This near-perfect Sarah Sanderson cosplay is so flawless, it's almost too good. There's nothing wrong with it, at all, from the hair to the makeup to the actual dress. But it almost looks store-bought, which is akin to boring in the cosplay and costume world. But the girl is cute, she looks good, and she's very obviously Sarah Sanderson, so there's that. According to her bio, she's obsessed with Disney, BioShock, and horror and sci-fi movies. She began making costumes in 2009.

2 Geeky Witch

This cosplayer is Ashton Giles, who runs her own blog called "The Vogue Rogue." Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Ashton is a self-described "geeky lifestyle blogger" who began cosplaying in 2006. Her blog is all about fashion, beauty, travel, and, of course, cosplay!  Her Sarah Sanderson cosplay was posted to her blog in June of this year. The sexy witch says of herself, " I'm a garden dweller elf lover. Daydreamer. Treading lightly through this planet, with feet on the earth and head in the clouds; petite-but-fierce frame, flighty but dependable nature. I'm a mischief maker, all for messy hair + early rising + flower markets + coffee... Wanderlust is in my bones. I've designed my life in watercolor and ink, brush on page. Typography is my love. My work is playful. I's [sic] strong, with a touch of whimsy." 

1 The Disney Princess Witch 

This gorgeous Sarah Sanderson made her own outfit, did her own hair and makeup, and instructed others to follow in her footsteps on her YouTube channel. She goes by the name "Dakotah Daily" and is obsessed with all things Disney. Her makeup and costumes are usually Disney-themed, and technically, Hocus Pocus is a Disney movie, so that totally works! And of course, it helps that she could be Sarah Jessica Parker's twin, although some commenters on her videos pointed out that she is, in fact, more beautiful than SJP and the original Sarah Sanderson. She's also portrayed the princesses, namely Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

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