15 Cosplays Of Final Fantasy's Tifa Lockhart

In the world of video games, few series are more revered than the Final Fantasy games. Now thirty years old, the franchise was a staple on the old Nintendo, Super NES, and original GameBoy platforms; and each platform had several games unique to that system. When Sony released the now archaic PlayStation (no numbers needed for the original), Squaresoft, now Square decided to take its wildly popular RPG series to the new system.

While plenty of fans were digging what Sony was selling with the original PlayStation, they had no idea what was about to happen. Final Fantasy VII was unleashed upon the world on January 31, 1997. Over twenty years later and the game is still the most popular one of the entire series, thanks to endearing characters like Tifa Lockhart.

Because she's a girl in a video game, Tifa wears little to no clothes, is full of sass, piss, vinegar, and can hang with the boys within the game, all the while seducing the boys playing the game. Her womanly features defy logic and gravity, and all of this makes her perfect Cosplay fodder. So after scouring the internet for hours looking for the super-secret Summon materia, TifaInTheBedroom, check out these top 15 Tifa Lockhart Cosplayers.

15 Rainer Tachibana

Just like Cloud, Tifa has a deep rooted disdain for Sephiroth, the silver-maned villain did destroy their hometown after all. Late in the game, Tifa even stays with Cloud to help him battle through being poisoned with Mako energy, which allows Cloud to also overcome more trauma and lead the group to defeat Sephiroth and save Gaia.

Cosplayer Rainer Tachibana does a fantastic job of capturing the heart of Tifa. As a die-hard fan of the series, she wanted to Cosplay Tifa because she liked her look and identified with the strength of the character. She isn't necessarily a perfectionist, but she does take painstaking detail into account when she designs all of her costumes.

She spends several weeks from conception to design on a costume, and Tifa was no different, even in the pictures she takes, Tachibana succeeds in capturing the essence of Tifa’s badassery and sex appeal...superfans even take note of the slots on her glove for the game's materia.

14 Nadya Anton

When the game first came out, Tifa has been looked at by all kinds of eyes, including the New York Times, who once dubbed her “The pin-up girl of the ‘cyber generation.’ Repeatedly compared to another pixelated beauty that debuted around the same time - Lara Croft - as an example of what strong, independent, and attractive female character in video games.

So it's a no-brainer that cosplayers like Nadya Anton love showcasing that strength and beauty. Better known to Cosplay fans as Nadya Sonika, the Latina beauty has portrayed a lot of video game goddesses, along with a pretty sweet rendition of Mystique and other mutie beauties from the X-Men movies.

Anton’s Tifa is actually one of the more spot-on Cosplays out there for Tifa and like others on this list, she has a ton more. If you do want to see more of her (admit you do), according to her Cosplay wiki, she can be seen as the host of Gamer Tag on Mexico City television.

13 Luna Lanie

Sometimes, girls just want to look hot on Instagram and Twitter, and a good way to do it is with Cosplay. Cosplay in theory is actually about people looking like their favorite characters whiles posed in ways that evoke images from the game, movie, book, show, or whatever.

Then sometimes, we just have hot girls who look like our favorite characters to gawk at on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, wherever. So here’s a hot one for our readers – Luna Lanie. According to her Cosplay Wiki site, Laine’s been playing dress up since 2014 and has used her own twins to make physics-defying video game twins actually look realistic, most notably Morrigan (Darkstalkers) and Juliet (Lollipop Chainsaw).

While she’s a dimepiece evocative of a Frank Frazetta drawing, according to comments on some fan pages, the Cosplay universe seems a little divided on her Tifa – somehow it’s too much boob and not enough actual Cosplay. However, if you can take a moment to look at her eyes, there as on point for Tifa as you might see.

12 Vampy Bit Me

Not yet ten years removed from Final Fantasy VII, and four main games later (not including games like Final Fantasy Tactics), and VII still was reigning supreme among the fans. Even now twenty years later, a lot of fans still long for this game – it was that perfect as far as a mainstream role playing game went.

Since Square at the time wasn’t in the business of doing video game sequels to their epic RPGs, they instead collaborated with FFVII writer, Kazushige Nojima and Visual Works, the company behind the breathtaking CGI cut scenes of VII to continue the story in the film Advent Children.

The story might be slightly incomprehensible to those who didn’t play the game. But for the eventual Cosplayers of the world, like Vampy Bit Me, the movie gave Tifa a hot new look in all leather (which could actually be useful as armor!) complete with Converse kicks (because what girl doesn’t love Converse shoes?)

11 Lindsay Elyse

One of the coolest and most pulse-pounding sequences in Final Fantasy VII is the party’s escape from Shinra and the motorcycle chase, where you control Cloud on his Fenrir bike and protect Tifa, Barret, and Aerith from attacking Shinra troops. What's not to love about our badass hero with a ginormous sword hacking and slashing enemies atop his sweet hog - and some detractors wonder why this game so loved (?!)

Maybe Lindsay Elyse thought it would be a good idea to replace Cloud with Tifa and take some cool Cosplay pics. Or maybe she's playing off the notion that hot girls on hot bikes are pretty hot.

New flash, she doesn't have to try very hard at all. While Tifa is easy to put together, take a look at some of her other Cosplays, like her League of Legends characters and you'll realize her talents match her beauty.

10 Moon Fox Ultima

Like many of the characters of Final Fantasy VII, Tifa made her first appearance in the game. When we first meet her, she's a bartender and owner of the 7th Heaven bar in the slums of Midgar, a safe haven for Barret and the rest of the eco-terrorist group, AVALANCHE. She also looks after Barret’s little girl, Marlene.

It's her childhood friendship with the game’s main protagonist, Cloud that begins the bond for this trio, and ultimately towards the final showdown with Sephiroth.

As far as the Cosplay world is concerned, she's certainly one of the more popular video game heroines to portray - perhaps because of her slinky, yet sexy and easy to pull off outfit. A simple shorts and cut-off tank top with suspenders deftly holding everything together just barely.

Cosplayer Moon Fox Ultima is playing the role, and just like the real Tifa, Fox also seems to be defying gravity in her series of pics taken by frequent collaborator, John Pryke. Yes this pic is from several years ago, but it no less showcases just about how awesome one of the first video game vixens was and still is.

9 Liz Katz

In her story about creating her Tifa Cosplay for her first ever professional photo shoot, Lisa Katz readily admits that the costume is not video game accurate, and since she didn't know how to work with foam yet, what little armor Tifa wears has been omitted. But she did feel that her inexperience at the time actually helped the shoot look like exactly what she was going for - Tifa in real life.

The Taylor Swift lookalike has only gotten better with each of her shots, from Bob’s Burgers all the way to popular comic book characters like Felicia Hardy and Harley Quinn. Katz does think that Tifa put her on the map in the world of Cosplay and intends to do another Tifa shoot when the impending HD remake of the game comes out.

One of the cooler looking Cosplay shots for Tifa, taken outside of a refinery in Los Angeles, it really does look like Tifa is at home in the Midgar slums.

8 Bunny Ayumi

There aren't a lot of stories about Bunny Ayumi online, and that's a bit of a shame. Take one look at her, and you'll want to know a lot more about the Texas-based Cosplay model. What can be gleaned from the little information there is, according to her Facebook page is that she goes by Bunny for short, loves Cosplay, Anime, snacks, and cute little fluffy animals.

Ayumi like many lovely ladies on this list could have been a pinup girl in a previous life. While plenty she's buxom, her dimensions are also very real, sexy, and cute as hell. She's done Cosplays shoots of Jill Valentine, Kasumi, and even Sakura. Her Patreon page allows you to purchase all kinds of shots, including good old fashioned bikini pics. The sexy Texan stops just short of revealing all.

As far as Ms. Lockhart goes, Ayumi is nothing short of spectacular. The playground shoot actually conveys a little bit about the characters innocence, while of course playing off some red blooded male fantasy.

7 Princess Rin0a

Is it real or is it memorex? Is it Cosplay or CGI artwork? Cosplayer Princess Rin0a not only captures how much of a badass fighter Tifa is - her big Limit Break moves involve devastating punches - but pictures like this are shot so well, you'll be doing double takes until you realize it's a real person and not her CGI counterpart.

Rin0a does a great job of capturing Tifa’s strength in both her traditional and Advent Children outfits, Rin0a shows that she's always ready to fight to protect the ones she loves, just like she does in Advent Children. In the film, she's still taking care of Marlene and another kid, Denzel.

Even two years after the events of the game, she also still does her best to help her friend Cloud work through his guilt and of course helps the team take down Bahamut SIN.

6 Kasumi Sayla

Seriously, good gawd - Kasumi Sayla’s hips apparently always tell the truth don't they?! The Chinese-Canadian clearly knows it too - many of her Cosplay pics, which include X-23 from X-Men comics and various anime characters all features Sayla’s middle sticking out for the world to see - her hips are weapons almost as deadly as Tifa’s fists!

As Tifa, Sayla’s poses also showcase a great set of yams as well, but also showcases some of Tifa’s character traits as well. She's a strong-willed, level headed, and of course attractive young woman. All of the traits that consistently put her atop the list of great gaming girls.

In 2000, GameSpot fans voted her fifth best lady in video games. In 2007, Denjenki PlayStation magazine named her the seventh best character in PlayStation history. She's been consistently viewed as a strong female role model as well as one of the sexiest girls in gaming history, which is a tough tightrope to walk - something that Sayla encapsulates herself perfectly.

5 Mei Wai

If you didn't realize just how big the Cosplay universe is, it's all over the world. It even reaches all the way to the Tianjin province of China, where Mei Wai, one of the country's most popular Cosplayers, or "Cosers" as they're called in China, has been playing dress up since 1999.

While she has pulled off characters from all kinds of games, including Street Fighter’s Chun Li, Wai has portrayed some of Final Fantasy’s most beautiful ladies, including Rikku, an awesome looking Lightning, Aerith, and of course the belle of the ball as far as this article is concerned, Tifa.

In Wai’s recreation of the CGI art for On The Way To A Smile, Wai’s porcelain skin helps the muted tones that a lot of CGI Tifa art is done in and only helps to add to how sensitive Tifa can be – she did make Cloud promise to protect her if she was ever in trouble during a moment of vulnerability in VII.

4 Narga-Lifestream

Just like any popular franchise, the world of Final Fantasy VII is expanded on by fans and game makers alike. Whether it's movies like Advent Children or games like Dirge of Cerberus, that take the world forward in time or games like Crisis Core, which takes place before the Gaia-shattering events of VII.

The game takes a look at the life of Zack Fair, a minor but very important character mentioned in Final Fantasy VII, who was also friends with Tifa and actually dated Aerith. The story tells of Zack and Cloud in SOLDIER several years prior to VII, leading all up to a recreation of the beginning of Final Fantasy VII, with Cloud heading to Midgar.

While Tifa’s iconic shorts and tank top is a staple among Cosplayers, Russian “krasota” Natalia or Narga–Lifestream decided to show some love to young Tifa’s outfit from Crisis Core. Somehow Tifa as a cowgirl isn’t that popular, but perhaps after seeing what Natalia does with the character that might change.

3 Danielle Vedovelli

Since she’s one of the great video game bombshells, Tifa has been around in several iterations over the years throughout several video games. Obviously most famously Final Fantasy VII and its surrounding games, but also in other FF games like Dissidia and Type-0. Square even included her in the PlayStation version of the fighting game, Ergheiz.

But just about every version of Tifa has her in her classic FFVII gear, which is nothing to complain about as far as male gamers are concerned. Most Cosplayers that do Tifa also stay within that lane, so to speak. Even though there is a whole genre of Cosplay devoted to combining characters or new outfits for characters - Tifa is usually dressed the same as her pixelated counterparts.

2 Val Raiseth

One of the lesser known facts about the buxom boxing brunette from the Midgar slums is that even though she's a grown woman, sometimes she probably just wants to unwind after a long day of bar tending and saving the world. She also might want to snag a guy or two since her bestie Cloud still continues to pine for his deceased girlfriend.

Luckily, Cosplayer Val Raiseth had enough empathy for Tifa's plight to add this shot to her photo shoot. The Cosplayer, who also has a shoot of Final Fantasy X’s goth girl hottie, Lulu, took a lot of innocent pics of herself as the master of the Final Heaven punch in and around various locals that look like they could have been villages in the game.

Raiseth, who also has Lara Croft in her portfolio, added this final shot of Tifa relaxing by the beach. While it's not particularly game accurate, sometimes Cosplays don't have to be - sometimes they just have to be alluring, and Tifa looking like she's about to win the wet t-shirt contest is definitely alluring.

1 Christina Rose

Fighting games and the entire Final Fantasy franchise never seemed like it they could have co-existed as one giant fighting game. But sure enough, Square went for the gusto with not one, but two games - Dissidia and Final Fantasy 012 Dissidia. The second game is what we’ll take a look at.

The game’s storyline was actually fairly straightforward - the gods Chaos and Cosmos have summoned together warriors from each game to fight for them. Just like traditional fighting games, the characters don several outfits, Tifa included. Cosplayer Christina Rose showcases the rare “enforcer” outfit that Tifa can have as downloadable content.

The enforcer outfit was designed by renowned artist, Yoshitaka Amano, who was behind some of the artwork of the original Speed Racer, Gatchaman, Final Fantasy games, and various other properties. His rendition of Tifa mixed with Rose’s portrayal of it makes for a beautiful set of pictures that hopefully will showcase the enforcer outfit more and more in other games and Cosplayers.

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