15 Cosplays Marvel Would Not Approve Of

Ever since cosplay became a thing, Marvel has been home to some great outfits. With some of the most vibrant and amazing characters around, it’s no wonder fans love to dress like them and show off. Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men and others, the choices abound for great outfits, hero and villain alike. The ladies naturally get going with some very hot and often quite sexy outfits. From cloth to paint, some just go all out to make their outfits great and make Marvel proud. Others, on the other hand…don’t.

Sometimes, it’s the outfit being far, far too sexy than it should and often not suiting the character. Sure, a lady in a hot costume is great but in some cases, these are outfits too sexy and take away from the power of the character. Other times, it can be just horrible to look at. The outfit comes off lazy, terrible design, horrible work and the body itself not at all inclined to wearing something so revealing and tight. And in some cases, it just looks totally inappropriate and not something Marvel would enjoy. There are a lot of examples but here are a few that stand out, either as too sexy or too terrible. Here are 15 cosplays Marvel would not approve of and shows some fans take their love to dark directions.

15 I’m The Juggernaut!

From his debut, the Juggernaut has been one of the strongest X-Men villains ever. The half-brother of Professor Xavier, Cain Marko found a mystical gem that granted him a suit of armor and made him super-strong. It also made him nearly unstoppable in combat to smash folks apart. Over the years, he has clashed with every version of the X-Men and even allied with them for a time. He also popped up in The Last Stand movie, played by Vinnie Jones with the now infamous “I’m the Juggernaut, b----!” line. This look is just not that good for him. Instead of tight and muscular, he looks just overweight and the outfit seeming to strain to cover him. The helmet also looks like an oversized garbage can rather than be really practical. Frankly, it looks more like Fat Albert than the Juggernaut and a look that should have been stopped.

14 Spider-Frat Boy

Spider-Man has worn a ton of costumes over the years. The most popular is the classic red and blue design with black webs across it. But there have been a lot of alterations from his black costume to the Scarlet Spider to his “Iron Spider” look and even a black and white uniform when he was a member of the Fantastic Four. That’s not even getting to the various other Spider characters around. So you’d think someone could do something good with the costume. Instead, we get…this. Here’s a top that looks more suitable for a woman, flaunting the belly, way too short and tight and the sleeves barely going down the full arm. The “pants” are just sweats that likewise leave his ankles bare and not even bothering with red socks. And the mask looks draped on with nothing to tie it on. It just looks less like the Wall-Crawler and more a college guy enjoying a frat party and a look that should be hung out for good.

13 Female Doctor

Some characters lend themselves well to a female version. Doctor Doom is not one of them. Victor Von Doom has been the supreme baddie of the Marvel Universe since he was introduced. A genius, a master of his nation, twisted but with a code of honor, breaking out fantastically, Doom is amazing. His armor is iconic, keeping to a nice metallic edge with green robes and makes him look imposing and even regal. His iron mask is great to cover a face covered with scars and pushes him in his attempts to conquer the world. But a female Doom just doesn’t seem right given his dark past. The mask over a gorgeous face makes no sense and the outfit eschews the usual armor for just robes. That includes showing some nice cleavage off. A “sexy Doom” just doesn’t thrill anyone and Marvel would hate seeing their master villain turned into a sexpot.

12 Banana Wolverine

There are a lot of ways to screw up a Wolverine outfit. A famous one is a guy whose “claws” are just kitchen utensils. You can be too overweight, not get the details right, mess up the look, a lot can go wrong. But this is beyond the limits of any usual screw-up. For some bizarre reason, the guy picked an outfit that fits him like a huge sleeping bag. There’s no leggings, just covering him up, his sleeves just managing to poke out for the claws and a raised crown over his head. It looks…well, it looks like a giant banana. Really, it’s just completely ridiculous on multiple levels and the face of the guy with glasses doesn’t help either. At the least, he could have found a way to keep his legs clear and makes you marvel (no pun intended) on how he can even move in that. But it also showcases just how terrible the outfit is. Wolverine is “the best there is at what he does” but this is easily the worst look for him ever.

11 Female Thor

The idea of a female Thor has been around for a while. An old issue of What If? imagined Jane Foster finding the hammer to become Thor. Also, the future of the comic Earth X had Odin deciding to teach Thor a lesson by making him into a woman. Currently, with Thor no longer worthy to hold his hammer, a cancer-stricken Jane Foster is using it as a female Thor. So having a woman as a Thor cosplayer isn’t a bad idea. This outfit, however, is a bit more daring than what Marvel would like. Those various comic female Thors have outfits that are tight, and still show how regal they are. This one just shows a bare mid-riff, far more sexualized and more about looking hot than a powerful goddess. The hammer may look good but the way she flaunts herself turns the God of Thunder into just a hot body, something Marvel would prefer to ignore.

10 Silver Foil

When Stan Lee came up with Galactus, a being who fed on planets, he expected something grand. What he didn’t expect was that Jack Kirby would suddenly show a guy on a flying surfboard. Kirby argued Galactus would have a herald to find worlds for him and the surfboard was because “I’m tired of drawing spaceships!” Lee soon made the character a noble figure who sacrificed his humanity to save his world then defied Galactus to defend Earth. Trapped on the planet for years, the Surfer escaped for cosmic adventures. His fantastic look is good for body paint and he even hit the big screen in a movie. However, this player decided it would be fine to just break out the aluminum foil. It brings “cheap” to a whole new level, making the Surfer of the Spaceways look like some lame Halloween costume. There are a lot of fails in Marvel cosplay but this takes it to a wild and rather ridiculous new level.

9 Mary Jane

Way back in the 1960s, a running gag in the Spider-Man books was Aunt May trying to set up Peter with the daughter of a friend. Peter refused, convinced she had to be a dog. She finally popped up, Mary Jane Watson and from the first, the gorgeous redhead stood out. Over the years, she’s blossomed into a terrific form, often truly glamorous and no surprise she had a career as a supermodel. But some artists have gone a tad too far sexualizing her and ignoring her strengths. Too many go for the cheesecake flavor and this is a key case. The spider-shirt on top is very tight and alluring and the red hair fits the character. But the panties look like they’re almost painted on, way too tight and the spider-faces on them look a bit silly. The whole thing renders a strong character into nothing but a pinup and way too revealing even for Marvel’s tastes and something they wouldn’t enjoy seeing.

8 Iron Bikini

Jessica Nigri is among the most popular cosplayers on the circuit. Over the years, she has donned just about every outfit imaginable and made them look sexy as hell. So one would think for Iron Man, Nigri would go for a nice form-fitting outfit, something to make her look terrific and boost the character up more. Instead, Nigri shows up in just a red and gold bikini. Sure, it looks hot on her body but it’s always frankly a bit lazy for a woman who’s shown such a great style for characters. It looks more like one of the models Tony Stark would have for a show, flaunting herself out there while ignoring the special tricks and touches that make Iron Man stand out. At the least, she could wear something indicating a helmet but no, leaves it clear and if not for the “reactor” at her chest, you wouldn’t even know it was connected to Iron Man. Nigri may be great in most cosplays but this is a rare fail for her.

7 Female Winter

If there’s one character fans were absolutely, positively convinced was dead for sure, it was Bucky. The teenage sidekick for Captain America in World War II, it was shown Bucky was killed in the same exploding plane that caused Cap to spend decades frozen in ice. It was played with him alive time to time but it was always some sort of trick. But in a gripping 2005 storyline, it was revealed Bucky had survived only to be found by the Soviets. They brainwashed him to become the Winter Soldier, a deadly assassin, kept “on ice” between assignments so he aged slowly. He fought Cap before regaining his memories and even took over when Steve Rogers was believed dead. He also got major fame on the big screen in a pair of movies. Yet a female Winter Soldier seems a bit off. She frankly looks more like someone out of Cobra than Hydra, the mask covering the face too much and the “boob window” a bit too distracting. Making the Winter Soldier hot doesn’t quite seem right.

6 Green Bean

Originally, the Incredible Hulk was grey-skinned and only transformed from scientist Bruce Banner at night. It was a coloring mistake that caused him to become green which has been his iconic color ever since. There was a period he switched to grey but it looked good with him and has shown his twisted mind and anger issues. The Hulk is easy for cosplayers by just slapping on green paint and a pair of shorts. It helps if you have a muscular build but even skinny folks have fun with it. Sure, some might prefer wearing a suit of green muscles but at least try. This, on the other hand, looks like someone just sewed together some garbage bags, painted them green and slipped them on. The ridiculously flat head is horrible and the white legs and arms look laughable. It’s probably best not to let the real Hulk see this as it would make him angry and we all know how bad that can be.

5 Too Close A Copy

Every now and then, Marvel makes a bad move with a cover. A key example is when they re-started Spider-Woman in a brand new series. Like many first issues, Marvel had a variety of covers put out for collectors. One boasted a cover by Milo Manara that started a firestorm of controversy. That was due to the positioning, flaunting Jessica Drew’s rear end and a pose that many realized was physically impossible. The series had Jessica in a different costume and pushing a feminist idea so to have such a ridiculous cover was wild. From her pose to how….tight the outfit was on her curves, the entire thing came off crazy. Thus, you can see Marvel not happy about one cosplayer replicating it from the outfit to the pose. It works better of course than the original bit but it’s still a reminder of a controversy Marvel easily could have avoided to make this a mess.

4 Magneto, Is That You?

The oldest and deadliest enemy of the X-Men, Magneto spent years as a one-note “I will rule the world” baddie. His magnetic powers made him incredibly powerful, able to control armies and dominate in combat. But he was deepened with an origin of being a Holocaust survivor and thus wanting to spare mutants from a similar fate. Ian McKellen made the role regal in the X-Men movies with Michael Fassbender adding in as a younger and more sympathetic Magneto. He’s pretty good for cosplayers, even some female ones. This is not among the best ones by any mean. It looks like the guy tossed on a t-shirt and pants with a bit of a gut to him. His “cape” looks like a window curtain just tossed over his shoulders and the helmet out of a child’s costume competition. You’d think the Master of Magnetism would get, you know, metal out of his outfit but this looks like someone just hanging around the house more.

3 Lady Punisher

Originally, the Punisher was going to be a paid hitman, albeit one who only went after criminals. But it was changed to a former Marine who, after losing his family, took to a war on crime and not taking prisoners. The character roared to popularity in the crime-ridden ‘90s and while other heroes don’t like his methods, he has a following from those who think he’s in the right. Over the years, Frank Castle has guest-starred in a variety of comics, always known for his famed white skull shirt and love of guns. But making the character into a sexy lady is something just…wrong. The lady looks good with the dark hair but making the skull shirt open to a pair of breasts just feels off. True, now and then, you’ll see a woman in the comics dressed like the Punisher but that too seems off as Castle is a unique individual. Some might prefer this the Punisher hunting them but not right having a hot woman as this nutcase.

2 Paper Man?

Iron Man is an icon of Marvel. The joy of the character for cosplayers is that over the years, Tony Stark has had a lot of different armors. Most stick to a classic red and gold design to stand out. But there have been variations like a silver and red, the black and white “War Machine” and a variety of other suits. It’s always been metal and very high tech. The key word, of course, is “Iron” and this…is not. Most cosplayers are at least able to make their outfits look metallic (obviously real iron is impossible to wear) but this guy is just totally lame. There are kids Halloween outfits that look better than this. It’s just totally lame and looks idiotic. The fact he’s trying to a “heroic” pose in it just makes it crazier and wild to see how this is one cheap work to make Iron Man look like a paper doll.

1 Venom Paint

Venom’s origin is unique. Back in the “Secret War” event, Spider-Man found a costume on an alien planet that seemed great, responding to his thoughts and creating its own webbing. But the “costume” turned out to be an alien trying to take Spidey over. Driven off, the symbiote found its way to Eddie Brock, a reporter who blamed Spider-Man for exposing his story as a fraud. Together, they became Venom, a highly popular villain. He became so popular that he was turned into an anti-hero of sorts and later the symbiote found new hosts but eventually found its way back to Brock. The character is notable for its look of how the suit flows about him and his outlandishly long tongue with fangs. This cosplayer uses paint which is much better than cloth. But how she uses it may be a bit much for Marvel. However, it is a bit freaky with the exposed skin a tad much. Also, the way the massive jaw and tongue are painted looks a tad wild as well. So it may be that this is one version of Venom Marvel prefers to forget.

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