15 Cosplays Marvel Would Not Approve Of

Marvel has been the literal superpower of the comic book industry for several decades now. Ever since the company was founded by Martin Goodman in 1939, the company has produced intrigue with its material. Then, as soon as they brought in the creative services of one Stan Lee, Marvel was able to dominate the comic book industry. After Stan Lee contributed superheroes like, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, and the X-Men (among several others) to Marvel, Marvel became the most popular comic-book company in all the land. As much as Marvel is neck and neck with DC Comics nowadays, Marvel ultimately still reigns supreme atop the comic book world to this day. Marvel Comics have become so popular that they've inspired an entire subculture of cosplayers dressing up in honor of Marvel characters. It's also inspired an even deeper sub-culture of cosplayers who dress in a revealing manner in the vein of Marvel characters.

In comic books, the costume of the superhero (or supervillain) is the most essential aspect of the superpowered character. With that in mind, it makes sense that cosplayers put so much thought, effort, and detail into their own replica costume. Cosplayers usually try to find a way to make their own costume similar to the character they're cosplaying as, but at the same time, they try to make them unique to themselves so they don't look like anyone else dressed as the same character. Sometimes, to make the cosplays unique to them, someone may go out of their way to make their costume look a little revealing or, dare we say, naughty. Such a look gets no complaints from us, but considering how family-oriented Marvel is as an overall company, they may not approve as much. Here are a few cosplays that fit that criterion.


15 Emma Frost

To be fair, Jessica Nigri's cosplay of Emma Frost wouldn't be well revered by Marvel neither because of Nigri herself nor what she does with the costume. In fact, for once, it doesn't look like Nigri has taken any creative liberties with the character's looks. Sure, here, she's flaunting her stuff like she does in all her cosplays, but that's no different from what Emma Frost does in the comics herself, and that's where the problem lies: directly in the character herself. Marvel -- particularly the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- has never been so quick to flaunt the character in front of their screens. There's a reason why X-Men: First Class was Emma Frost's only movie appearance. Frost has stirred much controversy in the comics due to the sexual nature of her character. Nigri here is merely embracing that character's sexual essence, but that doesn't change the fact that Marvel, nowadays, is reluctant to feature such a character on their family-oriented product.

14 Rogue 


Jessica Nigri is no stranger to cosplaying as beloved comic-book characters. She also is no stranger to modifying classic comic-book costumes in favor of sporting a more -- for lack of a better term -- provocative look. One of those provocative modifications occurred when she donned the costume of famous X-Men character, Rogue. At first glance -- that is if you squint your eyes a little bit -- this isn't too inaccurate to the classic costume that Rogue is typically seen wearing in the comic books. The green's there. The yellow's there. The white hair fringe is there. Even the gloves are there. Also, there are the legs, but those are never exposed in the comics. One can argue they're exposed and ripped up to help us imagine Rogue all torn up after a fight, but let's face it: the only reason the garb is torn and the legs are there is so that Nigri has an excuse to look hot.

13 Carnage

Sofia Sivan, in many ways, is a jack of all trades. She works as a pin-up model, a comedian, an actress, and a resident New York City cosplayer. While she's tackled various characters from all corners of pop culture -- including Jessica Rabbit and Chun-Li, just to name some of her more famous cosplays -- she especially has taken a liking to donning the famous costumes of characters from comic books. Above, she's dressed up as the villainous Carnage symbiote. As with all of her cosplays, Sivan crafted the texture of the costume herself with meticulous time and effort. Considering the way it turned out and the fact she handmade it herself, we cannot help but be impressed. Marvel themselves would have no choice but to be impressed, but due to Sivan's exposed skin and voluptuous curves, Marvel may not be happy with how the cosplay doesn't exactly meet the family entertainment quota they try to achieve through their material/characters.

12 Venom


We saw earlier just how Sofia Sivan slayed her Carnage attire, but that wasn't the only symbiote character from the Marvel universe whom Sivan tackled. Here's another symbiote character she played, although we're not 100% sure which version of Venom she opted to play. Sure, it looks like Venom and anyone with two eyes and basic knowledge of Marvel would peg her costume as an iteration of a famous symbiote character, but some of us comic nerds out here would like to know if she is trying to be Venom or She-Venom. Yes, there was an actual female version of Venom in the comic books once upon a time. When the character first made her debut in Amazing Spider-Man issue #375, she was Eddie Brock's ex-wife, Ann Weying. The symbiote latched onto her to save her life following a near-death experience. Oh, you don't care? Just want to admire the photo for what it is? Fair enough. Enjoy the view.

11 Ms. Marvel

Kitty Honey is a model who cosplays on social media under several different characters. She often uses comic-book superheroes from the Marvel Universe as inspiration for her costumes. She's cosplayed as Spider-Gwen, Mary-Jane Watson, Rogue, and as listed above, the Carol Danvers version of Ms. Marvel. The costume is actually surprisingly accurate to the comic book version. However, for some reason, there's something about the way that Kitty Honey wears the costume that makes it look more sexual than it actually is in the comics. We can't put our finger on why that is. Maybe it's because unlike the comic, the backside of the Ms. Marvel costume is revealing and partially exposed. Yeah, that's probably the reason.

10 Magneto


Compared to most of her cosplays, Jessica Nigri's cosplay of Magneto just might be her most impressive to date. The detail in her costume is so intricate and well done that if we didn't know any better, we would say that Nigri stole this costume from off the set of one of the new X-Men movies. Apart from the cleavage, this looks like the spitting image of exactly what Michael Fassbender has worn throughout the franchise. And yes, the cleavage is the one problem that Marvel would have with this cosplay. As we've pointed out time and time again throughout this list, Marvel is, above anything else, a family-oriented product and company. Now, sure... every woman has a cleavage, and it would be ridiculous for Marvel to go bananas over cleavage, but they're a company after all, and most companies flip out over the smallest things pertaining to what lies under our garments.

9 Mary Jane Watson

This is Catie, and she runs her own business in Canada called TenderCosplay. It is through the name of TenderCosplay that Catie flourishes as a cosplayer who dresses primarily in (but certainly not limited to) the costumes of famous comic-book characters. One of her more popular cosplays that gained a lot of traffic online was her reiteration of everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Well, not so much Spider-Man as it is a cosplay of Mary-Jane Watson wearing a Spider-Man costume. It's like a cosplay within a cosplay or something. Cosplayception. Funny how that works. Whatever you call it and in either case, Marvel won't like this cosplay too much strictly because of the skin it shows. Yes, it's just skin, and we all have some of it, but this is Marvel we're talking about. They're bound to shy away from material like this and will be even quicker to call it "overly sexual."


8 Iron Man


This can be argued to be perhaps Jessica Nigri's worst, laziest cosplay. To be perfectly fair, this was back when Nigri first entered the cosplay world way back in 2010. She didn't have the budget nor the platform that she has now to create lavish-looking costumes. For all of her other cosplays that she produced in this time period, we're willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but this one just looks ridiculously unacceptable. Her Iron Man cosplay looks as if it were thrown together at the last minute, like she pulled a gogo outfit from the cheap rentals rack at a local pawn shop and grabbed it straight out of her closet, then strapped onto her chest a night light that she pulled off of the same discount rack. Forget all the skin and sexual implications of the cosplay. Marvel isn't going to like this because it's straight-up trash. Thank God she stepped up her cosplay game after this blunder.

7 Wolverine

Chiquitita Cosplay is a London resident born in Spain and with an undying love cosplaying as comic book characters. She also likens herself to being a belly dancer, and for that reason, many of her cosplays feature her with her belly button exposed. Her cosplay as Wolverine is no different in which she takes a handful of creative liberties with the character's classic original costume from the comic books. Yes, the claws are there, of course -- the one essential item for any/all Wolverine cosplays. Yes, like the original comics costume, her costume has the gold-and-black color scheme to it, although, we're pretty sure Wolverine never fought anyone with his belly button out. In terms of sexual provocativeness, compared to most of the cosplays on this list, Chiquitita Cosplay's costume looks tame by comparison, and at face value, one wouldn't think that Marvel would take issue with this. However, since corporations tend to overreact at the sight of a belly button, we expect Marvel to do the same.

6 Black Cat


Here is Jessica Nigri cosplaying as Black Cat. She's cosplayed as the Marvel character before and, in the past, has donned the character's full-body costume. As impressive and surprisingly accurate as that cosplay was to the original comic character, Nigri opted for a more sultry rendition for some reason for the above pictorial for Black Cat. Apart from the mask, this is just flat-out lingerie modeling at this point. Nigri has made her intentions to titillate the male (and female, if you're into that) gaze through her body and sexualize the costumes no secret, but this picture and her choice of wear make it all too blatant. Obviously, Marvel isn't going to be happy knowing that Nigri made Black Cat out to be some sort of a sex symbol.

5 The Punisher

"Sexy" and "Punisher" are not two words you usually see associated together in the same sentence. Joanie Brosas is the model/cosplayer who helped make that sentence possible. When most people think about The Punisher, they imagine the brutish, ugly-looking, grizzled mercenary who has terrorized the panels of Marvel Comics for so many decades. Words like "killer," unhinged," or even "badass" usually come to mind when fans think about The Punisher. When people think about Joanie Brosas, one word that normally comes to mind is usually, well, "sexy." When the self-proclaimed "Nerd Girl Next Door" decided to dress up as The Punisher, some diehard fans of the character didn't know how to handle it. They didn't know whether to think she was badass or sexy. Maybe she's both. That's it -- she's both.

4 Dark Phoenix


Amanda-Lynne (or @realamandalynne as she can be found on Instagram) is a model who frequently cosplays as an array of different superheroes and comic book characters. One of her more memorable cosplays came when she cosplayed as the Dark Phoenix version of Jean Grey. Most X-Men fans fondly remember the red- and yellow-donned Phoenix, but few remember when the Phoenix version of Jean Grey morphed into the all-black version of herself where the Phoenix logo covered her breasts and she donned leather pants. By wearing leather pants and using body paint to complete the look, Lynne looks like a spitting image of the Dark Phoenix lifted from the comics. However, body paint is a little too close to nudity, and Marvel likely would not approve.

3 Thor

We don't know the name of the cosplayer who donned this gender-bent Thor cosplay, but we know for a fact that Marvel would not like seeing this one. This is clearly a reiteration of Thor's costume from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but if we were to put the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor side by side with this Lady Thor, there would be some significant differences. We cannot recall ever seeing Chris Hemsworth's thighs in any of the Marvel movies, but this lady's legs are exposed for all the world to see. We also don't remember seeing the Australian's navel one time while in costume in the films, but hers is out, plain as day. We're not complaining -- not at all -- but we're just making an insightful observation. In fact, assuming this is handmade, she did an impressive job, but we're afraid that Marvel might put this down as some sort of "sexy cosplay" and write this off right off.

2 Nick Fury


Gender swapping is a common occurrence in the luxurious world of cosplay. Anybody who's ever picked up a comic book with his or her own opposable thumbs can tell you that the average comic is overrun with nothing but dudes on the average. If you're a female fan struggling to find a female character to dress up as that isn't some over-sexualized damsel, why not dress up as one of the dude heroes? Why should dudes have all the fun when female fans can look even better in the dude outfits? Just Nivi proved this point when she dressed up as Nick Fury. As far as gender bent costumes are concerned, this one is on the tame side, and apart from maybe the exposed legs (they're just legs, so who cares?), Marvel shouldn't take umbrage with this. However, Marvel may feel some type of way knowing that a female cosplayed as their own historically badass SHIELD figurehead and looked even more badass while doing it -- a rare case where the gender bent cosplay looks way better than the real thing.

1 Storm

Marvel may not have a problem with this cosplay for the costume itself but may do so with the person itself. Looking at its presentation at face value, this cosplay looks extremely accurate with regard to how Storm actually appears in the comic books. Well, from the front, at least. Looking at how this Storm cosplayer looks from the backside region is another story, and Marvel will likely take issue with that as well. However, the biggest issue that Marvel would take with this cosplay, in particular, is that the person wearing the costume is adult-film star Jasmine Webb, and she's wearing the costume for VR Cosplay, a site that specializes in virtual reality adult entertainment. For obvious reasons, Marvel wouldn't be too happy knowing that its product has any connection to adult films.



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