15 DC Cosplays That Suck

Cosplay is one of those wonderful things that anyone can do if they want to. However, much like singing or painting, that doesn’t mean you will be any good at it. Sometimes people get it so, so wrong simply because their dressmaking skills and makeup are not up to the level that they should be. Other times, all of the skills as there – but something doesn’t quite work because of the concept.

Just about any character from any thing, ever, has been cosplayed at least once. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Star Wars background character without a name, an obscure Japanese anime which only ran for three episodes, or a book which has never been brought to life with TV or movie adaptations. Someone, somewhere, has gone out dressed like you.

DC Comics characters happen to be some of the most popular choices out there when it comes to cosplaying. Unfortunately, the high volume of cosplays means that there’s a large chance some of them are not going to be what DC Comics themselves might want to see. In fact, many of them would probably be banned if the executives had the power to do so. From the weirdly hot, to the gender bend, to the inaccurate, to the simply gross, we’ve tracked down the best cosplays DC would find it hard to accept.

If you’re going to try cosplaying yourself, word to the wise: maybe don’t try any of these examples.


15 Joker And Harley Quinn Gender Swap

This one is kind of interesting and a little confusing too. We want to know the backstory behind this Joker and Harley. Is he still the leader, or is she in charge now? Which of them went crazy first? Was Harley originally an acrobat and that’s why he has a ripped body with yoga pants? Why does Joker wear a smart shirt and vest but then opt for frilly underwear instead of a skirt? Does Harley ever wear a shirt, or is he more about showing off the guns? Not only have this couple managed to change the genders of their characters, but they’ve also managed to amp up the hotness for both of them. The seriously scary part about it is the face paint, which is so white it is almost blinding. In fact, now we understand: Harley got his look mixed up with The Crow. Case closed. We doubt this is one that would ever be in DC’s repertoire.

14 Female Two-Face


Harvey Dent has gone through many different incarnations, from the serious to the silly. While we won’t be getting the imagery of Dent’s burnt-off face from the Christopher Nolan trilogy out of our heads any time soon, it does still seem like a better take than the cartoony blue version. We have to admit that the makeup on this look is great, with a very cartoony style as well as prosthetics to create the open teeth of the twisted smile. The hair works well too, and the sewing is pretty near immaculate. She could have put a little more effort into the baggy glove on her left hand, but otherwise, this is a very decent take on the look. Not that that would satisfy DC Comics. Change Harvey Dent into a woman, and the character would have whole different nuances. Not to mention the way that the relationship with Batman would change.

13 Hairy Batman

We almost have no words for this one. It’s a whole new level of lazy. This guy couldn’t be bothered to make a whole Batman outfit. He just got the mask and the cape and then stuck with that. But how to make it clear to everyone that he was dressed as Batman if he was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt underneath? Simple: leave out the shirt and shave the Batman symbol into his chest hair. Alright, then. There are levels to this one that just keep getting further off the mark, like the heavy facial hair Batman is sporting and the fact that the back of his head isn’t covered. It would take about one minute for any of his villains to see him in the street as Bruce Wayne and know who he was. Not to mention that he isn’t exactly protected from the attacks that they would send his way.

12 Female Aquaman


Another cosplay, another gender-bend. This time it’s Aquaman’s turn to show up as a lady, and he makes a pretty good one too. We dig everything about this cosplay. There’s the well-made bodice and trident, the layers of belts and tattoos, and the fierce look which embodies that Aquaman spirit. In fact, this cosplayer wouldn’t look out of place if they suddenly found a storyline in which Jason Momoa’s take on the character discovered he had a sister. Sadly, we can’t expect to see something like this on the big screen any time soon. DC probably wouldn’t be too fond of seeing a character who has just been rebooted as a hot, beefy male turned into a woman. Not to say that they don’t have their share of strong female characters already – this lady looks like she could give Wonder Woman a run for her money. We’d pay to see that.

11 Female Rorschach

Alright, now this is just getting silly. We can see why people would want to do hot female versions of plenty of characters who appear in superhero comics – mainly the ones who are already somewhat hot or easy to transform. But this takes the cake. Rorschach from The Watchmen is a character known for a trench coat, hat, and scarf – and no face. Instead, he has an ever-changing Rorschach pattern masking his identity. This female version really misses the point in a number of areas. Firstly, the paint isn’t supposed to be on the actual face. Second, the inconspicuous trench coat isn’t so inconspicuous if you wear it over a dress and purple tights. Which is another thing – why all the purple? Even if this might be an attempt to make a male character into a hot female, this is one that we just can’t get behind. Neither would DC.

10 Female Bane


How do you take one of the toughest Batman villains of recent years and suddenly make them a whole lot less intimidating? Make them hot. Here we have a couple of versions of female Bane, which is sort of an abomination. It’s just not right. There seem to be two schools when it comes to Bane as a woman. The first is simply to wear the Bane costume even though you aren’t a man, which is kind of fine. The second is to change the Bane costume into something a hot woman can wear. There’s two different schools of thought about which one of them is right, too. The first says, staying true to the character is the most important thing. The second says, hey who cares, hot women. Neither one of these views is shared by DC, who certainly wouldn’t approve of this character getting a gender swap.

9 Wonder… Woman?

Oh, it’s this guy again. Fantastic. Well, this time he has given us his own unique take on Wonder Woman. It’s a thing that no one ever needed to see, and indeed no one ever asked to see. But here it is all the same. The sequins are making a big comeback on this ill-sewn, ill-fitting garment, which he has chosen to make for reasons which are entirely his own. Perhaps the best part of the whole look is the huge earrings, which almost seem to be pushing his wig back off his head. We can only just see it, but the famous golden lasso looks to be more like a golden shoelace from here. We can’t imagine even a single person who has ever worked at DC Comics approving of this for as much as one second. Also, who wears dirty green eyeshadow with this look? It’s all just wrong on all of the levels.


8 Female Scarecrow


First, let us just say that we don’t have anything against this cosplay. In fact, it would be fair to go even further and say that we appreciate it. It’s a unique take on the character, transforming Scarecrow into a woman but still retaining the elements of the character that we can recognize. There’s the noose around the neck, the shredded clothing and headdress, the sack over the face, and the creepy needle-fingers. But as much as we enjoy this one, we have to think that DC wouldn’t approve. After all, Scarecrow isn’t supposed to be hot. He’s supposed to be scary. How could you take any of his storylines seriously if he was actually a hot woman, who was quite possibly giving Batman a different kind of physiological reaction? Top marks for the cosplay, but unfortunately this one would never be accepted into the DC hall of fame. It’s a shame, because we could see ourselves sitting through a Batman movie from the new generation so long as she was in it.

7 Female Riddler

Now the Riddler, too? Is no DC character safe from the gender bend? In this version, a suddenly and quite possibly unnecessarily hot Riddler takes things in a slightly different direction from the normal sharp suit get-up. Instead we have fishnet stockings on suspenders, a corset, and a lacy bra peeking out from underneath it. Yes, there’s also a suit jacket, a hat, and spats, but that’s beside the point. The Riddler absolutely is not the kind of guy we could see wearing a lacy purple bra. There’s also what feels like a lack of question marks, with just the one painted on the corset and the staff. A man who speaks in literal riddles just to stick to his theme would surely want more decoration than that. We can’t see DC getting behind this one – actually, in recent years at least, the Riddler has been kind of lacking from their movies. Still, we wouldn’t kick this Riddler out of Comic-Con if we were making the decisions.

6 Wonder Wo-Man


Now, here’s something which at least breaks the monotony a bit: a gender bend in the other direction. Since the name of the character is Wonder Woman, it takes imagination to go for a male version. What’s he called – Wonder Man? If so, the repeated W motifs might need some reworking – at least the second W on the chest should be turned upside down to make an M. It’s a pretty strong effort, but when you think about the basic character design and the colours of the costume, Wonder Woman as a man is pretty much just Captain America with a different backstory. Considering that this hot Amazonian is one of the hottest properties that DC have on their books, we doubt that they would ever even contemplate the idea of turning this one male. Apart from anything else, they would have a revolt on their hands from feminist fans seeing one of the only strong female characters being taken away.

5 Male Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn has to be one of the hottest movie characters of all time. She has spawned an endless series of Halloween costumes and is probably the most-portrayed character you will see at any fancy dress event no matter where you go. Considering the amount of attention this hot character has been getting, we can’t see DC reimagining the character as a man any time soon. Which is a little bit of a shame, because this guy somehow makes it work. You definitely wouldn’t imagine him to be a straight guy, but then again, how many major characters in superhero movies are gay? Come to think of it, this would be a bit of a revolutionary take, which could actually work well in their favour. It’s too late now though, with Margot already cementing the character’s direction for at least this incarnation. We’ll just have to wait for the fanfiction for this one.

4 Steampunk Batman


This take on Batman is a little more put-together, although not enough to make it a great costume. The cosplayer has obviously decided to take it in a steampunk direction, with goggles, brass fixtures on his knuckles, and a double-breasted costume which has more buttons than you can shake a stick at. Unfortunately, this is one of those costumes that falls just short of actually being a good idea. Much more commitment would have been needed to make it something that stood out for the right reasons. His sad, square cape and the jeans make this a clear thumbs down. Given that the only real resemblance to the character is the bat ears on the cap and the bat-shaped wonky brooch, we have to say that DC wouldn’t be fond of this either. Anyway, this Batman should be doing less posing and more paying attention – there’s some kind of furry creature attacking him from behind.

3 Period Green Lantern, Superman, And Aquaman

Alright, there’s just so much going on in this cosplay that we barely know where to begin. Let’s break it down step by step. First, these characters have been changed from men into ladies, which we know DC would never accept. Secondly, they have changed the superhero costumes into Elizabethan dress. How would that even work for fighting supervillains? It’s also worth noting that, while they have made a valiant effort, their costumes don’t really have much to do with the characters. It’s almost as if they found some Elizabethan costumes which just happened to be right colours, and then stuck some badges and jewellery on. Having said that, Green Lantern doesn’t seem to be making much of a concession at all, simply wearing a ring and leaving it at that. Superman isn’t fooling us, either – those aren’t opera glasses. They’re just normal glasses on a stick. It’s all a lie.

2 Female Joker


This one is just wrong in so many ways. First of all, the Joker does not have a cute and happy smile. When the Joker smiles, you see madness behind his eyes, and you understand that he’s only smiling because he’s going to kill you in some horrible way. This female Joker is smiling like a Girl Scout who just got a big cookie order. The whole look is only done very half-heartedly, from the mermaid wig to the shirt and jacket in vaguely the right colours. In fact, the only thing we could believe as a genuine Joker cosplay from this whole look is the staff, which she probably didn’t make herself. DC would have to disown this one right out of the gate. It’s just nowhere near strong enough to take the Joker’s throne. The only area in which it is successful is that seeing a genuinely happy Joker is kind of giving us the shivers.

1 Bat… Girl?

It’s hard to say which character from the Batman family this gentleman was trying to portray. He does appear to be wearing a red wig and some sort of dress, but then again, he also has a beard, so there’s that. Just about everything to do with this costume is extremely ill-advised. Judging by the tinsel and sequins, this is probably supposed to be a Christmas-themed take on the look. But his gloves don’t match the look at all, seeming to come from some sort of medieval gown costume instead. Plus, we hate to say it, but Batgirl needs to fight crime. Which means she needs to be able to run and jump and excel at hand-to-hand combat. This gentleman… well, he doesn’t look like he has been doing any of that for a very long time. Not only would DC executives turn this man away, but we bet fellow con-goers would prefer not to have to “admire” his costume as well.

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