15 Cosplayers Hotter Than Jessica Nigri

What is a professional cosplayer? It's what we all wish our girlfriends or wives would do on a regular basis. Professional cosplayers are girls who dress up as your favorite characters from animes, video games, cartoons, and movies. Yes, this means women dress up and get paid for their "art." And yes, it is art. More often than not, the cosplayers are seriously hot! Jessica Nigri is one of the best, and she has been for years. In fact, finding cosplayers hotter or more popular than Jessica Nigri can prove to be a difficult task, although not impossible.

Jessica Nigri has been at the top of the professional cosplayer game for some time now. She began cosplaying in 2009, when she showed up at San Diego Comic Con in her "Sexy Pikachu" cosplay that went viral. Her popularity just skyrocketed from there. She gained most of her recognition, following her portrayal of Juliet Starling from the video game Lollipop Chainsaw. Nigri's cosplays are original, creative, and seriously hot. She is gorgeous and has the perfect build for any sexy anime or video game seductress. Jessica is also the voice behind Sonico in Super Sonico: The Animation. She's been called the Queen of Cosplay by Heavy. Hell, she's practically been booted out of Penny Arcade Expo because her Juliet Starling cosplay was too sexy. Of course, this only boosted her cosplay popularity.

Jessica Nigri has gained 636k followers on Twitter, 2.4 million likes on Instagram, and 4.3 million followers on Facebook. It's obvious that she's still a fan favorite, despite up-and-coming cosplayers that are hotter. We're not here to dethrone her. That's entirely up to you. Here are 15 Cosplayers Hotter Than Jessica Nigri...

15 Anna Faith Carlson

Talk about hot! This young lady is hotter than Jessica Nigri at her best! Her name is Anna Faith. You might have seen her dressed up as Queen Elsa from Frozen. Now, she's got her Harley Quinn cosplay down perfect. She's only 21 but she's moving up fast as an Instagram model and cosplayer. She has shown up in several articles as one of the sexiest cosplayers for 2015 and 2016. Plus, her Wonder Woman cosplay got her recognized as one of the top cosplays at Chicago Entertainment and Comic Expo.

Anna has already racked up over 700k followers on Instagram, but Snapchat is her forte. She shares videos that jiggle and of her getting her first tattoo! She's done cosplays of characters from Maleficent, Harry Potter, and as Wonder Woman. She first gained attention after a photo of her alongside a Queen Elsa cutout showed a shocking resemblance to the Disney character. Anna's come a long way in cosplay to be so young. You can be sure that we'll be seeing more of her in the future.

14 Adrianne Curry

Do we have any Mortal Kombat fans in the building? It's quite obvious that Adrianne Curry has managed to pull off an amazing Mileena cosplay here! You don't have to be a fan of cosplay to recognize who this is either. Adrianne Curry was the first winner of America's Next-Top Model. She was well-known as one of the best cosplayers, but she retired in 2015. This left a gaping hole in the world of cosplay.

There is no way that anyone could say that Adrianne isn't hotter than Jessica Nigri. She appeared nude on the cover of Playboy not just once, but twice. Plus, she was included in Playboy's Top 25 Sexiest Women in 2008. That Mileena cosplay was less shocking than some of her other cosplays. I know it's probably hard to picture anything more revealing, but her version of Freddy Kruger will leave you in a confused state of mind. Do I run or just stare?

13 Linda Le (Vampy)

Linda Le, also known as Vampy Bit Me or Vampy, has been heating up the internet for some time now. In fact, she's been cosplaying as Anime characters since she was only 12. She became famous after being featured in a 2009 book called Otacool 2. It wasn't long before she had become a hired cosplayer for Kotobukiya, which is a Japanese toy company. In 2011, IGN called her work "off the charts" and she has since been referred to as a cosplay machine. Vampy is super hot and her cosplays are nothing short of magnificent.

What you see above is Linda Le's hot cosplay of Psylocke from X-Men. Speaking of her hotness, Vampy posed and did a Q&A for the non-nude version of Playboy. They called her "Femme on Fire." They discussed her fame and how she created the Vampy Bit Me name to disguise that she is a cosplayer from her family back in Asia. This didn't work, of course. How could it work when she's hotter than Jessica Nigri, the Queen of Cosplay?

12 Crystal Graziano

Crystal Graziano has been cosplaying for at least as long as Jessica Nigri, if not longer. In fact, she has been noted as one of the first professional cosplayers. She's totally hot and knows her cosplay well. Crystal's artistic abilities go beyond just cosplaying. She makes costumes for herself, others, and sells artwork. Plus, she claims to be a slight gamer girl too. Her favorites are Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders. What could be hotter than that?

In 2011, she was approached about a sponsorship by Red 5 studios, the developer behind the video game Firefall. They paid for Crystal for all her work for the entire year. She got to work with Steve Wang, the special effects artist that made the original Predator, to cosplay Morningstar, who is one of the characters from Firefall. She also has over 19 thousand followers on both Instagram and Twitter. That's a snippet of Crystal's work with Red 5 that you see above.

11 Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Jessica Nigri might be considered the Queen of Cosplay in the US, but Marie-Claude Bourbonnais sits on that throne in Canada. She is a glamour/cosplay model. Marie-Claude is another cosplayer who isn't afraid to spice things up! This cosplay of Susan Storm from The Fantastic Four happens to be one of her milder ones. She has done a cosplay of Frost from Mortal Kombat that'll knock your socks off!

Marie-Claude has the rockin' body to pull off anything Jessica Nigri has. Plus, she knows a little bit more about what she's doing when it comes to high quality cosplays. Don't get me wrong. Jessica can pull off a full cosplay, with face paint and all. Although, going the full distance is an area that Marie-Claude has excelled better at. Just take a look at her Frost cosplay when you get a chance. Not only will you see that she's hotter than Jessica Nigri, but she'll probably leave you asking, "Jessica who?"

10 Riki LeCotey (Riddle)

If you want hot and mediocre fame, then Jessica Nigri's your girl. However, this little lady is so much hotter. Plus, she is known for her worldwide fame. Her name is Riki LeCotey, aka Riddle. She's another Canadian cosplayer who has the creative sense and artistic ability to outdo our "Sexy Pikachu" Cosplay Queen! What you're seeing now is her rendition of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, from the Adult Swim animated series The Venture Bros.

You might recognize her from Heroes of Cosplay and Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity. As if Riddle's resume wasn't full enough, she has worked behind the scenes as a specialty costumer for X-Men: First Class and Captain America: Civil War. Her other cosplays get steamier than the one seen here. Can you imagine Elmer Fudd from Looney Toons as hot? I didn't. At least not until I saw her dressed as good ol' Fudd for myself. You might want to check it out! Not just yet, though. There are hotter cosplayers ahead.

9 Yaya Han

It's not hard to believe that Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han could be cosplay enemies. They are both recognized as top cosplayers in just about any article you can find. They're both gorgeous, have ample assets, and huge fanbases. This was why it was so easy for SyFy to push that there was indeed a fierce rivalry between the popular cosplayers, when Yaya was featured on the reality show Heroes of Cosplay. 

It turned out that the rivalry was manufactured in order to boost the show's ratings. Yaya and Jessica are actually friends, but this doesn't mean that Yaya isn't hotter than Jessica Nigri. Just look at her Arcade Miss Fortune cosplay! In case you don't know, Miss Fortune is from League of Legends. Yaya has over 2 million followers on Facebook herself, and she was called the internet's most famous cosplayer by Business Insider just last year. Can you imagine Jessica and Yaya posing together? Brace yourself, because it's happened. Try deciding who's hotter with the two of them side by side. Now that's what you could call a complicated task.

8 Meg Turney

Meg Turney has been into cosplaying for conventions since 2002. She's also an internet personality, model, and vlogger. You can catch her vlog once a week on YouTube. Meg, who's also known for her work with online media outlets like The Know, also has a Twitch account which she "wasn't" banned from. It was circulating that she had actually been banned, but Meg was quick to clear things up. You see, she kinda opened that account before the new guidelines regarding lingerie were released. She explained that she had "never done any sexy" broadcasts.

Meanwhile, she did make her thoughts known on the subject by saying, "If someone has a big push-up bra and a low-cut shirt while they play League of Legends, or a guy streams shirtless, who cares?" Meanwhile, Meg has been known for her "saucy lingerie photos," according to Gamer Headlines. That's her rendition of Black Widow from The Avengers that you're leering at above. She's also been listed at number 10 on Playboy's "25 Hottest YouTube Stars." Any more questions?

7 Candy Keane

Candy Keane was inspired to do cosplay because of her love for Halloween. What started off as a passion to dress up, quickly became a career. Not only does she make her own costumes and attend conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, but she also has her own boutique in Jacksonville, Florida. It's called Three Muses Inspired Clothing. Some of her costumes have been featured in movies like Fan Boys. That Princess Leia costume, for instance. Yep, that was hers!

However, Candy can't just leave it at making those costumes. What she really enjoys is wearing them too. That's her wearing the Princess Leia one herself. You might recognize her from the cover of Jedi Junkies. I guess it's a documentary about Star Wars fans. Anyways, Jessica Nigri might be hot, but she has nothing on this beauty. Candy has also done cosplays of Dazzle from X-Men, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn, just to name a few.

6 LeeAnna Vamp

It appears that we do indeed have another queen in the building. This queen is named LeeAnna Vamp! She calls herself Queen of the Nerds and Ghoul of Your Dreams. Her featured cosplay is Freddy Kruger so we're not going to question her titles. She can be the ghoul of my dreams. How 'bout yours? She's just the right blend of spooky meets sexy. Her cosplays are nothing short of spectacular. You should check out her Princess Leia, Boba Fett, and a Female Trooper. All of which are seriously hot.

Did I mention that she is a Star Wars fan, too? I guess you could say that it's at least implied. LeeAnna makes every costume look stunning. This brunette bombshell easily counts as being hotter than Jessica Nigri. She's been featured on IGN for her cosplay of Selene from Underworld: Blood Wars. Aside from that, this stunning lady is a judge on SyFy's latest shot at a cosplay competition show called Cosplay Melee! It just aired for six episodes this past March & April. Here's hoping it's renewed because LeeAnna gives us the perfect excuse to stay tuned.

5 Elise Laurenne

This cosplay chick is awesome! I mean how hot can Gwenom get? Seriously! Just in case you don't know, Gwenom is Gwen Stacy. She was Spiderman's girlfriend. But in the Alternate Universe, she was bitten instead of Peter Parker. This made Spider-Woman, aka Gwenom. What's so remarkable about this Gwenom costume is that the cosplayer took things an extra step and made herself up to be Anti-Gwenom. Her name is Elise Laurenne and cosplay is just one of her niches. In fact, Elise is a Suicide Girl, she does cosplay, and she has a Twitch channel for gaming.

BTW, she's smokin' hot, just in case you didn't notice this tiny detail yourself. She has also done just a plain cosplay of Spider-Woman. Elise Laurenne is one of the hottest cosplayers ever. This same cosplay has been featured on Movie Pilot, only that version had a mask. The above version was the one she used for Toronto Comic Con. Look out, Jessica Nigri! This one's coming for a crown.

4 Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Gosiengfiao has her hands full. Not only is she a Filipina cosplayer, but she's also model, TV presenter, actress, and singer. She is mostly recognized in the Philippines, but she's also known internationally for her cosplays. Alodia has traveled the across the world to different events as a performer, judge, and to participate in conventions. She has been featured in a documentary based on the San Diego Comic Con. Plus, she's been featured on a couple of US websites that are based around the subject of cosplays. One of the sites is called Kotaku.

Alodia has cosplayed as more than 40 characters from Anime, action movies, and video games. The cosplay above is Baroness from G.I. Joe. She couldn't be any hotter! Just her work ethic is stunning in itself. All that hard work pays off well. Alodia and her sister got to play zombies in the final film installment of Resident Evil. They were flown out to Africa to play the roles and their names were featured in the ending credits!

3 Katyuska Moonfox

Katyuska Moonfox is picking followers fast, and it's no wonder as to why that is so. Her cosplays are always on point. Plus, Moonfox knows how to spice things up a lot. In fact, much of her work is considered NSFW. She's incredibly hot. Seriously. I'm surprised that she hasn't already passed up Jessica Nigri! Have you ever seen Sucker Punch? The cosplay above is of Babydoll, the movie's main character.

Katyuska's version of her is perfect. The only difference is that she's hotter than the actual character. The story is seriously heartbreaking and borderline perverted. Katyuska has done several other cosplays ranging from Anime characters like Lust, from Full Metal Alchemist to Tifa from Final Fantasy. All of her work is on point. Be sure to check out her art. But just remember not to pull it up at the wrong time. Her images get hot upon loading. NSFW! Danger ahead.

2 Eve Beauregard

If you ever want to see a seriously hot version of Velma from Scooby Doo, then Eve Beauregard is your cosplay girl! She has done cosplays from movies, animes, video games, and cartoons. Eve is the hottest of the hot, and she is another NS zone. Just saying. She's got dark eyes, a beautiful face, and plenty of curves. Eve's got dark eyes, black sometimes dark lavender-looking hair, and curves for days.

In fact, Eve's everything Jessica Nigri is, only with a more exotic look. The above cosplay is Eve's Cat Woman. She's dark, sexy, and mysterious, just like any great Cat Woman should be. It's impressive to say the least, but not her best by a long shot. She's also done Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Harley Quinn, and even Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. Some of her best cosplays would knock Jessica Nigri down at least a notch.

1 Megan Coffey

Megan Coffey. Cosplay couldn't possibly get any hotter than this! Megan is a little newer to cosplay, but her resume speaks for itself. Just last year, she was graduating college with a Masters degree in Biology. According to Kotaku, she has already made over 50 costumes since she began her venture. Her plan isn't to be a professional cosplayer. In fact, she just enjoys doing it and claims to become enamored with the work once she gets started and finds herself unable to stop until it's done. She finishes most costumes in one day.

What you see above is her rendition of Raven from DC Comics. Megan's cosplay is right on point. Plus, she makes for a stunning dreamy version of Raven that Jessica Nigri wouldn't be able to pull off. This young lady has her whole future mapped out, but just loves cosplay. Hopefully, she'll keep the cosplay up along with her career in biology. She'd definitely be missed if she didn't. Meanwhile, she might just be the one to grab the Queen of Cosplay's title.

So, what do you think? Is Jessica Nigri still the Queen of Cosplay?

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