15 Confessions Of Teen Moms Who Have No Shame

It’s not easy being a parent for anyone, really, but it’s extra hard when you're a teen mom. This is the time where you're supposed to be having fun and discovering who you are as a person. You're preparing for your life as an adult and getting ready for University. Of course, sometimes, life doesn’t always go as planned, and you end up pregnant.

For a young woman, being thrown into parenthood can be an eye-opening experience and one that has many ups and downs. Imagine how hard parenting is for people who are older and have their lives together. If you can imagine that, then you know that life isn't easy for a kid who finds herself pregnant and just wants to be able to sleep in on a Saturday or spend the night out at a movie with her friends. For the most part, these teens are just winging it, and with that comes some pretty hilarious situations.

Parenting is one of the most important jobs out there, but we all make mistakes, and those mistakes are often kept close to the heart until confession time comes. Then, it becomes something that these girls just have to let out, and we're thankful for that. Some of these confessions will be shocking, while others will make you wonder what the heck these kids were thinking. Not everyone is meant to be a parent, and when it comes to being a teen mom in these cases, it’s just an experience that's better left until you’re older.

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15 She Wants to Give Her Kid Up for Adoption

It wouldn’t be the first time that we've heard this kind of confession from a teen mom, and it’s not really surprising. Parenting is really hard, and even the best parents screw up. Teens should be out having fun with their friends, not stuck home raising a kid when they haven’t even grown up themselves. “Three weeks of being a mom. Three of the hardest weeks of my life. I’m debating adoption. I’m a teen mom, and I’m alone. Adoption seems easier” (Buzzfeed). A shocking confession from a mom who already decided to keep her child and has been living with the child for three weeks. We feel so bad for her because, despite the shocking confession, we know she's struggling and feels lost. It’s so important that we discuss the consequences of having sex with our children.

14 She Doesn’t Know His Last Name

When it comes to being a teenager, part of that can involve your first boyfriend and, possibly, your first sexual experience. We hope that our children will make responsible choices when it comes to sex and hopefully not end up pregnant. We at least hope that our children will catch the name of the person they're sleeping with before it happens. “I completely f*cked up my life. I am pregnant with a guy that I had a one-night stand with, and I don’t even know his surname” (Whisper). We’re not really sure how anyone goes home with someone whose name they don’t know, but it happens a lot more than we'd like to admit. We feel sorry for this girl because it’s unlikely that she’s going to get the support she needs from a guy whose name she doesn’t even know.

13 Her Kids Found Their Lost Teeth

As parents, we have so many secrets (lies) to keep from our children. There’s Santa, the Easter Bunny, and, of course, the Tooth Fairy. We collect those teeth when they fall out, and we feel the need to keep them even though they're part of a body. This mom’s teeth collection was discovered by the very people she was hiding them from. “While searching on top of my dresser for their socks, BOTH kids found their baby teeth that the Tooth Fairy must have forgotten to take with her. In a desperate attempt to avoid a major traumatic event, I said that the teeth belonged to our dead cat and that I just couldn’t get rid of them” (Sara Lindberg). We feel for this mom. and we have to admit that she probably went to the other room and died laughing just before pouring herself a large glass of wine.

12 She Feels Unloved

Being a teen mom can be a lonely experience, especially if the father of the child isn't involved. Sure, you may have the support of your family, but they can’t be with you all the time. Making a life with you and your child can be a lonely time for the mother. You're trying to love your baby as much as possible, but who's loving the mother? “Being a teen mom sucks. Nobody wants to love you, except for your kid” (Whisper). You can never replace the love that your child has for you, but it's only human to need and want companionship from an adult. Dating can be very difficult for a teen mom because she has to find someone who's willing to sacrifice his freedom and young life. Not too many teen boys want to get involved with a girl who has a kid because they aren’t ready for that kind of responsibility.

11 She Used a Maxi Pad as a Diaper

Well, when you run out of diapers, sometimes, you have to improvise. We’re not sure how well a maxi pad would work, but it's built for absorption. “I ran out of diapers for my 13-month-old son, so I used a maxi pad and planned on going to the store later. I totally forgot and then dropped my son at a friend’s house to babysit just a few hours so I could run errands. I came back to pick him up to her giving me a ‘WTF’ look and saying, ‘Um, I went to change his diaper and um, well, there was a maxi pad there.’ Yup. There was, alright” (Alexandra Rosas). This hilarious story got this mom a little bit of judgment, but at least she was creative. Instead of thinking of it as a parenting fail, this could totally be a parenting hack.

10 She Put Her Kid to Bed at 5

This has to be one of the most selfish confessions that we've heard in a long time. It sounds like this couple doesn’t even want their kids around. “When my kids were little, we’d sometimes change all the clocks so we could put them to bed really early. This was particularly effective at this time of year when it gets dark early. We’d pretend 3:00 was 5:00 and feed them dinner and then have them in bed at the new 7, which was actually 5. Those were my favorite days” (Allison Heart). Not only are these two teaching these kids to lie about basically nothing, but they're also so selfish that they're putting their poor kids to bed at basically dinnertime so that they can have alone time. Parenting is a sacrifice, no doubt, but these poor kids are really missing out.

9 She Thinks Her Child is Ruining Her Life

This is certainly not an uncommon thought for a teen mom. After all, teens should be worried about getting a date for Homecoming or cramming for exams. They shouldn’t have to worry about changing diapers and figuring out how to raise a child when they're still children themselves. “I am a teen mother, and I love my daughter, but she’s ruining all else good in my life” (Whisper). It’s interesting that she adds that she loves her daughter right before she admits that she thinks the child's ruining her life. We get it; parenting is hard, and you have to deal with the hand that you got in life. Responsibility is typically the last thing that a teenager wants, and it’s sad that so many of them have to learn this kind of lesson at their age, but it’s certainly not the child’s fault.

8 Drunk --- Turned Her Into a Teen Mom

We imagine that this is probably how it always happens for teen moms, for the most part. There are so many bad situations that teens can get involved in when it comes to drinking. The last thing that anyone should be doing is going home with a stranger; it’s dangerous for more than one reason. “I think I’m pregnant from some guy I don’t even know, let alone his name. Drunk sex with a stranger was really stupid. Why am I so stupid? Why am I a drunk w----” (Whisper)? No need for judgment. We think this girl has that part completely covered. Hookups are pretty common in our society, and they come with some nasty consequences if we aren’t careful. This girl has some pretty harsh criticisms when it comes to her own mistakes, and unfortunately, she has some hard lessons to learn as a young mother.

7 A Surprise Baby

Surprise! Yeah, finding out that you're pregnant as a teen can come as quite the shock. This mom, however, was tickled pink by the idea. “I’ve always wanted to have stranger sex and get pregnant so that I could have a surprise-child effect” (Whisper). We’re not sure if this girl has been drinking too much of the Kool-Aid, but she sounds a little off. We hope that the “stranger” realized that she was using him for his sperm and that he might become a father whether he liked it or not. So weird. We don’t understand why a teenager would choose to get pregnant and make her life more difficult. But it happens, and sometimes, it has to do with that teen not feeling loved and fulfilled in her own life, and she figures a baby will cure that. It rarely happens that way, though.

6 Daddy Is a Gang Leader

This can be a very dangerous situation for anyone to be in, never mind a teenager who doesn’t know how to deal with it. This confession comes from a girl who sounds scared about her future. “You’re a gang leader, and you and I have a one night stand. A few months later, you want another round and realize that I’m pregnant” (Whisper). Being a teen mom is scary enough without having a gang leader as the father of your child. It can mean a lot of dangerous situations for your child. Her child will always be exposed to the elements of gang life and could even become part of that life as well when he/she grows up. It’s so important to educate our children so that they never find themselves in these situations ever. We feel for this girl and the life that she has ahead of her.

5 Stumbling in the Bath

Bath time can be a time for lessons, but in this case, mom may have gone too far. “My son was refusing to get out of the bath, so I pulled the plug and went ‘quick now, don’t want the plug monster coming up!’ in a jokey way (to clarify – he loves monsters with a passion! I wasn’t trying to scare him!!). At the exact same moment, the water made a massive gurgling sound. My son started to shake, his eyes went wide, and he started screaming as he attempted to climb out the bath rather quickly and almost fell head first over the side. I told him I was only joking; there was no such thing as the plug monster and mummy was being silly and didn’t mean to scare him. Of course, the next time I tried to bathe him, he became hysterical, and in an effort to show him there was no monster, I got ‘magic plug monster vanishing water’ and let him pour it down the plug (water in a bubble bath bottle). Except for today, I went to run his bath to find him sitting in it (empty) having just finished squeezing a whole bottle of shampoo down the drain. He looks at me innocently and goes ‘Don’t worry mummy, I scared the monster away’” (The Things)! Poor kid.

4 She Wanted to Be Pregnant at 15

We saw a Law & Order: SVU episode where a bunch of high school girls made a pregnancy pact to get pregnant together and be teen moms. They thought it was the coolest thing in the world. It’s so sad when kids glamourize a situation that's anything but glamorous. “I had a one-night stand, and I hope that I get pregnant” (Whisper). We have no idea why this 15-year-old girl would want to get pregnant when she has her whole future ahead of her. How could she possibly think that this would be the right decision for her? Some young girls think that having a child of their own will create the family that they themselves never had, and that’s the most tragic part of it all. Some also think that getting pregnant will make a boyfriend who's already leaving want to stay, and that rarely happens.

3 She Deliberately Had --- with Strangers

Girls who behave like this are actually kind of scary. “I have sex with strangers in the hopes that one will get me pregnant. If it does happen, I have no intention of telling the father” (Whisper). Seriously, what's wrong with this girl? Not only is she young and engaging in sex with multiple partners, but she's also actually trying to get pregnant. We have to assume that she has some issues that make her behave in this manner. Again, it could be a situation where the girl feels unloved in her own family situation and is trying to make up for it by having a child. We think it’s destructive, and bringing a child into an environment like that is nowhere near healthy. Not to mention, she using men who have no idea that she's deliberately trying to get pregnant whether she wants them in her life or not.

2 She Resents Her Kid

We see this more often than we'd like, and it’s the saddest thing ever. These mothers feel this way about their children, and yet, it was never the child’s decision to come into the world in the first place. It’s sad when an immature mom can’t realize that she’s completely at fault for the situation she put herself in. “I’m a teen mom, and I love my kid, but I also kind of resent him for ruining my life” (Buzzfeed). We understand that parenting is hard for a teen mom, but it was her choice to have sex at a young age, and it was also her choice to keep the child. She needs to suck it up and start behaving as if her child actually matters to her instead of complaining about it. All the child wants is to be loved and taken care of.

1 Life is Tough

We've all dealt with parenting fails at one point or another, but we're going to leave with a funny experience. “'We went to eat at Burger King as a special treat for the kids,’ she told me. While I was feeding the littlest one in the high chair, the toddler picked up my king-sized sweet tea and proceeded to drop it, spilling it all over the entire section we were sitting in. As I collected napkins to try to mop it up, he then vomited right there in the middle of God and everyone. I ran him to the bathroom, bathed him in the sink, and then had to put him in a diaper and one of the baby's onesies because I didn’t carry a change of clothes for him! He looked so funny in that tiny onesie stretched across his torso like a catsuit” (The Things)!

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